Neuroweapons: SOFWERX-(US SOCOM- US Special Operations Command)-J5 Donovan Group (Drs. Canton, Giordano, Balaban, Hoffer)

SOFWERX J5 Donovan Group Radical Speaker Series: Neuroweapons



Since the 2001 September 11 attacks and Bush’s so-called “war on terror,” there was a soar in the number of Targeted Individuals reporting covert assaults by black operatives, thugs, extremist cells, “stalkers.” Some TIs are reporting assaults with remotely applied, military grade, lethal weaponry. These reports have been from both overseas and U.S. self-identified targets. In early August, 2010, Sharon Weinberger explained the reason for the escalated reports:

“After the attacks of September 11, the Pentagon began a shift away from its Cold War-era “two war strategy,” premised on maintaining the ability to conduct two major military operations simultaneously, and began focusing instead on “irregular warfare against individuals and groups.”

Weinberger, S. 2010, “Black Ops: Secret Military Technology in the Age of Terrorism;” quoted in “Covert Technological Murder; Big Brother Approved” by Renee Pittman M. (2013)

Webmaster Introduction: Does this series of four presentations comprise a “smoking gun” CONFESSION to complicity, liability, and perhaps direct responsibility for global stalking-electronic torture operations by Drs. James Canton and James Giordano and SOFWERX-J5 Donovan Group which is sponsored by and affiliated with US Special Operations Command? If so, also implicated here are the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the National Science Foundation, the Center for Neurotechnology at the Potomac Institute, the National Institutes of Health, and a host of other organizations, corporations, and individuals.

The four presentations by the featured speakers, particularly those by Drs. Canton and Giordano, provide an interesting mixture of information and misinformation/misdirection. They fail to mention that the attacks against the American and Canadian diplomats at the US Embassies in Cuba and China as well as the (millions of) “other attacks (on targeted individuals) that might have a similar signature” break innumerable national and international laws and treaties and indeed, constitute war crimes, “crimes against humanity” and treason of the highest order!

Tellingly, Canton refers to these egregious attacks as “proof of concept” of a massive global neuroweapons system that is now fully activated and which has tremendous economic and strategic potential. These men appear to be psychopaths.

In a 2017 lecture entitled “Brain Science: From Bench to Battlefield: The Realities and Risks of Neuroweapons,” neuroscientist, “neuro-weaponologist,” and “neuro-ethicist,” Dr. James Giordano confesses his central and pivotal role in the ongoing targeting (via organized stalking/electronic torture or OS/ET) of innocent civilians:

Giordano: “The brain is the next battlespace…. We are targeting the brain…. Like (in) any race, the morbidity and mortality, going at this speed, with this level of integrity and this level of momentum, is real.

We are tracking neurological or brain signatures of key targeted individuals that are thought to represent whole groups. If I understand how his or her brain works and do this on a broad enough scale, I can develop patterns and I can use this in ways that informs my intelligence; this force multiplies and synergizes my human intelligence (HUMINT), my signals intelligence (SIGINT), and my communications intelligence (COMINT). NEURINT (Neuro intelligence) coupled with assessment and access gives me these capabilities.”

See: “Confessions of a High-Level Perp: Dr. James Giordano – Battlespace/Organized Stalking Applications of Neuroscience and Neuroweapons (2017 youtube lecture, my transcription and notes, and pdf” (

Innumerable petitions, class action lawsuits, books, and other strategies have failed to halt these techno-barbarians from their continued torture and termination of innocent civilians worldwide. Perhaps it is now time to regard Canton, Giordano, the J5 Donovan Group and US SOCOM personnel as the “viable targets” of civilians that have been covertly tortured and murdered for decades by the very individuals sworn to protect them and their liberties. These are among the innumerable “perpetrators” who reap profits from the atrocity of electromagnetic torture and murder of innocent civilians.

Check out the comments below. The American public is awakening.

