References On Gang Stalking, Mind Control and Cults

ETK Introduction: Information in the following references prove that organized gang stalking, mind control, and cults are not conspiracy theories. Rather, these criminal government-sponsored programs have a long and sordid history which must be understood by the civilian public so that they can be dismantled. At present, I regard the following five books as the most informative references on organized stalking: 1) Mark M. Rich’s “New World War: Revolutionary Methods of Political Control” (2013), 2) Marshall Thomas’ “MONARCH: The New Phoenix Program” (2008), 3) Dr. John Hall’s “Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control,” 4) A.K. Forwood’s “Gang-Stalking and Mind-Control: Destruction Of Society Through Community Spying Networks” (2011), and Gloria Naylor’s “1996,” (2006).

In my opinion, however, the current, global, covert military deployment of organized gang stalking, mind control, and cults against the world’s citizenry can perhaps best and only be understood as aspects of a world take-down program that has been ongoing for centuries. F.W. Engdahl’s book title describes the political aspects of the program as; “Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order.” Michael Collins Piper’s book title describes some of the “spiritual” aspects of the New World Order program as: “The New Babylon: Those Who Reign Supreme: A Panoramic Overview of the Historical, Religious, and Economic Origins of the New World Order.” Piper’s unofficial subtitle, however, is even more to the point: “Inside the Rothschild Empire: the Modern Day Pharisees.” The title for Michael Hoffman’s encyclopedic tome still more accurately describes the central occult, pagan ideology behind the New World Order system: “Judaism Discovered From Its Own Texts: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition, and Deceit.” Piper and Hoffman’s conclusions are reinforced by many of the following books in this bibliography, including 1) de Poncin’s “Freemasonry and Judaism,” 2) Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s trilogy of academic books (see references below), 3) Texe Marr’s “Holy Serpent of the Jews: The Rabbis’ Secret Plan for Satan to Crush Their Enemies and Vault the Jews to Global Dominion,” 4) Akin’s “Synagogue Rising: A Catholic Worldview of Anti-Christian Judaism and Counterrevolutionary Resistance,” and 6) Jones’ “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact On World History.” You could never make this stuff up!

Information in the following references, then, not only help explain the technologies and PsyOp methods of totalitarian control now being deployed in the worldwide “organized stalking/electronic torture” program, they also detail the geo-political/occult agendas and the identities of the criminal cabal (and its many paid minions) that now seeks world dominance. Again, main topics covered in the following bibliography can be subdivided into the following categories:

1) Techniques and methods being used in worldwide organized stalking/PsyOp/electronic torture/mind control/cult operations
2) Geo-political goals of the “New World Order”
3) Occult goals of New World Order
4) Identity (identities) of New World Order


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16 Replies to “References On Gang Stalking, Mind Control and Cults”

  1. I am a victim in Cape Town South Africa. Please provide me with an email address where I can send my story to.

  2. In order to maintain a dictatorship it is absolutely critical that control is established on the neighborhood level In the US this network has existed since 1917 and has been used to harass and spy on people that have been labeled subversive.

  3. On Saturday, September 2, 2017 2:08 AM, Ila Josette wrote:

    Hi, my name is Ila Josette and I have been looking for a group of people who have expertise in psychological tactics against humans.
    First of all i have quantities of information that is very sensitive to this subject and have used it to research and document on my own.
    I’ve learned all of what i know by experiencing some of these tactics and am planning on pursuing a title so i can help others. The town I live in Austin, tx have psychologist that are not experienced and they have no idea what I’m talking about and therefore try to proceed with diagnosing and studying me. Ridiculous because i usually just debate with them, give them a little bit of truth and don’t get paid for it.
    Just by my experience i can relate “parallel universes” as some youths and others would call it. Psychological harassment pertaining to communications with individual to individual, vocally (bullying to mental disorders and physical disorders (i document everything and try to, thats where i have fallen ill.. I will get to that alittle later)) and non vocally.

