COVID CLOTSHOT = Neuroweapons of Mass Destruction/Transhumanism = Genetically-Modified, Bio-Synthetic, AI, Self-Assembling Nano-Tech Neurobioweapon (Transcribed Kingston-Adams Interviews W/ Pertinent Patents; 10/6 and 10/23/22)

Webmaster comment: This information tends to prove beyond any reasonable doubt my contention that “targeted individuals” (TIs) are and have been the beta tests for the “neuroweapons of mass destruction” now being rolled out globally under the guise of Covid-19 “vaccines.” Apparently, the majority of humans are now test subjects in these “terminal experiments” conducted by and for the satanically-energized, criminal ruling elite. Thank you Karen Kingston and Mike Adams!

The cybernetic project, that is to say, the transformation of humans into cyborg slaves, really launched in 1948 with the publication of Dr. Norbert Wiener’s book: “Cybernetics: Or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine” (MIT Press). Cybernetics, the merger of man and machine, formed the central theme of the semi-secret Macy Conferences in the US (1946-1953) and the UK’s Ratio Club conferences (1949-1958) in which top brain and computer scientists teamed up with military officials. I suggest that the earliest test subjects in “terminal experiments” of the CIA’s MKULTRA and related military-intelligence mind-behavioral control projects from 1947 to present are those we would now call “TIs” or “targeted individuals.” It is clear to me, at least, that this very long, disgraceful period of covert experimentation and treason against the people of the United States has now culminated in the rollout of the neuroweapon-intrabody nanonetwork implanted in people’s bodies, falsely termed the Covid-19 “vaccine”.

The 100+ year plan by the global elite (British Fabian Socialists) to create a new type of humans is outlined by Jay Dyer in VI below: Global Elite In Their Own Words: We Will Create New People

I. Biotech analyst Karen Kingston unveils the covid vaccine 5G link + biosynthetic AI nanotech

COVID CLOTSHOT: A Genetically Modified Hydra-Like Aluminum And Barium-Based Bio-Synthetic Self, Artificially Intelligent, Nano-Technological, Frankenvax (Video)

10/6/2022 Health Ranger Report with Mike Adams ft Karen Kingston.

Epigraph Quotes:

1) “This is a weapon of warfare. The quantum dot system, creating networks within our bodies to the 5G to the satellite system, this is a combat operation…. I think this is an execution platform… What is so evil is that Professor James Giordano, a consultant with the intelligence and military community, says that Neuro Science/Technology can be a “weapon of mass destruction” but let’s not think of it that way. If we think of it in health applications or consumer product applications then we can experiment with it for combat reasons and not have to provide transparency.

The definition for a Covid-19 “emergency use” counter measure, whether it’s a “vaccine” or a PCR test, meets the same definition for a “neuroweapon of mass destruction.” It is all contingent on 5G.” Karen Kingston

2) “So you are saying they can take neuroweapons systems and by relabeling them “Emergency Use Authorization” then they don’t have to really disclose what they are doing?… From what you are providing here, it seems apparent that these (neuro) weapons have been deployed against the American people and against all of humanity.” – Mike Adams

3) “Neuro Science/Technology (S/T) can be used in military contexts to: a) create human-machine networks, and b) develop lethal and nonlethal weapons…. (Neuroweapons can be used to) selectively target the thoughts, sentiments, and actions of an individual such as a political or military leader to evoke a change in his or her ideas, emotions, and behaviors. Certain neuroactive drugs, toxins, or microbes can be used against larger scale targets to incur “ripple consequences” within a group, community, or populations. These agents could be dispersed to produce “sentinel cases” of individuals who exhibit neuro-psychiatric and other physical signs and symptoms. Attribution as a terrorist action, and accompanying misinformation about salient and escalating signs and symptoms – such as anxiety, sleeplessness, and paranoia- could be propagated over the internet.”

Dr. James Giordano, “neuroweaponologist,” Professor of Neuroscience at Georgetown University, CIA and DARPA consultant

4) What we are talking about now is like a second Industrial Revolution. But the product this time will not be textiles, or machines, or vehicles, or even weapons. The products this time will be humans themselves. We are learning to produce bodies and minds. This time if you are not part of the revolution fast enough, then you probably become extinct. Once you know how to produce bodies and brains and minds, cheap labor in Africa or South Asia or wherever simply counts for nothing.