•Sep 20, 2018

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On 21 August SOFWERX*, in collaboration with USSOCOM/J5 Donovan Group**, hosted a Radical Speaker Series covering neuroweapons after several recent individuals at embassies in Cuba and China have incurred apparent brain injury following some form of ambient environmental insult or attack. The type and extent of pathological damage is significant and suggestive of repetitive exposure to either bio and neurotoxic substances and/or ultra-high frequency sonic or electromagnetic pulse stimuli. This could represent an emerging new threat vector for global conflict.

(* SOFWERX (from Special Operations Forces WERX) is a platform that helps solve challenging Warfighter problems at scale through collaboration, ideation, events, and rapid prototyping. -from

**The Donovan Group, U.S. Special Operations Command’s dedicated future studies team that falls under the J5 strategy, plans and programs directorate. This small, five-member group includes a combination of Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces and Snow, the only USAF intelligence officer. Together they focus on developing future-oriented ideas to inform USSOCOM, interagency partners and government agencies and private industry fellows on ways to stay ahead of the competition in the areas of strategy, capabilities, doctrine, concepts and training. They are a key component of the larger USSOCOM SOFWERX initiative.- From “An Innovative Collaborative:

USSOCOM teams up with “white hat” technologists” August 7, 2017 By Airman Magazine)

SOFTWERX by the Donavan group talk is at the link below: –

2nd Webmaster Comment:. This video includes professional presentations by Dr. James Giordano, Dr Balaban, Dr James Canton, and Dr Hoffer.

The most important talk for TIs and those interested in neurological attacks against civilians (aka organized stalking/electronic harassment-torture) is by Dr. James Canton (CEO of Institute For Global Futures) which begins at 130:50. Canton states:

“We look at a variety of technologies to enhance future readiness. We have worldwide clients. A lot of them are in the room today.

The most important, game changer technologies we work with are nano, bio, IT, neuro, and quantum. These are the strategic technologies that will create massive (economic and business) opportunities.”

Notes from Dr. James Canton’s presentation by webmaster beginning at 1:30:54:

Presentation Title: “The NeuroFuture: Emerging Technologies; Actors, and Geopolitics”

Dr. James Canton: I want emphasize the capabilities of these “exponential technologies” and to try to answer the question: who might be interested and why; what is the upside and for who?

I run a think tank, “The Institute For Global Futures” (founded in 1990; advises Fortune 1000 corporations, governments and assesses advanced science and technology (S&T) futures). We help governments and corporations define what are “strategic readiness” factors. We look at a variety of different technologies; here I’ll focus on neuroweapons. Our mission is to enhance future readiness.

Lack of imagination is the enemy of “future readiness.” Those of involved in deterrence and strategic awareness know the implications of that.

Is it possible that neurotechnolgy could be a candidate for new threat domain, for all intents and purposes, that their only enemy is lack of imagination?

I would like to call out Dr. James Giordano, who invited me to join him at the Center for Neurotechnology at the Potomac Institute where we started to do some of this work..

We’ve been focusing on the incident in Cuba and analogous other attacks that might have a similar signature. I want to paint a picture of where this technology has been and where it is going.

(Shows slide). This is a model that came out of work supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) over the past decade to define the top exponential technologies that are game changers for our civilization? That would affect everything from health care to defense to manufacturing.

The top technologies we identified were nano, bio, IT, and neuro. Then subsequently, I upgraded this model and added quantum as another strategic technology that would create a massive amount of opportunities.

Each of these exponential technologies has “dual use”…. They can enhance human performance and there is also a dark side for each. (I.e., they can harm.).

It is the manipulation of genes, atoms, neurons, bits, and now qubits that will likely shape the next decades and perhaps 100+ years of our civilization. Here I focus on neurotechnology.

Convergence of “exponential technologies,” certainly the rise of neurotechnology, has had a broad affect on many other areas other than just medicine. The one area that has not been affected has been in security and defense. (Lie!!!!). For example, neural nets, which are at the core of artificial intelligence (AI), control and monitor over a trillion dollars of financial trading. Neural modeling and technology has a massive impact on chip spaces.

