Neurorights Address and Legislation by Aaron Clark (12/26/2022)

I. Email message to Webmaster (Dr. Eric Karlstrom) from Aaron Clark (Dec. 26, 2022)

Legal Exhortation for all parties concerned with Neurorights Legislation, National & International Security, Constitutional Rights, Smart/Power Grid Vulnerability, Weaponized Medical Device Industry – Updated 12/26/2022- Please read all material in its entirety- Any parties with important information/support involving this material, please contact Associate Attorney Tiffany Ellis (Work: [email protected], Personal: [email protected], Phone: 313-800-4170)

Address to US/NATO Intelligence Community, DOD, DOJ, and all concerned Employees, Personnel, and Assets:

II. Neurorights Legislation:, More Info:

III. To the addressed: Important to note the attack on Asian ethnicity with this case (see blockage of ‘Vietnamese Buddhists’ for ex, a significant action to any religious institution, esp considering the recently blocked ‘True Torah Jews’ Organization), cultural weaponization through the Hmong/Vietnamese populations in St. Paul, MN, which is the largest for it’s geographical size in the United States. There is a strong connection here between parties in the ‘Feeding Our Futures’ case, imposed austerities to provoke ethnographic warfare, and the ‘Black Led Movement Fund,’ which circulates funding/donations through ‘Black Lives Matter’ (see the first clip in Document A- Intro, for a reference to convicted Terrorists/Pentagon-Bomber Susan Rosenberg managing this money), and the growing grievances of a twin organization, ‘Asian Lives Matter.’ The more funding that has been circulated through BLM, while parallel corruption/private-incentivizing of Policing is rampant (see book ‘Enemies in Blue’ by Kristian Williams, joined with the referenced Whitney Webb article on ‘The Predictive Modeling Mafia’), shows that in spite of the social conscious slogans such ‘astroturf’ organizations use, they are on average, by far, hurting these communities. I can testify to this myself, having lived in Subsidized Housing for over a decade of my adult life, and witnessing the impact of these policies. Reform is needed, but not one that incentivizes ‘Token’ cliches of ethnic/racial types- something previously lambasted by socially conscious, left-leaning groups, and the resurrection of Jim-Crow-Esque taxonomy (Instead of ‘White’ vs ‘Colored,’ it’s ‘White’ vs ‘People of Color,’ or the abstract, genomic tokenism of ‘Black’ vs ‘Brown’ vs ‘White,’ where East-Asian Ethnicity/Race is nearly missing). The goal is to build bridges, not burn them, and it seems category-errors, false equivalencies are being utilized here to identify bridge-burning with bridge-building, which is potentially genocidal if taken to its maximum (see multiple ‘Genocide Studies’ and awareness organizations blocked).

In the case that some of the hyperlinked material confuses you/anyone- the folder with ‘cycling Wifi addresses’ shows WIFI addresses always present at my current address- Park Haven- which refer to Blackmail/Sexual Exploitation (‘Queen Boof’ & the Kavanaugh Trial) and direct threat using fraud (those- being used in my 7556 Building- saying ‘Home Address 203’- my apartment number). Anyone present in the area can see that these particular addresses use a ‘Scrambling Method,’ where they rotate out, by just watching how they interact on a Cell Phone Wifi- one will disappear, and another will replace it in that particular list of WIFI addresses, where only two options are possible through logical deduction: one, that they are a cyberterror/hacking group that uses such scrambling methods, which seems improbable, considering how long they’ve remained active (over a year), or two, that they are directly connected to Law Enforcement activity, whether it is Community Policing (w many CI’s being involved), Brooklyn Park Police, and/or the FBI. Hopefully that clarifies any confusion that some of that may have caused. Many people may not know what ‘Boof’ means either, especially with reference to its sudden usage as an outdated slang term, increasing probability of the Kavanaugh Trial reference- i.e. no one says ‘Boof’ anymore, and most don’t even know what it means without this reference. This, of course, takes on more meaning when placed next to the addresses ‘Lolita,’ ‘Fuck You’ (which appeared when addressing HCMC by Mychart Email, in snapshot), and ‘Home Apartment 203.’ Brendan O’connels U.N. refugee appeal may contain useful material here in regards to the VERINT Israel/US law enforcement data racket, which seems to have symbolically crossed over in the George Floyd case, where the ‘Knee on Neck’ technique being used was something distinctly taught in Israel through ‘Krav Maga’ and has been used frequently on Palestinians by the Israeli Military, who help train the Twin Cities Police through the ADL, IDF.