Professor Yuval Noah Harari, Jerusalem University (From: VI below: Global Elite In Their Own Words: We Will Create New People)

5) He (Harari above) is talking about (creating) clones, synthoid and fake people. I’m not joking, that’s what he’s saying. (laughs)

Jay Dyer (VI below: Global Elite In Their Own Words: We Will Create New People)

6) Synthetic biology: Synthetic biology is the design and construction of new biological entities such as enzymes, genetic circuits, and cells or the redesign of existing biological systems.

II. Bullet point Summary of Information Provided by interviewer, Health Ranger, Mike Adams

– Covid-19 injections contain NEUROWEAPONS embedded in Lipid Nanoparticels (LNP)

– Neurological weapons were hidden through Emergency Use Authorization cover-up

– Shocking patents confirm it’s all true (patent numbers shown)

– Transhumanism assault on humanity now under way, people becoming LESS human

– LNPs can be activated via 5G frequencies to achieve physiological changes

– Covid “vaccines” appear to be exotic tech INSTALLED in human hosts

– CCP-linked AI company named “national security threat” in USA (Webmaster comment: Given the history of cooperation between China and the US this is basically meaningless.)

– 5G infrastructure to be exploited by AI embedded systems for surveillance

– Post-vaccine “biostructures” are self-assembling biosynthetic weapons

III. Partial Transcription of Interview by Webmaster with Patent Information, Oct. 19, 2022

Karen Kingston: When I first read the Moderna patent, I realized that there was lipid nanoparticle technology there that was a self-assembling medical device and diagnostic. This shocked me. I didn’t realize how many are involved in this crime against humanity.

Karen Kingston’s letter to MSM, US Congressmen, Influencers:
“I believe… that the Covid-19 injections are bioweapons that contain Gain of Function (GOF) chimeric viruses and toxins under the guise of mRNA therapeutic vaccines combined with a “diagnostic”/”therapeutic” lipid nanoparticle (LNP) platform. Per the patent, the LNP can target specific organs and systems throughout the body, including but not limited to reproductive, cardiovascular, pulmonary, and the central nervous system, specifically crossing the blood-brain barrier.” There is no reason for them to list a diagnostic in a vaccine patent, ever.

Master Patent for Moderna Covid “Vaccine: WO 2020/160397 (US Patent 10,703,789 B-2, July 7, 2020; Modified polynucleotides for the production of secreted proteins
De Fougerolles , et al.)

Modified polynucleotides for the production of secreted proteins


A pharmaceutical composition which has a plurality of lipid nanoparticles that has a mean particle size of between 80 nm and 160 nm and contains a modified mRNA encoding a polypeptide. The lipid nanoparticles include a cationic lipid, a neutral lipid, a cholesterol, and a PEG lipid. The mRNA contains a 5′-cap, 5′-UTR, N1-methyl-pseudouridine, a 3′-UTR, and a poly-A region with at least 100 nucleotides.

Karen Kingston:
When you go to Moderna’s website (they took it down now, but that’s where I found this), the master patent for their MRNA “vaccine” within the US talks about the lipid nano-particle. As you read through that patent, it says they have self-assembling nano-particles. It’s not vaccines. It’s self-assembling technology. LNP (Lipid nanoparticles) are medical devices; they are not a diagnostic. It says: “polymer-based self-assembled nanoparticles… may be fully programmable”.

This is the Moderna patent for all mRNA vaccines that fall under the Moderna-NIH-Covid 19 vaccines. The gels and absorbant hydrogels are quantum dots. This is an advanced nano-technology.

Mike Adams: The patent says “polymer-based, fully programmable nano-particles.” This is obviously proof that they are using this.

Karen Kingston: Quoting from the patent: “Hydrogels are highly absorbent (they can contain over 99% water) natural or synthetic polymers… The hydrogel described herein may be used to encapsulate lipid nanoparticles which are biocompatible, biodegradable, and/or porous. Quantum dot are part of the hydrogel family.

Polymer-based Self-Assembled Nanoparticles

“Polymers may be used to form sheets which self-assembled into nanoparticles.”

People are not just injected with an mRNA sequence and the nanoparticles. There is plethora of nanotechnology and toxins and Artificial Intelligence and biologics that were injected in people. What type of hydrogels are in the shots? We know people were injected with magnetic hydrogels. Why? Because people are magnetic. I did a 3.5 hour presentation lat August with Dr. Ardis where I went through the magnetic components in the master patents as well.