It is not just that nanotechnology (or the manipulation of matter at the atomic level) or the mapping of the human genome, or the ability to be able to create a new computing platform in quantum computing is important, it’s how you think about these together…. nano, bio, neuro, IT, and quantum…. That’s been the big, “Ah ha!”

Thinking about these together requires a different way of looking at science.

Let’s talk about the big context. First, we are all living in Moore’s Law, which says computing technology doubles in power in 18 months and the cost of that technology power was also being halved. There is tremendous accelerated velocity of innovation.

What does $2300 get you today? A supercomputer; most of you are carrying them in your backpacks.

So we are living in Neuro-Moore’s Law. We are ever having shrinking, smaller, more powerful devices.

If we cut to the end: What are the diagnostics and devices needed to create ways to interdict and prevent this technology? Maybe these are devices we need to stick in every location. And they do two things. One, they monitor and they sense; every sensor is a small computer. They sense the inaudible range.

And they end up alerting through a cloud network. And the other is we actually interdict it. That’s an operational deployment that wouldn’t be hard to put together.

This also has to do with the proliferation of the five major technologies- nano, bio, IT, neuro, quantum.

Crisper is a technology for doing genetic engineering. Do you know what the skill set required to do this is? Operating a video game.

We are living in the accelerated proliferation of 30 or more different accelerated, exponential technologies. The implications for society are massive. Security, finance, health care, military, banking, etc.

It’s likely there are two dimensions to neurotechnology.

1) soft: produces cognitive impairment and dysfunctionality as a weapons system, inability to make good decisions, dizziness, and health effects,
2) hard: kills people, produces fatality.

The issue of non-lethiality of weaponized neurotechnology- nonlethal weapons associated with neurotechnology – that is the era were are in.

My operating assumptions: American officials were attacked by a signal sent by certain parties. This was done to demonstrate “proof of concept”– it is an operational, deployed capability, soft, nonlethal. It was targeted and purposeful. And now we have two incidences we have the data on…. and there are other friendlies that were targeted.

The possibilities in what we call “hybrid conflicts” are that there are new neuroweapons now available.

(Webmaster comment: Lie. this weapons system has been tested and deployed since the 1950s at least!!!!!! The “Moscow signal” was used by the Soviet government to incapacitate American diplomats from 1953 onward).

We have to accept this deployment as the new reality. It was targeted and purposeful. Now the issues are deterrence, prevention, and diagnostics.

So neuro is likely a potential game changer. It’s a much larger phenomena in terms of impact domains when it’s “in the wild.” And many of the same agents I’ve seen, these are in-silico programmed bots are now programmed on the way we model neuronal interactions and dendrites….

(Webmaster comment: Here I assume Canton refers to the covert targeting of civilians, or “TIs”, and others. Now Canton deftly shifts his focus from “dark side” to “light side” of neurotechnologies.)

Slide: Neuro Futures: (Nano, IT, Bio, Quantum) Includes Media, Enhanced Humans, Medicine, Smart Networks, Entertainment, AI, Defense, Virtual Minds, Education, Avatars

There are tremendous opportunities in other areas. And we haven’t talked about enhancements of minds. Also, it’s had a massive impact on health care. It’s neural enhancement as a prevention against age-related diseases. Remember, every technology has a dark side and a light side. We’re in that era now. Half of the population is at risk for Alzeheimers, which has to do with logevity and the aging of the brain and could have to do with insults to the brain that have to do with our civilization.

There are a hundred companies working on defeating aging that have to do predominantly with cognitive dysfunctionality and decline. We are in an era in which we will all need cognitive fitness. Neurotech is a deliverable in this age of cognitive fitness. One side is enhancement, longevity, health and the other side is weaponization.

Everything you ever hear about robotics and AI is converging with neurotechnology. Robots are modelled after nature. So this also has to do with building robots, bio-nano-memetics. Parallel phenomena. Neuronal-self assembly. Not many people understand the convergence of these factors of the five key technologies.

