Bryan Kofron: Testimony of Ex-Security Industry (SIS) Whistleblower Re: “Silent Holocaust” and Derrick Robinson Interview (video and pdf)

Former Gang Stalking Private Security Spills on Program Silent Holocaust Whistleblower Testimony (pdf; Oct. 14, 2017)

ETK Introduction: In this youtube, ex-private security industry employee Bryan Kofron (aka Justin Carter) blows the whistle on the nation-wide organized gang stalking program. (“The Program,” however, is certainly global). Kofron, a former “perp” himself, aptly explains the psychology of the perpetrator community. He also notes, based on his experience, that the citizens of Seattle, Washington, Aurora, Colorado (which has an unusually large percentage of military and intelligence personnel) and numerous other cities, particularly cities near Air Force and Navy military bases, are targeted en mass.

He identifies the following “Private Security” contracting companies as being deeply involved in “the Program:” Amazon, Blackwater, Academi, Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency, G4S, Dyncorp Security-Protection, Security Industries Specialists, Inc. (SIS), Scientific Applications International Corporation (SAIC), Infragard, and Lockheed Martin.

It should be noted that individuals within the “TI” community have voiced skepticism regarding Kofron’s credibility. However, much of the information presented in these youtubes SEEMS to be credible.

To try to clarify this situation, I quote “TIs” (Targeted Individuals) below regarding Bryan Kofron:

1) … problematic situation re. Kofron, no doubt– whom many thought was a plant from the start. He does say important things about what these agencies/security contractors are doing though–or seem to be doing. Re good cop, bad cop–yes, I see that playing out on our email lists too. Seems to be happening now with Bryan Kofron too.”

2) “I am being told Bryan Kofron is a fraud, which I immediately stated right away when I first heard his story months ago, as no low level security guard contractor would ever be handed such detailed inside information on this technology. Of course that’s part of the game they play on these Talkshoe Calls and other Internet forums. They will even pit one government perpetrator against another government perpetrator to try and deceive and manipulate the legitimate targeted individuals that call in.”

3) “Bryan Kofron… was found to be discredited as a whistleblower due to someone saying they heard him interviewing himself, answering the questions with a feigned foreign accent. I never heard his recording on Ella Free’s show, but everyone is convinced he is a “PERP” and has written him off. Like you, I think that if the video is good then we should use it. Take what we can and leave the rest that doesn’t work. The person who had an argument with Bryan Kofron before (on the Talkshoe interview) said he is a fraud because he claims it is possible to target someone’s DNA. So Dr. Mathew Aaron claims that it is impossible to target someone’s DNA. I think he also said that scaler energy does not exist. I refuted what Aaron said with a video made by Prof. Konstantin Meyl, about how DNA can be targeted with scalar energy. He says doctors are using his scalar wave test kit to treat patients. Kofron stood up for himself the first time, but now he is not saying anything.”

4) “What struck me about him (Kofron) is that the website he is using is of the same template as the earliest Perp website from about 2002, which was thinly disguised as a TI help site. Not many websites use cascading style sheets and that touch of sepia. It definitely looks to me like his website was made by the same person. That makes perfect sense because he is a (former?) perp. However, what he said in the video about the perp’s mind set and their payment and recruiting, and the participation of all even remotely related government agencies, all that is totally true, and I have watched it all for so many years right in Vancouver.”

Welcome to the confusing and topsy-turvy world of lies, spies, spin, set-ups, psyops, and psychotronic weapons that comprise the GLOBAL organized stalking/electronic harassment/psyops/mind control program that I refer to as GOG’S NEW GESTAPO (Global Organized Gang Stalking Neuro-Warfare Electronic Slavery, Torture, and PsyOp Operation)!

