FBI-DHS Fusion Center Murderers; NOTICE TO PERTINENT AUTHORITIES by Karen M. Stewart, Ex-NSA Analyst

FBI-DHS Fusion Center Murderers


Dear Sirs,

I am notifying you of an on-going, multi-faceted crime spree in your jurisdiction, which you are not acknowledging, not responding to, not following your oath to address, nor following what you know to be your basic duties in regard to protecting the civil, human, and Constitutional rights of the citizens in your area and under your jurisdiction.

I recommend you consult your Federal State’s Attorney as well. You have failed to make yourselves aware of vicious, inhumane, highly organized crimes being systematically committed against innocent victims, despite many people attempting to alert you – albeit through a purposely skewed system, designed to cover up this problem while discrediting the victims.

You may or may not be aware of these crimes due to small-minded subordinates ignorantly dismissing the crimes because they are unaware such crimes exist, therefore cannot “imagine” such sophisticated crimes, or you or others have ordered them to ignore such crimes, because you yourselves cannot be bothered or imagine this is happening or you have a vested interest in covering up these wide-spread organized crimes.

Nonetheless, with this notification, you are now liable for willingly or negligently ignoring these heinous crimes, while committing such crimes yourself as conspiring to deny citizens their rights and equal protection under the law, not to mention dereliction of duty.

I, and thousands across the country, am a victim of the present day Watchlist scam, perpetuated by rogue elements of the Federal government (DHS FBI FUSION CENTERS and certain contractor and foreign “partners”) in their quest to defraud the Federal and State governments out of billions of dollars yearly in perpetuity, on a war on terror that does not exist, but is criminally based on the secret, false vilification of unsuspecting, innocent citizens to declare them “threats” that they are not and use them as terrorist scape goats and cash cows for the Watchlist scam. Did you know they have NEVER detected much less stopped a real terrorist plot? So why fund them?

This scam entails FBI Fusion Centers spreading false information (which they have fabricated themselves) against the victim as authoritative to other equal or lesser authorities and unauthorized civilians, like Fusion Center mercenaries, victims’ neighbors, victims’ employers, area shop keepers, area professionals, to sabotage every aspect of the victims’ lives as possible and secretly isolate them from society.

With zero proof and zero crime, Fusion Centers fear and hate monger among the public to create a false enemy within society for civilians to covertly rally against and illegally induces civilians to act as government proxies (for plausible deniability) to spy on, harass, intimidate, commit crimes against, even torture and eventually murder them, as part of a grand scheme to defraud Federal and State governments out of tax money for fighting non-existent terrorists.

The genius of the scam is the Fusion Centers share Notice to Pertinent Authorities, K.M. Stewart, NSA Intelligence Analyst, ret – May 2022 the filthy lucre in a pyramid scheme, which takes away incentive for local authorities to question, acknowledge or much less actually investigate these crimes.

Local authorities take kick-backs and local criminals shift their efforts to largely target Fusion Center victims, making it appear law enforcement is doing a better job. A lot of money is to be made denying certain people their rights and pretending they are terrorists.

This is a form of human trafficking.

Ironically, those civilians eager to harass, torture and murder innocent victims for money, are of course the dregs of society, whether actual drug addicts, career criminals, prostitutes, unskilled, unemployable, unintelligent ne’er-do-wells who only ever burden society or those who hold jobs and actually contribute somewhat to society, but who are greedy, sociopathic, bullies at heart who jump at a chance to abuse others if paid and illegally and falsely are promised “immunity”.

There needs to be a State Fusion Center Accountability Task Force, first, to shut the Fusion Center Domestic Terrorism Units down until you complete your audit.

(You likely need to put these real domestic terrorists in jail so they are not killed as witnesses to criminal activity implicating even higher ups).

Then competent, serious, non-complicit State authorities need to examine who exactly the FBI Fusion Centers in your state are targeting and why, demand to see all real evidence.

When the Fusion Center pleads immunity from scrutiny due to “national security” concerns, know that President Obama signed an Executive Order stating that criminal activity cannot be classified merely to hide its criminality.

The activity must be proven to be legitimate to retain its classification. One way is to demand your investigators “get read on to” the “highest classification” in order to call their bluff. You must also interview all the victims of the “never-ending surveillance” (harassment), see what types of crimes that have been committed against them, by whom (civilian proxies which will ultimately lead to the Fusion Center), for how long, and how often, then independently look for any signs of real proof against them.

When little to no proof is found to even validate years of “surveillance” (meaning daily harassment to provoke), demand to see the criteria upon which the victim’s “surveillance” (harassment) was continually renewed by the FISA court in your area. You will find the criteria, false, feeble, non-existent.

The court is a part of the scam. You will also not likely be given a complete list of victims, so you will have to start a hot-line to preliminarily interview victims the Fusion Centers did not want you to know about, like mothers of small children, pastors, the elderly, whistleblowers, ex-wives of powerful people, disabled adults and their guardians, veterans, etc. people who in no way fit any threat criteria.