Neuronal self-assembly.

Under Clinton and Bush II, I was one of the first private-sector advisors with the interagency working group that pioneered nano-tech-science. This was a world revolution. We funded the formation of an entirely new domain; nano-technology. And the dark side of this is also weaponization.

Neuronal re-programming is likely the driver of our architect and defeat of age-related diseases re-modulating skeletal and organ combinations and the ability to revitalize and re-juvinate even your brain. This is no longer science fiction. It will likely be delivered as a device.

So I would hypothesize that neuro-tech is going to contribute to driving the next hybrid war, which has already started.

Slide: Hybrid Warfare = Combination of multiple conventional and unconventional tools of warfare. Includes: Economic warfare, Regular military forces, special forces, irregular forces, support of local unrest, information warfare propaganda, diplomacy, cyber attacks,

This involves soft, nonlethal neuroweapons moving toward something else. Think about the implications of neuro technology capability that can render for a decision-making command structure dysfunctionality in terms of decision-making and just distort time. I want to affect the part of the brain that leaders use to measure time. Could I echo and locate that signal? Gentlemen? yes.

This (attacks on diplomats) is a wakeup call in terms of thinking about deterrence.

Slide: Fantastic Futures: Include Artificial Immune System, synthetic tissue, cellular systems, living cells as bio-foundaries, low-cost designer drugs localized nano materials, proteomic targeting for cancer cells and other diseases.

Dark side: Trojan horse bioweapons, genetically selective pathogens, hyper-virulent proto-viruses.

This slide applies to bio, now apply this to neuro. We need to be forecasting and imagining these possibilities because someone has already shot across our bow. (Cuban case). This is a clinical trial in the wild that targeted American officials. Now we’ve got two incidences. We don’t know of any other incidences like this.

(Webmaster comment: LIE!!!!! They are carrying out these attacks globally against millions of innocent civilians and have been conducting these secret, illegal operations for many decades.)

What is apparently legal in terms of conflicts: Notice it’s psychological effects psyop stuff, it’s dysfuncationality, rendering lack of capacity, acoustic weaponry. This slide is about 10 years old.

10-Year Old Slide: What (Neuroweapons) are “Apparently Legal”?

In terms of conflicts, the following are apparently legal: basically relating to psychological warfare, dysfunctionality stuff, rendering lack of capacity, acoustic weaponry, etc.

1) Microwave RF Anti-Functional and Anti-Personnel Weaponry
2) Chemical Anti-Functional Weaponry
3) Chemical Psychological Effects Via Sensory Organs Weaponry (i.e., smell)
4) Chemical Personnel Incapacitation Weaponry (Non-warfare, hostage/terrorism only)
6) Acoustic Weaponry
7) Mechanical Micro Dust

These devices are being carried around from various sources…. like in backpacks in Canada. This is Moore’s Law operationalized (smaller, more portable, and cheaper devices). These devices are also used for crowd control and there are targeted uses.

Neuro-hacking includes the ability to create thoughts and blend it with AI. These devices that we think were used externally or possibly internally (in the embassy attacks). Or they are are tied to other sensors, or flyables, drones.

Slide: Neuro Hacking: AI, Smart Bots, Neuro Drones, Sentient Entities, Aware Sensors in the context of Media, Virtual Reality, Networks, Enhanced Consciousness, Systems

In an era where everything is hackable- health devices, routers, most devices that are now networkable are hackable. And as we develop devices to adjust or refresh memories, at the nano scale- we will end up…. everything that can be made can be hacked. That’s where we’re going.

Slide: Weaponized Neuro Agents: From InSilico Synthetic Biology, to Molecular Delivery, to Intracellular Nano-Neuro-Biology…. , the Evolution of Applied Neuro agents affect mind… the ability to develop these agents doesn’t have to be that sophisticated

We’ve had two events of the use of neurotoxins…. that should show us. One part of the continuum the Russian neuroagent used in Europe against targeteds, that was purposeful… Another was an agent used to inflict insult and mortality against a North Korean ex-resident in Asia…. that’s the crude part of the neuro supply chain.

