New Information Re: the Stalking-Mind Control System Contributed By TI and Former DOD Worker, Bryan Tew


(Re: your interview with Kev Baker, “GANG STALKING: Dont Be A Perpetrator):

Cell phones are just secondary and tertiary forms of communication for the Swarmers and stalkers to direct the Paradigm of street theatre for deception and manipulation against the target. It’s also a means of control device for secondary forms of record. You are not being attacked with cell phones. Aiming cell phones at you is just an attempt to force you and other targeted individuals into false correlations.

Neither are you being attacked by towers, satellites and mobile platforms. They are just the relay devices. Cell phone towers don’t operate within the same dime grid and dont use military channels. They can, however be specifically outfitted to do so.

Remember, this stream of photons contains a hidden carrier frequency. embedded within the stream comprised of fabricated and falsified data.

Although towers are still used, most of the targeting sequences for microwave exchange of this technology is the bidirectional neural network from satellites and mobile platforms. Those are the three platforms they are using.

Look and you will see the more pedestrian forms of communication by organized stalkers including hand signals.

The Hive Mind Teams are communicating with the Surveillance Teams by SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY. The Surveillance Teams then relay the information to the Swarmers who are plugged into the Paradigm. It is the Swarmers who are directing the harassment and attacks.

While the stalkers, informants, etc., are also trained to conceal their voice communications they use mostly ordinary pedestrian forms of communications, such as cell phones, radios, etc, to relay your position and information to others.

This is because Real-Time communication is critical for their Surveillance not to mention Mind Control technology, to work effectively, so agent-to-swarmer communication in real-time is a vital component of their verification process. Real-time communication gives the surveillance team a tactical advantage over you, the targeted individual.

So, your enemy is not the organized stalkers, but the entire Surveillance Team dedicated to you every 8 hours with some degree of overlap.

The organized stalkers are not dedicated to the Targeted Individual per se, but to all Targeted Individuals who move through their area of operation in which they live work and play, allowing for greater degrees of indirection and plausible deniability.

Your enemy are three different teams entire – Surveillance Teams – which operate in eight hour shifts against you.

Organized Stalking is not a job or an action or even an activity for the criminals. It is a lifestyle! It is what the Stalking Thugs live eat and breathe all day long, every day, 24/7.

Organized Stalking is a lifestyle for those animals. For the Hive Mind Teams and Surveillance Teams it is a job.

The Surveillance Teams are mobile. Not the Hive Mind Teams and organized stalkers which are mostly always tied to geographical areas and regions.

… it’s just a method to keep you constantly responding and constantly playing the game through the creation of never ending Situational and Conversational Scenarios which are also used for Verification Markers, etc.

Think of it as a game of chess. It simplifies what is happening to you if you compare it to a game of chess. The Organized Stalkers are the pawns. The Surveillance Teams are the rooks, knights, bishops, etc. The Hive Mind Team members are the Queen (Clones, Firewalls, etc.) and the RNM Supercomputer is the King. All of it based on the mathematical model known as the Hyper Game Theory!

‘Game Theory’ ends. Eventually you run out of resources (chess peices) to play the game. ‘Hyper Game Theory’ never ends. That is the mathematical model the Hive Mind Teams, Surveillance Teams, etc., are using against you. The RNM Supercomputer is programmed with theses Hyper Game Theory (Non-Cooperative Gaming Theorem) algorithms.

With Hyper Game Theory the chess peices don’t die. They just go back to their starting point and the game continues, ad infinitum. Because their is always a higher optimum then there is always a next move to be made. The game is endless, can be activated at will by the attackers, and only ends upon the death or incapacitation of one of the players to the deadly game.

Since the players in this deadly game of deception and manipulation are you and a Conscious Supercomputer guess who will die or become incapacitated first? Not the supercomputer.

In a game of chess with a viable opponent it is not enough to PREDICT & INFLUENCE your opponents next move to win the game. You must be able to PREDICT & INFLUENCE your opponents next ten moves. This is why Verification is so crucial to their technology. The only way they can determine whether they have reached their objective each time is through ‘Feed-Back’. That’s what Verification is: FEED-BACK!

Verification is simply the RNM System and Hive Mind Teams running you through a behavioural or verbal routine each day to probe you for a set of specific responses as they must verify those responses are consistent which they can only accomplish through FEED-BACK.. Only then can those responses be integrated back into RNM data. That’s what Verification is all about: Feed-Back.

This is why the remote neural link between the victims brain and the supercomputer is called the ‘Information & Injection FEED-BACK Loop’.