Audit the Fusion Center itself but also each employee for unexplained wealth, unexplained gifts, etc.

Know that there also should be lists of “FBI Informants” (mercenary thugs) paid in third party gift cards, maybe arranged through Lockheed Martin or other “Fusion Center partners”, crypto currency accounts, services (roof replacement), products (new washer/dryer), season sports tickets, vacations, or even illicit drugs for addicts or early parole for a family member, or dropped charges for previous crimes.

You will want to check an app given to various communities and serviced by the GitHub platform at least in certain areas if not nationally, on which passive stalkers can report sighting a “target” ($100 per sighting put on their account) to the involved police or Fusion Center representatives.

This is used like a dating app, when the target’s phone Ip address is detected in public by a passive civilian stalker via the app notification, the stalker’s phone alerts him, he is taken to a list of “targets” to scroll through, visually identify who is in his area, confirm the identity, place, and time for a $100 reward. (Validated by a talkative stalker, a pimp by the way).

Know that the primary purpose of this scam is to bilk Federal and State for billions of dollars from tax-money, but there are also lucrative kick-backs from the military industrial complex (MIC) to use and test covert weapons of war on the innocent victims.

The Directed Energy Weapons used on our diplomats are similar to or at times, exactly like those used on Fusion Center targets in their own homes.

The affects are horrific especially since triangulation is a favorite technique, tripling the strength of the weapons as well as the pain and damage from them. There are injuries and deaths due to these attacks but police are bullied/bribed into looking the other way. Often, they are encouraged to write the victims up as delusional even in the face of 2nd and 3rd degree burns in order to hide the crime.

I had a sheriff’s deputy show me a collection of about 12-20 folders he was ordered to keep in his car trunk of people the Fusion Center ordered law enforcement to not help, when he was duty officer of the day. Those folders were passed to each change in daily duty officer to tell them who to deny equal protection to under the law. (He chanced losing his job or worse to show me.)

I can tell you that my investigation in Florida showed that the Naval Security Group (“Silent Warriors”) in Pensacola, FL. was fully involved in illegal targeting, stalking, photo stalking and delivery of contraband directed energy weapons to the Fusion Center in the Capitol, to be passed out to civilians to commit acts of war on other civilians not only to test the weapons, but to train up a covert, unconstitutional army of citizen assassins to eradicate people seen as enemies to our new totalitarian state, such as patriots, Christians, Constitutionalists.

Other entities that give FBI Fusion Centers kick-backs, do testing on war-grade gases and poisons, with doctors and laboratories told to refuse treatment or to falsify results.

Transhumanist and other medical experiments are also contracted and funded. They require illegal, opportunistic access to the intended victim either as they sleep in their own beds (knocked out) or merely because they needed or wanted a medical procedure that Fusion Center medical “partners” deemed useful to implanting technology without their consent or knowledge.

GPS tracker chips are routinely inserted to keep track of “their property” as well as nano technology is put in blood infusions to enhance the damage and suffering caused by certain weapons as well as other self-replicating nano used to form devices inside the victim’s body that can be remotely accessed.

All this is claimed to be “legal” by virtue of the fact that with the passing of the PAA and NDAA after 911, which declared “terrorists” can be openly killed by the USA.

The twisted thought process of these scammers and human traffickers is that if you secretly declare anyone to be a “threat” or a “terrorist”, disallow them the right to know of the accusation, disallow them to challenge your “proof” if they suspect, deny them all human, civil, and constitutional rights, then they can be killed any way at all, either blown up by the military by a drone overseas – or hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens inside the USA can just be tortured to death as non-consensual human test specimens, with no recourse at all.

Now you know. Will this silent holocaust continue on your watch? Will you go down in history as a coward, monster, and an enabler of psychopaths? Do you care about the world your children and grandchildren grow up in? Will all be lost on your watch?

The Constitution specifies that all rights not specifically given the Federal government are the purview of the States.

Your duty is to protect your constituents from criminals inside as well as outside government.

You have a right to audit, shut down, prosecute degenerates committing heinous crimes and sedition under color of law.

Pertinent Laws Being Broken

18 US Code § 2441 – prohibits the Federal government and AGENTS THEREOF from committing acts of war upon unarmed, non-combatant civilians.

18 USC §1961 – R.I.C.O. Organized Crime Control Act of 1980.

HR 1544 – Domestic Insurgency Act of 1995.

