“American Frontline Nurses” Gangstalked & Harassed by FBI & Police For Battling COVID CORRUPTION AND CRIMINAL GENOCIDE

Live Frontline Nurses Speak Out About What Is Really Going On In Hospitals? Red Voice Media; Jan. 22, 2022


Webmaster Introduction: This is an IMPORTANT PODCAST! Listen to these good women tell the truth!!!!! Wholesale, premeditated murder is happening in our hospitals. And the doctors and nurses are “just following orders,” which government protocols handed down from NIH (National Institutes of Health), HHS (Health and Human Services), FDA (Food and Drug Administration), Department of Health, and CDC (Center For Disease Control).

Nicole On The COVID MURDER Program:

Follow us “American Frontline Nurses” on social media and go to our website, you can find all the resources you need for early intervention. We advise people to: “Stay out of the hospitals. Don’t trust the hospitals. Avoid taking Remdesivir. And call us if you need help.”

They don’t want you to know that “they” (and “they” is the corporate hospital system being influenced by the pharmaceutical companies), the pharmaceutical companiess are giving doctors in the hospitals kickbacks and reimbursement for Covid deaths, Covid diagnosis, and for Remdesivir treatments. Each COVID death is worth so many thousands of dollars. Each intubation is worth so many thousands of dollars. Blue Cross and Blue Shield actually owns the company, Monoclonal Antibodies, and the hospitals receive 20% incentive for administering Remdesivir.

… The drug companies are the new mafia.

… I legitimately thought we save lives (in our medical system). (But) to actually see my fellow countrymen murdered in a hospital like we would in a Third World Country, like I’ve seen in refugee camps and things like that…. This can’t be medicine. This isn’t what we signed up for. Since then I’ve been fighting back.

Nicole on Her Stalking/Harassment: “I’ve probably had a couple hundred death threats. They are from all different people. Someone posed as someone who needed help and then gave out my phone number to more bad people. Then they threaten the lives of me and my children. When the death threats stopped working on me, they started sending pictures of mutilated animals.

In the beginning (after I made my video), I got thousands of messages like “you’re stupid, you’re a controlled op, you’re making it up, you’re a crisis actor….”, and other choice adjectives. I’ve had my house broken into. We have… that follow us. We had to move because it became a safety concern.

FBI agents stopped by my house twice. The first time, when I came back from New York, I was trying to give all the evidence of everything I had from my New York nursing job to get these patients help, to go through the appropriate channels, file complaints with the state, CMS, JAYCO, Department of Health and Human Services, the Dept. of Justice. They just poo-poo everything you’re saying. The second time, I went to DC in January of last year to bring awareness to what they were doing in the hospitals and to talk about how Remdesivir was killing people. And because I reported Antifa unloading out of buses, they came by after the whole Stop The Steal thing. I was a block away doing a speech on patient rights and they put me out to be some kind of crazy person that was with Antifa or something. I was actually calling the police to help the old people on the White House lawn.

This was all to scare me.”

Julia: “My house has been broken into twice. The police were not there to help me… They were wondering what I had done to have my house broken into.

My wifi goes out all the time.”

Kim: “The FBI intercepts our messages so we can’t communicate properly. That happened today. In our first meeting with Nicole we were disconnected seven times. And it was always a series when we were trying to discuss strategy and around certain words they didn’t like, like “the jab”.”

Nicole: “Our phones just won’t connect.”

Other woman: “Lisa sent me four messages I didn’t receive.”

All women agree.

Nicole: “My message to the people doing this: Stop already. I’m just a nurse. I’m not stopping. You can’t scare me. I’m not going to commit suicide. The house break-ins, they must have been looking for something. When I started to become more vocal, They used a wifi blocker on my security system. All of of the cameras would go statically. They wouldn’t get a feed anymore.

They walked through the house, three of them each time. Nothing was taken, nothing was moved. The only thing that was touched was my computer. The second time, they just left my front door wide open.”