Referring to paper: “Magnetic Nanocomposite Hydrogels For Tissue Engineering: Design Concepts and Remote Actuation Strategies to Control Cell Fate”

Magnetic Nanocomposite Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering: Design Concepts and Remote Actuation Strategies to Control Cell Fate


Most tissues of the human body are characterized by highly anisotropic physical properties and biological organization. Hydrogels have been proposed as scaffolding materials to construct artificial tissues due to their water-rich composition, biocompatibility, and tunable properties. However, unmodified hydrogels are typically composed of randomly oriented polymer networks, resulting in homogeneous structures with isotropic properties different from those observed in biological systems. Magnetic materials have been proposed as potential agents to provide hydrogels with the anisotropy required for their use on tissue engineering. Moreover, the intrinsic properties of magnetic nanoparticles enable their use as magnetomechanic remote actuators to control the behavior of the cells encapsulated within the hydrogels under the application of external magnetic fields. In this review, we combine a detailed summary of the main strategies to prepare magnetic nanoparticles showing controlled properties with an analysis of the different approaches available to their incorporation into hydrogels. The application of magnetically responsive nanocomposite hydrogels in the engineering of different tissues is also reviewed.

Karen Kingston:
I sent you a great book entitled “Genetically-Engineered Hydrogels.” This explains how they use photons to send signals to the genetically-engineered hydrogels. This gives them information so they can start building out synthetically-recreated tissues combined with inorganic material. It can be activated from an outside signal. This article (below) explains the clots that people are finding. It explains more about what people have been injected with:

Multi‐functional magnetic hydrogel: Design strategies and applications

Multifunctional Magnetic Hydrogel: Design Strategies and Applications


Hydrogel is one of the hottest biomaterials in recent years. Especially, magnetic hydrogels (MHs) prepared by combining unique magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) with hydrogels have attracted wide attention due to their excellent biocompatibility, mechanical properties, absorbability and rich magnetic properties (magnetocaloric, magnetic resonance imaging and intelligent response, etc.). However, the current literature mainly focuses on the application of MHs, without fully understanding the relationship between the design strategies and applications of each function in MHs. This review highlights six major functional properties of MHs, including mechanical properties, adsorption, magnetocaloric effect, magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, intelligent response and biocompatibility. Principles and design strategies of each performance are thoroughly analyzed. Furthermore, the latest applications of MHs in biomedicine, soft actuators, environmental protection, chemistry and engineering in recent 5 years are introduced from the perspective of each function. In the carefully selected representative cases, the design strategies and application principle of multi‐functional MHs are detailed, respectively. The classical fabrication processing of MHs is summarized. At last, we discuss the unmet needs and potential future challenges in MHs development and highlight its emerging strategies.

Kingston: It states that the latest applications of magnetic hydrogels in biomedicine, soft-actuators…. what is that?… they synthetically recreated micro-robots or nanobots.

Soft Actuators For Real World Applications

Soft Actuators For Real World Applications: Nature Review: Authors: Meng Li, Aniket Pal, Abdon Pena-Francesch (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems) and Amirreza Aghakhani, Newcastle University


Inspired by physically adaptive, agile, reconfigurable and multifunctional soft-bodied animals and human muscles, soft actuators have been developed for a variety of applications, including soft grippers, artificial muscles, wearables, haptic devices and medical devices. However, the complex performance of biological systems cannot yet be fully replicated in synthetic designs. In this Review, we discuss new materials and structural designs for the engineering of soft actuators with physical intelligence and advanced properties, such as adaptability, multimodal locomotion, self-healing and multi-responsiveness. We examine how performance can be improved and multifunctionality implemented by using programmable soft materials, and highlight important real-world applications of soft actuators. Finally, we discuss the challenges and opportunities for next-generation soft actuators, including physical intelligence, adaptability, manufacturing scalability and reproducibility, extended lifetime and end-of-life strategies. Soft actuators are flexible and compliant and thus perfectly suited to interact with the human body. This Review discusses tethered, untethered and biohybrid soft actuation strategies, highlights promising real-world applications of soft robots and identifies key future challenges, such as implementing physical intelligence and end-of-life strategies.