    Where do i start? I’ve had this problem that arose very normally from my reality about 9 or 10 years ago, it started there and there were situations from my past that were similarly involved thinking back to it and putting things together.
    There are many factors to my research that are taken into consideration always. Now, over time i noticed changes in my reality with situations and experiences with people that i had chosen to spend time with. Some experiences had led me to a reality that was very dangerous for me and my brain was becoming more exploited.
    Some people that got involved with my life (new friends) made it worse, some relapsed moments and it got worse from there.
    Fast forward a couple a year or two and I was focusing on gaining my financial stability and visit family alot more. Im not sure exactly how to explain this but my brain has been exploited to the point of people either loving what i think and taking my thoughts and not letting me speak supressing me to the point of literal incoherentness and physical restraint to speak as well as taking my knowledge,
    Ive been writing about my symptoms and the science of it as much as i attention myself to know. It’s gotten to the point of me first talking it out (getting a hostess job was really bad for, my brain was more exploited and my health became worse, mentally) then writing it out and i got writers block. Some people were involved in some of what is categorized as the parallel universes i mentioned earlier and my physical health became really bad, there was a guy that has done some rituals and experiments on me months before and awhile i was going through this stuff and researching/documenting at the same time. my mental health got really bad and my eyesight was affected as well.
    I have some of that science written out and the factors that go along with it. its pretty amazingly interesting. The problem that i am having besides all of this information is that the person and who he uses by way of same attitudes and people i have had around besides him has gotten me so mixed up that i am being tortured and abused psychologically and there has been enough time that the outside reality
    has turned into some kind of communicational mix up. Ive been on a self sabotage mode and have been in numerous dangerous situations and i very rarely go out, i have not been able to keep a job because i cannot talk as i and use the words i would normally use and let alone represent myself so i can be a normal 29 year old, network and succeed. My family is being affected too and that really scares me. Public people turn very evil and get to an area of being very rude and quizative and a demand to know truth about truths because they think they have the right to know so i have become a brain to harbor off of.. an actual human resource, and the psychologist to be takes alot of my knowledge to except he’s lied to me, denies and has become physically violent and still does.

    he is using to dominate me and the situation so i wont turn him in. everytime he comes around, i have either been abused or really messed up and hes done some type of rituals on my during sexual intercourse and the next i am incapable of walking or walk like i am handicapped. Not just him there are others that have been involved by way of judgements and opinions about certain things.

    the way they get me is by placing their energy in my apartment that would dominate through ways from the outside in and the inside out. I can go into more specific detail later.
    my neighbors for awhile have been saying my thoughts like they are me mixing up my identity which causes me alot of mental problems as well as people in the public doing saying my thoughts like they are me while i’m riding the bus or elsewhere like a store or cafe.
    Cafes are worse for me because college students have interest and intellectually barter attaching to me and what i know as much as i try because of some systematic patterns i wont get into right now.

    Going back to the identity mix up by way of saying peoples thoughts (it is and not as complex as it sounds) The individual in such situations becomes supressed and gets to a point of not being able to either represent itself normally or is incapable of accomplishing the goals it sets for itself (self sabotage). This is whats happening to me and i have had my life threatened many times and then they make me ignore it by way of threatening to deny and turn the story around on me or attempt to provoke the me (or another individual that would be able to dominate me so they can proceed) i am incoherent in my apartment because they are talking to me outside of myself and attaching to me causing my physical restraint and mental disassociations and more forgetfulness linking to alzheimers and pcs disease and an attempted heart attack. I am literally being attacked in my own apartment feeling beat up, and they are making me think that someone is in the apartment with me and or that i have been killed somehow, ridiculous but worrisome and very intruding, they listen to
    technology to “tune” in to get ahead and they are addicted to the knowledge and how i think and wait for me to fall asleep. Not just them but while i am walking the people in vehicles tune in and listen to as well as include themselves to be uncontrolled or controlled by another then blame me or another for their reactions.
    And some people hearing by word of mouth come around and do skits on purpose haunting and stalking me in a way.

