2001 NASA WAR PLAN Identifies Military Strategies & Weaponry Deployed Against ‘Targeted Individuals’! (Webmaster’s Summary and Comments)

Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom, Emeritus Professor of Geography, California State University, July 6, 2024

Epigraph Quotes:

1) The “NASA WAR PLAN” (2001) document states:

p. 50: Effects of Low Power Microwaves (US Army, SRI (Stanford Research Institute), Walter Reed): Behavioral performance decrements, seizures, gross alteration in brain function, 30 to 100 % increases in brain function, lethality (interactions between low power (microwatts per sq. cm/.4 to 3 GHz) MW and brain function)
page 66: “Humans have rapidly decreasing-to-negative “Value Added;””
page 93: “Capture/torture Americans in living color on prime time, terror attacks within CONUS (Continental United States) via binary, bio, critical infrastructure, “takedown,” IO/IW (Information Operations/Information Warfar), EMP, RF (radio frequency) against brain, serious “Psywar”;”
p. 103: “Non-Explosive Warfare” (psywar, biowar, IT/net war, anti-operability war,” Beam weaponry including RF, Spoofing/Cammo (Webmaster comment: I.e., the Targeted Individual (TI) program?)
page 105: (Deploy) “SOF (Special Operations Forces) and other HUMAN Strike Forces (Army/Marine become SOF-Like”) to “counter the horrific destructive power of INDIVIDUALS and Groups.”;
p. 112: Approaches to Countering Group/Individual Deployment of IO/Bio WMD: Preemption/Retribution – SOF (Webmaster: PREEMPTION/RETRIBUTION via SOF = TI Program?!!!!!!)

From: “Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare, Circa 2025” by Dennis M. Bushnell, NASA Chief Scientist (2001)

2) “Michael W. Wynne, Secretary of the Air Force, said, “We have to use it (the Cognitive Warfare (CW)/neuroweapons system) on our own citizens before we will use it on the battlefield.” That’s the way they think. He got fired for that comment… Every time the military gets a bigger budget, like after 9/11, you have more targets come on line, and they all have the same date when they came on line.

The most profound crime a government can do to an individual is peer into their minds without consent. The intelligence agencies have become a virus, a cancer, on all of humanity. We have been trying to concentrate evil as humans understand it to create weaponry that attacks the information systems of the brain and body….”

Dr. Robert Duncan, ex-CIA neuroscientist, author of “Project Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed” (2010); From: CIA/DoD Brain Scientists Explain U.S. Govt’s Secret, No-Touch Torture Experimentation-Murder-Genocide Of Innocent, Nonconsenting American and World Citizens (Targeted Individuals)

3) “This (organized stalking-electronic harassment (OS-EH) program) is the most important policy of the U.S. government.”

Dr. Rauni Kilde, former Chief Medical Officer of Northern Finland, author of “Bright Light on Black Shadows,” Targeted Individual (TI), tortured by OS-EH program from 1985-2015, murdered by OS-EH program in 2015

Webmaster Introduction: The 2001 “NASA War Document” (“Future Strategic Issues/Future Wars (Circa 2025)” by Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist at NASA in Langley, describes innumerable technologies that clearly have been and are being deployed against Targeted Individuals (TIs) at home and abroad who have been secretly designated as “enemies of the state”/so-called “terrorists” and used as civilian (enemy non-combatant) targets and unwitting, nonconsensual test subjects.

First, I wish to note some of the errors, propaganda lies, etc. included in the assumptions of the document that help shape the underlying philosophy and conclusions of the document. These erroneous assumptions advance the interests of the military and the elite psychopaths that control our nation and world at the expense of the public. These include:

1) “Humans have rapidly decreasing-to-negative “Value Added”
2) the global warming/climate change fraud/hoax/scam
3) pre-historic humans are termed “hunter/killers”‘ rather than the standard anthropological term, hunter/gatherers
4) web-based distance (computer) learning and/or via direct silicon (brainchip) or other devices are superior to traditional methods
5) advances in IT/Bio/Nano will result in “greatly increased individual destructive power.”