November 2021 Nature Reviews Materials 7(3)

Soft actuators, these are synthetically recreated micro robots, or nano-robots. Reads above abstact. This is a hybrid nano-technology made from soft-bodied animals and human muscles. The hydra has been studied by the NIH since the 90’s out of UC Davis and Irvine. It’s like a stem-cell; they use genetic information from the hydra that can be used to rebuild organic structures. They have used this to rebuild limbs in mice. They use genetic information from the hydra.

Mike Adams: You’re saying these are self-healing, biosynthetic structures. Embalmer, Richard Hershman, told me he had a clot from a body of a vaccinated person who later died that he had embalmed. He put the clot into storage and the next day he found that the clot had grown about 40%. If they are adaptive. That could make sense based on what you are saying.

Kingston: Yes, they are bio-synthetic, artificial intelligence, nano-technology parasites. That’s not a term that they use. But it’s a way to think of it. So they need the host, but at some point they don’t need the host.

Adams: Why go to all this trouble to have the human body build these structures if their goal is only depopulation? If your the globalists?

Kingston: I don’t have an answer for that. We are part of a massive transhumanism experiment; they are trying to create their own species. I don’t know if they are trying to execute us or create a new species. We don’t know what their intentions are.

Adams: This is almost like science fiction, except you are quoting patents from Nature Reviews. I feel like I need to review the movies, Alien I and Alien II.

Kingston: People have these bio-synthetic structures in their bodies. People are magnetic. People are having neurological disorders. The whole point of this from this article is to build out different artificial tissues and organs. NIH has a technology called ARES- that can pick up genetic sequences to build out cells, tissues, organs, synthetic tissues. The hydrogel has intelligent response. It can perceive light, pH, other factors. It can significantly respond to behaviors- hence can be used in tissue engineering. It creates life-like bio-synthetic robots. It needs electromagnetic frequencies for energy to thrive and also to receive signals and information for external stimulation. These are nanotechnology smart devices. Beyond that, they are AI.

Mike Adams: Your phone APP tells your cell phone to transmit infra-red photons to remote control the TV. Couldn’t a vaccine tracing APP transmit Infra-red instructions? Your own phone could be broadcasting infra-red instructions.

Karen Kingston: Yes, this is the same technology that is used in Television. John Quis, Chinese man who has worked with the US military, talks about how quantum dots are used in television.

Mike Adams: So it doesn’t have to be 5G that is the source of the broadcast, it could be the tracking apps on your phone that are broadcasting this. They agree to give the APPs everything.

This image is from the same article. This made my jaw drop. These are images of the pilated lipid nanoparticle technology that contains the magnetic hydrogel. What do they look like? They look like spike proteins. We’ve been lied to. These are electromagnetic technology- they are not biological.

These are the little spiky things that people are calling the spike protein.

These are called (PLGA-MPEG) nano-capsules and (PFOB@MPEG) nano-emulsions. So the whole Covid-19 spike protein narrative seems to be a giant lie. The “spikes” are actually electromagnetic nanotechnology. The spike is the AI.

Clay Clark says COVID-19 stands for “Certification of Vaccination ID and 1 is A is and 9 is I, so the Covid-19 spike is AI. Please believe your lying eyes.

Reading from article on opal hydrogels for tissue engineering related to the Moderna patent above:

“The ionically cross-linked polymer is alginate. The ionically cross-linked polymer is removed by adding a metal chelating agent selected from the group consisting of citric acid, ethylenediamine, ethylenediaminetetracetic acid (EDTA).”

Some say EDTA can absorb and remove the spike. I really don’t know what biological solutions we have. But I think getting rid of the 5G is our best chance at saving humanity.

We are dealing with (IOHs) which are organic and inorganic hydrogels. Reading from abstract of 2013 patent (US Patent 2013/0251618 A1): these organic and inorganic hydrogels “A method for making semi-conducting single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTS).”

These are florescent…. Green and red. These are quantum dots. Stew Peters has had people on his show talking about these. This is what you are injected with. Carbon nanotubes, quantum dots.


