Scott Hensler on Mind Control, Gang Stalking, DEW, Psyops, and “Electric Armageddon” (youtubes)

ETK Introduction: Scott Hensler Network Ministries (tin foil hat club and offers numerous articles and youtube presentations by Scott Hensler, a Christian deliverance minister, author of a few books, and TI. Below are a sampling of youtubes that offer Scott’s insights into spiritual, scientific, and secular aspects of gang stalking, directed energy weapons, trauma-based mind control, Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), psyops, clones, demons, fallen angels, “synthetic demons,” and a host of other topics related to “Electric Armageddon.” Henslers particular gift, in my opinion, is that his experience and insights integrate several various fields, including electrical engineering, Christian doctrine and deliverance, and first hand knowledge of “the program.” For me, “the jury is out” regarding the degree to which Hensler’s ‘grand synthesis’ is completely correct. But certainly, based on his considerable experience, his insights into “the program” are well worth considering and learning from.

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  1. It’s always interesting to read others’ opinions about the issues or others presenting those issues.

    Eric, you said that Hensler’s belief in a flat earth “discredits him generally.”

    Would that extend to everyone? And how about to you too?

    So, if you agreed that we treat everyone equally when applying general statements about humanity, then if you have a blind spot of make a mistake, that you yourself can be “discredited generally.”

    Thanks for your opinion but I do value you and your work, irregardless of any mis-steps, mistakes or blind spots that you may have.

    Of course, I’m perfect so i wouldn’t know about any of that.

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