If you learn to counter their response (synaptic response) based RNM System the handler/operator (Clone) will manually inject and vary the process to achieve Verification by different means.

There are only two ways to defeat the Hyper Game Theory:

1. Refuse to play the game to begin with (ignore them).

2. Place your opponents into a counter position where they can no longer better their own position against you (Nash Equilibrium).

Remember, Organized Stalking is also used for a lot of different reasons including to keep you from defeating their technology.

Bryan Tew


I’m trying to apply what we learn in Mark M. Rich’s book “New World War: Revolutionary Methods of Political Control” to our situation.
Could the “Surveillance Teams” you speak of be the Tactical PsyOp Teams of the military? Seems logical to me.

Best, Eric


They are primarily U.S DoD and NATO contractors, who are prior military Special Operations (JSOC) types, etc., that possess an experienced background in technical surveillance operations and short and long reconnaissance and target interdiction, etc., whose interaction with the Hive Mind Teams is limited to verbal communication and electronic communications. Everything is highly compartmentalized as you know.

Their military background includes training in high tech communications , surreptitious entry (electronic and mechanical), etc.

Think of former navy seals, green berets, etc. These are the personnel which make up the Surveillance Teams dedicated to you in eight hour shifts, with some degree of overlap. They are mobile and move as you move, not tied to geographical regions, areas and cities, unlike the Hive Mind Teams which are for the most part non-mobile.

So while the Hive Mind Teams are always comprised of cognitive researchers, the Surveillance Teams are always comprised of former special-ops types.

One way to defeat the Hive Mind Teams and Surveillance Teams is to look at patterns of their activities, time, place etc., and then to counter with, say, spontaneity, at the commencement of each new shift change.

Remember the Hive Mind Teams are hiding behind and using law enforcement agencies to do their dirty work, so those Surveillance Team members will often be FBI, and state and local law enforcement agencies who have access to some of the most sophisticated surveillance technologies in the world, such as Telemetry, etc.

Bryan Tew

March 29, 2018

Basically the CIA DIA RNM Hive Mind Teams map your brain wave signature and then remotely tie you to a supercomputer for life which downloads your information back into a database and monitors and manipulates all electromagnetic activity of your brain 24/7 for life until the day of your death. This Transcranial Brain Stimulation is also used by the military with other brain to computer interfaces such as those used by pilots with the new F-35 stealth aircraft.

They specifically target organs of control, such as the heart, by modulation of the phase, frequency and amplitude of the stream of electromagnetic low frequency waves they are targeting your cerebral cortex with, effectively hijacking the central nervous system and by default manipulating the autonomous systems of the human anatomy. This is achieved by interfering with the electrical potentials that keep the chambers of the heart regulated, producing fibrillation and super tachycardia. They slow kill soft kill the trauma based mind control victim by amplification of brain waves, or vice-versa, by the weapons system software of mind control technologies, known as S.A.T.A.N. or Silent Assassination Through Amplified Neurons.

Another purpose of the S.A.T.A.N. System is behavior modification to death, useful in silent, plausible denial mass murders and eugenics, effectively training the mind control victims into every known detrimental behavior to shorten life. Remember, this is a weapons system. It’s called ‘THANATOLOGY’, which means the study of death, both physical, psychological and social death.

The S.A.T.A.N. System includes virtual interfaces to mind viruses, torture programs and other mind hacking tools. The user interface for the S.A.T.A.N. System is virtual, controlled by a neuro-chip in the body or gear of the Hive Mind Team members which are almost always cognitive researchers (psychologists, psychiatrists, behavioral scientists, neuroscientists, etc.) and requires no keyboard, typing, mouse movement, voice recognition or touching a screen, but is controlled by way of an eye gaze tracker. Think of a virtual environment headset, but the Hive Mind Team members don’t need the headset because of the neuro-chip. This neuro-chip is called the ‘ELECTRONIC BRAIN TO BRAIN INTERFACE’.

It listens to the audio-cortex inner voice commands and responds as the Hive Mind Team member thinks out loud.

The Hive Mind Team members interface with the Conscious Supercomputer which locks onto the emotional state of the victim. This is achieved by way of a computer multiplexer which ROUTES the signal – containing a hidden carrier frequency specifically tuned to the brain wave signature of the victim – via a stream of electromagnetic low frequency waves (photons) to a tower, satellite or mobile platform which RELAYS the signal to the digital receiver similar to how cell phone technology works.