Abstract and Figures

Inorganic‐organic hybrid nanoparticles (IOH‐NPs) with a general composition [ZrO]2+[RDyeOPO3]2‐, [Ln]3+n/3[RDye(SO3)n]n‐, [Ln(OH)]2+n/2[RDye(SO3)n]n‐, or [LnO]+n[RDye(SO3)n]n‐ (Ln: lanthanide) are a novel class of nanomaterials for fluorescence detection and optical imaging. IOH‐NPs are characterized by an extremely high load of the fluorescent dye (70‐85 wt‐%), high photochemical stability, straightforward aqueous synthesis, low material complexity, intense emission and high cell uptake at low toxicity. Besides full‐color emission, IOH‐NPs are suitable for multimodal imaging, singlet‐oxygen generation as well as drug delivery and drug release. This focus review presents the material concept of the IOH‐NPs as well as their synthesis and characterization. Their characteristic features are illustrated by selected in vitro and in vivo studies to initiate application in biology and medicine.

What’s an IOH? The article says it is a semi-conductor type quantum dot and up-converting nanoparticles and organic dyes.

These images match up with what the scientists are seeing under the microscope. These are quantum dots. This also roles up to the Moderna master patent. These are “single-walled carbon nanotubes” (SWCN). This is owned by a company in China. This is what you are injected with…. Carbon nanotubes, quantum dots.

This is another patent that shows how they are able to disperse these materials throughout the body.


It says right here it is a patent for preparing semi-conductive nanoparticles throughout the body. It states they are semi-conductive, nano-crystals also known as quantum dots.

Adams: Clearly, there is a bigger goal in all this. And you mentioned transhumanism. You are calling these biosynthetic, AI nanotech parasites. It’s almost like the human bodies, after the injections, are being used as a hosts to incubate this next life form which is an AI system. Is it possible that these AI systems that are being built in people’s bodies can talk to each other so there’s a distributed network? Like peer-to-peer AI communication among the people that have been vaccinated?

Kingston: Yes, that’s the Cloud-Mind technology. And it’s in the patent for all Covid 19 vaccines that was filed by Gal Ehrich out of Israel.

Adams: So humans are like a walking biological, AI computational infrastructure without knowing it. And there’s computation-communication happening using your biology without your conscious awareness that any of this is happening?

Kingston: We were lied to about everything. BUT if humanity wakes up. The lethality of this demonic technology appears to be contingent on the 5G technology in our communities. It’s not just based on the Star-Link satellites. If we can rise up and wake people up there is hope. The only hope is to stop the 5G. The military should remove the bioweapons and take down the towers.

Adams: Even if they did that now, we have already had 12.5 billion injections on the planet, which is more than one per person on the planet. In the US, according to official estimates, more than 70% of the population has been injected. So even if we stop it now, what about the 70% who already have this in their bodies?

The functionality of this technology is based on 5G. This is based on the Bohr-particle- the observer effect in frequencies. Theoretically, without 5G none of this works. It all almost disappears into the quantum field without the EM frequencies. And then it reappears. It’s based on quantum mechanics and the Bohr particle. It comes into existence based on that frequency. In the early stages of the activation, it will seem like the nanotechnology appears out of nowhere. For some, these AI features have probably established enough of a presence that it changes them.

Adams: I know these bio-structures are physical and they kill people. Is there a reason that vaccinated people suffer personality changes? They become more aggressive, they lose their humanity.

Kingston: Yes. That’s explained by Dr. James Giordano, a Professor of Neuroethics (an oxymoron) and neuroweapons. He started working with Obama in 2008. He is a strong advisor to launching Obama’s BRAIN Initiative. He’s US military marine trained. He trains the West Point cadets and the US Naval Academy. He works with the CIA, DARPA, etc. This is his organization: “Homeland Defense and Security Information Analysis Center.” He talks about people changing their personalities.

In: “Battlescape Brain: Engaging Neuroscience in Defense Operations (Winter, 2017)”

Giordano states that “a weapon is a way of contending against another to injure, deceive, or destroy.” He also notes that: Neuro Science/Technology can be used in military contexts:

1) for diagnostics and treatments of medical conditions,
2) to create human-machine networks, and
3) develop lethal and nonlethal weapons.”

This is our top advisor on neuroweapons in the US. So we are at war with our own government which has been captured by an enemy and this is what is happening.

Neurotoxins and neurotechnology are defined by the Biological Toxic Weapons Conventions and the Chemical Weapons Convention as “weapons of mass destruction”- BUT if we don’t think of them that way and we think of them as medical devices, we have a lot of leeway. So under health regulations, we can do what we want.

Adams: So you are saying they can take neuroweapons systems and by relabeling them “Emergency Use Authorization,” then they don’t have to really disclose what they are doing?

Kingston: Yes. I can show you the FDA law that allows that to happen as well.

