Psychotronic Weapons, Directed Energy Weapons, Are You a Targeted Individual?, Criminal Psychiatry (3 Videos 2021)

I. Psychotronic Weapons


Dominus Sathanas
1 month ago
I used to get voices claiming to be Psychic Ghosts, and from what I know schizophrenics do not hear words they are not familiar with then later find definitions for those words on Google. That is an Intelligence. More and more people are aware of Silent Spread Spectrum, Telepathy, and Voice to Skull Technologies. Now we know what it is. It is nothing new or special and anyone can build it with a simple heath kit.

Ed Rugebregt
1 month ago
We are all guinea pigs , that’s the world we live in

Brave Stone
1 month ago
thanks for posting this.

Greatest Ever
1 month ago (edited)
Pretty sure I’m one of their guinea pigs. I have often felt that words and subliminal msgs are sent to me. They’re usually helpful…prob to justify their surveillance. At the same time I’ve had chronic infections with chronic pain. Not sure why except I am a twin and I believe they’re trying nature vs nurture type stuff on us. Wish I could be pain free but it seems I am cursed & there is no escaping.😫

ППК Послушай Небо
1 month ago
7:10 ?????

Mary Stuart
1 month ago
What about Canada?? There’s never hectic but I do believe that Niagara Ontario is run my USA maybe Buffalo? I live this and know information before it is given to me as if to mock me. It’s like someone following me from their home and me knowing the way to their home because they showed me the way by following me. If that makes sense? But of course it’s as larger scale of information and it’s confirmed by people I’ve never met for the past 5 years

Eindhoven Vortex
1 month ago
In another post you mentioned one Roger Tolces and his services in dealing with Targeted Individuals, TSCM, etc. would you have further information? I am considering using his/ this service. BTW, if all goes well you will get the chance at your wish at a personal video describing one’s own experience at being TI. (from another post here). Thx again and hope you get through this BS…

Untainted Indigo
1 month ago
What they have done to us was inhumane n some illegal shit. I did think at one point that maybe I’ve done something to deserve it but, I’m pretty sure now they’re just wicked because, they’re attacking my organs like crazy! I’m still suffering.

II. In The Mainstream News – New Type of Directed Energy Weapons Being Used by Russia on Americans

Webmaster Comment: It’s the Russians! Well, mayb… More probably it’s Israel and/or the US itself.


Twisted funny
3 days ago
They are still using that weapon in Australia

1 week ago
Me and my pet. Now euthanised due to the attacks.

1 week ago
Cape Coral Fl here this targeted program is being run on me in my home by government contractors training this garbage. MAJOR training ground here in Florida.

Dominie Robinson
1 week ago
Newsweek article Mentioned This “Program” by Name. Newsweek Article called it “Signature Reduction ” ‘ so called “Top Secret Program Supposedly Run by the Pentagon.

Dominie Robinson
1 week ago
It’s a “Top Secret” Program Run by the Pentagon. Program Named “Signature Reduction” , They KNOW EXACTLY What is Going On. Don’t Let Their Dis-Info Campaign Fool you.

Ophelia Rolle
2 weeks ago
More incidents to officials

Armand WolfGang
3 weeks ago
Peace sure sells, but who the hell is buying? to acquire this “Peace” that is so highly spoken of do you really need a gun?

ADHD Alternatives Homestead
1 month ago (edited)
Only 4 States have Law against these weapons. These are NOT non lethal weapons. They are VERY lethal and cause organ damage, brain damage and kill your pets. All Targeted, covertly Watch-listed revenge for hire programs use private contractors who uses these radiation devices against innocent people. Pulsed microwave radio frequencies are beamed into a persons home, to their roof, through windows and while walking down the street. Everyone wants to blame Russia and China but the US military has these weapons and being used against its own citizens.

Targeted Truth Finder
1 month ago
Thanks, finally coming out!

Roy Welch
1 month ago
Who do i sue for a mild case of brain damage?

Road less traveled M
1 month ago
Thank you !

Walter George
1 month ago
Jesus people claiming they’re doing God’s Work

Witness of Christ
1 month ago
They left out the attacks in the USA with these DEWs. Domestic terrorism in all countries.

We are Winner’s
1 month ago
Shame you youse pictures with manipulated news reporter, it gives the impression that the whole thing is fake.
And beeing one of those who have felled it on my own body, that makes me alittel disapointet.😞

Witness of Christ
1 month ago
Thank you very much sir. ✌

1 month ago
It is sickening how these media outlets refuse to speak on how these weapons are being used on the general public. Down playing its seriousness and eluding to the idea that these weapons are only being used on those in Embassy.

