Shared Insights of Targeted Individual (TI) and Psychology Professor, Laura Petrescu of Romania

Insights on targeting and mind control from Laura Petrescu (professor of psychology and communication at Bucharest, Romania) in a 3.5 hour phone conversation with the webmaster (Dr. Eric Karlstrom) on June 13, 2019.

Laura Petrescu taught at Spiru Haret a University in Bucharest, Romania and two universities in France. She holds a Research Masters degree in Cultural studies, V.E.A. – Diplome Estudes Approfendi.

She continued her research toward a Ph.D. two years after receiving her Masters Degree. In all, she spent five years of study as a PH.D. candidate. Her targeting stopped her studies however. They destroyed her life and they killed her partner.

In our extended conversation, Laura Petrescu talked at length about her own torture experiences as a TI. I scribbled notes on pieces of paper as we spoke.

Her main points were:

The goal of the elite is to electronically create mind control slaves with programmed sub-alter personalities that they can trigger and control. They do this by forcing the victim through a 5-stage process.

The Five Phases include:

1) confusion,
2) de-freezing of personality,
3) ? difficult to understand Laura on this point, (my guess would be that this phase involves satanization through SRA or satanic ritual abuse)
4) split the mind and create alter personalities remotely,
5) re-freeze the new personality structure with the newly created sub-alters.

(Webmaster comment: This is basically the MONARCH and MONTAUK programs which derived from the CIA’s extended MKULTRA experiments of the 1950s- present.)

The main, most important brain programming tool of this system are female mind-control slaves (aka satanic whores). These mind-controlled sex slaves help program men’s minds; and they make the victims’ minds easier to program. These women act as a bridge between handlers and the TI victims. They can pass messages subliminally, modify brainwaves, do telepathic hypnosis, pass codes, etc.

Additionally, the subconscious and conscious mind fuse at the pre-orgasmic moment. The subconscious and conscious minds fuse during this part of the sex act. Brain messages are contained in all cells of the body. Sex allows the transfer of messages— during intercourse. This particularly occurs during deviant sex and sex orgies. Men who use many women…. become confused. It’s complex.

So men’s brains can be (re)programmed by having sex with these women. In this way, satanic whores enslave their men. All the while, the man receives messages that she is magnificent, beautiful, wonderful, etc. (As in scenes from the Manchurian Candidate movie). These messages are induced in the subconscious…. By technological means and by the sex slaves themselves. The sex slave has a mortified brain. They are not human. They are hybrids, cyborgs.

The main goal is to satanize people, to transform them into satanic soldiers, perpetrators, the devil’s soldiers.

These women are slaves; they execute the orders they receive subconsciously. Sex, Laura says, is about domination.

Minds are read by computers. The Handlers (invisible, not seen) can read everybody’s minds, they are at the top of the pyramid and can program everyone. They can reprogram minds with satanic brain patterns.

They need a pyramid of slaves… The subconscious minds are changed via hypnosis and other ways.

Honest, well informed, un-corruptible people with strong minds and integrity are difficult to program.

However, they can capture our thoughts via streams of electromagnetic energy which move at quantum speed. This energy can traverse the universe in minutes. Thoughts travel at this speed and can influence others’ behaviors.

They can stop, block, and replace thoughts with Satanic thoughts.

The hive mind-brain net exists already: They surveille all brains and can infiltrate all thoughts… Handlers put doubts in all TIs minds regarding others.

TIs and everyone else are tracked via GPS and biotelemetry. This can reach any place, even 50 m under the earth…. But trees provide some protection/shielding.

Laura states that her closest friends’ minds are programmed….

Ritual satanic abuse is the main tool for changing the brain. Satanic rituals, deviant sex, and many programs… allow them to read minds in real time.

Laura is tortured 24 hr/day in Bucharest, Romania (because of her knowledge and experience in this area). She is subject to very violent torture….. When she was in France, she brought the results of her research to court. She tried to help other victims.

Laura: They don’t want us to expose the mind programming. She wrote letters to the government- in Romania and France- she published in specialized journals.

All the environment – and all people- associated with TIs are destroyed. With mind control; it’s very complicated and diversified and personalized.

Person’s placed under mind control (Targets) are often whistleblowers….

They change the minds of victims so they become aggressive.

The elite are murders and Satanists…. The Shadow government = these Satanists.

Their goal is to induce anger, to divide and control society.