It is generally acknowledged that “targeted individuals” are attacked by “military grade weapons,” including so-called nonlethal weapons, neuroweapons, and directed energy weapons. These weapons, in addition to psychological warfare and Cognitive Warfare (CW), are used in coordinated psychotronic (psychological and electronic) attacks against “TIs” and targeted groups on land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace by myriad anonymous “perpetrators.” The high tech ingredients and components of the military grade weapons systems described in this document that are deployed against TIs include:

– The secretive U.S. “Human Brain Project” (early 1990s onward, funded by NIH, NSF, DOD, NASA, and DOE)
– Microwave/Radio Frequency and acoustic anti-functional and anti-personnel weaponry
– Human electronic implants, brain chips, brain augmentation, sensory augmentation, brain stimulation, and neural nets
– Wearable/implantable technology
– Bio-hacking via radio frequencies
– Brain interaction from low frequency modulation
– Neuroinformatics (combination of neuroscience and informatics)
– Information warfare (IW)/IT (information technology)/Net/Psy Warfare
– EMP (electromagnetic pulse) & beam weapons
– Use of TBM (turboprop airplanes) and UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles)/UUVs (unmanned underwater vehicles) drones
– Ubiquitous micro/nano sensors (molecular/bio sensors)
– Nano-technology and SMART DUST from aerial spraying (chemtrails), sensor swarms
– Virtual reality (VR), holographics/holograms, immersive multi-sensory VR/”Holodecks”
– Robotization of IT/Bio/Nano and robotic intelligence (AI ruled and behavior based (neural nets/other “Soft Computing”
– AI
– Satellites, micro/Nano satellites/GNC (Global Network Operations Center)/sensors
– Supercomputers: silicon/bio/optical/quantum/nano computing

The most complete and detailed of the pdf versions of the “NASA War Document” is the pdf version from Stopthecrime.net (#1). Below, I highlight aspects of the Pentagon’s Future Warfare goals and capabilities as presented in pdf verion #1 and embolden those that seem most likely to coincide with the many weapons systems deployed against TIs.

On page 66, the document states: “Humans have rapidly decreasing-to-negative Value Added,” while page 93 states: “Capture/torture Americans in living color on prime time.”

The fact that the U.S., other governments, and their private subcontrators have been and are now waging asymmetric (unconventional/hybrid), 5th generation warfare against their own populations is born out by overwhelming evidence, including global geoengineering (chemtrails) spraying operations since about 1990, the Covid plandemic and depopulation shot (current official estimate is at least 35 million killed worldwide so far), the global TI (Targeted Individual) program, the global attacks of DEW/laser “wildfires” and other weather warfare manipulations (hurricane and tornado steering.augmentation, manufactured droughts, floods, etc.), ongoing global attacks on energy and food supplies, massive forced immigration of Third World natives into industrialized nations (the Kalergi Plan), ongoing Information Warfare (IO) and PSYWAR against the public, and innumerable other hybrid warfare and depopulation methodologies.

According to political science Professor R. J. Rummel, during the 20th century, democide (“murder by government”) cost the lives of about 212 million people, six times more than died in combat in all the foreign and internal wars. United Nations plans are to reduce the human population by two thirds, or about 5.4 billion people. Obviously, innumerable complex and revolutionary weapons systems are required to carry out this mass genocide.

NASA Strategic Issues/Future Warfare (circa 2025) by Dennis Bushnell, NASA Chief Scientist, 2001

1) NASA Strategic Issues/Future Warfare (circa 2025) by Dennis Bushnell, NSA Chief Scientist, 2001, pdf

2) NASA WAR PLAN (Future Strategic Issues Future Warfare Circa 2025, pdf)

3) NASA Future Strategic Issues Future Warfare Circa 2025

4) It’s Official: DEEP STATE PLANS FOR 2025 DEPOPULATION (Video + Doc)


6) NASA War Document

2013 Interview of Deborah Taveras of Stopthecrime.net on the NASA War Document by Trevor Coppula

Webmaster comments:

As I review the 113 slides of Dennis Bushnell’s 2001 power point presentation (version #1), the following topics and futuristic technologies seem most likely to apply to and be deployed against civilian targets in the TI (targeted individual) program (aka Organized Stalking/Electronic Harassment):

It is highly significant that many “future warfare” technologies and capabilities discussed in the “NASA War Plan” document are the same as those discussed by Drs. James Canton (CEO of Global Futures, Inc.) and James Giordano (Georgetown University and DARPA neuroscientist/neuro-weaponologist) in the context of the “Havana Syndrome” and in (2017 and 2018) lectures on neurowarfare to Special Operations Forces and regular military officers.