We have met the enemy and he is us. Pogo

III. Are You A Targeted Individual? The Truth About Targeted Individuals


1 week ago
Cape Coral Florida all of this terrorism trash has and is being used here for training purposes. 24 7 365. Never a private moment in your own rental here. Sue the city state and people involved. Its the only way.

anneli jonsson
1 week ago
Ti Stockholm Sweden heavily injured

Peter Simpson
1 month ago

Peter Simpson
1 month ago

Ima Happy
1 month ago
How in the hell do we save this outside of utube to keep it safe

Matt Ward
1 month ago
I was born into this.

Road less traveled M
1 month ago
How can I protect myself from upstairs neighbors. I’m not moving out.

Road less traveled M
1 month ago
Great video!

casey hunt
1 month ago
Thank you for these. People are doing this to me now and nobody believes we operate on a frequency that can be messed with.

Ben Mintz
1 month ago


“controlled breathing” stimulates neural activity that makes neuro-imaging impossible to read, as well as maintain your psychological state. When focused on “controlled breathing” well enough, you can reverse your entire mental state as a target. It will terminate the harassment eventually.

Practicing “controlled breathing” while processing a thought shows a distorted neuro-image that is IMPOSSIBLE TO READ and as long as the individual keep practicing a “controlled breathing” method. It’s the ultimate solution against psychotronic influences.

Master “controlled breathing” and become “bulletproof” in modern times.


1. start processing a thought with a breath first then continue with “controlled breathing” method as long as you think. If you can master this you can avoid the harassment anytime.

2. controlled breathing + background music = silence. (distorted neuro-image)

3. keep practicing controlled breathing. Whenever a threat is presented to you, think about a toy gun.(A.I. reboots)

How “controlled breathing” improves your health:

1. develops self – awareness

2. neutralizes emotions

3. improves your sleep

4. stress relief


6. balances hormones

7. lowers blood pressure

8. improves cognitive process

9. boosts your immune system

10. increases alertness

Check out my YouTube videos on “controlled breathing”:

“Targeted individuals – the ultimate solution (part 1)”:

“Targeted individuals – the ultimate solution (part 2)”:​

Part 2:

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A.I. fun fact: ordinary people operate the system using A.I. computer based suggestions that allow or disallow them to function accordingly. Basically they can’t function without A.I. and it could easily be manipulated by a sarcastic gesture such as pretending to shoot the A.I. with an a imaginary toy gun.(based on neural activity, A.I. does not recognize the difference between a real gun threat and an a imaginary toy gun, therefore, in both cases it’s considered by A.I. an immediate threat, and it reboots) PS A.I. is destined to fail for the exact same reason, because A.I. doesn’t understand sarcasm.

Important message: pointing a toy gun at a person is considered an offence and is extremely dangerous and not recommended by this post’s author under any circumstances.

To help you get started, use this app:(Android)

“Breathe: relax & focus”

“Change Your Breath, Change Your Life”:

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“Targeted individuals – the ultimate solution”

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My blogs:

“Targeted individuals – the ultimate solution”:

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Some of the comments I got on my YouTube videos:

“Boaby Mcclufferty”

I want to thank you for this, it is so good to have my own thoughts present for a change instead if injected fantasy that has been happening for five years now. God bless

“David Yeager”

Controlling breathing can teach you to gain control over the rest of your body too. It’s awesome when under extreme stress. I’ve seen you post this more than once. Keep up the good work trying to help others.


Since I’ve adapted controlled nose breathing it’s changed my life for the better In so many ways! thank you. Respect to you in Israel from The North 🇨🇦✊


Great topic to speak on, when you’re calm and breathe it helps so much .

“Janey Wison”

Controlled breathing has helped me with V2K and DEW too

“Amy Coffey”

Love u Ben! U have helped me continue and go on and feel like I can beat this! So difficult to deal with 24/7 but ur application techniques have actually saved me. I can only live in the now these days but it is better than not living at all

“Jennie Mason”

Ben Mintz thank you Ben for the advice on this. I have been a victim of V2K for almost 9 years now. God Bless you, my dear friend

“Massimo Casella”

Thanks Friend Now I Know How To Deal With Those People Who Enter My Mind Without My Permission.

