3 Richard Lighthouse (targetedjustice.com) Interviews On Gangstalking-Electronic Torture War Crimes/”Crimes Against Humanity”

Webmaster Comment: In these three interviews, Richard Lighthouse lays out the information presented on the targetedjustice.com website. I cannot verify all these claims. Lighthouse claims the actual targeting is done via the US Air Force facility at Schriever Air Force Base through the use of scalar waves, etc. Another extremely knowledgeable TI, New Zealand politician/activist, Suzie Dawson, by contrast, identifies the “NSA Global Spy Network” as the epicenter of the global “architecture of oppression.” Both could well be correct.

Regardless of these differences, I think most agree that the US and its partner governments are carrying out these black operations in cooperation with powerful private sector interests and the apparently willing participation of very large sectors of the civilian population.

An ex-NASA engineer, Lighthouse seems to have a good command of many of the engineering aspects of the program. His ideas in these regards are thus well worth considering. Certainly, his background makes him better qualified than me to research and expose the technical aspects of the program. However, I note that while there are existing patents for much of “the technology” it is probable that some technologies used are unknown to the public.

For the record, I began my (this) website in the fall of 2016, a year before the targetedjustice.com website was initiated. I had begun giving interviews on this topic in 2014. Richard Lighthouse invited mt to be on the board of Targetedjustice.com and then disinvited me within a few weeks because I was not approved by some of the board members. (My views were apparently regarded as being too “anti-semitic” by certain board members).

Even in 2017-2018, then, I suspected TJ might be “controlled opposition.” (The architects of the program go to great lengths to “cancel”/de-platform/de-person/replace real TIs such as myself with their agents. This has happened to me time and time again.) Thus, TJ could be “controlled opposition.” TJ repeatedly makes the immodest claim, which they bolster via statistics, that they are the world’s Number 1 website on the topic of gangstalking and targeted individuals, a grandiose claim I never would have thought of making. It is as if they wished to grab center stage and eclipse/replace other researchers and research efforts.

Also, please bear in mind that “disinformation” by “controlled opposition” typically consists of 90% accurate information mixed with 10% lies. And that discerning which 10% are lies can be nearly impossible.

Living in Crestone, Colorado, the epicenter of a number of ongoing mind control intelligence black ops (see my 911nwo.com website), I have experienced “movement capture” and personal “de-platforming” by highly-trained government agents on numerous occasions. In this regard, Lighthouse’s past work experience at NASA is not reassuring.

Nonetheless, as Lighthouse and TJ seem to be dedicated to ending these atrocities, I welcome their efforts and share their insights here.

I. Richard Lighthouse of Targetedjustice.com

Rachael L. McIntosh
Richard Lighthouse: Targeted Justice Advisory Board Member

Mr Lighthouse is a writer, an engineer, and has previously worked for NASA. He holds a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.


TARGETED JUSTICE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to exposing and ending the CIA’s illegal torture program of U.S. civilians – through public awareness, education, and legal actions. We only advocate for non-violent solutions. It is the internet’s most popular website for Targeted Individuals. The site contains the largest collection of legal and technical information for Targeted Individuals.


Zeke Sparkman
11 months ago
This guy is so good, I’ve learned so much from targetedjustice.com over the last five years, They destroyed my life in houston. After being there for only 3 months I thought people could hear my thoughts and I could read everyone’s mind. There is so many trapped tortured souls in that city. The wizards thinks it gives them power, but it only shows them to be pathetic.

Big Rich
11 months ago
One thing that wasn’t mentioned is the targeting of children… I’ve been a targeted individual since the age of 12

Doris clause
11 months ago
Hi Rachel, my name is Midge Mathis in Arizona. I am the person Richard is talking about who has been burned over 20 times. Please Google my name to see my pictures. Great interview. Thank you

Dana Mikesova
11 months ago
Yes program Blue Bird, Artychoke, pPapperclip, Butterfly and more.

gen koma
11 months ago
Can I share this video on my blog?

Dana Mikesova
11 months ago
Hi Iam Targeted Individual from Europe, this Program is very vary Pain full.

Lisa Wallace
8 months ago
Lisa wallace been target how do i sign up on the memberships list. Thank. From Atlanta Ga.

3 days ago
Alguien acá habla español?