Neuroweapons, Havana Syndrome, “Dark Network Supply Chains,” “Man-Hunting Business” (aka GANGSTALKING) & “Hybrid Warfare;” Presentation By Dr. James Canton (Video, Transcription, and My Commentary) Posted on and

Confessions of a High-Level Perp: Dr. James Giordano – Battlespace/Organized Stalking Applications of Neuroscience and Neuroweapons (2017 youtube lecture, my transcription and notes, and pdf)

Highlights of “NASA Future Warfare” pdf document:

p. 1: Whereas the ppt is titled “Future Strategic Issues and Future Warfare, Circa 2025,” page 1 text contradicts this title, proclaiming “The Future is Now!” Hence, we may assume that most if not all of these capabilities/technologies were operational in 2001.
p. 2: Refers to the “Bots, Borgs, & Humans” presumed to be operating in 2025 AD. Borgs refers to cyborgs (cybernetic organisms), that is, man-machine integrations.
p. 3: Lists 38 military, intelligence, government, and private agencies involved with these future warfare technologies and issues. They are:

• USAF NWV (US Air Force)
• USAF (US Air Force) 2025
• National Research Council
• Army After Next
• ACOM Joint Futures (US Army Joint Futures Command)
• SSG of the CNO (Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group)
• Australian DOD
• DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), SBCCOM (United States Army Soldier and Biological Chemical Command)
• DIA (Defence Intelligence Agency), AFSOC (Air Force Special Operations Command), EB (Electric Boat)
• CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), STIC (Science and Technology Innovation Center), L-M (Lockheed Martin)
• APL (Department of Defense Information Network Approved Products List), ONA (US Department of Defense Office of Net Assessment), (Navy) SEALS
• ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence), FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), AWC/SSI (US Army War College Strategic Studies Group)
• NSAP, SOCOM (U.S. Special Operations Command)
• MSIC (Missile and Space Intelligence Center), TRADOC (US Army Training and Doctrine Command)
• JWAC (Joint Warfare Analysis Center), NAIC, IDA (Institute for Defense Analysis)
• JFCOM (US Joint Forces Command), TACOM (United States Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command)
• SACLANT (Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic)

p. 6: Presents the “going in” assumption that future warfare is all about potential CAPABILITIES. These CAPABILITIES/technologies, of course, as noted above, already exist as of 2001 but evidently must be continually tested, refined and deployed against human targets.
p. 7: The world is undergoing triple/exponential (IT/Bio/Nano) Technological Revolutions; these technological changes are exponential, rapid, and synergistic (i.e., they reinforce each other).
p. 9: States that humans are directing and vastly shortening the process of “evolution;” ‘Human-directed human evolution’ (Bushnell’s phrase) is characterized by “genomic design and repair” and “Mind Children.” And “life forms/products are changing via “cross-species molecular breeding” and “directed evolution.””

Webmaster comment: Really!? Did American citizens ever have a chance to vote for or against the radical new totalitarian, post-Creator/post-Creation world emerging? “Human-directed human evolution”??!!! “Life forms/products”?!!!! It would seem our nation’s and species’ future being determined by unaccountable technological advances and diabolically-inspired scientists such as Bushnell.

p. 10: 70% of the research on these exotic weapons is done outside the US and 70% of US research is now “commercial” as opposed to government-sponsored
p. 11: The US accounts for 27% of Nano-technology research
p. 12: Posits the following “Technological Ages of Humankind”-

a. Hunter/Killer Groups (a million years BC – 10K BC)

(webmaster: anthropologists generally refer to pre-agricultural cultures as “hunter/gatherers.” Is this a self-serving (military/killer class) re-casting of accepted anthropological terms to portray man as primarily a killer species? I’d say it is.)