So the digital receiver is tracked and pinpointed in real time, just like a cell phone, as this mind control technology depends on TIMING & LOCATION just like a cell phone. However, with CIA/DIA Mind Control technology the digital receiver is not a phone. It is a human brain. The brain of the victim has been digitalized by the nanotechnology in his body.

The Victim is forced to ingest the nano technology in his food or drink which then migrates to the bloodstream to the brain and adheres to the neurotransmitters of the victims brain. That nanotechnology then speaks to and decodes the neurotransmitters of the victims brain through a process called Directed Energy Flashing. They basically illumine the brain of the victim with a continuous bidirectional stream of photons and then read the return training signal.



they hacked my response to you. text is hacked on line of sight answer:

human surveillance syst(em) direct line of sight mind control models you cant see constant line-of-sight approach to the target prove conventional science is right…. performance of a wireless network, reducing the amount of equipment required and thus the cost, it’s important consider LOS…. obstructions and their materials, as well as interfering networks and radio noise from other electronic and mechanical equipment…. psychic warfare involves line of sight visual…. understanding is crucial…. the heterodyned attacker sees in his mind’s eye the same visual scene as the target. visual feedback for the cloning army soldier to acquire a lock on.A portable eye gaze recorder worn all the time with the visual scenery overlay would be required over a longer period of time to demonstrate and reverse engineer the menu driven interfaces to the experimenter’s satisfaction. (See Hacking the Hackers for how to control TAMI/SATAN operator’s eye gaze and use their visual interface against them visual workspace….

4/3/2018: Re: LINE OF SIGHT


I had a good answer to your question almost assembled and the RNM Supercomputer struck with chaos and disruption. It’s all part of the game.

It’s not enough that line of sight be achieved. Line of Sight must be achieved at the same exact moment they capture your attention, meaning it is a situational scenario designed to cause a simultaneous synaptic response which the system can use to establish integration completion.

So even if they established line of sight but did not capture your attention at the same moment in time then the boots on the ground failed and must start over.

They must link your memory references (Impulses & Identifiers) together with the systems output, meaning the RNM System is using statistical data about your ‘composition habits’ to predict how you will think or act, all of which depends on the attackers’ (RNM System & EEG Heterodyners) ability to make sense of what they see visually (Keyword: VISUALLY) or what they can guess based on your past activity.



They have your location by geolocation but that location must be verified by a secondary form of record. Remember I told you cell phones are used as secondary forms of record?

Once visual confirmation is determined as a secondary form of record the boots on the ground will confirm it with an action or access sequence by engaging you in a conversational scenario or situational scenario.

If you look at the video I sent, the perpetrator is engaging in the related action sequence (conversational and situational scenario) of rapidly open and closing his umbrella over and over when it’s not even raining, all while standing right next to me trying to engage me in conversation. This is done to capture my attention at the exact moment the system is monitoring my emotional state.

Each time the neural link between your brain and the RNM Supercomputer is broken, say, by engaging in external activities that break or significantly dampen brain entrainment, the Verification Routine starts again, probing you for a specific set of responses seeking a related action or access sequence for Integration Completion.

The eye gaze tracker interface is portable as is the entire virtual brain to brain interface, given it’s all generated by a neuro-chip in the body or gear of the team members.

They use books, magazines, computer or TV screens, etc., basically any solid flat surface that is not opaque or see through clear, as the background or backdrop for the virtual interface to open and close windows, drag adjustments to responses (moving between wavelengths of brain waves), etc.

So it appears they are reading a book or magazine or watching a tv show or playing on their computer etc., when in fact they are opening and closing virtual windows, virtual drop down windows etc., matching your responses to the brain wave patterns they can visually see to determine if those responses are consistent.

They cannot match up what they cannot see. They achieve mind control by decoding electromagnetic emissions of the brain into actual thought patterns. They cannot decode what they cannot see.

Verification is confirmation that the phase, frequency and amplitude of the stream is correct. Injection Feedback is dependent upon the Heterodyner being able to visually confirm your responses.

In order to verify your responses they must see you respond. Sensations, sounds, images, aromas, etc., via the neuronal circuits, generated by the remote neural attacks, must be accompanied by a related action or verbalization to determine their effectiveness.

So, they need to match your responses to the brain wave patterns they see on their virtual Interface.

Do you see how long this answer took and it’s not even the answer I wanted to send you.

Kind Regards

Bryan Tew


With your implied permission I am copying this email to a scientist and I do expect some correction. I am not a scientist.

Re: LINE OF SIGHT Requirements of the Technology/System



A lot more information on why LINE OF SIGHT is so necessary for their technology to be effective.