Linda King
11 months ago (edited)
Rachel, the two comments with links below our porn spam! Thought you might want to delete them.

Rachael L. McIntosh
11 months ago
OH!! you clicked on it? I’m sorry that happened to you Linda. Thanks for letting me know.

II. Richard Lighthouse interview – Targeted Justice – DEW and gangstalking – The Truth Is Out

Truth Is Out
566 subscribers
Greetings to all. I am Chris Door historian and writer. Author of the book Guide to the Conspiracy. I have a new guest with us today called Richard Lighthouse. He exposes gangstalking in his website www.rlighthouse.com and www.targetedjustice.com that you can see in the description below. He has written 100 e-books, some of them you can find on his website for free. He has worked for NASA and holds a Master´s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

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Anna Tuite
11 months ago
Thank you for this video, it’s 100% true and everyone involved in torturing those of us who are targeted deserve nothing less than to be executed immediately, from the bottom to the top. It’s PURE EVIL

David Allan
10 months ago
There are many TI’s like myself that are not activists etc. Anyone can make their list if they make the wrong enemy or are even disliked by these people.

Tim Werre
10 months ago
Thank you for hosting Mr. Lighthouse; a true patriot, and spot on, indeed!

10 months ago
Thank You for posting this interview. My 74-year-old Auntie and I are targeted and harassed. This will end and we pray to GOD for all TI”S around the world. Stay strong, keep the faith, and we will see justice. Please visit Targeted Justice.com and take action to help the community however you can.

Cheryl Cooper
10 months ago
Thank you for him saying that I need a signal analyzer. My v2k is sarcasm about how much they love me. 40 years of this psycho spewing bullshit. I believe I was done for a vendetta not experimental but still the same evil.

Manash Savsani
3 months ago (edited)
1990s was the last decade in which you could start out and still have a reasonable life. Everything has gone out-of-control since then.

claudio correa
10 months ago
Congratulations Richard for your bravery in continuing to expose the cruel reality of the Tarjeted Individual phenomenon and the Power’s desperate attempts to hide it all.

6 months ago
Not many viewers on this subject. Guess it’s time to spread it around to help open more eyes..

Sue Bee
10 months ago (edited)
curious if Richard Lighthouse is also a Target. Do you get beamed with all this energy as well Richard? If this program has been in effect for 30 years, then no one knows or cares to know more about what will shut it down. TI’s are doing their best Richard. For instance while listening to this video I was being beamed w energy so great I had to stop it, walk away & then come back only to hear you say how we are feeling sorry for ourselves. Really?

8 months ago (edited)
I wake up in the morning with a beet red face. I feel so hot sometimes when this happens like I am being baked. I have never had anything like this in my life. Now my neck is almost burned. Just my neck. The back of my head throbs 3 times and not every night just every other night or less. It is a new feeling like my blood pressure is lowering. It is really evil!

Russell Blair
3 months ago
Psalms 21:11 KJV1611
“For they intended evil against thee: they imagined a mischievous device, which they are not able to perform.
have faith my sisters and brothers, God in heaven has mercy upon us ti’s did you know that every tear you shed is collected by an angel and stored in heaven is vials. this is a biblical doctrine, i have shed tears over being targeted but i know one day, I will be in the courts above when all this is exposed in heaven, praise the Lamb of God because he is worthy!

Sublimnal Phish
10 months ago
Is there a way to catch the scalar wave beam or microwave beam with something like ultraviolet or any other way to see it beaming onto our heads?

Jay T
9 months ago
They damaged my mind so much with their tech

Christy Libby
2 weeks ago
Finally!!! This has been happening to me since
2018 that I’m aware of. Please check into Kiewit I believe they are involved as well. Thank You We need help!!

Birgit B.
11 months ago
Thanks for the valuable information!👍

10 months ago
Great video! These weapons must be stopped. Praying for all Targeted individuals! God help us all! Stop gangstalking

3 days ago
I can’t wait till God gets these evil people doing this

1 month ago
I am going through this myself

Zeke Sparkman
11 months ago
No one knows how bad it is, only other TI’s understand. Non stop , around the clock. God will give them what they got coming.

Cheryl Cooper
10 months ago
How did they do the v2k in 1983? I know they had the tech but no known cell towers back then.

