Karen Kingston, Pfizer (Covid bioweapon) whistleblower, TI: “I’m being hunted down like a wild animal by the CIA for telling the truth” (Aug. 10, 2023 video)

Karen Kingston Flees U.S. Claiming RFK Jr.’s Advisor Dr. Robert Malone Ordered Her Assassination

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Whistleblower Karen Kingston Flees U.S. Claiming Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Advisor Dr. Robert Malone Ordered a CIA Assassination of Her

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Excerpts of Karen Kingston’s podcast: “I am being hunted down right now like an animal for telling the truth. For giving people documentation so that they can protect their communities and their children. And also for criticizing Dr. Malone. That’s why the government wants me dead. Dr. Malone says Pfizer is above all international laws for biowarfare? That’s insane. He said this at the end of the Project Veritas video with Jordan Walker.

My friends in Florida, because they were working with me, have been harassed, threatened, and they’ve tried to kill them. I was set up to be poisoned in Florida. My room gets sprayed. My water and food get contaminated.

They don’t want Americans around any more. If you go along with this plan, you also, will be on the list, eventually.

This nano-technology is being used in the injections, in our food supply, in plants, it’s being aerosolized and getting into our oceans and lakes. They need to seize the shots now! In Florida, Surgeon General Ladipo identified over 16,000 Floridians that died from cardiac complications within 6 months, 3500 within one month, after getting the nano-particle injection that we are calling vaccines. These deaths are just from heart complications. So why are the shots still in the state of Florida? Why aren’t the Sheriff’s taking these shots away? Why are they going along with this plan?

The most important thing is to get the shots out of the community. To have independent experts look at them and show you the nanoparticle technology. No one was told they were injected with nanoparticle technology. They thought it was a biological agent. And the FDA classifies this technology as electromagnetic devices. No one was told these are electromagnetic devices.

I am recommending steps that can immediately stop this attack. And that’s why I’m being hunted down. These nano-technologies in the phony injections are absolutely to the destruction of humanity.

I am asking Dr. Robert Malone and his friends in the CIA to call off the CIA from hunting me down like a wild animal. This is who is hunting me down. And they are doing this to intimidate people. I’d like to know who told the CIA to kill me.

He (Dr. Malone) said on Joe Rogan (Show) that he works with the NIH, the FDA, he’s got Peter Marks’ cell phone from the FDA. He’s friends with the CIA, the FBI, and the Pentagon. He works with DARPA and BARDA. We know from US government and military documents and the 2017 patent owned by the NIH that “vaccine nano-technology” can be used to deliver weapons of biowarfare. So why isn’t Dr. Malone sharing those documents with us so that we can take action? These were only developed to cause harm to humanity. They are gene-editing technologies. Once you edit the genome of a species, that is the extermination of that species.

You guys have no idea how big this global crime syndicate is. They have tons of money. It is nothing for them to say here’s a thousand dollars, and that woman sits down put this (poison) on her sandwich or in her water glass, or ten thousand dollars, or a hundred thousand dollars. These people have unlimited money and they are global. I have been hopping from country to country to literally stay alive. There is nowhere for me to go that is safe.

The decent thing is to have a debate. Mr. Kennedy (RFK, Jr.) is friends with Dr. Malone. Mr. Kennedy, I beg of you, please talk with Dr. Malone to have the CIA stop hunting me down and not have me killed.”