b. Agriculture (10K BC-1800 AD):
c. Industrial (1800 – 1950 AD):
d. IT (Information Technology) (1950-2020 AD)
e. Bio/NANO (2020- ?)
f. Virtual
p. 13: IT/BIO/NANO Tech Age is characterized by automating industry and agriculture; The Virtual Age is characterized by Robotization of IT/BIO/NANO/Industry/Agriculture
p. 14: Future Technologies at the frontiers of the very small are highly synergistic – and are in a “feeding frenzy” off each other.
a) IT: silicon/bio/optical/quantum/nano computing; virtual reality, hyperspectral sensors, “virtual presence,”
b) Bio: life spans double, genetic engineering of humans before birth
c) Nano: carbon nanotubes, “assemblers/living factories,” huge cost reductions
p. 15: Worldwide IT revolution includes a) US commerical IT- $100 billion/year; immersive, multi-sensory VR (virtual reality)/”Holodecks, Ubiquitous multi-physics/hyperspectrial sensors (land/sea/air/space), and micro/nano sats/GNC (Global Network Operations Center)/sensors, etc.
p. 16: Worldwide IT Revolution results in Tele-everything- commuting, shopping, entertainment, travel, education, medicine, commerce, politics, socialization
p. 17: computing provides better than Human capabilities, IW effectively constitutes a 4th WMD (weapon of mass destruction).
p. 18: wearable/implantable (on-person) electronics- comms, computing, sensory augmentation, health monitoring, brain stimulation
p. 19: Human Brain: 100 billion neurons, 100 trillion connections, 200 calculations/second = speed of neural circuitry (slow): machine capabilities = 10,000 billion calculations/second, by 2030, PC had collective computing power of a town full of human minds
p. 20: US Human Brain Project: Began in early 90s, funded by 18 organizations across 5 agencies (NIH, NSF, DOD, NASA, DOE). AKA neuroinformatics- combined neuroscience and informatics. Exploding field- 10,0000 individual presentations at annual meeting of Society of Neuroscience (from molecular genetics to cognitive psychologists)… determining detailed neuro-anatomy of human brain (“digital brain atlas”), use of IT to study brain, use of brain info to aid IT/AI
p. 21: The “IMAGINATION ENGINE” aka “Creativity Machine” aka “Creative Agent” (webmaster, you mean humans?)– generates new ideas/concept via starving a trained neural net of meaningful inputs, forcing it to “dream”/”cavitate”, create new concepts, etc. An attendant neural net used to capture/record/evaluate and report on these “writings”

Webmaster: Is he referring to the practice of isolating TIs in order “starve the brain” of meaningful inputs and measuring resulting brain output/creativity?

p. 22: Our creating of wealth in the worldwide economy depends on our ability to come up with new ideas.
p. 23: Web-based distance education enables: demise of US underclass, wealth-creating from enabled “invention”, stabilization of world population, equalizing of “haves” and “havenots”, – changes everything.
p. 27: Direct silicon (brainchip) or other device connection to brain allows very rapid uploads, and extremely rapid “education”
p. 29: IT/Bio/Nano will result in greatly increased individual destructive power.
p. 30: Major emerging law enforcement issues include: ubiquitous micro/nano sensors affect privacy, protection of human electronic implants,
p. 31- of particular concern is uncontrolled/uncontrollable self-replication of brilliant robots (IT), nano-replicators (Nano), rampant recombinant Bio
p. 34: Bio Revolution Applications include binary bio-weaponry
p. 36: Carbon Nanotubes
p. 40: New(er) Sensors include Lidar w/ 50% efficiency via S-C optical amplifiers. Also Fempto-second Lasers. Molec./Bio sensors, nanotags, Smart Card sensors, sensors implanted during Manuf./Servicing, Nano IR, Smart Dust.
p. 41: SMART Dust, combined sensors, comms, and power supply, floats in air currents, (Webmaster- from Chemtrails), NANOTAGS, placed on everything/everywhere, Co-opted Insects
p. 42: Explosive Smart Dust Opportunities
p. 43: Micro Dust Weaponry (Webmaster: from Chemtrails): Mechanical analog to Bio, Micron-sized (millionth of a meter) “dust” (i.e., nanotech) distributed as aerosol (from Chemtrails) is inhaled into the lungs and mechanically bores into the lung tissue and executes various “Pathological Missions.” (This Wholly “New” class of weapons is legal.)
p. 44: Wonderous/Ubiquitous land/sea/air/space multiphysics/hyperspectral sensor swarms (for military/commercial/scientific uses); robotic/swarm technologies primarily commercial/endemic worldwide
p. 45: (Agreed Upon Assumptions): Combat in 2025 involves Proliferation of TBMs (extremely fast turbo-propeller airplanes?!), IT, precision strike/targeting, robotics, bio/chem munitions, beam weapons increasingly prevalent
p. 46: Cruise missiles: range/payload similar to TBM but much cheaper and much greater accuracy; launchable anywhere from anything, highly maneuverable, warhead (HE (high explosive)/carbon filters/EMP/submunitions/CNB (chemical warhead tear agent)/volumetric)
p. 47: potential outlook for cruise missiles: Any RPV (remotely piloted vehicle)/UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicle) or UUV (unmanned underwater vehicle) is a potential “cruise missile.” Can carry a “devil’s brew” of warheads
p. 48: Volumetric weaponry (alternative to HE (high explosive): Include EMP (electromagnetic pulse), Info/Net/Psy Warfare, miniature brilliant sensors/mine combos, fuel/air & dust/air/Thermobarics, RF (radio frequency), Chem/bio antifunctionals/antifauna (animal killers), Isomers, Strained Bond Energy Release, etc., Carbon fibers and “Blades,” Acoustics, etc.
p.49: Antipersonnel MW/RF Weaponry: include Heating (High Power Requirements), surface effects, brain interactions (Low Frequency Modulation)
* p. 50: Effects of Low Power Microwaves (US Army, SRI (Stanford Research Institute), Walter Reed): Behavioral performance decrements, seizures, gross alteration in brain function, 30 to 100 % increases in brain function, lethality (interactions between low power (microwatts per sq. cm/.4 to 3 GHz) MW and brain function

