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  1. That seems to make sense for several weeks save for 4hrs on Sunday all weekend motorcycle would parade in front of my house and rev their
    engines at 1-2hrs intervals. It stopped when I started openly recording it (now replaced by cars with muffler problems) Some people in my development actually moved because of the noise. what was Mystifying at the time we’re the other neighbors who live a few feet from me said they never heard or saw anything. What I now know theses bible toting parents even used their children to spy on me ( children tell everything).

  2. Your investigations seem very heartening. I do not know enough about computers to grasp all that you say.

    There is considerable evidence that I was trafficked –by my own extended “family” to the MKULTRA program. My father and two of my brothers had sudden, highly premature, highly suspicious deaths. There is considerable evidence that my siblings and I were going to be utilized for profit and murdered for profit, from our birth. We were raised in isolation and I had no frame of reference. So, I did not know that for a person, who has 14 aunts and uncles and some 35 first cousins to have almost no contact with them –is unusual and very strange. We may have had contact with our relatives, only so that they would have an “insurable interest” in us.

    When I was turning five years of age, my mother put on a party for me and there were some 15 adults with children, in attendance. I had never met any of them before and never met any afterward and my mother never held any other party for me, for the rest of my life. I now think that this was an “insurable interest” party, which would make my death profitable.

    I infer that agents required some photos of me for an MKULTRA file. When I was five years old, my mother took me to a Towers store in the west end and had a photograph taken. My mother always treated me as a worthless imbecile. So, I did not understand why these photos were being taken of me, all by myself. On another occasion, my uncle Louis Devor (an accountant, who has worked at the federal level and is also a big land developer) showed up at High Park and took photos of me.

    As well, when I was turning five, I realized that a mark, which had been cut into my arm, by a medical professional, when I was two years old –was actually a perfectly shaped swastika. As soon as I saw this mark, I knew that it was the Nazi symbol and that the Nazis had conducted gruesome lethal experiments on victims in death camps. I immediately thought of a plan to protect myself from torture and degradation, by ending my life. I could go to Keele Street, wait to see a box truck and then run out in front of it, to end my life. I had a strong will to live and instead, forced myself to forget the mark.

    I appreciate your extraordinary efforts. It is very impressive. Thank you for all that you are doing. I hope that we can make headway, in obtaining restitution for these atrocity crimes against us.

    My first cousin, Marshall Devor, is a biology professor at Hebrew university. My first cousin, Dr. Ellen Warner is an oncologist at Sunnybrook hospital, in Toronto and she teaches at the University of Toronto. It seems that my extended family have many high level links in the medical, accounting, legal, musical, artistic and film fields.

    I wonder whether their friends and associates would find it objectionable that my father and his five children should have been singled out to be tortured and murdered for profit.

    I am using a pen name and my email has been shut. All of my communications are hacked and controlled.

  3. I hope that some T.I.s –possibly those who are technically inclined–will be able to maintain files of information for T.I.s, or possibly simply printed hard copies of information. There is always a danger that T.I.s will be killed off, along with the invaluable facts of their lives. I am aware that I could be murdered– as numerous methods have been attempted over the years–and are continuing. For example, just two years ago, on Dundas St., near the police station, I was crossing a side street, as were several women. I just happened to turn my head and saw behind me, a vehicle racing right at me. I had seconds to jump out of the way.

    Several years ago, I began to look online at the names of “friends,” family members, colleagues and I typed in the key words “medical research.” I then found that many of these contacts were linked to extensive medical families and companies. By the sheer fact of having survived, this far, I have very much information and also I understand the methods of deception.

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