Adams: So this explains why they had to have the media hype the fear- about the plandemic in order to justify the EUA, it wasn’t just that they wanted to skip the clinical trials for the vaccine, they needed to package neuroweapons systems under EUA- that’s the only way they could scoot them through?

Kingston: Yes, and under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), if someone was injected with a neurotechnology device, if that was proprietary information, under Section 21814.9 for a pre-market approval medical device, the pre-market approval file submitted to the FDA does not need to be disclosed if the information is not publicly available. So Bill Gates can keep his evil secret secret. That’s why they needed the world to believe the FDA approval never happened. They did the FDA approval to get more people to believe that the mandates were legal. But then they convinced the world it never happened because it changed the laws of war. And James Giordano knows that. Because when you read his documentation, he talks about how under health and experimentation we can actually deploy military weapons.

Adams: This weapon system you are describing has been deployed worldwide? Or are there different injections used in China and Russia and Iran verses Western Civilization? I don’t think they were injecting Pfizer vaccines in China. And in Russia, the vaccines could have been more of a traditional vaccine. And not even mRNA.

Kingston: We know there’s different stuff in the different vials. But I don’t know what they put in all these vials.

Going back to changing people’s personalities: In this 2017 article in National Defense (Weaponizing the Brain: Neuroscience Advancements Spark Debate), Giordano states:

“For instance, neurologically acting drugs to selectively target the thoughts, sentiments, and actions of an individual such as a political or military leader to evoke a change in his or her ideas, emotions, and behaviors.

Certain neuroactive drugs, toxins, or microbes that can be used against larger scale targets to incur “ripple consequences” within a group, community, or populations. These agents could be dispersed to produce “sentinel cases” in communities of individuals who exhibit neuro-psychiatric and other physical signs and symptoms. Attribution as a terrorist action, and accompanying misinformation about salient and escalating signs and symptoms – such as anxiety, sleeplessness, and paranoia- could be propagated over the internet.

This would tend to amplify reactions among an expanding number of members of the group or population, who would then seek health care, and thereby evoke an increasing burden on the public health system — even if only in the short term.

Subsequent internet messaging of narratives aimed at denigrating any governmental responses in attempting to quell public concerns and reaction to the “threat,” could be used to both foster dissolution of public trust, and increase widening social disruption. One need only to recall the public response to the very limited distribution of anthrax in the weeks following the 9/11 attacks for evidence of the viability and possible effects of such tactics.”

Adams: So he is saying they could use the corporate media to propagate all these effects after just targeting a few individuals who generate symptoms, and then the media amplifies that and then people kind of make themselves sick or more sick.

Kingston: And he also says that they can also cause emotional instability and they can target specific individuals as well. So this is from Professor James Giordano, again, our top leader in neuroweapons in the United States military-intelligence community.

Adams: The odd thing about all of this: If we were just talking about the military developing weapons to let’s say, defend the United States against foreign enemies, that would be a completely different context than what we’re talking about now, because from what you are providing here, it seems apparent that these weapons have been deployed against the American people. Against all of humanity in essence.

Kingston: Yes, and to go back to the quantum dot and to the Chinese military involvement. This is from John Qui in 2019 in some breaking military publication, they talk about they are developing nanotubes and quantum dots and 5G. He’s from China and is based in South Carolina working for the US Army. The massive deployment of 5G is one of his projects. Quantum dots are like 6 nanometers… it’s so tiny. It goes inside the body… But you need the 5G to activate the quantum dots and carbon nanotubes.

2019 story shown on screen: “Carbon Nanotubes and Quantum Dots; Army Thinks VERY Small.” by the Graphene Council, Jan. 9, 2020

Adams: According to quantum computing, these quantum dots or cubits as their known in quantum computing, these quantum bits can simultaneously hold values of 0 and 1, through superposition of the quantum effects that nobody really understands. These are also used for decryption applications. But if they are building AI biosynthetic substances in your body, now you are talking about quantum dots… What if there are small quantum computing capabilities that are part of this package? Earlier we were talking about how they were installing “primary structures,” which to me sounds like an operating system platform to receive future payloads or future instructions. I’m just guessing, but my original background is in software technology.

Kingston: Yes. These are meant to act as independent operating systems that can host fields and send and receive signals.

Adams: Yes, and I think some of these vaccine companies talk about how they are installing an operating system and then they can later push updates, which is software, to control what you are doing at a cellular level. (Yes, the Moderna website admits this- webmaster).