Sammy The Dancing Cockatoo
7 months ago
What is the evidence Lockheed, Raytheon, Honeywell, At&T and Honeywell are involved?

T.i.’s and God
6 months ago
📖Revelation 6: 15 Then the kings🤴of the earth, the princes, the generals🪖the rich💲, the mighty, and everyone else, both slave and free, hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains⛰. 16 They called to the mountains and the rocks🪨 , “Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb!”📖

anneli jonsson
1 month ago
Thank you

amanda baker
7 months ago
I was wondering how they chose ppl.

2 months ago
What did the ladies with the burn on them do in order to be targeted?

tanya bauer
11 days ago
And my real father passed away 2002 many man years micawave weopon s , and my step dad was a perp he also tortured in hospital 🏥 too passed away 1 year ago 2021 tan ti Australia 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🐨🐨🦘🦘🦘

3 days ago
Accept Jesus Christ Everyone to get to Heaven and out of this program when going to Heaven at Death

Carley Petillo
9 months ago
Holy shit

tanya bauer
3 weeks ago
They killed my little dog 🐕 direct energy weopons, they killed my cat 🐈 direct energy weopons , and cooking my mums birds 🦅 with direct energy weopons tan ti Australia 🇦🇺🌼🌼🇦🇺💜💜🐨💐🌻🌼🤗

2 months ago (edited)
Can another person like a ex spouse have this done to you? Have you targeted? And how?

tanya bauer
3 weeks ago
My family in Australia 🇦🇺 are getting gangstalking, v2k MkU , dream bad to our 🧠 s , brain ,my mum 80 years old getting tortured to death attacks direct energy weopons, my uncle ray 81 year old passed away 24 th December 2021 , he was tortured in hospital 🏥 6 months , put in metal ward kick out 12 months later , direct energy weopons through window in hospital, put one care home then another , took he’s life no eyes , could not talk , or walk living vegetable,

Aabey Kindly
6 months ago
Then why they didn’t yet targeted the people who speak in this video.Why would they use microwave or cell phone towers.They can cost effectively use gun to kill anyone. Why not? Doesn’t make any sense? Please explain why?

5 months ago
To exert control. And to control the narrative. Twofer

Moon Goddess
4 months ago
Because running around shooting people would draw way to much attention. “Walking people to their death” is much more covert wouldn’t you say… nobody notices that

A Ahr
3 months ago
Do they kill people? Do they get people’s energy? How do they chose people?

III. Richard Lighthouse- Special Investigators

Dr. Katherine Horton – Stop 007

Former NASA engineer and investigator Richard Lighthouse explains how Air Force Base Schriever is behind the satellite-based Directed Energy Weapon attacks against the civilian population worldwide.

For more information on Richard Lighthouse see:


3 years ago
Excellent informative podcast! God Bless the both of you!

Love, Maurice
3 years ago
I was just on his site, Now This!! You’re awesome, Dr. H. and you as well, Sir Lighthouse.

3 years ago (edited)
Dr. Katherine Horton-// Richard Lighthouse— You Both are going to lead the way in “Saving the World Together”. I will. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 For the Safety of you both and All Citizens and all Countries to stop these evil bastards