    Some factors of mine are that i have had an aborted surgery/surgical miscarriage and they use that to their advantage in ways i wont describe now and they use it as an excuse to torture or send me to some type of judgement. Another factor is that my ex fiance had schizophrenia and i in way found out what had led him to get that he did mention he was going to make me kill myself in what ways,,i have no idea but there’s information out there that are relevant to my ill health. He has done some rituals in for instance one of his music videos and then made it real for me..his friend pretending to choke him and then him freaking out and choking me after luring me and some other dark things i’ll expand on later.

    My family has been affected i think i mentioned below and its very scary, we have gone through some changes and identity mix up ourselves and it mostly is because of my dead child and i have that written out too as well as the fathers being around and of harrassing attitudes causing so much illness and bad effects in our lives. i do have ptsd but its very controlled. I am highly aware of peoples personalities and danger and i do relapse back into feeling like i am literally pregnant and then going through surgery. With women who have had abortions they fear their life is at risk the longer they go without having another child after that one aborted and there are links to health problems that i have had over the course of years gradually not fast like i will or have mention and not after some things happened that i will describe in later emails if your company and its employers are willing to help.

    Some places they curse (sir say) me and make my eyes really blurry like i don’t have my contacts on and cause me to be not completely there almost getting hit by a vehicle or put in a really bad situation because i forgot my bus routes or cant be coherent enough to work to have reliable resources to use that would keep me safer and have more clarity forcing me to be isolated instead and succumb to more in depth dominance.
    Like i mentioned before my problem is that this has not stopped and its getting worse, last night i relapsed and thought it was safe to visit a non-friend friend and i was mentally used for information and tortured and dominated on the inside to the point of another inside me like possession and i left his apartment feeling like i had been sexually trafficked mentally and my internet had been affected when i got home so i could not call out or send messages at all for about 30 minutes because i was mentally still being used by his mentality like i was in his car still. The next morning my neighbor was on the phone, everything was fine then she mentioned after saying a few of my thoughts said for me to feel molested and immediately i was feeling my vagina be groped ( they’re trying to stop the internet now) and i could not walk straight at all and my head was wobbling like they were using my thoughts to communicate and to see if i was going to do anything like now. they make me smell tobacco like they’re smoking in my apartment and the psychologist in school still and his friend has made it to where i smell feces on my face and smell like their dog. my body gets attacked like i had mentioned earlier and i get possessed as them and my facial movements are like them and i cannot see straight and its like there is something covering my eyes (not completely but enough to have a really big affect to make me abnormal) i feel small twitches on my mouth and cheeks like they have attached to me and my face has gained weight since then. staring in the mirror helps because i can see myself and they go away and don’t attach to my face (sorry i can describe this better) and sometimes i cant feel the breeze until some certain things happen. They don’t want anything happening to them so they are sabotaging me ahead of time to attempt to make me the one at fault and ill just because and trying to ruin my future of any kind to succeed like a job, and keeping my apartment and or not be capable of obtaining the resources i need. They need to be caught and handled appropriately and i need the healing and protection so i can not be affected by them and my future at risk of any kind, physically and mentally.

    Thank you for hearing me out about a few of these experiences. I hope that y’all can help me through this so i can succeed to live a healthy life to create a family and make sure some of these main people that are actively pursuing the psychological harassments get punished because it is illegal. These some problems are big yes, and i cannot remove myself from the situation because of lack of money and thats just a theory that things would be different by me moving out of the area. I am coherent completely if some things arent attached, using or attacking me. it’s that simple they over dominate with use of alot of others to overwhelm the situation. A kind of entrapment.

    Ila Josette Briseno
    They literally are torturing me right now because they don’t want anything done to them. Mental physical abuse sexual and other. I need to be referred immediately. They keep possessing me especially this Andrew David Thompson British guy to see what I’m doing and if anything going to be done.