There are some new folders, such as that referring to the ‘Smiley Face’ and ‘Shopping Cart Killers; ref to Shopping carts- CCTV footage is very important here- they always place them at the corner of KY Ave and 76th, where they used to always distinctly use one ‘Target’ cart among a group of generic, grey carts from Cub Foods. This is only to show potential overlap with a number of cases, where again- like in the Floyd Case- Private Security and Police activity cross over with Organized Crime (Chauvin and Floyd both working for same Private Security outfit, ties to Counterfeit money ring, Meth/Fentanyl heart-stopping cocktails). With such a broadly connected, horizontally-mobile network, there is a varying level of significance between these elucidated connections- i.e. I am not claiming a ‘false equivalency’ that ‘Community Policing’ = Smiley Face Killer, etc. Overlap may be, and is even probably, the result of blackmail/extortion, placement of certain individuals in Key positions, such as the described African American Policeman in HCMC ER, on the evening of April 28th- an important figure in this network for evidence, questioning.

As I mention here, I believe that there is a potential, even probably tie to the National attacks on Power Grids, especially because of proximity to the Christmas Holiday (many lights being used, etc). In the obstruction folder, you can see a Blocked woman who is both a social worker, and an influential figure in the housing department, Heidi- she should have, in her files, that I reported a strategically targeted power outage here, where a group outside ran into the building immediately upon the outage, carrying out questionable activity very loudly. My email being blocked to her is an important example, because she works with a lot of handicapped people/families throughout the Twin Cities area, and unlike other cases, ‘Disroot’ did not send me a warning of the blockage. In other words, I didn’t know she didn’t get the (important) email, and by seemingly random chance, my ‘Gmail’ email made it to her, in spite of a number of other unexplained blocks with that client, such as Mary Lasky, chair of the Power/Smart Grid Defense Organization ‘Infragard.’ Had I not been aware of the entire situation, like your average person, sending only a few emails a week, it is possible I’d never have known she didn’t receive my message. I only became aware of this by sending out an above average amount of emails, and noting that they were being inexplicably blocked by both public and private institutions that had never communicated with me, and not for reasons of ‘spamming,’ etc. Like I’ve mentioned, if I was criminally labeled ‘Spam,’ I never got an effective warning by any client, and my emails to fmr. Congersswoman Cynthia McKinney, Disabilities Leader Alice Wong, or Neuropsychology Professor Dean Radin would’ve been lost in their spam folder, never responded to.

I am sending you this update for a two key reasons. The first, obvious one, is that the weaponry being used destroys attorney/client privilege as long as it is active, on my person, and if removed, needs to be turned over to the DOD/Intelligence Community- so I need effective inter communicative assistance in this regard. I contacted the OIGs for the Intelligence Community (IC), NSA (Signals), National Guard/Army, DOD, and NIA, over a month ago, and left your contact info on all of their voicemails- your name, number, and email- along with the same information for my Uncle Philip Clarke, who is both a veteran and white-collar crime/criminal law attorney. If you all have not heard from them, I find that quite puzzling, if not criminally negligent, considering I exhaustively source the kind of attack taking place, which is part of an active investigation by the CIA (concerning the weapons usage at the Cuban Embassy). Second, I am giving you, as best I possibly can, express permission to do with the communicated material as you see fit, and also to communicate any useful information you procure in addition to my uncle Philip, and to anyone you think can help. Given the level of threat issued by this group, the Reverse-Engineered technology involved, all people I have sent this to are both safer for knowing it, but also potential targets for some level of activity from this group, and may need extra information/communication because of this.