Earth traveling waves don’t require line of sight. The RNM System (Brain to Computer Interface) doesn’t require line of sight to remotely measure your responses.

It is the Hive Mind Teams that require LINE OF SIGHT. It’s the second virtual interface that you are being attacked with (ELECTRONIC BRAIN TO BRAIN INTERFACE) where LINE OF SIGHT becomes crucial.

Stalkers are used to forcefully pitch you into access or action sequences.

The stalkers are used to provoke you and to discredit you and draw your attention away from the Hive Mind Teams, Surveillance Teams, etc., and to constantly force you to ADJUST AWAY from each provocation as each forced adjustment away is an evoked potential which can be remotely measured and integrated back into RNM data.

Remember the Eye Gaze Tracker is portable, just like their entire virtual interface (neuro-chip). That means that LINE OF SIGHT is necessary for the CLONE Members of the Hive Mind Teams, not the Surveillance Teams. Not for the RNM Supercomputer.

So the first virtual window used by the CLONE Members will be your brain wave patterns (Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta). A secondary parallel virtual window is then opened which is the CLONE Member’s brain wave patterns (Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta). A third virtual drop down window is then opened by the CLONE that includes both sets of your brain wave patterns and the CLONE Member’s brain wave patterns combined (EEG Heterodyning).

The ELF waves are longitudinal and don’t require line of sight for verification of target responses, meaning physical location is irrelevant for the purpose of EEG Heterodyning Verification but LINE OF SIGHT is critical.

Remember they are using a bi-directional stream of photons to illumine the brain of their victims and read the return training signal similar to ESR Imaging so distance is totally irrelevant and that means that location of target is irrelevant.

That means that it’s EEG Heterodyning which requires LINE OF SIGHT to be necessary to force the victim into situational and conversational scenarios (specific action and access sequences) to verify the victims responses in real time.

Line of Sight is a situational scenario. A form of Street Theater. Meaning the line of sight Dr Duncan was referring to in an interview is a subjective – not objective – test, using Street Theater to provoke you.

So LINE OF SIGHT is a subjective form of Verification. Not objective. Your synaptic responses can be remotely measured from any distance where the technology is not disrupted by external interference.

Physical location is irrelevant. The forecast distance from the target is also irrelevant. With EEG Heterodyning everything depends on what the CLONE Members of the Hive Mind Teams can see visually or guess based on your past activities. That’s why they need to get so close to you.

It is the Hive Mind Teams (Clones) which need LINE OF SIGHT. Not the RNM Supercomputer.

I am not a scientist. Still learning.

Scientist sometimes speaks cryptically to me, in general terminology, rather than specifically. It forces me into time consuming research that I don’t have time for and that I am not always correct about.

Kind Regards

Bryan Tew


Thanks Bryan,

Not quite sure I understand this yet. Let me try to sort it out.

I gather from previous messages that the hive mind teams are generally working at some university or hospital and therefore are not going to be near the “target.” However, they have synthetic telepathy contact with the surveillance teams that do surround the target. So therefore it is the surveillance teams that provide the line of sight perspective to the hive mind teams via synthetic telepathy, right. (Which is to say that the hive mind team can “see” through the eyes of the surveillance team on the ground near the target.)

Evidently, line of sight is required for EEG heterodyning…. Which is brain to brain interface between the target and the clone team members…. But why? To verify the targets responses in real time? So the stalkers do a set up…. The hive mind team sees the responses on the brain wave patterns on the computer. And the surveillance team needs to actually see the target’s physical response in order to verify what the hive mind team sees as brain waves on a computer screen genuinely represents the target’s response?….

I’ve had numerous incidents when I thought cognitive scientists were “getting in close” to observe me…. But this was not necessarily related to any street theatre psy-attacks. Indeed, on some occasions they tried to seem friendly.





The Hive Mind Teams are mobile FOR THE MOST PART only inside their region or area of operation. Most are dedicated to hospitals, unversities, etc., in areas where they can have direct contact and engage the Targeted Individual, repeatedly.

Remember I said they are FOR THE MOST PART non-mobile. There are mobile Hive Mind Teams but they are dedicated CIA/DIA contractors, not Medical Professionals, Professors, etc., for the CIA/DIA

These are the ones who will pick you up as you travel into Mexico, meaning you will be transferred to a new Hive Mind Team. They will set up no more than apprx 300 yards from your home because they need feed-back (LINE OF SIGHT) which can be confirmed (Verification).

Remember they need you to believe that the responses you are receiving are your own, rather than fabricated (your own previous memories injected back into your subconscious to decieve and manipulate you) or falsified (not your own memories but false memories layered in during the neuoprogramming and injected into your subconscious to decieve and manipulate you).