So this is a neuroweapon supply chain.

The modeling work we did at the Potomac Institute (shows slide) we came up with:

(2014 Slide): Neuro Wars: Near Future to 25 Years in the Future: GPS Mining Predictive Analytics…. Facial Neuro Genomic Targeting, Alert Avatars- Smart Swarms, RoboNets- Human Synthoids

About half of these are now deliverable as capabilities.

The other part of this is the geo-political implications…. Who might be potentially interested in doing this? I developed this body of work when I was advising SOCOM about bad guy hunting and I came up with the concept of Global Dark Networks as self-organizing systems.

In these Global Dark Networks, criminal terrorists, sometimes sovereign nation, which is kind of what has evolved, there are a variety of actors, rogue states, non-states, criminals, you have to have banking, logistics, things to trade that are non-monetary, cryto-currencies, you need a complete supply chain. If you are in the bad-guy hunting business you have to understand the Dark Network supply chains. You wwant to start thinking about these supply chains as ecosystems of involvement.

Slide: Bad Guy Hunting Threat Analysis:

1) Identity Analysis- Agent, Device,
2) Benefits Matrix- Winners/Losers,
3) Actor Capabilities,
4) Vendor and Supply Chain Map,
5) Ideologic, For Profit, Research… (likely all of them)
6) Geopolitical Signaling/Payback
7) Rogue, Sovereign, Dark network
8) After Action/Media/Data
9) History of Comparable Events
10) Terrorist Product Line Extension

Who, What, Where, How and Why?

Who Benefits? Perpetrators are demonstrating a capability set. It’s useful to be able to determine what the impact is and did the impact confirm our objectives. This is a clinical trial in the wild- against humans. And who would attack Americans.

Maybe it’s bad actors who are basically advertising.

I ran an operation where I needed a drone delivery…. I found several places in Iraq and France and elsewhere to put together an order. Nobody asked me about what I was doing.

Don’t be fooled by ideology, 80% of the bad guys are doing it for profit.

Likely, this event (Cuba attacks) is a contractor looking for business. He wants to prove up a capability.

Could neuro end up looking like cyber? yes, it’s a proven model. In fact, a product line extension from cyber would be neuro. We’ve done great with cyber, now we have a new capability. The commercialization of weaponized technology is a key driver- more so than ideology.

Fragmented sovereign scenario says your bad guys are doing this neuro intrusion because they are trying to accomplish something else.

Terrorist clinical trial– I would bet on this as rogue actor practice and that this is a messy clinical trial. Why? Because the Americans will bring in the best doctors and do the best research and then publish all the data. Do all our work for us. Now we know what all the data is. (The Chinese don’t share this kind of data).

So I surmise this is a private sector bad actor who understands social media and information warfare….. and clearly wants to advertise its capability and embarrass the Chinese or at least put them in play- and attacks a selected group of state department officials (Americans). That’s a short list.

And Dark Network Show of Force-

You have to assume that we are beginning of neurotech being incorporated into our hybrid conflict era. This has been very effective. We got a lot of good data. What’s the next target?

I think the design of this weapon system is to take people out, not kill them. I don’t think these state department officials will be able to get back in the game. Is this deliverable from drones? Yes.

In Summary, neurotech will shape competitive advantage of nations, organizations and individuals. The attacks in Cuba and China were purposeful and directed at a population- and could be expanded. The target, American diplomats, sends a geopolitical message.

This is a bad actor- could be aligned with a sovereign. it’s a geopolitical signaling.

A new neurokinetic weapon would be disruptive in a new era of hybrid conflict – now we need a way to deter, prevent and detect.


