Origins of “The Organization” (Amazing Polly video) And Possible Parallels With Organized Stalking

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Amazing Polly Insights

Look at the Nazi document Polly discusses in her video at 14:52 entitled:

“Deliberations, Decisions, and Measures Leading to the Surrender of The Organization To the U.S. Army”

which laid out the terms of “peace” following World War II. Now compare the “Organization” of this document (“the Gehlen Organization”) with “the Organization” described by Dr. Rauni Kilde (TI) here:

“The Organization” And Its Methods and Goals Exposed by Dr. Rauni Kilde (M.D.)

and “the Brotherhood”/”Syndicate” described by Kay Griggs (TI) here:

Who and What is “The Brotherhood”/”Firm”/”Syndicate”? How Does It and Their Organized Stalking System Work? Highlights From Kay Griggs Interviews of 1998/2005

I wonder if these are indeed the SAME ORGANIZATION? And is this the organization that has now stolen the world with a phony Covid plandemic/scamdemic? I think there are some obvious connections here.

It appears that we have been snookered on a monumental scale…. by satanists.