Police Murder Truther and TI, Jeff Murray, in Cold Blood (Henry Makow, May 10, 2021) & Jeff Murray’s TI Statement

Police Murder Truther and TI, Jeff Murray, in Cold Blood

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Henry Makow, May 11, 2021

Police Murder Truther, Jeff Murray, in Cold Blood

(Left, Guilty until proven innocent. Jeff Murray in his thirties.)

Jeff Murray is our George Floyd.

Floyd dies in police custody
and the world stops.

Police framed and killed Jeff Murray
Sunday and it goes totally unnoticed.

by Henry Makow PhD

Jeff Murray was a familiar name in my inbox. He sent me links which I would tweet.

Sunday in Greenville SC, “A bicyclist was shot and killed Sunday morning, and officers shot and killed a man believed to be the suspect, Greenville Police Department Police Chief J.H. Thompson said Sunday.”

Police “shot and killed a man believed to be the suspect.”

That sounds pretty convincing: “believed to be the suspect.”

“The shooting preceded a second shooting minutes later, when Greenville police officers who responded to the initial shooting used witness statements to track down the suspect, according to Police Chief Howie Thompson, who spoke to the media on Sunday.

Jeff Murray was probably framed. Someone killed a cyclist named Whitt Oliver, 44, left.

“Police found Jeffrey Mark Murray, 62, in a vehicle that pulled over outside the Greenville Fire Department station on Verdae Boulevard.

“Murray got out of his vehicle and displayed a handgun before an exchange of gunfire left Murray fatally shot. No officers were injured, police said. Thompson did not disclose the names of the officers involved.

An incident report from the Greenville Police Department had not been finalized as of midday Monday, said Lt. Alia Paramore, a spokesperson for the agency.”


Jeff Murray has been a target of “gang stalking” for eleven years. He believed that a microwave weapon was being used to disrupt his sleep. People were entering his home and damaging or stealing his property. His car was also damaged. He was constantly cut off in traffic and confronted when out in public.

On Nov. 27, 2020, he didn’t say he was a target but he wrote to me: “Henry – some people call it “gangstalking” – It’s in the Protocols of Zion – Chapter 17 points 7, 8. … Most targets also get the wireless MK Ultra frequency torture. This article is the best I’ve read at describing modern day COINTELPRO which uses a HUGE amount of community policing, American Stasi. They watch most of them….they torture, felony vandalize, home enter with a key, murder, beat, provoke, gaslight, harass and commit felonies on a regular basis working hand in hand with law enforcement, military contractors and intel agencies.”

Jeff Murray didn’t own a gun. He had a hunting rifle.

We have to take the police’s word since there were no witnesses to their shooting. Where is the police body-cam footage?

Jeff graduated with honors in political science from Siena College in Troy NY. He sold chemical products and did IT for Auriga Polymers in Spartanburg SC.

Greenville SC is well known as a Masonic hotbed.

Will a lawyer come forward to get justice for Jeff Murray, and possibly Whitt Oliver as well?

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A few of the best target’s websites trying to awaken the public to Gangstalking (thanks Chris):

New World War: Hidden Evil Testimony of Mark M. Rich http://newworldwar.org/he_testimony.htm

David Voigts is a former Naval Officer and graduate of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland. He earned a degree in Control Systems Engineering. Dave worked as a Surface Warfare Officer in Electronic Warfare and nuclear engineering jobs, exposing targeting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDkVTX-6_io
David Voigts | The EveryDay Concerned Citizen https://everydayconcerned.net/tag/david-voigts/
In an earlier post, David Voigts, who has stated, “I am walking across the country to raise awareness about the misuse of human-machine interface weapons,” had noted: “The Baton Rouge shooter is the sixth national case that I’m certain was a Targeted Individual.

G5: Global Government Gangstalking Genocide GESTAPO; aka NSA’s “Global Network,” aka “National Security Racketeering Network” Webmaster: Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom (ETK), Emeritus Professor of Geography, California State University, Stanislaus https://gangstalkingmindcontrolcults.com/

Conference Calls. Listen in to all the targets around the US. Its heartbreaking to hear some of their stories.https://targetedmassachusetts.org/conference-calls.html
Frank of Massachusetts, also targeted. — https://targetedmassachusetts.org/

The Silent Massacre: Electronic Torture and Mind Control in the United States and law Enforcement Complicity, Max H. Williams, Louisiana https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Hu1F22FpP67RSxxI0WiLo2kDzVmUsFY6/view

Dr. Robert Duncan: Targeted Individuals – Voice of God …

Dr. Robert Duncan: Targeted Individuals – Voice of God Neuroweapons

Dr. Robert Duncan holds multiple degrees from Harvard University and Dartmouth College amongst others. He has had the most expensive American education money can buy. He is an investigator, author, and soon be movie producer on the topics of directed energy, neurological weapons, psychological, and information warfare.

Filing Complaint with Police Department Leads to Individual Being Targeted

By Jeff Murray

I lived in Nashua, New Hampshire in the same townhouse since 1986 and had paid off the mortgage by decades of hard work in sales.