1 year ago (edited)
Neuroweapons are weaponized radio frequencies – old school Delgado brain manipulation computerized. Integrated into a software program utilizing Biometrics for targeting. Now being used on Autonomous Watson computing systems globally as part of Asymmetrical Warfare. But not just for the Military. It can be found in our Neighborhoods & Communities as part of the FBI/DHS collaborations & Fusion Centers. The Pentagon & DOD already knew. They’ve been using the same stuff to target Individuals & Families across the country. Bioethics Commission listens but ignores the reports of gross abuse, mis-use, even crimes. The computer version is a cross between BCI (Brain-Computer-Interface), Neural links, Wave forms, and imitation Neural signatures. And computers used as a weapon, either directly or by access – means hard drive evidence of serious crimes by Locals, Feds & Above all over the place.

Debbie Conklin
1 year ago (edited)
I have noticed that probability/stochastics are used to determine if the diplomats were assaulted by an energy weapon. When one states the equivalent of “the diplomats are LIKELY a target” is that because this is the formality used of probability? Also, how can I obtain access to the final names of the tests and standard deviations that the diplomats fell under to be considered a target of a neuroweapon if this was not the final testing they had to endure? Are these tests available to any citizen of the United States? I would like to learn how I can participate in an evaluation. Thanks!

Don Lovell
1 year ago
its all there folks, last speaker especially important, still one has to ‘read’ or listen between the lines, but its all there

Barbara Guillette
1 year ago
you describe what has happened to me, I have physical proof of what has happened…..would you like to see or speak to me? I have been a target since 96.

3 days ago (edited)
Anyone in evolved with electronic orders, to oppress humanity, beware. The danger of using tech, with humans can be seen in the latest COVID resurgence in Victoria Australia. Security guards, who we know play a key part in “gangstalking” programs, and who have been programmed to search for flagged threats from the community (TI’s). We can see how operating this way, reduced them to improper thinking agents. In effect, the artificial behavior, in turn inoculated the security guards, from being able to consider themselves as potential threats, since their covert actions and mobile phone alerts, ended up shaping their minds to see “others” as enemies only. What has come out, is the 2nd wave of Co-Vid in Melbourne, is being attributed to these security guards, who were guarding the Hotel Quarantine arrangements, and thought they were above it all, and went on to the local plaza for lunches and ended up re-infecting the state.

Shivambu Pujari
2 months ago
They are doing it to me and I live in USA

RageElixir Realm
5 months ago
Modern day lynching…..It’s being executed in Memphis TN and I am its victim……

Kristen Conklin
1 year ago (edited)
I attempted to find the publication reference from minute 57 to the simulation with the multiphysics software, but was lead by the link shown in the presentation to an assessment of pressure waves from a bomb on human tissue. I would like to have the simulation and learn from it. Have I missed it completely or is the link shown, which is, an analysis for bomb damage? Thanks in advance for any guidance!

6 months ago
And these inventors and researchers will be subjected under their creation as well, but they don’t know yet until it happens to them.

Real Noid
1 year ago (edited)
Leave it to the DSM crowd. Most explanations sound worse than the thing being investigated. Almost as bad as mind controlled TI testimony. Crickets? Mass hysteria, faulty security, bad drugs? Diplomat symptoms likely reported accurately. Back in 2013 before any of this I read “Extremely Loud” on sonic weapons. Well footnoted crap. Even a William Burroughs section. Intended or maybe pushed to come across that way.

Real Noid
1 year ago
Russian or not, Nov 2016 when it all started? Hah! Big Bro surveillance petro-state Russia & sausage factory trolls muddying the Internet with enough anti-West & US IQ80 mind control nonsense to make this stuff difficult to believe. Russia aligned & competed w Alex Jones, David Icke & religious alt-right to accidentally or deliberately post similar anti-US Gov. disinformation videos & comments degrading YT & public narratives.