Elizabeth Giambelluca
3 years ago
My situation is so bad, so painful, that its dibilatating. My ex husband hired these evil creeps because of the divorce settlement. I’m not saying that the government isnt responsible , I’m just saying he is a doctor and an elected official. I pray someone does something to get this recognized because I dont know how much longer I can deal with this degree of sufferings 24/7 365 a year. God Bless Yall for getting involved! Lizzie<3 D Litt 2 years ago (edited) A few of T. I. Heros! We are all behind your efforts! Keep on investigating advising infirming inspiring! We NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU IN THIS WORLD!! Much Love and Light!🌠 Love, Maurice 2 years ago (edited) Mr. Lighthouse and Dr. Horton thank you for all of the information and books. They're invaluable tools. Could an SDR device like the HackRF One (1MHz-6GHz range) be use to isolate and analyze the signal at 3600-3750 MHz? Can we see it on the spectrometer? Jeanne Marie Bizeau Johnson 3 years ago I'm still high from this show! Thanks you two wonderful beings...❤❤ Sherry Browndie 3 years ago Enjoyed this video. I have read some of Mr. Lighthouse's ebooks and they were outstanding and shed much light as to the "how" and "who" behind the gangstalking program. Thank you and may the true God keep blessing your efforts. Larhea Corr 11 months ago This explains so much. Today was a rough day. Thank you both for excellent information you shared. Raphael Berg 3 years ago one of the best episode so far! Catarina Engström 3 years ago A simple Thank you! From a targeted individual for over 10 years. D Sammut 2 years ago Thank you for your video. I have been a TI since 1989. How this tracking, targeting and OGS works is as Richard say a satellite directed energy weapon pointed towards your head but Im not exactly sure how they can LOCK ONTO you and track you all over the world. I know they can because I have been in 25 planes trying to get off this weapon in real time and continue to with a skipped beat target you just as they do on the ground and to those locations thousabds and thousans of miles away. I do not believe they are using microchips to do this just a DEW pointef towards your head just as Richard says. In my case and probably in most cases local police are recuited by the US military to track an individual on their miltary grade laptop computer, most likely THE AIR FORCE. Ironically they also run HAARP. My perp is a Cop from Fairfield Ca who has been stalking me with this weapon for 30 years. Travis Air Force base ironically is also located on Fairfield CA where I believe my perp obtained this weapon. He also mentions to me there is another COP from his department that has this technoligy also. COPS have a low level classified clearance. COPS also do not have It is all connected electronically to AI- Super Computers that do take over at times and the perps can program it to take over. It initially does most of the work. But to beca TI there must be a COP(in this case) deliberately targeting with this weapon and how they initially do it is they get a visual on you ( via spy satellite). If they can't initially see you with it they can't lock onto you (my 30 years of experience and constance indirect comunication with my perps daily). This is why there are only a selected few TI's compare to the entire population is not effected also because there are only a certain amount of recruited perps on ground that have this tech. No true military patriot would even use these weapons on US vitizen but police wouldn't think twice about abusing this weapon abd violating a persons civil and human rights. I believe these dirty cops are selected by the miltary to do their bidding for them for this reason they really don't care about us. I case some of you don't know you are being invasively spied in my your ground perps ( COPS) on theur laptop computer. This spy satelite can see through walls, clothing and skin to the skeleton if need be and in near pitch dark and eavesdrop into any conversation on or off any phone ( no cell phone needed to do this) from miles if not thousands of nilesvaway Wow Wow 1 year ago Yes same thing with parents in my case.Everytime I have a specific conversation she completely changes her personality, even comes to a point of no making sense and not realizing.I try and break down what she is saying to see if she realizes that she isn’t making sense and snaps out of it but that only angers her more and she gets weirder. Egni_enigma Darido 3 years ago (edited) Love happy endings, too romantic for today's world! Thank you! 