NSA/Homeland Security “Paid Vigilante Militia Thugs” (Excerpts from Rense-Stewart Interview (11/18/16)

NSA/Homeland Security “Paid Vigilante Militia Thugs.”

Headlines from “The American Hamster Cage-” Interview of Karen Stewart, NSA whistleblower and Targeted Individual (TI) (Nov. 18, 2016)

Karen Stewart: Most Americans don’t know that the National Security Agency’s charter originally said that they were supposed to only gather information etc. on foreigners on foreign soil. Because the NSA has no jurisdiction over Americans, any foreigner who was considered a threat or terrorist who came to America- the NSA was supposed to turn everything over to the FBI. But all that changed on 9/11. Since 9/11, the NSA has basically been using the same type of spy technology and spy protocol on Americans that they were only supposed to use on foreigners overseas. The problem is they’re not getting caught. They are not getting caught so they are doing it anyway.

“The main thing I would like to tell people is that the Homeland Security network is something of an obscene joke.   You are being played for fools. Basically, there are thousands upon thousands of people who are on the “Terrorist Watch List” who are only there to bloat the list and to make you think that you are in danger. Under President Bush, the FBI went to every single state it could and started something new with their law enforcement agencies; a vigilante-civilian group.   They are supposed to be hyper-patriots. Well, they are not hyper patriots. They are being played for fools.

They are being paid to stalk and harass people they are told are threats or terrorists. And in the vast majority of cases these people are innocent, randomly-chosen people to be thrown on the terrorist watch list. And very often they are whistleblowers or somebody someone powerful has a personal vendetta against. And so private contractors like Infra-Gard and other “useful idiots” are helping destroy the lives of patriots and some of the nicest people and best people that we have.

Jeff Rense: Yet these people you are describing actually think that they are being patriotic. That’s the trick, correct?

Stewart:   Yes. These people are violating these other people’s rights, the victim’s rights.   There is no Fourth Amendment. They are being secretly accused of something by the government, without any proof, without any witnesses. And then they are having a non-deputized, non-legal, non-law enforcement group of vigilante fascists stalk, harass, and vandalize them. These people (the “targeted individuals”) get thrown out of their apartments, lose their jobs, and get black-balled from any kind of job. I spoke to a man who lives on a nature path between a couple of Florida cities. He comes into town to get food stamps and then he goes back and he camps out there. And when he comes into each little town along the path, police find him and spit on him.

Rense: Karen, that is over the top crazy.

Stewart:   And I believe him from what I’ve experienced and from speaking to 100 people. This is typical. And this is all for money. This is not for anybody’s security.

Rense: You are telling me that this a paid militia of thugs operating under the guise of patriotic duty, privilege, and opportunity. They want to serve their country but they get paid. And they’ll do anything they are told to, without regard for morals or anything we would normally use as parameters and boundaries. They just have none. This national organization of vigilante thugs was created by George W. Bush after 9/11. How many of these perpetrators are there? Tens of thousands?

Stewart:   Well, at least that many if you think about each person who is targeted and harassed day in and day out. And I don’t know of anyone who has really gotten out of the program. So there are people who make their living doing this. The first layer of people that they call in would be Infra-Gard or somebody who fools himself into thinking that somehow denying someone of their Fourth Amendment rights is good for the nation.   But then they start getting into dog poisoning, pet mutilation, car vandalism, hit and run…..

Rense: Some of them are mentally unbalanced. They’re crazy.

Stewart:   Well, they do drill down into a criminal class. There are two sets of people in Infra-Gard. Let’s say you’re a target and you’ve got 15 people assigned to you per day to follow you around into stores and all around town by car. Those people are reporting the “target’s” (TI’s) every whereabouts and are saying; “Oh, she bought eggs.” And they are calling it in to a central location. Then you’ve also got people who are just sitting around basically minding their own business, but if they happen to see you they grab their phone and go to a certain social network where they go through pictures of people and then they text in: “Here’s the person, Jim Smith, and he’s on this list. It’s 3:45 pm and Jim Smith is at Dr. Jones’ office.” Then they get paid $100.

I have actually approached these people and said, “Are you getting paid to do this?” And one man was bragging to me: “Yes, the FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) recruits us, and then if we happen to see a “targeted person,” we call in their location and their time, and we get $100 on our account.” So I said:

“Do people care that a lot, if not all, of the people who are targeted are innocent people and they have not been accused of any real crime. It’s fabricated and it’s used to bloat the number people on the terrorist watch list?” And he smiled and said: “Nobody cares. It’s money.”

Rense: This is all a contrived bureaucracy to keep the Department of Homeland Security feeding at the trough, engorging itself with tax dollars. And these people are psychopaths, some of them. They have to be.

Stewart:   I would agree. In fact, if you read about the DHS, you will find something shocking. They went to experts to help them design their operations and at least one was from the Soviet KGB, and another was from the old East German secret police, the Stasi.

That is very important because there was something that the Stasi did to their own people, their own dissidents, in the 1980’s. It was psychological warfare, and the German word for it is “Zersetzung,” which literally means “decomposition.” This means that you take every part of that person’s life and you destroy it. You destroy their job, their ability to make money, their relationships, their health, their mental health, and their reputation. And the goal was to force these dissidents into a position of either dying and starving on the street with nobody helping him or her or committing suicide.”

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