They claim many crimes, but as I mention in the documents, this is a ‘discordian’ technique to obfuscate strategic attack, also known as ‘asymmetric warfare.’ Anyone close to me has been clearly threatened, and you are no exception, in addition to those I mention in Family/Friend Circles- i.e. they maximize threat, and- proven by the HCMC 28th incident- are capable, but only carry out a limited number of specific attacks, both to confuse and to stigmatize, strike down testimony, especially from those who are under educated and end up victims, mules, etc for them in poverty stricken areas. Because of the threat, obstruction, brought by this situation, it is nearly impossible for me to travel and sign documents out of state. I have spoken with Philip one time on the phone since this has happened. The corrupt PIs that he is aware of, who claimed I was ‘missing and/or dead, with no social security number’ for years, when this was patently false, are very important in seeing this situation in a broader context.

I have included as much signed identification material to give you permission to help in any way possible. See the attachments for that, as well as updated material, sourcing involving this situation. Again, you have my permission- as someone I’ve known, trust- to both use and share this information that will in any way be potentially helpful. If there are trustworthy people in the fields of both Health and Defense/National Security, that can shield the torture and give me proper medical attention, have the Devices officially (w legal record) turned over to them, please order this ASAP. All of it presents an imminent threat as long as it is active, and the weapons communicative ability- w usage of A.I. algorithmic filter in the cochlear device- allows for an ongoing threat broadcast that should not continue in any way shape or form, for both public safety/National Security, and potential conflict of interest where ongoing, covert threat can be issued to strongarm/extort those in both the Public and Private Sectors.

Thank you.

IV. Update 12-19-2022:

For those connected to National Security: There is important information here regarding, explaining the network likely responsible for recent attacks on Power Grids. There is quite a bit of material here, but please take the time to look over it. I am currently being tortured by this group, who uses a vast trust vehicle, laundering apparatus to cast off responsibility, and allow a remote, speculative source to attack the US infrastructure, while using the street/working-class managerial level as a proxy network (which has no obvious ideology, works horizontally across ethnic boundaries, is motivated by bribery and extortion). See the ‘biotech’ source in the attached and hyperlinks to understand the seriousness of this, with the U.N. Rappoteur on Torture Nilz Melzers address to the International Community being a call-to-action dealing with one core component. As you will read, the Obstructive Measures carried out by this group, in the Digital and Community-Spheres, are often obfuscated by a ‘smoke screen’ tactic, where Cultural/Political opposition is imitated- examples: ‘Twitter Ghost Bans’ scandal being used to cover up vast obstruction in other digital spheres (see the ‘Obstruction’ folder in Hyperlink), ‘Metoo’ movement being a whistleblowing operation focused on Poor Urban Populations, then Co-Opted as a way to turn away from that, focus on Celebrities, and finally, those in the ‘Targeted Individual’ (‘TI’) sphere who are dealing with actual torture being surrounded by digital-moles/impostors- who are often preoccupied with tar-and-feather political groups such as ‘Qanon’ (Qanon is a group used as a way to stigmatize Complexity in Geopolitical Analysis, e.g. the usage of ‘Deep State’ as Cartoonish Villian, when the term was coined by Professor, Expert in International Deep Political analysis Peter Dale Scott).

(Apologies to those who receive two copies of this email. I am using multiple avenues/clients to offset, ‘triangulate’ communications obstruction. Sometimes I have had better luck using a website’s personal email ‘contact’ section, however, the importance of individual email clients in the US- particularly those with a reputation for security/encryption- taking responsibility, along with Signals Intelligence/Federal Communications, cannot be understated and has to be checked by the public’s usage of them without criminal/terroristic interference. To those addressed involved in the Holistic/Integrative Medicine Fields, Depth Psychology/Ethnobotany/-biology- stigmatized as ‘alternative medicine,’ really ‘traditional medicine,’- you will find information relative to the sabotage, targeting of those in these fields, described in many pre-Covid news articles/clips, such as these two & ) . . .