🙏 very generous, rare! X Fabbie 3 years ago Thank you very much, very impressive information. Patty S 3 years ago I wish i could have heard more from him. PragmaticMusing 3 years ago (edited) one thing that just came to my mind is that, the accuracy he's talking about in terms of measuring the weather and with Doppler one can now assume the reason why the weatherman ends up getting the forecast wrong (nowadays) is to inject a reasonable doubt as to the capability of modern technology to do the kinds of things he's talking about to further hide it, what they're doing is disgusting. tired of being targeted Maryland 2.5 3 years ago There are still people with hand held devices that aim this stuff at you also sadly.that love to maim someone while they sleep. Because there is no empathy in this world ImperialToad 3 years ago Incredible post! Great guest speaker; a true human of honor. Fresh Start 3 years ago Is this guy in us or have anyone to recomend ? Great work Blue Crystal 3 years ago Thank you Dr. Horton and Richard Lighthouse. Calcium is important however, I would not reccomend supplements as it is new info coming out that they cause calcification and damage of organs! I heard this on Dr. Oz. I get my calcium from natural sources and organic grass fed is best, without the chemical and pasturizarion. Before you record....not all states are one party states, some are two party where you must get the other person's permission. So please check your statutes! Catarina Engström 3 years ago Richards got it all,their tecnology is way beond what we can comprehend Sherry Galloway 3 years ago (edited) Do not be afraid of these, or this. Shovel it back. They hate your bravery. ForestNinjaZero 3 years ago I'd encourage Katherine Horton and Richard Lighthouse to actually read a physics book, rather than re-circulating the false evidence which has all been fabricated by intelligence agencies. Rzxkp7 none 1 year ago New mexico uses this technology. Thank you for the interview. The Midwest uses the same technology. Cheryl C 3 years ago I finally feel there is hope Jan Smith 3 years ago Ask for a full body pay down. Don’t go through those metal defectors. Elizabeth Giambelluca 3 years ago Oh I forgot to mention, I have reported this to the FBI explaining that my situation has become life or death numerous times, but of course nothing yet. Kelly wallace 3 years ago thank you Katherine we do need a court case. Ann Marie 3 years ago (edited) What is the purpose of targeting people with this technology? What are these people trying to accomplish? I am so thankful that people leave me alone and that I am not a target. Diane Gregory 2 years ago (edited) Having had morgellons, I know I was targeted, was I targeted because I am psychic or an activist. I am in Australia. New Type 2 years ago They don't need implants for any of this technology. All of these pyschotronic effects can be achieved using nearly all frequencies of electric and magnetic waves by using interference and creating certain "beat" patterns which can directly influence the brain. Jan Smith 3 years ago I want names!!! I know senators are involved. Day Dreamer 3 years ago this man is an honest person .. finally you have someone who is not an undercover agent (like several ppl you were dealing with) Daniel James Goodman 3 years ago tell Richard to download or youtube "Brain Invaders" with Jesse Ventura....Harland Girard is on the show and he complains they been targeting him for 35 years . Sigrid H. 2 years ago In english: To me it feels just like my own pulse. Maybe that area is one of the many places on our body where the pulse is close to the surface. David Gregory 2 years ago So in order to test for this microwave tracking signal, you put your hand on your head? You don't use anything more sophisticated than that? Why has this man not gathered evidence using a frequency counter and directional antenna? If this signal can "heat" your knuckles, it must be VERY strong then. Medicine For The Soul 1 month ago Who does one contact for support to stop these types of attacks ? Angela Chapman 3 years ago Dr Horton, you seem so relaxed and happy. I see you have taken this horrible situation and empowered yourself and others for sharing your story. Your guest is a top shelf investigator and educator. Thank you. Daniel James Goodman 3 years ago cant he stop it now for the rest of us???? How much longer??? 2 years ago Für mich fühlt sich das wie mein eigener Puls an: Vielleicht ist dies eine von den vielen Stellen am Körper, wo unser Puls an die Oberfläche kommt. wdpk837 1 year ago (edited) I think not just a fitting punishment, but a necessary action, would be to turn the remote neural monitoring on the perps to see exactly what they know they’ve done and who they’ve affected that we might not know about. Harideva Luu 3 years ago Namaskar, Thank You! BNK Matthew Hill 2 years ago There are some people that are not just being tracked but murdered slaughtered by this technology ripped to pieces tortured physically and mentally to death. Jan Smith 3 years ago Trillion of dollars. Wipe their pensions out! Destroy their lifestyle! Jenn G 3 years ago Who do targeted individuals get In Touch with for court cases. Is there a list of attorneys willing to believe us and how can we get that list? Monica Try 3 years ago Thank you both so much. Next time Katherine.... How is V2k sent, satellite or how? What frequencies because no one can stop this 24/7 evil? This is my last frontier so ask Richard in advance. It is computerised and finds you EVERYWHERE ON EARTH.. LET'S NAIL THIS LITTLE B. EVERYBODY HELP, IT CONFOUNDS ME ...THE SECRECY. COOKED BY V2K signals 24/7. Courious El 3 years ago Amazon (only)sell the book ( "You Know Something is Wrong When . . . "An American Affidavit of Probabble Cause") in paper back for $25.00 by judge, Anna Marie Riezinger and James Clinton Belcher. Sarah Westall interviewed judge, Riezinger last week and it was great. She is active in removing the gold fringe on the American Flag & working w/POTUS. jett888 1 year ago Is Pokemon one of the ways they track the game players? Niantic is involved w/ that- I was wondering because it seems the people who play are completely controlled by this game. Jan Smith 3 years ago Oh.. mars is a meat locker. He’s a space cowboy!!! 