Excellent Explanation of the New Global War/ Organized Stalking Operations (Mark Rich Youtubes, 2015-18)

1) Complete New World War Series Overview by Mark M. Rich (2015)

Rich: “This unique form of oppression that is being rolled out worldwide has many names. Basically it consists of persecution by a large number of citizens, advanced surveillance and communications technology, and directed energy weapons.

I realized I was being targeted in 2004.

What is happening signifies a new war-form that has been created to target specific individuals and groups worldwide.

Human-Computer Intelligence Network (HCIN) consists of a super-computer with AI (artificial intelligence) that is equipped with sensors and directed energy weapons. This global C4ISR (Command, Control, Computers, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) is the critical support structure for modern tyranny. It remotely trains citizens, attacks targeted individuals (TIs), and directs battle-swarms.

We’ll explore the mind reading machines that are part of the HCIN. We’ll learn about the psychopaths behind this system.

The main purposes of this covert program include: 1) installation and maintenance of a global government, 2) negative eugenics, 3) social control, and 4) entertainment for influential psychopaths.

We’ll see how the financial elite are using citizens as civilian warfighters to destroy what’s left of the free world.

The mass base of the civilian population has already been recruited. Obedience: why the average citizen didn’t resist when they encountered this part of the system. What most citizens can be made to do. And what citizens all around the world are doing.

Cover-up: The organizations that have been covering this up for decades are:

1) the medical system
2) elected officials
3) legal system
4) non-governmental organizations
5) a rising TI movement
6) mass media
7) independent media
8) citizens themselves

What can be done? Ways to expose it based on what I believe to be a proper view of the matter.

There have been periods when entire countries have undergone a process of civil degeneration.

2) New World War Series: Characteristics of the New War Form (2016)

Mark Rich: “Because the ruling eugenicist psychopaths are nearly finished conquering the nations, the old war-form is being phased out. Now they are after the individuals who may oppose them. To do this, they use the best scientific and military minds on the planet to create a revolutionary new form of war that can be silently waged in the streets of democratic nations.

New War Characteristics: 1) They are prolonged conflicts. 2) They are inter-agency operations involving local, state and federal agencies. 3) It relies heavily on the host nation’s civilian and commercial resources to attack the targeted individual. 4) The targeted individual is placed under constant 24/7 surveillance. 5) The soldiers in the new war are regular citizens, also known as warfighters. 6) Warfighters are used to attack the new enemy that lives among them. 7) Rather than physical death, the goal is the annihilation of the enemy’s will using a fusion of hidden non-lethal weapons and tactics.

Human-Computer Instruments of war are linked to a C4ISR system with artificial intelligence (AI) that instantly transmits instructions to warfighters based on continuous surveillance of the battlespace and targeted individuals. This refined C4ISR system is equipped with sensors and a distributive directed energy weapons platform that precisely targets people anywhere on the planet. The system also remotely trains warfighters and formulates battleswarms. One of its prominent features is a swift observation and feedback program that allows for the custom-designed attacked of a targeted individual based on their reaction to a previous stimulus that occurred moments earlier. This system that links warfighters and weapons appears to span the etheric realm and possibly fourth dimension.

The third dimensional construct of this worldwide supercomputer seems to be the global information grid (GIG) run by the U.S. Department of Defense. I refer to it as the Human-Computer Intelligence Network. It was designed by various defense contractors, academic institutions, and government think tanks.

Countless people have been neutralized. Most of those who perished or were incarcerated never knew they were under attack.”

3) Organized Gang Stalking Tactics: Psychological Operations

Psyop in some form has existed since ancient times. The research for the tactical psy-op now used on TIs started in the 1930s. The tax exempt foundations and think tanks that would eventually conduct this research include Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, the Council on Foreign Relations, and RAND Corporation. This tax-exempt-think tank complex formed a partnership with the U.S. military to conduct psyop research at academic institutions. These centers of education include Yale, Princeton, Harvard, and MIT. Note: All of those groups (Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, the CFR, RAND) were investigated by the U.S. Congress in the mid 1950’s because they were suspected of using the social sciences for subversion.

Unfortunately, the Reese Committee was unable to properly complete its investigation:

“Norman Dodd, the Research Director of the Committee, claims that the trials were discontinued because witnesses were being harassed, placed under surveillance and stalked. Blackmail, death threats, and framings were used. Dodd himself says he was placed under surveillance, stalked, and had his reputation destroyed.” (See: Alan B. Jones, “How the World Really Works”).

The “multi-national force” uses psyop to communicate with the TI in the same way that companies use audio and visual thoughts to corral a specific audience during an advertising campaign. Those targeted for psyop are known as a “targeted audience”. The TA can be a group or an individual. I use the terms TI and TA interchangeably.