Kingston: Yes. And they will communicate with one another. I wanted to finish with the Chinese company… what John Qui was saying. He is based in South Carolina. He said there was a small business technology grant for the research on the quantum dot. They talk about integrating many circuits together to build actual equipment. The way John Qui answered this, he said ARO was just one piece of the research. He said: I just do the scientific research. But when it goes to ARO, that’s where it becomes part of “combat capabilities development.”

So this is a weapon of warfare. The quantum dot system, creating networks within our bodies within humans to the 5G to the satellite system, this is a combat operation. .

But what would be the real world application of this in combat? What do they do inject the soldiers on the field and aliens come out of their chest? What are we talking about here?

I think this is an execution platform.

Adams: So they’re not building supersoldiers, they’re just exterminating humans.

They are building supersoldiers, but they aren’t human; those are AI supersoldiers. Those are the Cloud-Mind soldiers. The quantum dots are no more than 6 nanometers, so they fit inside a nanotube. Those nanotubes within the LNP contain the quantum dot.

So this is the patent related to all Covid-19 vaccines:

Methods and systems of prioritizing treatments, vaccination, testing and/or activities while protecting the privacy of individuals (US20210082583A1 (final # is: US 11107588 B2; Granted August 31, 2021) by Gal EHRLICH and Maier Fenster, Israel


An aspect of some embodiments of the invention relates to system and methods for anonymously selecting subjects for treatment against an infectious disease caused by a pathogen, comprising: 1. a plurality of electronic devices configured with instructions to generate an ID, when in proximity of another such electronic device, one or both of transmit said ID to said another electronic device and receive an ID from said another electronic device, generating a score based on a plurality of such received IDs, receiving information from a server, displaying relevant treatment instructions to said subjects based on received information; 2. at least one server comprising instructions for sending to said plurality of electronic devices information to display said relevant treatment instructions; where said at least one server or said electronic devices comprise instructions to generate a prediction of likelihood of a subject transmitting said pathogen, based on a score of the subject.

Kingston: As you can see, this is underskin technology as being a SMART technology. And these are networks of people connected to one other. The electronic devices will exchange people’s IDs. The electronic devices are not your cell phones, they are in your systems. This patent was granted on August 31, 2021. It states it’s for all the Covid-19 vaccines are from the World Health Organization. It says in some embodiments vaccines are all compounds as disclosed in the World Health Organization website. So all tests, products, PCR tests, vaccines, that are listed on; so anything that’s used in Covid-19 can have this SMART technology in it.

Adams: OK. said virus is SARS-COV2, MERS-COV, SARS-COV, influenza virus, and any disease the results in influenza like symptoms.

Kingston: Yes. It says that some people may have no symptoms at all but still need a vaccine. This is considered a smart device. They think of it as a cell phone. It’s a nano-cell phone that they have injected under your skin and no one told you. That’s what it is, Mike.

I wanted to get to Cloud-Mind, which is a company in China. The AI technology product they are launching this year is the “5G New Species Cloud Robot.” So they’ve created their new species and their whole family. One of the things I thought was alarming is that they have this nanotechnology that puts out aerosol microorganisms-lipid nanoparticles for pandemics. And guess what, humans are the virus. They say they have a secure cloud-based intelligence service for the robots and smart devices through AI, enhanced by human intelligence. So again, we are here to enhance the robots, not the other way around.

They talk about 5G and block chain authentication techniques they need. Block chain is used for identity purposes and crytocurrrency. I don’t know why robots need money and their own ID.

They talk about creating the “digital twin” reality; that’s taking everything that AI learned about a human and then creating a robot that reflects that kind of human. They talk about the standard control of how robots will be connected to the Cloud Brain. So they also want the humans to have our neurological systems connected to this AI one brain. This technology has been injected in people’s bodies, so it seems like ideally what they want is to have the humans to have our neurological systems connected to the Cloud Brain, and you’ll get your orders from it.

They talk about the importance of 5G. This is where I think there is hope if we want to save humanity. This is from 2019. They say that data delays determine whether real time control of the robots can be achieved.

They say the broad application of 5G will benefit the robot system, enabling the robots, transfer of huge amounts of data from the Cloud..