18 U.S. Code § 241 – Conspiracy to Deprive Constitutional Rights. (Penalty: Up to and Including Death)

18 U.S. Code § 242 – Deprivation of Constitutional Rights under color of law.

18 U.S. Code § 1983 – Civil action for deprivation of rights.

18 U.S. Code § 1985 – Conspiracy to interfere with Civil Rights.

18 U.S. Code § 1509 – Impeding due exercise of rights by attempting to prevent, impede, and interfere with same. Authorities)

18 U.S. Code § 1510 – Obstructing a criminal investigation, conflict of interest roles in
government. (Authorities)

18 U.S. Code § 1512 – Engaging in misleading conduct. (Authorities)

18 U.S. Code § 1905 – Disclosure of information generally. (Authorities)

18 US Code § 2384 – Seditious Conspiracy.

18 U.S. Code § 2389 – Recruiting for service against the United States.

10 US Code §950t (2) forbids attacking non-combatant civilians with weapons of war.

(Directed Energy weapons and devices in civilian hands or used on civilians by anyone are considered contraband, because they are defined as weapons of war/weapons of mass destruction)

18 US Code § 2381 – Treason.

18 US Code § 2382 – Misprision of Treason. (Knowing about treason but doing nothing).

18 US code § 2340 – (c) Conspiracy to Commit Torture.

18 US Code § 1111 – Conspiracy to Commit murder.

18 US Code § 1117 – Murder.

E.O. S-1233 , DOD Directive S-3321.1 and National Security Directive 130, the United States military and Intelligence Communities are forbidden by law from targeting U.S. citizens with PSYOPS within US borders. (Gang stalking/massive slander and libel campaigns/ obsessive obstruction of daily activities and the acquisition of life
necessities, i.e. complete neutralization)

E.O. 13606 – all who conduct or conspire to facilitate prohibited activities using sophisticated electronic technology to harm communications equipment, communications networks, or human beings are Axis of Evil, Rogue State Actors, or sympathizers, or terrorist infiltrators working against the American people and public at large, by the definition in (section) 7, to include transmission and display; as well as those using transmission and display, as well as those using information and communications technology to commit serious and grave human rights abuses, in violation of the counterfeit access device Fraud and Computer Abuse Act of 1984 (Electronic Harassment).

4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution: guarantees probable cause is needed for a warrant for search and seizure. (“Surveillance” is search.)

5th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution: No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury; … nor be deprived of life, liberty, or Notice to Pertinent Authorities, K.M. Stewart, NSA Intelligence Analyst, ret – May 2022 property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation. 6th Amendment guarantees a public accusation of a crime and a speedy trial. You have a right to know if you have been accused of something and what it is and who accuses you.

8th Amendment of the Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment for people CONVICTED of a crime.

(Needless to say, no punishment is appropriate BEFORE).


Marbury v. Madison, NO unconstitutional law is valid.

Norton v. Shelby County, 118 U. S. 425 (1886) states: An unconstitutional act is not a law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties. It is, in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed. (i.e. following an unconstitutional law affords you NO protection from liability and prosecution.)

K. M. Stewart
National Security Agency
Intelligence Analyst, ret. 28 yrs.

2 Replies to “FBI-DHS Fusion Center Murderers; NOTICE TO PERTINENT AUTHORITIES by Karen M. Stewart, Ex-NSA Analyst”

  1. Dear Karen
    Can you please forward this
    To Eric Karlstrom
    I’ve been having HACKERs. Delete
    My emails at times.

    I am being targeted
    I will make this explanation as short and to the point as I can,
    I fell prey to an ongoing Racketeer organized crime syndicate out of Daytona beach fl.
    They advertised on the internet and use. On Artist Who pose as flight attendants and Pilots but they are Not advertising Certified flight attendant trading
    / Federal job training & lifetime federal job placement as a flight attendant
    And other incentives to lure
    It was all a scam
    And I found out that the owners are also
    Posing as Homeland Security agents or contractors
    When the truth is now clear.
    They are operating a scam
    To lure
    Mostly kids out of high school
    And Low income people on welfare or older people
    Wanting to get back into work force ( they are coerced to apply for
    social Welfare Education funding through the State Workforce dept.
    Then the members obtain Social Security no. & for most
    Passport no. And Bank account info
    And credit card
    The name of the Scam is
    The Airline Academy, Daytona Bach, Ormond beach
    And. This entire scheme was conspired with Jet Blu U in Orlando fl.
    Since I have been trying to Expose the crimes
    Me and some other victim students have been harassed, targeted, threatened,
    Ran off the Highway when driving, stalked at stores, Hacked and other
    Types of Targeting
    The owner/ Cynthia Stephens Fisher and Husband
    Are Posing as a Social worker and claim to be affiliated with
    HomeLand Security
    Only to harm and conduct their own crimes

    How do I protect my self
    Every agency I’ve gone to for help
    Is “choosing to look the other way”
    Hope to hear from you
    I could use some advice

  2. I’m a victim as well I’m not going to elaborate but I see a lot going on as well I’m talking about all authorized vehicles knocking out transmitters and those green box and cell towers even cable. Cars any electronic devices I believe it’s neutral mind control using electronic harassment and all of the above harassment torture
    I know it is terrorism having CIA military equipment especially using the internet off my cell phone or any cell phone I’m near able to hack anything I touch so they say

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