In 2006 I hired a plumber to fix a toilet and that plumber ended up stealing many hundreds of dollars worth of my belongings. I went to the Nashua Police Department to file a complaint. That is where my problems began because once they had my cell phone, employer name, and other information they began their own continuous surveillance of me wherever I drove in my car in Nashua and would show up in uniform at Dunkin Donuts or wherever I was.

My formal targeting had not begun at that time. It was more police harassment. They did not get my possessions back – I should have never made the complaint. Shortly after that I had to leave my Buick at Tulley Buick in Nashua overnight. When I got it back there were Nashua police cruisers wherever I went. I could not figure out what was going on. I had read about police all over covertly installing GPS in people’s cars since the PATRIOT Act was passed and I figured maybe that was what was going on. I bought a GPS jammer that plugs into the cigarette lighter and then had the vehicle hard wired while I stayed with it. The police who had been intersecting me at streets all over the city were now gone. That ended with the GPS as long as I did not have my cell phone with me. This cat and mouse harassment/surveillance went on from 2006 to April 2009.

At that time, I read in the Nashua Telegraph the new mayor announced that the city was not going to be using the police resources for all the things they had done in the past and were going to use “community policing” more. I note that all this time I was charged with no crimes, neither was I under any investigation for any crime, nor had I committed any crime. I was a Sales Manager for a machining company. I do not do drugs, I don’t even drink anymore.

In April of 2009 the heavy Community Organized Stalking began in full and involved neighbors at Kessler Farm Condominium Complex where I lived and many of the same at Mines Fallls where I walked an hour at noon for excercise. It is a large part off exits 5 and 6 in Nashua with long walking paths. There many many what I call ambushes were done to me. The Organized Stalkers who were at that time following me 24/7/365 would run their small toddlers from behind me to in front of me while an adult would be filming off their cell or taking a picture to make make me look like I was chasing little children. The next time I would go out in public there were 3 times as many very angry community organized stalkers coming at me. This happened 6-8 times. I went into the Nashua Police Department to complain and spoke with Sargent Paulson. He said “I can see why you would not want to be implicated in that.” That was it. But it stopped after that.

Other tactics were used such as when I crossed a narrow foot bridge the Organized Stalking would run 5 bikes coming full speed at me with nowhere to go but water on each side as the bridge went over a river. Each time that happened I was barely able to dodge them. The OS (Organized Stalking) happened at stores, restaurants, and any and everywhere I went. The OS character assassinated me at all these places, and I did get one person to tell me that he knew “they are saying all sorts of shit about you.” But he would not tell me any more.

At Mines Falls they vanadalized my vehicle. I bought a used Nissan Murano. One week they put some substance on it, and I had to have it repainted at a shop. Cost: $600. And then 2 weeks later they put a screw in the rear tire. I went to the Nashua Police Department to report it, and the officer said “Could it have been a disgruntled lover?”

Mines falls, at night was a hang out for gays and druggies, but I was there at noon and it was to walk, and I never was involved in any of that. I walked and did pushups and abs along the way then went back to my home office. This officer took the complaint on a 1 square inch piece of paper so I knew he was not serious. He was trying to tell me the screw must have been laying on top of a curb and if I brushed the curb then the screw would have gone into the tire. Preposterous. It would take some force to get the screw into the tire.

The week before Thanksgiving at my townhouse in Nashua, New Hampshire I was hit with what I now know to be directed energy assaults. At the time I did not know what it was other than it caused a lot of pain to the head and eyes and it dehydrated me severely. I was drinking 20 ounces of water every 2 hours. I wore out a path going in and out of the Nashua Police Department and was communicating with Captain Peter Segal. He said I should go see a psychologist. He also called my then 77-year-old mother and was asking her for the phone numbers of my sisters. The police knew I was being hit with directed energy assaults which is what I think based on their mocking attitudes.

I lasted 3 days under those conditions and then I made a decision to stay in a hotel in Salem, New Hampshire – La Quinta Inn. I took a room there and later that night I experienced the same pain. I moved my room and the pain was gone. I drove to Massachusetts after that to try to get away from this and took a room at the Fairfield Inn, in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. During that night I was hit with painful directed energy. I walked down 5 flights of stairs to check out the vehicles in the parking lot to see if I could determine where this may be coming from. I quickly spotted an older model van with RI plates and 10-15 police stickers on the front and back of the van. There was no way to see into the van as the windows were darkened. I could see into every other vehicle in that small parking lot. I went into the hotel to change my room. There was a 65ish looking man with grey hair and a navy blue wind breaker sitting in the dimly lit breakfast dining area smiling at me. I changed rooms quietly and moved my stuff. I looked at my watch and 10 minutes had gone by. I went down the 5 flights of stairs and into the parking lot and the van was gone. The directed energy was also gone. Two hours later I experienced the same drill again. This time I found a Chevy Tahoe with darkened tinted windows, Missouri plates and military stickers parked directly behind my Nissan Murano. Less than thirty seconds after I got out into the parking lot a Chelmsford police cruiser pulled up at my feet and the cop was smiling at me. I told him I was checking on my vehicle. I changed rooms and again the directed energy was gone after changing rooms. I went back into the parking lot ten minutes later and the Tahoe was gone and Wendy’s wrappers and garbage had been thrown all over my Murano.

