“Non-lethal” Weapons (David Neil, 2009)


From the Introduction to ‘”Non-Lethal” Weapons’ by David Neil (2009):


A3D Aversive Audible Acoustic Device
ABL Airborne Laser
ACCM Aircraft Countermeasures system
ACPO Association of Chief Police Officers (UK)
ADS Active Denial System
AEP Attenuating Energy Projectile
AFOSR Air Force Office of Scientific Research (US)
AFRL Air Force Research Laboratory (US)
AGARD Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development
AHD Acoustic Hailing Device
ANLM Airburst Non-Lethal Munition
APL Advanced Polymer Laboratory, University of New Hampshire
ARCAD Advanced Riot Control Agent Device
ARDEC Armament Research, Development, and Engineering Center
(US Army)
ARL Army Research Laboratory (US)
ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency (also DARPA)
ASRAP Advanced Segmented Ring Airfoil Projectile
ATC American Technology Corporation
ATL Advanced Tactical Laser
BNLM Bounding Non-Lethal Munition
BOSS Battlefield Optical Surveillance System
BWC Biological Weapons Convention
CCD Conference of the Committee on Disarmament
CCK cholecystokinin
CCW Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons
CHP Compact High Power (Laser Dazzler)
CIA Central Intelligence Agency
CLADS Canister Launched Area Denial System
CN chloroacetophenone
COIL chemical oxygen iodine laser
CR dibenz(b,f)-1:4-oxazepine
CRDEC Chemical Research, Development, and Engineering Center
(US Army)
CRF corticotrophin-releasing factor
CS 2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile
CSIS Center for Strategic and International Studies
CWC Chemical Weapons Convention
CWS Chemical Warfare Service (US Army)
PPL-UK_NW-Davison_FM.indd xv 5/14/2009 8:20:39 AM
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (US)
dB decibels
DBBL Dismounted Battlefield Battle Laboratory
DE Directed Energy
DEPSCoR Department of Defense Experimental Program to Stimulate
Competitive Research
DHS Department of Homeland Security
DIP Discriminating Irritant Projectile
DOD Department of Defense (US)
DOE Department of Energy (US)
DOJ Department of Justice (US)
DOMILL DSAC Sub-Committee on the Medical Implications of Lesslethal
DRG Defence Research Group
DSAC Defence Scientific Advisory Council (UK)
DSB Defense Science Board (US)
Dstl Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (UK)
ECBC Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center (US Army)
ELF extremely low frequency
EPIC Electromagnetic Personnel Interdiction Control
ERDEC Edgewood Research, Development, and Engineering Center
(US Army)
ERGM Extended Range Guided Munition
FAS Federation of American Scientists
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
GHz gigahertz
HALT Hinder Adversaries with Less-than-Lethal Technology
HEAP Human Effects Advisory Panel
HECOE Human Effects Center of Excellence
HED Human Effectiveness Directorate (AFRL)
HEDJ Joint Non-Lethal Weaponry Branch (AFRL HED)
HEDO Optical Radiation Branch (AFRL HED)
HEDR Radiofrequency Radiation Branch (AFRL HED)
HIDA High Intensity Directed Acoustics
HOSDB Home Office Scientific Development Branch (UK)
HPM high power microwave
HSARPA Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency (US)
Hz hertz
IACP International Association of Chiefs of Police
ICRC International Committee of the Red Cross
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IFBG Improved Flash Bang Grenade
ILEF International Law Enforcement Forum
ISNLS Individual Serviceman Non-Lethal System
xvi Abbreviations
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ITS Infrasound Test Device
JAG Judge Advocate General (US)
JNLWD Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate
JNLWM Joint Non-Lethal Warning Munition
JNLWP Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program
LANL Los Alamos National Laboratory
LAPD Los Angeles Police Department
LCDM Low Collateral Damage Munitions
LCMS Laser Countermeasure System
LDS Laser Dazzle Sight
LEAA Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (US)
LECTAC Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Advisory
Council (US)
LF low frequency
LLNL Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
LLW ‘Less-Lethal’ Weapon
LRAD Long Range Acoustic Device
LVOSS Light Vehicle Obscuration Smoke System
MCCM Modular Crowd Control Munition
MCRU Marine Corps Research University
MCWL Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory
MDS Mobility Denial System
MEDUSA Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio
MOD Ministry of Defence (UK)
MPA Metropolitan Police Authority (UK)
MPS Metropolitan Police Service (UK)
MTR Military Technical Revolution
mW milliwatt
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NDIA National Defense Industrial Association
NIHRC Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission
NIJ National Institute of Justice (US)
NILECJ National Institute of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice (US)
NIO Northern Ireland Office (UK)
NLAW Non-Lethal Acoustic Weapons
NLCS Non-Lethal Capability Sets
NLECTC National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology
Center (US)
NLW ‘Non-Lethal’ Weapon
NLWCC Non-Lethal Weapons Steering Committee
NRC National Research Council (US)
NSF National Science Foundation (US)
NSWC Naval Surface Warfare Center (US)
NTAR Non-Lethal Technology and Academic Research Symposium
NTIC Non-Lethal Technology Innovation Center
OC oleoresin capsicum
OCADS Overhead Chemical Agent Dispersion System
OFT Office of Force Transformation (US)
OICW Objective Individual Combat Weapon
OLDS Overhead Liquid Dispersal System
OLETC Office of Law Enforcement Technology Commercialization (US)
ONR Office of Naval Research (US)
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration (US)
PADDS Plasma Acoustic Dazzler Denial Systems
PADS Portable Active Denial System
PAVA pelargonic acid vanillylamide
PBR plastic baton round
PCP phencyclidine
PELT Portable Efficient Laser Testbed
PEP Pulsed Energy Projectile
PHaSR Personnel Halting and Stimulation Response
PIKL Pulsed Impulsive Kill Laser
PSDB Police Scientific Development Branch (UK)
RAG Ring Airfoil Grenade
RAP Ring Airfoil Projectile
RCA riot control agent
RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police
RF radio frequency
RPEWS Rheostatic Pulsed Energy Weapon System
RTO Research Technology Organisation
SADAG Sequential Arc Discharge Generator
SARA Scientific Applications & Research Associates Inc.
SDI Strategic Defense Initiative
SEB staphylococcal enterotoxin B
SIPRI Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
SMBI Stress and Motivated Behavior Institute
SNL Sandia National Laboratories
SSRI selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor
SwRI Southwest Research Institute
TADICAMS tactical air-delivered incapacitating munition system
TAPM Taser anti-personnel munition
TBRL Target Behavioral Response Laboratory
THC tetrahydrocannabinol
THEL Tactical High Energy Laser
TMS transcranial magnetic stimulation
TRAD Taser remote area denial
TUGV tactical unmanned ground vehicle
UAV unmanned aerial vehicle
xviii Abbreviations
PPL-UK_NW-Davison_FM.indd xviii 5/14/2009 8:20:39 AM
UV ultraviolet
VEE Venezuelan equine encephalitis
VF voice frequency
VLF very low frequency
VMADS Vehicle Mounted Active Denial System
WHO World Health Organization
XADS Xtreme Alternative Defense Systems
XREP eXtended Range Electronic Projectile