Shhh….. “Experts” Refer To “Mind Control” As “Neuro-electromagnetic Communication and Cybernetics” achieved by ICT (Information and Communication Technologies)

From Dr. Rauni Kilde (M.D.) “Bright Light on Dark Shadows”

“I sent a poster presentation with the title “Mind Control” to an international congress in psychiatry in Helsinki, Finland. It was rejected. Americans and Zionists have much to say in psychiatry; the biggest group (53 persons) in this congress came from Israel.

I learned my lesson. Mind control is a word which is not allowd to be used in scientific congresses, especially not in psychiatry. So I changed the title to “Neuro-electromagnetic Communications and Cybernetics, but the text and pictures were the same as before. My presentation was accepted for the 33rd International Congress on Military Medicine in Helsinki 25- 30, June, 2000.”