The US Military Used Brain Technology for Mass Murder In The Phoenix Program; Vietnam, 1970: From 2011 R. Naeslund lecture

Webmasters (ETK) Comment: I just counted the number of posts about the Phoenix Program that I already have on this website. Seventeen! And yet, until watching this youtube lecture by Robert Naeslund, I was not aware that the Phoenix program incorporated super-computer-based mind control technologies to identify and kill and South Vietnamese civilians!!!!!! Hell is even bigger and more crowded than I thought.

Here is what Robert Naeslund presents in his 2011 lecture in Stockholm, Sweden:

“Headline: 33,000 Civilian’s Killed With Brain Tech in South Vietnam, 1970.

“This was disclosed by British professors Malcolm Varner and Dr. Michael Stone in their book, “The Data Bank Society” (1970), which is a strong protest against governments’ power over people’s minds. At that time, the US had its war in Vietnam and it had advanced techniques for implanting people. By mixing microchips in both medicines, alcohol, and probably Coca-Cola, they (Americans) could scan a large part of the South Vietnamese upper and middle class over a period of a few years. The supercomputers could thereafter analyze and evaluate people, assess their opinions, and see what they were up to. They found there were 33,000 very important people who were Viet Cong sympathizers and that they planned to execute. And it could be done with the same technologies through which their sympathies were assessed. Through the connection to their brains, their biological functions could be changed to a state that killed them by creating heart attacks, cancer, strokes or whatever they liked.”

Webmaster: Oh my God. This is, in Naeslund’s words, “the military’s use of brain technology for mass murder.” Just when you think you’ve plumbed to the depths of the rabbit hole (satan’s swamp), you find that it goes deeper still. This factoid has enormous implications for what is happening today. Recall that David Kilkullen, in 2003, told President George W. Bush, that we need a “global Phoenix Program?!”

Well, GISTAPWO 666 is it. Could the US government actually be planning to subjugate the entire world population with this technology?

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  1. Alfred McCoy also teaches SE Asian studies and the Phoenix program at Madison Wisconsin. I’ve never heard him say that exactly – but he sure nails no touch torture weapons. Would be interesting to see if he backs this up.

    Great find here Eric. Now we know why the CIA was so touchy about the protests and considerd the protesters enemies. Same demographic as the 33,000 (33?!) Viet Cong spmathizers.

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