Hello- I am re-sending this email copy to yesterdays ‘potential recipients’ because of another obstructive, email-block that occurred to the Bioethics, Anti-Genocide Website/Group ‘Nuremberg 2.’ This is the third site I know of specifically that deals directly with ‘Genocide’ to be blocked. A large cache of blocked emails, targeting individuals/groups across a wide spectrum of institutions, is contained in the Sync/Icedrive folder (please share) labeled ‘Digital Obstruction.’ Again, just to reaffirm, I use ‘Disroot’ usually to confirm that I am not ‘Spam,’ ‘Malware,’ or ‘Ransomware,’ and have had correspondence through my emails with a number of influential individuals that seem to get a response or two in, then incoming obstruction occurs. I have notified, among other institutions, the Inspector Generals in DHS (blocked- EMP Task Force), Intelligence Community (Fraud targeting this group), and DOJ (also blocked, w EPA, HUD, DOE), and told them to please check the digital record and mitigate this criminal blockage of communication concerning a events of serious concern to the American Public, Government, and Business Community. In spite of this, the activity has continued, indicating severe negligence, while occassionally- usually those with end-to-end encryption, digitally conscious Journalists/Activists- will get their emails through, like I mentioned with Cynthia McKinney, a group which also includes Scholar Dean Radin, Author Jasun Horsely, and Jaleel Appleseed, designer of the very informative website ‘Expose the Enemy.’ Because this recent group, which you all are a part of, is concerned primarily with health, I am obliged to resend this in hopes that it can evade what has happened with similar sites- such as ‘The Center For Integrative and Holistic Medicine,’ ‘Depth Psychology Alliance,’ ‘Witness Against Torture,’ ‘Center for the Study of Genocide,’ and the ‘American Families Association,’ among many others. The Legal Aide, National Security site ‘Targeted America’ was also blocked today (12-9), which I will include by itself in the attachment (see those for only a small section of the obstructive evidence included in the Icedrive Hyperlink/ Zip File).

Email from Disroot Address ([email protected], 12-06-2022):

This is an update regarding my case against Torture, abuse of the Health System, Systematic Targeting of both Infrastructural and National Security Vulnerability, which many of you are likely familiar with (given you have read my email) by now. The abuse, tantamount to the highest treason and lowest possible ethical standard, has lasted nearly a year. I’ll save everyone an entire recap here. For those unfamiliar, the legal/medical briefing is contained in the Sync/Icedrive Links and is public for those who can share it, garner genuine support. I have included Doctors and Nurses, both retired and active, in the addressed- both friends/family and those whose work has inspired me to endure and fight all of this. One of those in the latter category is Brendon O’connell, who worked as a Registered Nurse for quite some time in Australia, and whose experience with corruption has Socioeconomic and Geopolitical parallels my own, which puts the ‘Five Eyes’ on display regarding a now nearly missing ‘Eye’ where within the medical system, austerity and enforcement structure there is a harbinger for what this will all undeniably become if left unchecked.

(Webmaster comment: He is referring to Israel).

Much damage has already been done. I have included his Refugee Application, Court Case documents in my emails for the past month. Through this lens, the blockage of Brendon’s abuse/torture case has also taken place. He is appealing for Asylum while the same network I describe has, without nearly enough deterrent from our oversight/checks balances, also stolen 250 Million Dollars from Refugees in the ‘Feeding Our Future’ MN Case, while using that money to supply a laundromat of street gangs, fake activism (astroturf), secondary weapons sales (see recent work of Ioan Grillo), narcotics, safehouses, using the austerities to make Migrants/Refugees desperate and Ethnographically weaponized, which is described in included material with updates regarding their stationing in Tulsa- a haven for the Russian Chabad Lubavitch- where only in the past weeks a new, large case has opened up. The strategy being used to target key infrastructure and ethnic groups is not new, either, and is very similar, though with more advanced technology, to the sabotage described in E. Michael Jones’ work ‘Slaughter of Cities.’ There is parallel targeting of ethnic neighborhoods, religious groups during that period, nearly a hundred years ago, around when the ‘Trust Project’ of Russia was being used to infiltrate the US economy with a rapid, dis-integrative, entropic Trojan Horse, best understood in the work of Russian KGB defector Anotoliy Golitsyn. The Feeding Our Futures case has been the largest criminal case brought during the era of ‘Covid,’ and it seems that may only be the tip of the iceberg.