All of that depends on constant daily feed-back (Verification), which is why Organized Stalking is so crucial, to determine if the technology is working effectively or not which the Hive Mind Teams need Verification for to determine if your responses are consistent.

For example, if the Hive Mind Teams with their virtual interface using an eye gaze tracker open a virtual window by thinking out loud, as the virtual interface (Electronic Brain to Brain Interface) responds, then the virtual screens they pull up will include your brain wave patterns and their brain wave pattern. The CLONE will think out loud and the RNM Supercomputer will respond to his audio cortex (THOUGHT STREAM FILTERING).

So the CLONE thinks out loud “itch” and by blinking twice is able to activate drag and manipulate that brain wave pattern responsible for causing your skin to itch.

However the CLONE Members of the Hive Mind Teams must physically see you respond (scratch that specific area of your anatomy) to that specific remote neural attack to determine if the technology is working effectively. Otherwise the CLONE has to start over with a new Verification Routine and increase the PHASE, FREQUENCY & AMPLITUDE of the stream, etc.

You will find that they will use a disproportionate amount of female Clones on you. This is important especially when it comes to mapping out that area of your cerebral cortex responsible for specific emotions related to the opposite sex. You will be a high profile target because of your education, knowledge, experience, etc., which they wish to mind-transfer into a database: WHOLE BRAIN EMULATION.

Each Hive Mind Team, dedicated to you every eight hours, with some degree of overlap, will generally only include just three people: one CLONE (Cognitive Researcher) one FIREWALL (Cognitive Researcher) one RESPONDER (He is the one who communicates with Surveillance Team Members).

If you know people who are cognitive researchers in specific subfields related to this technology you should ask them for advice on how to help Targeted Individuals. You would not have to disclose the fact that you are also Targeted. This would I think help your research.

The Cognitive Researchers which comprise the Hive Mind Teams will be no ordinary neuroscientist, psychiatrist, psychologist, etc., but one who specializes in a specific subfield of Cognitive Research, such as a Forensic, Anomalistic, Cognitive, Genetic, etc., Researcher.

The Hive Mind Teams will try to get close to you and interact with you at regular intervals. The Surveillance Teams, Organized Stalkers, etc., will be used to do the rest of the 24/7 dirty work, which includes the use of law enforcement agencies.

Remember, you are an integral part of the Hive Mind Configuration. If you properly research COGNITIVE MODELING you can begin to see and understand how they use physical and psychological trauma to map out and reverse engineer your WILL, INTELLECT & EMOTION (Human Soul).

There are at three people inside your mind 24 hours a day: Clone, Firewall & the Conscious Supercomputer, and the latter actually believes it is an actual person.

So, theoretically and hermeneutically you and all Trauma Based Mind Control Victims are digitally hijacked or possessed, Digitally and Artificially Possessed’, so to speak, and if you are not careful and do not learn and understand the truth, which must include at least a basic understanding of the technology and tactics used against you, then you could lose your eternal soul.

Everything you need to grasp a basic understanding of the technology can be found by focusing your research on Dr. Robert Duncan’s book, ‘Project Soul Catcher’ and the 14 page paper I drafted for my Discovery Channel Interview.

Just Google ‘Bryan Tew’ & ‘Discovery Channel’. That paper was also used for my interview with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. What a joke!

Focusing your research on those two resources will help you achieve a basic understanding of the technology and tactics. That paper contains specific information on how the technology works for – which scientists have risked their lives to expose.

Nevertheless, I doubt the sheepish masses will listen. People are for the most part vain, selfish and self centered, and simply do not care. In order to make them care we must focus our outreach and interviews on the technology affects the American public-at-large, such as campaign to show them that the nanotechnology is already inside their bodies.

It is probably too late.

Kind Regards

Bryan Tew


Guard your credibility at all costs. The more credibility you lose the more trauma and pain you will suffer.

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  1. Hi my name is Pearly GAridner . I am a Ti from Sydney Australia since 1991 Awakened 1 year by the end of this month . I have 2 daughters (20 & 14) that aren’t awakened yet ,I am very much convinced that my girls are Mind Controlled , kinda hard to deal w sometimes , but since i educated myself through online research , it helped me somehow how to deal with my girls when i know its the AI talking and not my girls .
    Thank you so much Sir Bryan and Doctor Karlstrom keep up the good work Ti Community around the World we need you . Will be praying to both of you . My current situation as usual OGS and Electronic harassment is ongoing

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