Psinergy Intro Class on the Human Biofield pdf (Sabrina Wallace)

Psinergy Intro Class on the Human Biofield pdf (Sabrina Wallace)

Psinergy PDF as of 05-25-2023
July 5, 2023


I also have them posted on this telegram channel. Easy to share and forward to friends. Don’t want these PDF’s getting lost in the weeds.

The telegram is super organized KP!!!🙏🏼♥️♥️♥️ LOVE IT! Thank you so much!

can view the pdfs any other way? don’t have a phone so cant access telegram

Ohhh finally the KISS part [:heart_eyes:] [:heart_eyes:] [:heart_eyes:] bless you [:purple_heart:] ( Quotes and advice from Miyamoto Musashi –>

Thank you!!!

ThanQ for sharing the known missing piece to my Thread of your vids today 🙏🧩☎️

Hey, Sabrina. I have questions. There are people publishing your work on various platforms and apologizing for your belief in God and Jesus. Is this okay with you? Does the dissemination of your work justify the refute of God in that work? Or are God and Jesus inextricable in your work? I want to know. Thanks.

I have no idea who is publishing what where. if they apologize for my faith, that is a reflection of how they view the world and their purview does not diminish me or my faith at all. they have their reasons for feeling that way that have zero to do with me. was i aware of it until your comment? no. psinergists have posted a few links they found, but i have not seen what you speak of. I also did not really do work, I simply read out loud what emergent technology is inside the body and properly described the computer networking utilizing bioelectricy and harvesting mechanical energy to be transduced into power or cellular reorganization. anyone could have opened their mouth at any time, but they did not. I call people of other faiths prayerful people because I believe a relationship with God is sacred and only God knows their belief, or heart. i also do not pretend to know better than someone else the nature of their own soul. all i did was report the tech and provide my own subjective experiences with notations from my personal diaries that have software names and such in them and i offered my medical records as further viable data for reference. i hope this satisifies your query, Amen.

and reposted


have you read “fall of the spirit of darkness” it has parts in it talking about killing the soul with a vax.

thank you for the link


When did you start composing the 26-page pdf file, “HUMAN BIOFIELD”???
Thank you.

our psinergy pdf here? i threw it together at the dublin ga class earlier this year so folks would have something to take home to end the conflict oriented topic of whether the body part exists at all. or do you mean the car shielding portion? that is from 2016 or so?
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“electromagnetic waves created by the body…”
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you have opened up my curiosity again.
wow thanks!
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