Upon collapsing unconscious (for the 4th time in a month) on 11-24, I called 911 for Emergency Service, which will be my third visit to the Twin Cities Hospital ER system this year. The event was accompanied by pulsing, explosive inflammation through my hindbrain and into both cortical hemispheres, pushing extreme pressure through my Sinus, Ocular, and Cochlear regions The first two visits were when nearly identical circumstances occurred on April 28th, 2022. I describe in the Sync/Icedrive material the usurpation of the entire Hennepin County Medical Center Emergency Room (HCMC) on the evening of that date. The new link folder- with hospital (Southdale) name and date- shows the neuromuscular/neurovascular pain I was in, which was dangerously similar to that of a Stroke, Clotting and/or Hemorrhaging. The Staff, listed in the photo were hardly concerned with the Symptoms I described, immediately asking about my heart rate (slightly above average), rude inquisition about ‘possible excess usage of psychiatric medication’ (I take a very small, conventional dose of Zoloft for depression), Narcotics/Alcohol use (I do neither, and none present in Urine). My face was contorting and kicking, brain/skull pressure in extreme pain, while they asked me over and over about this, applying a blood pressure check to my arm which squeezed my arm tighter than an MMA submission 20 plus times. When asking for Emergency Contact info etc, I told them to use my uncle, mentioned in the material, attorney Phillip J. Clarke (email: [email protected], phone: 252-342-0253), and immediately the Doctor asked, ‘Attorney? What, to sue you?’ This same stalling, abusive questioning was also present to a degree with the ambulance driver (which I’ve only experienced in the Twin Cities, not in KY), and footage of that is available. Upon entrance to the ER, I was placed in a room with curtains drawn the entire time, no camera footage in the room, which forced me to photograph the staff names, and film my own symptoms had I somehow not been moved through an area where camera footage was available to prove/show my visually recognizable symptoms. My face muscles and brain are still experiencing these intermittent convulsions, and the Doctor/Hospital described this entire event as a ‘headache,’ repeatedly questioning why I did not want to take ‘Benadryl’ for the symptoms, when no allergic reaction was diagnosed. I have documented abreaction to antihistamines, which isn’t uncommon, and it has never prevented me from seeking advice from allergy doctors, where I am diagnosed with a common, mild allergy to mold, dust. They then, both nursing staff and especially the doctor present, said I was ‘refusing treatment’ by not wanting to take Benadryl/Dipenhydramine for what I experienced, which is somewhat strange, considering the abreaction I have had to Dipenhydramine has had some of the same symptoms, though much milder. It would have surely exacerbated the condition. Why the staff kept me off camera, suggesting this, making rude comments about my family/legal representation is a matter of grave concern for anyone, especially those who may be experiencing symptoms similar to that of stroke, or clotting/hemorrhaging, which have had a sudden uptick in incidence in the past year.

Those listed who have been helping blow the whistle on this behavior in the hospital system, such as Renz Law, Nils Melzer, Dr. Magda Havas, Americas Frontline Doctors, Dr. Scott Jensen (of MN), and Maryam Henein, are welcome to any useful information with my case here, and I urge anyone involved as they are to apply the same pressure to a situation which is bound to collapse key infrastructure if not checked properly. The Holiday weekend, with Black Friday through Cyber Monday, on through the Christmas/New Year Celebrations, is another reason why it is imperative that everyone do all they can to address these problems, because the terroristic, criminal network described works through a ‘McMafia,’ decentralized bribe network like that of Misha Glenny’s work of the same name, yet they use the ‘mules,’ desperate that they exploit (like in ‘Feeding Our Future’), to target key people in core infrastructure (like Police, Hospital Staff), to extort, blackmail, and swallow whole how Communications work, creating a ‘Banality of Evil’ situation much like that which generated the Ukranian Holomodor, Armenian Genocide, and the extremities of East/West Germany. Because of those historical parallels, I sent an email to the ‘Center for Study of Genocide and Human Rights,’ which was blocked. Like with many of the obstructive events that have transpired, I have done my best to triangulate communication and surpass what they are doing- which is why I have included those blocked in the addressed- in one iteration, those in charge of the CSGH, Mintpress News, EMP Taskforce, Project on Government Oversight, and the American Families Association. Hopefully the other oversight and federal agencies I have successfully reported this to have/will do their job to facilitate the healthy, resilient flow of information, honoring the oaths they have taken to remain in office.

Thank you for your time, and again, apologies if I have not replied to anyone who has done the same. It seems the blockage/obstructive tactics are just as bad with incoming and outgoing communications, regardless of the available clients I have used to circumvent all of that.

