Rita Geiger TI Statement (April 2, 2022)

Dr Eric Karlstrom:

Stolen Lawsuit Money

Human Trafficking

I, Rita Geiger, won a lawsuit in the amount of $5 million, years ago. I have been trying to receive my stolen lawsuit money for more than 6 years, 7 months. I have moved from PA to NV due to the fact that I had stalkers follow me everywhere I went in PA. I also had listening devices and cameras in my apartment. I have been threatened by PA Judge Ida Chen and PA Senator Christine Tartaglione with My Life and My Lawsuit Money which was stolen by Judge Ida Chens assistant. Judge Ida Chen had me in her courtroom for a divorce and tried to involve me in Human Trafficking with what she calls 4 of her guys. I did not cooperate.

Since then she has tried to destroy my life for her 4 guys. When I was in that judges courtroom for my divorce she told me that I was going to marry a man named Tom Kenny who worked for the court system. After that she involved a man named Vincent S Talotta and then a man named Salvatore Accardo and then her assistant Jack Kelly aka Mr. Daymond. They all work for the Philadelphia Family Court. When she involved her assistant she kept threatening me that I was going to marry him. She called my house, and came on my job with her 4 guys threatening me that I was going to marry Jack Kelly aka Mr. Daymond. Since then her and her 4 guys have been stalking me, harassing me and stealing from me by using a Remote Neural Monitor.

This is Gang Stalking and Interstate Stalking and has been going on for more than 22 years. As of today I still have not received my stolen lawsuit money. Due to this fact I spent more than 4 months in the hospital. I have had to sleep in my car. I also have been surrounded by Drug Addicts, Alcoholics, Prisoners and Mental People. If I had my stolen lawsuit money none of this would have ever happened. I lived in the same apartment for approximately 15 years. I worked at the same place of employment for at least 15 years. There is no reason why the attorney could not bring my stolen lawsuit money to me or no reason why they could not contact me as I had the same phone number for 15 years as well. Involved are people from the Philadelphia Family Court System. Also involved are family members who I do not see or speak to and people who work at H & R Block. Names addresses and phone numbers will be furnished upon request.

On February 5, 2018, I was evicted from my apartment and was out on the street for 11 months. My life is in danger. They have ruined my perfect credit and as of today no one has given me my stolen lawsuit money or has had anyone arrested. I am willing to press charges on everyone involved. When will something be done about the theft of my 5 million dollars?

Stolen Lawsuit Money Human Trafficking Gang Stalking Interstate

Motive: $5,000,000. Lawsuit

My name is Rita Geiger and I have been Gang Stalked by Judge Ida Chen from Pennsylvania for the past 22 years. Her Gang Members who have been stalking me for the past 22 years are as follows, Senator Christine Tartaglione, Vincent S Talotta, who repeatedly names my doctors and should not know any of their names. Tom Kenny, Jack Kelly also know as Mr. Daymond, along with his girlfriend Judy, Salvatore Accardo and Anthony Rossi. An unknown person who claims he will blow my head off. This unknown person is also making lewd comments about girls.

During the past 6 years, 7 months, with a motive to take my $5,000,000. from me are as follows. Thomas P. Geiger, my ex-husband, Divorced 2002. He brought in members of his family who are as follows, Paulina Geiger, Nicolette Geiger, who when I spoke to her claims, she did not know what I was talking about, nothing further was ever said, she continues to Gang Stalk me. She also has her boyfriends Gang Stalking me. Caroline Geiger, who is knowingly and willingly committing the crime of Gang Stalking believing she can actually commit this crime with no consequenses stating Judge Ida Chen is involved. Bill Geiger, who thinks he has a right to Gang Stalk me and is sitting there with his wife, making rude remarks to me. Also there is Bob Geiger and James Geiger, I have not seen these people for 30 years. Also involved is Rita Chieffo, who when I told her numerous times I was being Gang Stalked and had Lawsuit Money in the amount of $5,000,000. she acted like I was Mental, yet she continues to Gang Stalk me. Eugene Chieffo, and people from H & R Block who include Frank Russo, Barbara Willamen and Rosemarie Maribello. Neighbor Nikki Liberty. These people watch everything I do and make comments. They even watch me go to the bathroom. They also announce what medicines I take.

Judge Ida Chen has stolen from me for the past 22 years. This would include any Child Support, Alimony, Attorney Fees and Divorce Settlement that should have been paid to me and never was. When I went to the Court System to see Tom Kenny, instead of him being there, there was an Imposter who introduced himself as Tom Kenny and was not, I will be able to identify that man.

My Lawsuit Money is from me suing the City of Philadelphia and should have been paid to me in 2004. The person who should have given it to me is Salvatore Accardo. For some reason I was told that Jack Kelly also known as Mr. Daymond stole it and has never given it to me. He works for Judge Ida Chen as her assistant and has been Gang Stalking me for the past 22 years.

If any further damage happens to me , above are the people to look at for any damage caused and my Lawsuit Money that does not belong to any of them.

Rita Geiger
900 Brush Street Apt 411
Las Vegas NV 89107

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  1. Now, that more than half of the country, if not more are under heavy mind control, thanks to all the 2/3, 4G now 5G, humanity is in trouble. As I sit here without wireless, having given up all of those devises, I’m still attacked constantly by the unyielding RF weapon testers.

    Yes, the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned of, and JFK before they assassinated him, who all tried to warn. Its a shame both were surrounded by so many. JFK stated to the Press it was a global conspiracy and dissenters would be silenced. No thanks to the Trojan horses like the Rockefeller’s, Kissinger, the Bushes, the so called black nobility families of the Federal Reserve with their CIA (NORAD, NORTHCOM, NASA, NAVY) DOD all torturing weapon testing maniacs, and pedophilia psychopaths.

    Now, we’re overrun by them.

    This post is in honor of my late husband George Bishop Krabal, who was killed on a military industrial site, and suffered due to these events in history. Long gone are the joys of what my future could had been. As I too was robbed of millions by the same ones running the global integrated surveillance grid, the holy grail of mind control and human test subjects of electromagnetic frequencies.

    Thanks for throwing all of into a cybernetic warfare machine. I hope it comes back to haunt every last one of them.

    Today, I sit here fighting psychotronic frequencies without any wireless in my home. But due to the dumbing down, deliberate, of my fellow Americans, we are being herded right off a cliff to genocide. I’m at a loss as to what to do.

    Learn more here by one of three out of eight surviving scientists, over fifteen years ago, his words, who helped developed these horrid weapons for this even more horrific times — The Matrix Deciphered.

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