“Jack Gypsy”

Hello Ben, hope all is well with you. Your suggestion in videos is working very well, to the point of non existence. At some point i will email and/or would like to have a live chat if it works for you. Keep up the great work Ben. Much appreciated. Talk soon.

“Steve Snyder”

After reading 10s of thousands of comments across the web, this is the stand alone BEST and MOST VALUABLE comment. Nuff said


Thank you. I was on the brink of suicide

Laurence Williams”

I can honestly say sherlock that you are right when you say that by breathing it will most certainly save your life.

“Laura Cross”

I learned this years ago when I was in Choir in school. I cannot count how many times this has saved me from death.

“Samm E”

Thank you so much for the supportive and solution oriented information. 💛💛💛

“Mary Gair”

Thank you, Ben





1 month ago
Another “crazytalk” video to discredit real targets if you watch the whole thing. 👏👏👏

Serpent King
1 month ago
All of this targeting proves who inept the psychiatry industry really is. I always intuitively knew before my targeting that its easy to make a joke out of it when it comes to psychological warfare people. Far before my targeting, I have seen the same targeting take place in the workplace in an attempt to get employees to quit or to harass another inmate, and then accuse the abused person of being mentally ill, that nobody did anything to harass him. A very old and used technique. It becomes hard to believe when it involves groups of people stalking, spying, and using psychological warfare to do this people. What is thier gain?
Surely if you don’t like someone, you may do some things to harass that person or what not, but after you’ve gotten your laughs, isn’t that enough?
Or there being no logical goal?
What exactly are these gang stalkers spending so much time and money trying to get out of this?
If they want to just destroy someone, why not stalk this person and wait for a place where they can kill them without a trace?
If thier not willing to do that, then it can be said that perhaps its used as a mind control experiment.
If people are unwittingly used as crash test dummies for thier new technology they are still tweaking, shouldn’t there be a time where they come out of hiding? State what its all about? Apologize? Give these tis they’ve driven over the edge over the years the just due they are owed?
At this point I’d say all tis are entitled to millions….billions perhaps.

Sonia Williams
1 month ago
BOOM! Much appreciate the gentlemen who shared this knowledge. May God bless & protect you and others who are experiencing this.

The Outer Limitz
1 month ago
Simple. they’re commiting psychiatric fraud by using basic psychology to artificially induce mental illness. The tactics are designed to look like you have a mental illness. But you don’t. it’s all staged and you are dumber than the perps if you fall for it.

Butch Mitch
1 month ago (edited)
9 hours after posting.
Only 24 comments currently.

Targeted Truth Finder
1 month ago (edited)
This is one of the most factual and well documented videos I have ever seen. I am 20 plus years as a TI but possible believe from birth its generational for some or most TIs

Winnie Davis
1 month ago
This happened at work 1 time I felt like my insides were on 🔥

1 month ago
What is the original source for this video?

Winnie Davis
1 month ago
Exposure therapy

1 month ago
Excellent video

Serpent King
1 month ago
This is how you advocate gang stalking

Julie King
1 month ago (edited)
Excellent video. He clearly explains their tactics. I see his name is Kenneth Peartree.

Pamela Peer
1 month ago
Gang stalking is demonic. I have experienced a lot of what he is speaking of. However my God is greater than anyone and anything. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. Greater is he that is in me, then he who is in the world. Thank you Jesus!!! I love you!!!

Pamela Peer
1 month ago
How can we find out more about this man speaking? Who is he?

Greatest Ever
1 month ago (edited)
They ran our dad off, induced schizophrenia, and killed him. They made our mom a bipolar religious fanatic who disowned her children so that my twin sister and I could be experimented on more easily. We were raised in a satanic cult and have been played against eachother all our lives. They turned us into polar opposites in many ways. They made me the parasitic twin with chronic infections and pain. The only escape I have found is by isolating myself and living in a mobile home community on a road with no outlet. The home is rigged and I get electronic harassment along with 24/7 pain but thankfully I dont have to deal with the general public very often. Things got worse when I first started researching this stuff but it has been easier to cope now that I understand wtf is going on. Seems there is no escape so all we can do is keep fighting against and exposing the evil that’s taking place to the best of our ability. Its maddening to think this torture is taking place legally and no wonder people go postal.

Swedish Bulldog
1 month ago
Who is this guy and where can I find his video’s?

John Doe
1 month ago (edited)
Ice-T has let himself go! JK. Love the video! I’d actually say. He’s looking better… The real Ice-T has let himself go since being a sell out movie star.

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