Shameless Torture in the Age of Electronic Warfare: Dr. Paul Marko (WBB) Talks to Ramola D

Shameless Torture in the Age of Electronic Warfare WBB Talks to Ramola D

Published on Feb 7, 2017

Intelligent, insightful and heart-felt interview with an amazing woman who would be leading us out of this quagmire if she weren´t heavily targeted by the intelligence agencies. This is an international shame and something that all humanity should regret and work diligently to end. To learn more visit our websites:

ETK Introduction: This is probably the most insightful and informative interview I have seen on the topic of “organized stalking”/”Citizen Extermination”/”Global Phoenix Program.”

Comments to video interview with Ramola D

JADE II Computerized Tactical System has Individual LIFE MANAGEMENT personal profiles – Neural, Biological, Physical Control and Personal data from multiple databases including the NSA. Hate to tell people – that system has the Global Population in it. That means everyone has a life management profile whether their being targeted in a way they know it – or not. Biometric Targeting w/National Defense System means they can sit at a desk and click on a sophisticated web site for attacks, control, etc._

My prayers are w this victim. oh my._