So 5G is not for us, it is for these robots. 5G will be used to help enslave and exterminate us while it is empowering and energizing the robots. This is the SEC filing from 2019. It says they will use the US and South Korea to deploy this because we have the most 5G towers.

So this will give the robots the bandwidth they need for real time video-monitoring and surveillance of you and everyone in your house, but also so that the decision-making of the robots is handled in the AI cloud. Wasn’t this a Will Smith movie called “I-Robot,” where all the robots went bad and started murdering people?

Kingston: And Google just announced this API, TENSOR or something, that is a virtual user face that can extract terrabytes of information. So it’s all in place. Again, it’s all contingent on the 5G.

So if you don’t believe me that this is a military operation and a threat…. They list 24 entities (Chinese companies) that are acting contrary to the national security interest of the US…. (Kingston names Chinese companies listed as a threat by US agencies…. Here Kingston demonstrates her geopolitical ignorance, in my opinion, as this is most probably a deception-projection exercise by the US military.)

They determine that Cloudmind Technology Co. provides a significant risk to the US. We’ve put up 5 G towers, we’ve been injected with this technology…. So the Chinese can use this to execute Americans.

Adams: They were so desperate to get everyone injected. The agenda was to make sure that everyone got installed with this tech.

Kingston: And what’s scary is that when the 5G towers put out these frequencies, I don’t know what’s going to happen. If you still don’t believe me, AG Merrick Garland on Feb. 7, 2022 said that people who say 5G towers are a health threat are terrorists.

Adams: Are familiar with Mr. Calendar who has said 5G would activate the kill mechanism of those who are previously injected.

Kingston: People have EM receivers in their bodies and they’ve infiltrated major systems of their bodies, including their brain. And it’s very clear by the military documents and the patents that you can send out EM frequencies that would cause death. Dr. James Giordano says that.

IV. Karen Kingston uncovers patents revealing “cognitive action” spike protein structures in vaccines, Oct 23, 2022 (Part 2 of Kingston-Adams Interview)

Karen Kingston uncovers patents revealing “cognitive action” spike protein structures in vaccines Oct 23, 2022

Partial Transcription of Interview by Webmaster

Kingston: I found over a decade of research for our last interview. I want the truth to be understood and the evidence to be evaluated. I have new information today. Today I want to talk about the quantum dot because that’s the backbone technology and energy of this energy bioweapon. It’s a bioweapon because it’s part biology and part technology. That’s what biotech always was… the merger of technology and biology, and now we know that’s AI and biology.

The Moderna website has about 8 patents that are applicable to all mRNA vaccines, Pfizer, BioNTech, Johnson and Johnson, etc. This is the master patent for the lipid nanoparticle technology.

US Patent 10703789 B2, Jan. 7, 2020.

And as we talked about last time the lipid nanotechnology is actually part the AI bioweapon and is actually the spike protein. This for production of the protein, it has the sequences in it for the body to produce the protein. It’s not a synthetic protein, it’s biosynthetic. This patent states they are 8 to 100 nanometers in size. This is one tenth the size of a virus. And a quantum dot can be as small as 1 nanometer. (One nanometer is one billionth of a meter or 10 -9 m; a micrometer is one millionth of a meter, so one nanometer is one one thousanths of a micron). So we are getting into the quantum field.

It states in section 219, that “the polymer-based self-assembled nanoparticles such as, but not limited to, microsponges, may be fully programmable nanoparticles. The geometry, size, and stochiometry of the nanoparticle may be precisely controlled to create the optimal nanoparticle for delivery of cargo, such as, but not limited to, polynucleotides, primary constructs and/or mRNA.”

What are the nanoparticles? It’s in the master patent.

This is the patent that’s really interesting that has been taken down by the us patent office. In the Moderna lipid nanoparticle techdnology website, there are probably about 80 patents. This was filed by Life Technologies for water dispersable nanoparticles which are quantum dots. This is can be distrubuted throughout the body in your blood stream. How do I know this rolls up into that patent that’s on the Moderna website.

I want to go over patents to show that that’s always been the intention of the Covid vaccine.

V. Dr Mike Adams & Karen Kingston Talk About nanotech in mRNA vaccines & Dangers

VI. Karen Kingston Interviewed By Mike Adams 2-18-2022

Karen Kingston interviewed by Mike Adams 2/18/2022

VI. Global Elite (British Fabian Socialists) in their Own Words: We Will Create New Humans, Oct 20, 2022, Jay Dyer