🦎 sss AD Mmm 3 years ago Hi Katherine. So how do you think they have they put rf chips in everyone's skull? Surely this would be problematic if presented for surgery at some point. Or could it be somehow utilising the already present EEG waves emitted? RohullahMojaddedi 3 years ago a perp who was sharing dorm with me used to leave window open in cold winters so that the street light could enter the room, it was in a different direction first but came right on me afterwards... then i wrapped my bed with a curtain to not let the light penetrate.. the perp was complaining about it and i give him his limit. I ALWAYS WONDERED HOW I FELT PAIN AS THE LIGHT REACHED ME jett888 1 year ago HOW did these things get placed to the back of our head?? charles hall 3 years ago Its called neuron mapping Katherine. Your neurons are different than mine. They are mapping our neurons and graphing them using them as nodes. To target 50 neurons at one time too cause echo spin. Rakhi Mahto 2 months ago I am Rakhi mahto from india, west sighbhum, digilota, lotapahar, sonua. victim of targeted individual, my family is uneducated, I have been a targeted individual since 2014 torture every day. The myth of psychopathic and syzophrenia is not understand of my family. My family also affected and become targeted. I experience errorness and pain of eyes 7 years ago normal torture, my brother is become part of it.my boyfriend brutally murdered once but he is not aware of it, he is behaving unconsciously. Torturing v2k attack, satellite torture, cell phone tower torture , gangstalking, mobile blacklisting. Please save me! bill weatherford 3 years ago I commend you to St Paul's example he was converted after he witnessed the stoning of St Stephen we are pleading with hearts and minds I was in Japan in 1957 USMC not long after WW2 at first I was terrified but I remembered John 3:16 God so loved the world I determined to be a good neighbor and I discovered that people are all the same it is unfortunate that world leaders get us into wars Peaceful Windsong 3 years ago God help us all. I am praying for the return of Jesus Christ. Daniel James Goodman 3 years ago million dollar question, is Richard gang stalked? marijke eken 3 years ago Thank you Katherine! Julia Hill 2 years ago My father James Howard Bledsoe is a retired Virginia State police officer. He has been mutilated. Please write his name down. I don't think he knows he was targeted. Its obvious to me now. They destroyed his spine with 4 botched back surgeries and he's constantly sick from food poisoning and kept on an obscene number of pharmaceuticals Day Dreamer 3 years ago Go to court under Maritime Law, not Land Law. FM 3 years ago It is a lock-in amplifier https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lock-in_amplifier Jennifer Maxine 3 years ago Not everyone is being subjected to directed energy weapons that incapacitate them, that is a targeted individual with implants, A.I the whole nine yards Jan Smith 3 years ago (edited) I have an implant in my eye . Also, they chipped me in the back of the head. Sun simultor, moon 🌚 simulator, . The sun is a portal. Lassiemom325 11 months ago My question is how did we get the chips in our heads Jan Smith 3 years ago Ratt: top secret... good song Rianmilehigh 2 years ago Im gangstalked and have been befriended by multiple autistic people, 2 became my friends. Functional people, but easily manipulated and they sometimes cannot express themselves. Cheryl C 3 years ago and its just that one satalite right? IF someone could only take that out somehow Jan Smith 3 years ago How do you get this fusion info???? Some one explain. Jan Smith 3 years ago How do you get these 911 names? Angelika Malloy 2 years ago A main question needs to be presented " How is each of the top of our heads is where they get the info from? Did they chip us specifically there after birth? How is it??? The new people to our country... How are we being chipped?" jett888 1 year ago makes more sense now- 10/12/2020 and WHY they want people to stay 6 feet apart. They have enough people targetted on that they need to keep them at a distance. Julia HillJulia Hill 2 years ago Carroll County, Virginia is being targeted heavily. Never Ending Journey Still Learning 2 years ago Thanks Olga STAMELOS 4 months ago This all very true on what he is saying on this video i did the