    1. mind games with human relationships are everywhere and come in many forms. It is seen as psychologically possessive and restrictive. It seems like this guy is a known person so dont underestimate a friendship and calling for help.

  4. In order to maintain a dictatorship it is absolutely critical that control is established on the neighborhood level In the US this network has existed since 1917 and has been used to harass and spy on people that have been labeled subversive.

  5. Iam a victim of Elelctronic Harassing.From the people next door in the project with their computer.I almost went crazy when i foumded out they was talking to me throw the television an i hear my neighbors voice thru it.I made police report on two occasions,went to the ER,went to the HOUSING AUTHORITY on many occasions.These people raping me 24/7its getting worst.Hey un my brain with thoughts,an put thoughts their.They sexually haraaing my daughter an unknow of the situation.My phone they controlling it.They shoot something down my ear while i was sleep like pill form from outside of my bedroom.They poisning my household using nanocrystal power crystals,which i have example of in foil.I seen it stuff blowing out the vent like some kind of dust.I now trying to contact the Mayor because these people or gangstalking me an my family thru GPS,they hacking in everything.My eyes are tuned in loke an robot type deal like the able to rewind my memory an brain with their computers.They able to sexually rape while im awken an continually do it over an over.This sad how people next door can with a family an kids able to Rape,Harass,Torturment an human with rhis techology.INVISIBLY INVISIBLY INVISIBLE INVISIBLY THEY ARE MOVING !!!!!The military have something to do with this without pay these people SICK SICK MENTALLY

  6. As a TI, I DO know who my attackers are. I briefly attended group meetings in ‘98 & have recognized some of my Gangstalkers from that group. I did not know that group practiced Sorcery or were a cult. As a Christian that was not compatible so I stopped going. From then on my life has been about trying to get these people to leave me alone. I’m not going to go into all the stuff I’ve been through trying to hold onto a job & so I can have a place to live & food to eat but I will tell you this: Their weapon of choice is Radionics & are attacking my brain right now. They use Radionic technology to enhance their ancient practice of Sorcery straight out of South America. Mayan, Aztec, Toltec practices. They steal your spirit (Soul) piece by piece which is the point of their harassment. I’m going to continue looking at your website hoping to find someway to reject their evil attacks. This is a spiritual problem. One more thing. Stay out of Mexico. It’s a hotbed of people who are up to no good with your spiritual inheritance. It’s all about bloodlines, my friend, for the cult attacking me at least. I can’t speak to the Politically motivated harassment. There are many groups involved in this. Take care.

  7. I am astonished at how widespread this practice is and how the technology is put in the hands of sociopathic little bullies. The whole thing is so bizarre. The experience certainly makes you realise there are very few decent people in the world and the sooner you wake up to this fact, the better. I would hate to be one of the psychopaths who organises this stuff or one of the pathetic, brainless, useful idiots/slaves waiting for a phone call to be told where to go and what to do, for a bit of false praise from their handler.

  8. Thanks for your tireless reporting Eric.
    I’m wondering if you could do any stories on the nexus of mental institutions, fusion centers and trauma informed care – the program developed by SAMHAA of the NIH? In Grand Junction we have one of SAMHSA’s 37 trauma informed care centers. SAMHSA is run my army personnel and is a mental health arm of the NIH. They make policy on how to recover a population after a catastrophic event. Also trauma can be torture. Dick Cheney has a ranch in Rifle not far away. I read in an annual report of mind springs health they made 450M one of the first years their doors were opened. They now hide their true numbers. (Thet 450m needs to be verified- but I remember checking it several times as I was shocked to see it. The report is now scrubbed. I also wonder if they may house the local fusion center?) Mind springs is the name of Courtney Brown’s now defunct website. He was a top CIA remote viewer. SAMHSA talks in their Change 2.0 pdf about being able to monitor whether or not their patients take their meds at home alone. V2k? See through eyes and ears? Experiment on patients who are now wards of the state?