Today, on 11-28-2022 (‘Cyber Monday’), I have had peak difficulty with using my Phone/Internet (Wifi, Mobile Wifi in conjunction with Mobile Data Network). This has been accompanied by another direct threat at my address, where a WIFI Address (often associated with CIs- resident Confidential Informant usage- and Community Policing, law enforcement) has emerged using my exact address in this building at Park Haven. My apartment is 203, the only 203 in this residential area relevant to normal bandwidth (there is no other Park Haven 203, and any other would be blocks away). The Wifi Address is ‘Home Wifi 203.’ My apartment is 203, but Wifi address is FinnMccool1985. Others used have been ‘Net203’ and often an inverted lingo using ‘Net302.’ This has been recurring, as you can see in the notes on Wifi ‘Signal Hopping,’ and been ignored by law enforcement for years in spite of their awareness of it and other hostile addresses (‘Queen Boof’- also still present today on the 28th, Lolita- present today, ‘Fuck You’- present this week and first emerging with my initial legal contact to Hennepin County Medical Center, etc). A few attached snapshots, which would belong in their respective folders in the provided hyperlinks, show this behavior persisting through today 12/2/2022, with a genocide prevention site being blocked, Craig Unger’s email being blocked for a second time (never having previously emailed him), Matt at the site ‘Witnessagainstorture’- who I was trying to email to show the sites central address had been blocked, Mary Lasky- chairman of Infragard, a Smart-Infrastructual disaster prevention Institution, and Magda at ‘Deep Politics Forum,’ whose individual address had been blocked by an ‘Anti-Spamming’ algorithm- showing how the reasons/methods for the obstruction have varied (for ex, I just responded to/emailed former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who was not blocked in this way from receiving my outgoing mail, who told me she was switching over to email me from her Personal Email Address).

Happy Holidays, and God Bless. Please Help, Share as much as Possible. hyperlink to Exposition on Cyber-Torture/Legal & Medical Material- Updated 12/26/2022- Hospital Abuse, BLM/Smiley Face/Shopping Cart Killer Tie-In: cloud hyperlink- Updated 12/26/2022- in ZIP format for download/sharing- to Exposition on Cyber Torture/Legal & Medical Material:

Link to Brendon Lee O’Connells UN Refugee Application, for important Parallel Material on Surveillance, Cyber-Espionage:!x6hDWYaR!GOaK-TCZBF_acroFHgYa6bi3r1TZ-O8btzYYG7b6XkI

Address to DOD, DOJ, National Security, Intelligence Community Employees, Personnel, and Assets

Neurorights Address to US, DOD, NATO, DOJ, DOD, DOJ, National Security, Intelligence Community Employees, Personnel, and Assets

It has now been over a year since the approximate date that I endured an attack on my body from a set of Biomedical/Cyber weaponry that has been under investigation by Intelligence/DOD/DOJ for much longer (see the ‘Biotech’ and ‘Proxy Terror’ sources in the Hyperlinked and attached material). This is simple to prove on empirical grounds, and just as simple to mitigate in a resilient health system, one that is ready to deal with the potential, existential risk(s) involved. The Weaponry is based in both Singals and Biotech, and in the ‘popular science’ world, is known by mainstream sources as a basic combination of ‘Smart Devices’ related to presently advancing, highly funded IOT (Internet-of-things) and Smart-Grid Infrastructure. For example, it is not too much different than potential ‘pairing,’ as I show in the sources, with ‘Smart Contacts,’ ‘Smart Cochlear Hearing Aids,’ with an intersectional cognitive-mapping device, known to most of the public by Tesla’s ‘Neuralink’ Communications Technology. All three together, theoretically, advance the structure of the so-called (by NATO) ‘Human Platform,’ i.e. the Human Person, during ground-based warfare. However, the ‘advancement’ angle is subjective, and as many of those in AI Ethics/SIGINT/Communications Technology have warned (such as Elon Musk, Max Tegmark, Nick Bostrom, Dr. Magda Havas), that the inverse, and its accompanying existential risk factors, are just as important to consider. I have, unfortunately, for the past year, endured what U.N. Rappateur on Torture Nilz Melzer has addressed/defined to the International Community (inlcuding the U.N.) as ‘Cyber-Torture.’ I have had all three of these device-types (possibly/probably rooted in reverse-engineered Russian, Chinese Manufacture- as I address in Docs 1-4, used in Cuba, for ex) placed on my person in a way perfectly described by the deceased Whistleblower/Scholar Martin Cable, sourced in the ‘Biotech’ document. This is used with a paired algorithmic, aural-communicative-threat sent through a set of Wireless Signals into the Smart Device. This is probably best understood by the mainstream as ‘being like a Smartphone, powered through a hearing-aid device, that has an ongoing, programmed communicative algorithm, like that of Amazon’s Alexa, except with usage of ‘Deep Fake’ voicing (exhaustively referenced by Cyber-Expert Nina Schick) to issue threats and torture a person for a remote, cyber-terror network rooted in both foreign intelligence and compromised US intelligence/Defense Employees (defectors). To those involved in R&D with this kind of technology, what I am describing here is not at all difficult to understand, yet we as a public have been ill-informed of such weaponry through both criminal-negligence, corruption, and/or possible treasonous collaboration.