reasearch. The Tech Guy 3 years ago Are people in Canada being tracked??? King Edward 1 year ago I know I am a victim. So what do you suggest to do first? Iva Nohel 3 years ago In switzerland recording is not allowed susan H 10 months ago Watch the increase in osteo as people's joints deteriorate on their phones and tablets slowly wearing out all the organic and calcium matter in the Deb Kay 3 years ago Does this include V2K? Drapetomania Drapetomania 10 months ago Thanks Monica Try 3 years ago Was V2K discussed....So vital if he knows. Audrey Smith 3 years ago Please please please help Quinn Michaels #teamtyler frank tomota 3 years ago Assistant LAPD Police Chief alleged of sexual misconduct. Let's wait and see the results. maatthecat 2 years ago crushed to powder eggshells = free calcium supplements FM 3 years ago What if they hack the signal generator John Doe 2 years ago Cell tower antennas cannot form beams... Afaik... Robert Stanson 3 years ago Directional Electro static wave generator ISTOCNI HERCEGOVAC 1 month ago true may brain body is totali damage 2021 2022 doctors cd documents say Sherry Galloway 3 years ago (edited) I dont experience this. Jan Smith 3 years ago GPS coordinate is your damn DNA. Steven D.Auger Sr. HolyServant 3 years ago What about Leviticus 26:16, but read all of Chapter 26. What if Gods servants are being allowed by God to do this to people that are getting close to their death time and God is trying to cause them to take the 1st Commandment seriously. barbara guillette 3 years ago if all are being pusled at the sametime,,, how to tell individuals? I think he is incorrect, yes but collimation, they have meters on the ground. glacier and in the ocean.I don't think we do this,,,not that precise. but then the fracel antenna ,,yes I have to think about this also, from what I understand micro and laser spreads out. , they arc these pulses look for that,, from the above ones...they can do this driving down the highway mph through their sunroof and hitting me in front of them on the top of the head...I saw them do it,,,, it had a trail I wonder if it was a firework,,, but how could it be attracted to me both doing 60mph on the highway going north. Lockheed Martin is running the gangstalking fusion centers program from 47-50 states, Karen Stewart had a private investigator investigate. Who is running the other three states ,,? First responders are boots on the ground,, "the first to respond,,," Patrick Cleary,,, 96 Olga STAMELOS 4 months ago im reading the chat baord half of what everyone is experienceing this what im going through to the one with the chinese speaking lady your reiecving calls from her to there coming on my cells mine is manarch torchure i becmae an enemy just wtach richard vidoes meme 3 years ago I don't agree with going to peoples homes and talking to their neighbours, in some neighbourhoods that might not end well. Jan Smith 3 years ago Lucifer is skynet. Uski None 3 years ago SS Nazi stood for SCHUTZSTAFFEL,Not Stasi.just to mention it. Mr Horton, what could we consider as equal to FUSION CENTER in Germany pls? If we could bring that Video of Mr Lighthouse and you in German, we German Tis could get a good step further ahead. Olga STAMELOS 4 months ago irene we have to accounts there gangstalking everyone this is the best drama the block ever got i have more the main gossip of the town how is irene in class i said to myself somone got jeluse anyone got a message baord i want to see the messages googluck targted ti i have fun taking pictures of them everyone is afraid of me around here but you know what honestly i have to say i love evey minute of it i just want to see the message baord who knows what they said in them messages Jan Smith 3 years ago Humans follow the fallen ones! Ophir Flomenbom 3 years ago WHATS THE DIFFERENT BETWEEN A PERSON AND A STATIC OBJECT?? how they show weather plots from the satilitte?? the information from the beam is not bounced back from your jead to the satlitlle . the same beam measure the scaterring . you silly... barbara guillette 3 years ago Fukushima radiation is responsible for bone loss, I don't know what frequency,,, but thats pretty high,,, Molecular Voltage Transmuter 3 years ago I hope your Parents weren’t Cloned Dr Horton. Stories of people acting out of Character. Mima Kiora 3 years ago (edited) ehm excuse me, but bullshit ! you can try this test on any part of your body and you will have the very same effect, so, holding your hand on the back of your head doesnt prove jack shit ok. and even if everyone is tracked already does not mean everyone is a TI either. Nafertiti Fearless But Loving Sheebah 3 years ago Ok tubeyerself2 1 year ago (edited) This Lighthouse has a Burnt out Bulb between the ears.... Correction... There was never a filament there to start with. Claudio Campos 4 months ago Proyect onix Jan Smith 3 years ago Lucifer has your dna signature. Duh. J. Jones 3 years ago Did you ever wonder why Jewish men wear a Yamaka? Covers that exact spot on the head...just noticing... Jan Smith 3 years ago Your damn future is the terminator.