Secret Agents: CIA Employees Get Away with Pedophilia (Eliminate the CIA)

Webmaster Comment: The only crimes that I know of that are on a par with sexually abusing and trafficking children are human experimentation and gangstalking-electronic torture/murder operations, both of which the CIA apparently oversee and run in addition to other major organized crime operations, sex trafficking, drug trafficking, arms trafficking, organ trafficking, human trafficking, etc. I suggest that the CIA has been heavily involved in these crimes since it’s inception in 1947. I suggest there is no statute of limitations for these crimes and that hence, the CIA should be eliminated ASAP and 2) those responsible for these and other racketeering crimes should be tried and executed for treason ASAP.

Secret Agents: CIA Employees Get Away with Pedophilia

Published on 21 Nov 2022 / In News and Politics

CIA personnel are above the law, beneath contempt.

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CIA allegedly covered up pedophile crimes by its employees, according to declassified documents

A bombshell was dropped on the CIA as a report revealed that a massive paedophilia racket was active in the organisation. Only one of the persons was ever charged with a crime, even though the majority of these instances were forwarded to US lawyers for prosecution. The rest of the cases were referred back to the CIA to be handled domestically, meaning that few people suffered any consequences other than the loss of their jobs and security credentials. This is a significant departure from how other government agencies, such as the Department of Homeland Security and the Drug Enforcement Administration, have handled sex offences involving children.

According to CIA insiders, the agency is hesitant to prosecute its employees for fear of exposing national secrets. While this statement may have worked in other situations, the extent to which the paedophilia racket was active, and the CIA apparatus was used to enable these activities makes one think about the depth of this rot. The Central Intelligence Agency has quietly accumulated convincing evidence that at least ten of its personnel and contractors have committed sexual crimes against children during the last 14 years. Hundreds of internal agency reports obtained by BuzzFeed News through Freedom of Information Act lawsuits contain the revelations.