Nonetheless, the “Program” has to have derived primarily from previous “psychological warfare” and “civilian pacification” programs created and funded by the judeo-masonic-satanic-financial elite. The modern PsyOp, Psychotronic (neuro) weapons, and widespread covert experimentation on citizens utilized in “GOG’S NEW GESTAPO” then, derive from these precursor institutions and programs:

1) Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, the post World War I outgrowth of the Psychological Warfare Division of the British Army
2) Nazi-CIA (trauma-based) mind control experiment/programs often referred to as MKULTRA and MONARCH (including Projects Bluebird, Artichoke, Chatter, MK Naomi, StarGate, and hundreds of others). Among other chemical and biological (including drugs) methods for modifying and controlling human behavior, these programs developed electronic (psychotronic) weapons and measured the effects electromagnetic frequencies have on the human organism in order to control the minds and behaviors of human subjects.
3) The CIA’s Phoenix Program and MHCHAOS/FBI’s COINTELPRO/NATO’s Post-WWII Gladio-Stay Behind Armies in Europe/US Military’s Garden Plot-Cable Splicer Programs/East German Stasi Secret Police/Soviet Cheka (“red terror”)/American police “red squad” “citizen pacification” programs of the previous century were all methods of covert and open suppression of dissident elements within domestic populations.

ETK Note: Bryan Kofron is a whistle-blower and former employee of Security Industries Systems, Inc. (SIS), who was doing contract with to torture homeless people in Seattle, among other atrocities. His presentations are extremely informative and he is apparently very sincere, credible, and compassionate. Although many in the so-called “TI community” (how can you have a community of lab rats?) have expressed doubts about Bryan Kofron’s testimony, at this point (April 20, 2022), I believe his information is of very high quality.

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  1. All that you say is true. I am a victim of no touch torture and the rest of the garbage, but it will not last for long. I have know the power of the promises of our creator Jehovah God. We cannot be tested or tortured beyond what we can bare. This doesn’t mean some will not die from this torture. Those who do not believe me mock me saying “why don’t they just kill you” because our God has set limits on this activity just like he did to Job from the bible. Now, not all of us are having Job moments. The evil entity behind this is going to hurt as many as possible because they can now. They have been manipulating people to kill others. But soon they will be gone forever. Remember these people use physical laws to hurt us, use physical laws to stay safe and ahead of your attackers. Telling people whats happening to them will empower them to not listen to the voices in their heads or give into sexual impulse. WE have the gift of freewill that these people cannot take away. Everyone has the power to not let these bozos manipulate them, but most don’t know their free will cannot be manipulated even by these jerks. Our free will is a gift from our creator Jehovah God. We have to tell other victims not to listen to the voices or give into wrong impulses. Pray for all victims to figure out whats happening to them to stop them from committing a crime. Pray is real and powerful. Why not test it out. Our God is just waiting to show his mighty power in our behalf. He wants this to end more than we do. Love for all of you Perry Jones.

  2. Please help us. My child and I are being gang stalked approx. 30 to 40 cars per day. Our home and car have been targeted. I am being poisoned and drugged and so is my child. I believe that I found a chip with the app Super Ear. My child’s mind I believe has been altered and controlled. She has been turned completely against me. My devices are controlled and I am unable to get assistance. I am being attacked electronically, I have bruises everywhere. My email is [email protected]

    1. I believe you! Me and my 3yr old daughter are being “gang stalked” and experimented on during the middle of the night and alot more it’s horrible and I can’t tell anyone or ask anyone for help because it sounds crazy I mean I wouldnt believe me either if I heard it before it happened to me so keep your head up! IDK if your religious or not but I am a born-again Christian and God loves you and your child as he does me and mine and all of us on earth so try stay strong as long as you can! your NOT alone! lmk if theirs any way contact you so we can talk. I’ll try this email you gave fyi btw ttyl-Jay

  3. Bryan was not a fake! They took over his mind on his last 2 videos. Listen to what he’s saying to you. Look at todays news Fox 2 They are targeting the homeless in Seattle. Amazon is going down fast! God bless Bryan Koffron. Listen to his 1st video, then 2 so on so fourth. Then you can see clearly on his last 2 videos he was compromised.

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