Don Lovell
1 year ago
its all there folks, last speaker especially important, still one has to ‘read’ or listen between the lines, but its all there

Debbie Conklin
2 years ago (edited)
I have noticed that probability/stochastics are used to determine if the diplomats were assaulted by an energy weapon. When one states the equivalent of “the diplomats are LIKELY a target” is that because this is the formality used of probability? Also, how can I obtain access to the final names of the tests and standard deviations that the diplomats fell under to be considered a target of a neuroweapon if this was not the final testing they had to endure? Are these tests available to any citizen of the United States? I would like to learn how I can participate in an evaluation. Thanks!

1 year ago
And these inventors and researchers will be subjected under their creation as well, but they don’t know yet until it happens to them.

8 months ago
I was able to determine the vectors of the weapon, the delivery mechanism and overall use. The most important discovery made was that if you remove any one of three components from the attack, it would nullify its effects. If power was not present, the delivery was not possible. If you remove sound, the delivery was not possible and if signal was not present, there could be no delivery. That was the attack vector that was identified. The attack model was the most complex as it presented all aspects of how this new Cyber weapon was used. Again, if you remove any one of the three items above the weapon is not effective, and if you remove one aspect of the attack model (HyperGame: Model of Deception), it completely nullifies the overall attack structure of the weapon. The attack model is assumption based. The attackers have more information than the victims which forces the victims to make assumptions, which are normally incorrect, thus perpetuating the cycle, forcing the victims to do circles. To alleviate the attack model, simple direct communications between the victims takes away any and all assumptions. This attack model relies upon the fact that, while under attack, the victims will continue to make incorrect assumptions and allow for the attackers to continue. The effects of this neurological weapon causes reduced cognitive functions, anxiety, tension, pain, paranoia and overall confusion. Because of how the attack is delivered, it causes great confusion on the victims part, not allowing them to properly articulate what they are experiencing.

Kristen Conklin
1 year ago (edited)
I attempted to find the publication reference from minute 57 to the simulation with the multiphysics software, but was lead by the link shown in the presentation to an assessment of pressure waves from a bomb on human tissue. I would like to have the simulation and learn from it. Have I missed it completely or is the link shown, which is, an analysis for bomb damage? Thanks in advance for any guidance!

Justice Brothers inc.
3 months ago (edited)
I appreciate your candor in language in describing in detail how this is developed. My left sacule vestibular system was destroyed. The vertigo was nauseating. Because of previous injuries that were over come and brain placidity I’ve been far less problematic and have recovered from my experience with long game. Progress. The pressure drops noted are. Crystal in definition. Well done. Understating. Transition from traumatic brain injury. I had suffered cavitation from aneurysm and stroke. Before hand. Landing on my head from a motorcycle accident creating. 33kilo joules on impact and having to learn to speak. walk study everything stated understand it is not a simple concurrence or concussion how can your insight and recognition of this explain. Damages to pons. medulla. I apologize off track you only speak of a specific situation. I detract my microagressive feelings. Best regards doctor.

8 months ago
A point of concern which is mentioned above which states that this could represent an emerging new threat vector for global conflict is absolutely correct. I began investigating an event in the United States beginning in August of 2016. In the end of my report I documented that this kind of attack would be used, not only to change perceptions, but to negatively impact the US Economy. I documented that aspect 18 months ago. As we’ve recently seen in California, the 6th largest economy in the world, has crashed.

8 months ago
Final note concerning this new threat is that it is proximity based, delivered through signal and can effect anyone standing within the effected areas. Signal can be broken, interrupted and recorded. The symptoms experienced would generally be written off as normal ailments such as hay fever, headache, etc. If medical treatment were to be sought, without the proper information for the physician, it would likely be written off for something similar to fibromyalgia or some other incorrect diagnosis. The effects cannot be treated with medicine as the attack vectors are technology based and not biological. To test for the inner ear oscillation, it can be recorded with a oscilloscope, measured with a stethoscope from behind the ear or a voltage rating can be captured on the surface of the skin while inside of an effected area.