I moved to San Diego, California to live with my mother as I could not figure out where I could live due to this. I was laid off due to this from the company I was working for because the owner knew I was going through something. At her home in northern San Diego my mother and I were hit many nights and days with painful directed energy assaults. I was literally hit there every night from December 2009 until I moved out in October 2010. I was forced to sleep on the floor as the pain from directed energy weapons is increased by the metal bed frame. Our family friend and hall of fame retired college baseball coach as well as University of San Diego alumni, John Cunningham sat down with Sheriff Bill Gore. He told John that they get a lot of complaints about painful electronic harassment but there is nothing they can do about it. He told him he even has people show up at his home about it. In San Diego I had to have a lesion frozen off my head due to all the nights of getting hit with directed energy. I had this done by a dermatologist. Like Nashua, New Hampshire I was Organized Stalked 24/7/365 in San Diego and anyplace I went by foot or car.

I was able to land a job in Greenville, South Carolina and all the same things with the OS and DEW assaults have gone on here in this apartment as well as in the hotels where I travel on business. I have been hit hard at hotels in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Nevada.

In the Tampa area I was hit so hard with DEW I woke the next day with a bright red in what looked to be a sunburn on my face. But in reality it was another night suffering through the pain of directed energy. I had wrapped my head in a wet towel that night. That was at a Hilton Garden Inn.

In Charlotte, North Carolina at a Marriott Courtyard I was hit so hard at 11 PM I decided to change my room immediately. In the lobby the desk clerk told me the hotel was full. There was one other person in the lobby that night at that time and it was a fully uniformed Sargent of the city police who was sitting watching the big screen tv. I sat down next to him and asked him if he knew anything about directed energy weapons. He said he did and that they use them. I gave him a short testimony of what I have been enduring and then left and went back to my room. The directed energy assaults were gone.

The Organized Stalking, the police and community watch surveillance, the directed energy assaults and the character assassinations all continue to this very day and there has not been one day from when this all started when they have ceased.

All the same things described above that occurred in New Hampshire, California, and now South Carolina occur to this very day. The one aspect that gives me solice is half the Christian Bible God used me to pen as directed by the Holy Spirit who killed men for much less reason than that of any person has who is being daily tortured.

Moses killed an Egyptian who was abusing an Israelite slave, King David, who God called a “man after his own heart,” killed his faithful Army General because he wanted to bang his wife, The Apostle Paul who kicked down the doors of Christians and had them either thrown into prison or killed (like Steven, Book of Acts)– these 3 men are in heaven for eternal life. In this state of no control over the torture that is being daily inflicted upon me it gives me great comfort to know my salvation like theirs is not based on my performance ( Ephesians 2:8,9 and Titus 3:5) but rather based on justification by faith, and I can opt out to take down the torturers I can get to at anytime I choose and be in my eternal life with these 3 murderers who penned half the Bible. I hope this gives some perspective to my daily torturing perpetrators to know they may be the chosen ones too.

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  1. So I did a quick Google to try to find information on another case, and pulled up your website. Upon first reading it I was quite confused. Then I realize this was completely different than what I thought And now I am fascinated looking through your page. I have a friend who works for the Army and has mentioned this mind control technology many times, but only to select people as he fears he is a targeted one. It is something that is very intriguing and I am fascinated by all of the research you have on your website. I will be digging into this more. Again as sincerest apologies for my first comment about this article being a joke. Thank you for your resources!

  2. Do you have any information about a criminal  method called electronic,radio frequency harrassment v2k directed voices to the hearing through implanted micro frequency devices inside the ear?I have discovered corrupted police departments,local authorities in the states of Michigan and Indiana and they are and have being committed this illegal,criminal activity on individual’s in this areas, among other crimes..
    A very serious warning, ….Hidden Terrorism,Corruption, Extortion, organized crime, by police,sheriff’s departments from the areas of Sturgis Michigan and Lagrange Indiana,st Joseph county Michigan,lagrange county Indiana and a company named Morgan Olson.They are committing criminal and terroristic activity and want to keep it hidden and unpunished. This criminals use a criminal method called Electronic Harassment,radio frequency harrassment through the insertion of micro frequency devices inside well hidden  in individual’s ears.Then this criminals keep communication with individuals by forcement 24/7 with projected noice,voices,frequencies to a individual’s
    hearing, for sleep deprivation, Extortion, Manipulation, torture,terrorism, Induced Thoughts,induce suicide, inflict mental disease. harass, inflict pain,false imprisonment, death.similar to the sonic attacks,”Havana Síndrome”,that occurred to the American diplomats in Cuba,China.A systematic campaign … to emotionally and psychologically terrorize. They are committing sex trafficking,rape,torture,extortion,drug trafficking,organized crime,hate crimes,terroristic activity among other crimes.They are a serious threat,danger. ….

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