1. Try years of Labour council & police gang stalking farming out set ups & engineered faked evidence using virtual rapes, terrorism, drugs, abuse, mental torture, stalking and incessant mental damage for years on end… Labour leeds using radios, taxi’s, friends, silicone valley, shops, everything. To cover the pedo police & terrorist council in Leeds. No help from government, conservatives, as the US left will watch horror to cover their own ring links.. endless… because when Labour are in power they can terrorise & murder anyone they like. Your family put out terror targets… incessant cruelty & abuse on streets, suggestions, engineered conversations. They don’t need to make up mental health they cause it for years on end.. all the way up… I mean ALL the way up.. no help, just incessant faked cctv, clothes stolen to falsify evidence. You can’t turn to police who caused it for who they employed, or councils who carry it to cover terrorism on the streets. They murder them in leeds, if they can’t drive them to suicide they continue trauma after trauma. Back to staged calls & dognapping to fake addresses to further abuse & stalk, rapists, child abusers, stalkers, all permitted and carried no police, council or solicitors not even sitting outside westminster… My family no idea what they did to them, all off the Labour gang stalking murdering records.

  2. All they care about is you appearing unstable. They take your license, isolate you from love, friends, use facial recognition, put you on fake terror lists to crawl all over your house while you sleep. They falsify GPS on roofs or with neighbours, the CB radios to stop detection. They isolate & mentally torture your unwitting family. They infect you deliberately causing physical damage to attempt your life. Your family repeatedly infected. Your comms constantly abused… especially in Leeds where the truth about Mair was never told, what they did to him with comms. They harm women & children, want council homes, operate the sharia law… in the police & council. They gang stalk together under devolution to fake records, refuse all FOI’s, intercept mail, drive you off the road, even terrify you alone having gangs park around you to make you say silly things. All that matters is that when you’re dead, & you take your life (they always swoop hardest when they think you’re suicidal) then they drive harder. PTSD, can’t to go mental health unit the muslim shrinks try staging other things.. while you’re beaten by patients 🙂 Leeds is Linked with london, has terrorism out of control, police are owned, as bad, cannot protect themselves. Conservatives as bad, they can’t protect you & cover their end with no hope or help from Tory Town facilitating it and panicking when caught on US servers.. after years of it on EU servers. My case links to the Clintons ring, the police & council will do nothing, hate you, for being harmed at their hands as they put you out targets and refuse any evidence, steal it, control your net, phones, rearrange them… send out vans & cb often. All committing gross abuse against a lone female they isolated… If you try to get yourself arrested saying shocking things or repeating the engineered gang stalking conversations on the ground, they keep it as evidence, fuck up your previously perfect profile. For a commissioner that loves labour and already covered the mayor and his police linked to an abuse case with your daughter. All it takes is for your ex to have muslims, media links & police & council, with labour support. Welcome to the new Sharia UK… if US left & their ring get in power, they turn real dangerous then. No help, at any stage, all playing you into mental breakdown after mental breakdown to cover the state of Leeds & it’s terrorism. Use banks, use cb radios, taxi’s, those on the ground, even radios in shops, police & council pass you back & forth between regions to cover what happened at the start in leeds, even setting up stephen bears to detract from what really happened over the last decade. But be clear, they are cowards, no conscious… they’ll watch you frozen in terror night after night, have the family & friends watching ‘you deserve it’ they said on the US server who did nothing, as our religious lot pass you to theirs and back.. all self preservation all the way up both sides. You can’t go to police they set you up & refuse evidence. You can’t go to councils they falsify evidence to get you in a prison or nuthouse. You can’t go online they block your comms… there is no hope if you’re at the mercy of Labour councils & police in terrorist riddled leeds. Jo cox will never get justice ‘they’re still fighting 2018’…by the time they will bring you in, they’ve destroyed your records, put you on the streets to stop suits, hounded you from public places.. the malice from Labour councls forwarding their jihad & terrorism, the harm from cons covering their own PM’s & MP’s too cowardly to do shit. Passed around on silicone valley for real harm…. The Clintons can order any Kashoggi’s they like…

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