    Okay. So that’s where this pogrom is coming from. At least for the mental patients. They work here with DHS – Dept of Health. Ironic monicker eh? Obamacare was incorrectly named. It should actually be ChaineyCare. Behavioral Health is really Scientology and Trauma Informed Care. Normals do not have the same mirror neurons as psychopaths and do not recognize threats of violence as something to run from. Lots more but that’s.a start.

    Maybe I’m missing something here. Why hasn’t anyone done any reporting on SAMHSA before? Or the trauma informed care program? I also googled “Mind Clones in Behavioral Health” and got as the top 3 links: 1. Mind Springs Health, St. Mary’s Hospital, and Grand Junction VAHospital. With a mind clone of everyone on servers, it would take an AI minutes to tell the entire true story of the TI, and aidentify Everyone who has ever worked on MK Ultra – including everything each one of them has done and how much they were paid. It is truest an incredible technology. See Martine Rothblatt’s “Virtually Human -The Promise and Peril of Digital Immortality.”

  9. There is a company that sales devices for target indual to use .I can not afford it now Theres other who have use the devices and say they work.Being dealing with harsment 10 years plus.There is no support group for that South Dakota’A few states have them.The person is here and i can not see him and is connect to my body can feel his weight.Need to shut down NSA Connect to this Smart commurters .

  10. Rothblatt, Martine “Virtually Human -The Promise and Peril of Digital Immortality.”
    Rubenstein, Richard L “The Holocaust and the New American Century
    Chavkin, Samuel “The Mood nd Stealers: Psychosurgery and Mind Control”
    Wetmore, Karen “Surviving Evil”
    Starfire “MK Ultra Dark Labs and the Secret Space Program” (a history of how the nazi doctors used the space program technologies for human trafficking and psychological warfare – commenters note)
    Willan, Philip “Puppetmasters: The Political Use of Terrorism in Italy”

  11. Another thing I’ve heard – chatter- is that 5 G can support crisper technology. What if people who have royal DNA can have it removed from their bodies by walking around in 5 G? Especially those who don’t know who they are (bastards!)? (Without the “proper” protection) The reality of “Sheep” and Gods could be much more real than you can possibly imagine. And that junk DNA turned on for the elite, and removed from the sheep. Just some inconvenient possibilities about 5G if it’s really true.

  12. Alien DNA Interaction, in ancient past, WILL WIPE OUT ALL THESE ELECTRONIC LIVE MURDER GLOBAL CULTS. Love God and ALL the BEINGS THESE MURDERERS HAVE MURDERED. Make that you’re FOCUS, knowing they are by you’re side, not electronically harassing you, but INTERDIMENSIONALLY NEXT TO YOU.
    CULTS r almost done and WILL B WIPED OUT. 5g HAS equalized EVERYONE and ALL organized Criminals and UFO REDACTED WEAPONS r exposed and about 2 finish their course of secrecy. Love God, yourself and THOSE MURDERED b4 U, drawing strength from these areas. I am 67yrs old, experienced all this SHIT my whole life, worked anyway, had kids, lived alone. I’m retired School Bus Driver-Work and live ur life in spite of all THESE VAMPIRE AND GLOBAL CANNIBALS,U HAVE EVERYTHING 2 GAIN- FUCK THEM

  13. My Tag name is My Challenge, and doing all I can in this lifetime and the next to do my best to expose and bring down these MOTHER FUCKERS will be my My Challenge. They have one the battle, but God and I will win the war. They are cowards who hide in the shadows and use their clandestine methods rather than show themselves and fight like a man or woman for that matter. Fuck em!

  14. I was explicitly told that I will be getting a HELL virus. Apparently this is the end game of Occultists, to affect the afterlife of their targets. I think this is going on in massive amounts and has been going on for decades.

    Just as you can buy a ‘no sleep’ Illuminati t-shirt, I was given a shot that removed my ability to sleep.

    I can’t believe this stuff exists in this world. Also, I can’t believe when apparently half the planet knows about this, that its not covered in the public domain along with the Illuminati curse.

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