8 months ago
The victims would have reduced levels of potassium, electrolyte and possible sodium. While under attack, the victims are experiencing a neurological effect which causes the brain’s neurotransmitters to fire off with higher levels of voltage which burn through these chemicals at a higher rate. There were also instances found through fMRI’s of the brain which showed a change in the white matter. As the brain is firing off at a higher rate, this would change the neurophysiology’s of the victims. The attacks are comprised of 3 components which include power, sound and signal. These are signal based attacks, causing a similar adverse effect. The closest description of these effects are from Dr. Allen H. Frey, known as the Frey Effect. Ultrasonic is a component of the attack. Ultrasound is comprised of Air Pressure and Sound Frequency. Signal is required to deliver the frequency, power is needed to run the signal transmission and amplitude, which is where the constant state of oscillation becomes apparent in the victims. I conducted a 3 year investigation on this matter. The delivery mechanism was found to be networked and mobile devices. Those devices act as a transceiver and contain all necessary hardware to make it possible. There are speakers, EMF, accelerometers and the ability to manipulate all factors via a coordinated Cyber Warfare attack. I have reached out to Sofwerx rgarding these findings. I am slowly publishing the findings from the report on Reddit at /r/goodinfosource

Justice Brothers inc.
3 months ago
Thank you. Doctor. G.

Justice Brothers inc.
3 months ago
A twist on this Dr.
Weapons of Mass Distraction …enmasse that is.

RageElixir Realm
1 year ago
Modern day lynching…..It’s being executed in Memphis TN and I am its victim……

Ein Stakeholder
8 months ago
“Neuroweapons defy easy explanation and definition. An agreed global definition of this term does not exist and differences about core components, structure, design, and intent will no doubt continue as populations wrestle with the notion that such a category of weapons can be created at all… Neuroweapons are intended to influence, direct, weaken, suppress, or neutralize human thought, brainwave functions, perception, interpretation, and behaviors to the extent that the target of such weaponry is either temporarily or permanently disabled, mentally compromised, or unable to function normally.” and: “Neuroweapons are weapons that specifically target the brain or the central nervous system in order to affect the targeted person’s mental state, mental capacity and ultimately the person’s behaviour in a specific and predictable way.”

Shivambu Pujari
11 months ago
They are doing it to me and I live in USA

Relevant Bios

Dr. James Canton

Dr. James Canton

A renown global futurist, author and global advisor to the Fortune 100, Dr. Canton has been forecasting the leading innovations and trends that have shaped our world for 25 years. He is the CEO and Chairman of the Institute for Global Futures a San Francisco based Think Tank. He has advised three White Houses, over ten nations, and over 100 companies worldwide. He was on the founding advisory board of Singularity University, was a Apple Computer executive and has appeared on CNN, CNBC, Fox and NBC. He is the author of Future Smart, Technofutures, and The Extreme Future.

Dr. James Giordano

James Giordano, PhD, is Professor in the Departments of Neurology and Biochemistry, Chief of the Neuroethics Studies Program, and Chair of the Project in Military Medical Ethics of the Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics, at Georgetown University Medical Center. As well, he is J5 Donovan Group Senior Fellow, Biowarfare and Biosecurity, at US Special Operations Command, (USSOCOM). He has served as Senior Science Advisory Fellow to the SMA Group of the Joint Staff of the Pentagon; as Research Fellow and Task Leader of the EU-Human Brain Project Sub-Program on Dual-Use Brain Science, and as an appointed member of the Neuroethics, Legal and Social Issues Advisory Panel of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The author of over 285 papers, 7 books, 210 book chapters, and 15 government white papers on brain science, ethics, and national defense, he is an elected member of the European Academy of Science and Arts, and an Overseas Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (UK).

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  1. This is exactly what has been happening to me. It has robbed me of my vision, so I should be very grateful if you could point me towards information that would enable me to get some help.

    Here in the UK, we don’t have independent doctors, and going to NHS doctors for help is very likely to get you referred to a psychiatrist and thence, sectioned.

    What practical solutions are there? How can one protect oneself?


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