It has been very difficult, to say the least, for me to effectively deal with this terror attack, rooted in cyber-torture, because of its lack of explanation to the public, especially that in the field of Health/Medical Devices, who have ironically been more intricately involved with Defense, R&D, Data Collection, Intelligence Concerns than any time in history, by far. This is an asymmetrical vulnerabiluty perfect for exploitation by a terror-network during mordern, urban warfare, often also referred to as ‘asymmetrical warfare,’ because of its nonlinear, discordian nature, strategy. It should be baffling to anyone with substantial concerns in any of the aforementioned fields why such a vulnerability should exist, while the most collosal funding ever siphoned into the cooperation of Smart Infrastructure, Smart Grid Security, Health, and Data Collection has taken place in the past few years, with what is known as the NDAA. My extensive whistleblowing effort, and the obstacles, frustrations I have detailed, further reinforce this tragedy. Using a simple, yet effective, calculative thought experiment, there is no telling how many people, other than myself, have endured such torture, yet never had a proper response from any of these groups, and paid with their lives, families, and may have been forced to forfeit compromising information involved in this infrastructure. This compromise, duress, on a broad, complex, societal level, is often referred to as a ‘Kill Chain,’ and with accompanying, underlying ideological intentions, a ‘Social Engineering Kill Chain.’

I have linked, in the reference documents, articles by Intelligence-linked publications, ‘Intelnews’ and ‘Intelligence Online,’ about both the ‘reverse-engineering’ of the described weapon, and about ‘social engineering kill chains.’ The attack on my person has been and is part of such a combination, and I am in need of the most serious medical attention, by R&D, Biotech, Military Personnel most familiar with this technology, weaponry. I have described, referenced, for my own safety and that of others, my experience of this in the present Hospital System, and with great urgency, requested a more knowledgeable examination, so that the devices can be removed properly. All probability points to them being rooted in Anti-US, Anti-NATO reverse-engineering, and given this is likely the case, they should be removed by skilled Defense Personnel, with official record for my attorneys, and safely handed over to those in the use Department of Defense, Intelligence Community who can examine, store, dispose of them as they see fit. Having the medical devices removed by doctors unaware of their potential is not only dangerous, potentially life-threatening to me (or them), but also inappropriate in this regard, as such staff has not been properly- as far as I can tell- briefed on how to deal with the removal, disposal of such devices. I have stressed this aspect, the safe removal of this to all personnel addressed for at least 6-7 months. I have erred on the side of caution, given the potential risks of fear-based blowback, and to the cost of my health, risked my own life for months so that Defense and Intelligence can handle this gradually, properly. Only in the past 2 months have I really have I been forced to be more outspoken about this, especially concerning the issued threats by the described criminal group, and the lack of direct response to the situation at hand. I am led to believe, by circumstances I have not described, rooted in extensive empirical proof and logical deduction. that if it were not for some key people, personnel within Defense and Intelligence, I would not be alive. There has been a counter-effort dismantling the kill chain, the attack I am describing, and I am thankful for it, but immediate, in-person medical attention is what I, and the nation-at-large will be better off for. As I said, I have erred in some instances on the side of caution, and I urge high-level staff to release any and all records regarding this incident so that it can be dealt with properly by both the public and my legal support (listed in the initial email, with phone/email information).

