Shunning: Obama Is Using Shunning In His Outrageous Government Gang Stalking Program


Shunning, the deliberate attempt to isolate individuals from the community, has been used by Jehovah Witnesses, the Church of Scientology, and among the Amish, to name a few. Its purpose is to control the behavior of its members. Today our out-of-control government is using shunning as part of its Government Gang Stalking Program. What it is trying to do is to limit the influence of people it is afraid of. To understand how dangerous this is – think of the people it targeted in its COINTELPRO program in an attempt to limit their influence – Martin Luther King Jr., Albert Einstein, the women’s movement, the NAACP, the Indian Movement, to name a few. A favorite target for our corrupt government is idealists. Yet it is idealists like Gandhi, Thomas Paine, Nelson Mandala who have made some of the greatest contributions to our world. Do you trust the government who targeted Martin Luther King Jr. and Einstein to decide what ideas should and what ideas shouldn’t enter the public discourse? – My You Tube Channel:

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Copies of the final petition will be sent to the Office of the Inspector General for the Justice Dept. and the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board.

Just a note to thank you for speaking out for those of us who shed daily tears from (among the many other torments) the pain of isolation from planned shunning. 

2) Freud Explains the Ferocity, the Hatred, the Primitiveness of Obama’s Gang Stalkers

Konrad Lorenz was the first to describe the very primitive behavior we see in Government Gang Stalking – mobbing. But it is to Sigmund Freud in his book, Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego, that we must look to understand the ferocity, the hatred, the primitiveness that only targets of Government Gang Stalking ever get to see and experience. Being a member of a group, Freud said produces the group mind. Being a member of a group gives the individual a feeling of power which permits him to express instincts he might have been able to restrain had he not become a member of a group. Hence people who know the individuals who do Government Gang Stalking have no idea of the hatred they express when they become part of Obama’s Stasi. The new character that a group shows that the individual doesn’t is the absence of repression of unconscious instinctual impulses. The group acts without conscience, said Freud. “In a group every sentiment and act is contagious. Isolated he may be a cultivated individual; in a crowd, he is a barbarian – that is, a creature acting by instinct. The feelings of a group are always very simple and very exaggerated,” said Freud. “It goes directly to extremes; if a suspicion is expressed, it is instantly changed into an incontrovertible certainty; a trace of antipathy is turned INTO FURIOUS HATRED.” The only thing a group respects is force. “Groups have never thirsted after truth,” said Freud. The behavior of groups is based on fantasy, not truth. Groups are dominated by feeling, not thought. This is the cancer Bush/Obama has unleashed on ordinary citizens.