Psyop behaviorists study the TI to develop a profile that tactical psyop units base their attacks on. Many of us know that advertisers will prepare an area with a variety of audio and visual products to communicate with a particular group. Psyop units do the same thing only they use their products to target a specific local group or individual. Just like advertisers, they dispense multiple audio, visual, and audio-visual products simultaneously throughout an area.

Psyop units blend these products into the environment to immediately impact the TA while not appearing strange to an untargeted audience.

What are these products. According to official sources, nearly anything, from grafitti on the sidewalk to skywriting and just about everything in between. The dispension of products occurs while the TI travels through the area of operation that includes the neighborhood, inside buildings, and the internet.

On the street level, “tactical psyop units” with mobile production facilities prepare the neighborhood with products before the TI arrives. This psychological preparation of the “battlespace” includes the thorough use of civilian and commercial resources including the individual citizen that is a walking billboard. Because of the product deliver can be the result of real-time intelligence.

What this amounts to is the ultra-fast delivery of products based on a TIs behavior that is observed with persistent surveillance. Simply put, psyop is communication with the unbounded use of civilian and commercial resources, psyop units in the multi-national force are able to profoundly modify the environment to attack target individuals.

4) New World War Series: Stalking Tactics and Weapons- Mark Rich

5) Overview of Street-Level Tactics by Mark M. Rich (2017)

6) Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Theory and Observations

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a conditioning technique that has been known to induce quick and massive change. Personal growth instructors use it create peak emotional states and anchor them to objects, movements, colors, and sounds.

These stimuli serves as triggers to incite the emotion. This is accomplished by creating a top emotional state, then doing something repeatedly that anchors the action to the emotion. Anchors can be set in a single instance with the right timing and strong enough emotion.

Those directing this global campaign, instruct their civilian war fighters via the gig to anchor fear and anxiety to common stimuli that surround the TI. While there may be debate regarding the practicality of such a tactic, it is the intention to inflict psychological trauma that is the focus here.

In the battlespace, NLP is used for the deliberate creation of a phobia that is continually projected onto the TI by many citizens for the purpose of inflicting sustained psychological damage.

The NLP trigger also functions as the tag or uniform. This amplifies what the DOD refers to as “unity of effort.” It makes the citizens a “single fighting force.” Many of us know that military’s rely on the same principle.

So the tag is a unification symbol and a presumed negative trigger. The tag can quickly change. In NLP, the process of transferring an anchor from one trigger to another is called “chaining.” I’ve noticed that chaining nodes have both tags. For instance, if the current uniform is red, that means you are surrounded by red-anchored nodes. Then at one pulse point, the node generates a “fear-potentiated startle” that incites a physiological reaction that got your attention. You notice the person is wearing mostly red, the current uniform, with some black. The intention there is to transfer or chain the current negative trigger to a new one. The color black now is an additional trigger that, in theory, functions as a new uniform and negative trigger.

I refer to the node that made the transfer as a “chaining node.” However, I see tag transfers with no chaining event.

In theory, multiple objects and colors could be displayed by single node. If you take the cell phone, for instance, that is a standard NLP trigger and tag.

So let’s say you are attacked by people talking on cell phones during a proximate “swarm.” Then you see them lingering on corners with their cell phones actively surveilling you. They are letting you know you are being watched while displaying that tag.

If those individuals are also displaying a color tag, I refer to them as double-anchored nodes or double-tagged nodes.

7) Overview of Street-Level Tactics, Civil Degeneration, Part 14 of 14

The modern version of this ancient phenomenon has existed for about 100 years. During this span, there has been consistent & aggressive recruitment. The average person who encountered it, (operating on an animalistic stratum of individual ascent), did not resist. The independent groups (that should have alerted us) are not really free. Those overseeing this hidden atrocity have had decades to perfect it. It is now completely established worldwide. This is the advanced stage of a social infection.

8) Street-Level Tactics: Distinguishing Features of the New World War

With the dismissal of fraudulent brain diseases, appraising possible MNF attacks is a matter of distinguishing them from natural events. Because the weapons & tactics were designed to be blended into civilian settings, this is not always possible. However, often enough it is. The attributes that separate these engineered events from normal ones, include:

▪ frequency
▪ intensity
▪ duration
▪ tag (uniform)
▪ hour & location
▪ synchronization

9) Overview of Street-Level Tactics, Civil Degeneration; 14 of 14

10) PsyOp Freemasonic Death Threat Issued During Civil-Military Operatio: Part 1

The modern version of this ancient phenomenon has existed for about 100 years. During this span, there has been consistent & aggressive recruitment. The average person who encountered it, (operating on an animalistic stratum of individual ascent), did not resist. The independent groups (that should have alerted us) are not really free. Those overseeing this hidden atrocity have had decades to perfect it. It is now completely established worldwide. This is the advanced stage of a social infection.

Some define NLP as: “Reprogramming your nervous system through the use of language.”