It seems there is a strategy of tension at work, as far as I can tell, with severe speculative conflicts-of-interest. Such a (Smart) Infrastructural Vulnerability, adjacent to upcoming key international legislation involving ‘Neurorights,’ can be malevolent when speculation is done from an ethically-ambivalent insider, and theories of complex social nature, such as those involved in International Free Trade Agreements, Communitarian Law, can have a ‘Dual-Use, Cold War Anthropology’ imbued in them, as elucidated by the scholar, professor David H. Price. Dissonance, vulnerability, both economically and socially, can be cloaked by artificially-benevolent intentions, only to increase the dissonance that prefaces such legislation and infrastructural speculation, giving Enemies of both NATO and the United States Constitution- due for review- an upper hand. No doubt, much of this has been at work, and the dynamics at play involving my case have been stretched thin, to maximum potential leverage, and those with such speculative intentions have played an integral role in the delay of my proper medical treatment, at the cost- concerning existential risk & otherwise- of the public. I cannot calculate that cost, but there is no reason that a situation like mine should endure untreated. That behavior, from both the concerned US and International Community (see Neurorights Foundation, key legislation), creates an ethical vacuum where, though I am one person, I become a microcosm- legal ‘everyman’- representing what can happen to anyone on US soil who is targeted with such an attack.

Letting my situation go untreated for this long is, at minimum, an embarassingly cowardly response from the Defense and Intelligence Community being addressed here. I have already addressed you/them multiple times, most recently the CIA, requesting medical attention, out of respect for a robust defense structure that would never, under any circumstance, want someone walking across the street, near a school, in a grocery store, or present in any mode of transportation (car, bus, plane, boat) given that it could result in mass death, tragedy. I have not recieved even a modicum of a direct communicative response from all of these agencies, even upon contacting their OIGs, referring them to my legal support. The level of risk, negligence here, is stunning, and borders on both treason, and interagency-self-sabotage by any key players involved in sustaining the situation. The United States has the largest, most funded Defense and Intelligence Structure in the world, by far, further adding to the absurdity of this inexcusable, ‘deer-in-headlights’ reaction. When I think of a ‘deer-in-headlights,’ the sociopolitical terms ‘Shock and Awe’ come to mind, and any evolutionary expert would tell you- since survival is the ultimate concern of any defense/intelligence apparatus- that ‘freezing’ in a ‘fight or flight’ situation is almost always done by a creature low on the eco-systemic totem pole, ill-equipped to deal with the predators in their surrounding habitat (in this case, the new legal, infrastructural, international community). In other words, the trillions of dollars funding the ‘NDAA’ has resulted in a long-term reaction of fear to the modern world, by what is usually considered the international, hegemonic superpower. No one wants fear from a leader in this way. They want courage, and they deserve it, given how much of their hard-earned money has gone into building this flawed defense apparatus.

The dire implications here can only be defined, explored best by the most knowledgeable of Consitutional, Criminal, Medical Lawyers, and though I know much about the pain, the personal cost of this, I cannot decide for the Nation, nor the International Community for that matter, the final way to deal with this, legally. The nature of the weapon/medical devices places me in a position where my consitutional rights have been forfeited in the long-term, not the least of which involves my right to an attorney, and the accompanying attorney-client privilege. Because of this, I have used all means possible, with identification, signature, testimony, etc, to allow my attorney(s) and their support, namely Attorney (my uncle, member of the Marine Corps) Philip J. Clarke, and Associate Attorney Tiffany Ellis, to act on my behalf, using whatever means they have to calculate what is best for me, and this situation, legally. The assymetrical and violating nature of what I describe prevents me from conventional communication with them, though I have spoken once with Philip over the phone. I have included their contact information in the introductory email.

Please, if it is within your ability, do any and everything to help me get the medical help I am requesting. I will need a family member and/or someone I trust to provide me with proper shielding (given the Signal-based Nature of the devices) and transportation. This situation is not only about me, as an individual, but is a pivotal, key instance defining how the United States, NATO, and their well-funded operations deal with an asymmetric situation of modern-warfare that will define who they are, how they respond, to International Trade and Legislation in the face of adversity.

Thank you for your time, and hopefully, your support.

Aaron Clarke

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