p. 51: Often “Fingerprintless” Bio Archipelago(!): Bacteriological, viruses, prions, parasites, fungi, carcinogens, toxins, hormones/regulators, fatal-to-disabling, short-to0kig tune scales, anti-flora, fauna, functional, direct and undetectable binary, natural genomic, bio-hacking
p. 52: Some interesting BW (bio-warfare) possibilities: Afatoxin, airborne varieties of Ebola, Lassa, etc., binary agents distributed via imported products (vitamins, clothing, food), genomicaly (individual/societal) targeted pathogens, long term/fingerprintless campaign (as opposed to “shock and awe” BW)
p. 53: Existing Bio-Calmative, VEE (Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis) is: a) ideal incapacitant BW agent, b) was weaponized by U.S. and USSR in 50’s/60’s, c) easily transmitted via aerosol (chemtrails), d) highly infectious with low fatality rate, e) was tested on humans in Operation Whitecoat, f) no treatment available.
p. 54: “Bio on the Battlefield:” “Sustainment:” Food, water, (soil/air/purification), energy, meds/health, computing, clothing, bio weaponry (anti-personnel/functional, bio virus into bio computer)
p. 55: What is Apparently “Legal:” Microwave/RF anti-functional and anti-personnel weaponry, chemical anti-functional weaponry, psychological effects via sensory organis weaponry, chemical personnel incapacitation weaponry, PSYWAR, Acoustic Weaponry, Mechanical Micro Dust
p. 58: Payloads of transoceanic UAVs include: ultra-impenetrble swarms against CONUS, ISR, Smart Dust/explosive, brilliant/miniature sensor/mind combos
p. 61: “Slingatron” for Global Precision Strike (DEW?)/”Poor Mans” Global Precision Strike/”Takedown Weapon”
p. 62: “Then Year Targeting/Connectivity, etc.:” military overheads/systems, ubiquitous commercial overheads/systems, scientific overheads/systems in the context of reconstitution of micro/nano satellites, optical comms/GPS etc., ubiquitous inexpensive UAV/HALE (High Altitude Long Endurance aircraft) adjuncts
p. 63: Potential use of land-based, ship, aircraft, spacecraft assets for measurements of earth variables for “international scientific “Global Change” Programs for military purposes.
64: Future global targeting capabilities are a given.
65: Summary of Major Influences of IT/BIO/Nano upon future warfare:
a) ubiquitous miniaturized/networked multi-phyics, hyperspectral sensors
b) robotics/automatics “in the large”
c) long range precision strike/targeting
d) Info/net Warfare
e) Mini-micro/nano Sats, Cruise, UAVs
f) Binary Bio Weapoonry
g) Miniature/ubiquitous “smart mines”
p. 66: Increasingly Critical Human Limitations/Downsides: large, heavy, tender, slow (physically, mentally), require huge logistic trains, i.e., humans have rapidly decreasing-to-negative “Value Added”
p. 68: Emerging Characteristics of Robotic Systems (enabled by ongoing IT Revolutions- Comms/Sensors/Computation/Miniaturization
p. 69: Two “flavors”: 1) traditional AI- rule based, 2) Experiential- Behavior Based (Neural Nets/other-Soft Computing
p. 71: What is Beyond Robotic Systems (Sensors/Platforms/Weapons/Munitions): Robotic/automatic to autonomous warfare? Little to no troops,
p. 72: “Non-Explosive Warfare”- includes IW/IO, PSYWAR “In the Large”, Anti-functionals (Microwave, Chem, Bio, Micro-Mechanical, Anti-Personnel MW/RF, Micro-Mechanical (Webmaster comment: “Non-explosive Warfare” may be another euphemism for the Targeted Indiviual Program)
p. 73: “Natural Warfare”- Sensors: utilize insitu plants/animals/insects as sensor platforms/instruments to indicate presence/movement characteristics
Weapons/Munition: utilize animals (eg urban rats)/insects as “delivery systems”/munitions (“feeding”, swarming, biting, poisoning)
Utilize insitu explosive/destructive capability
p. 79: Refers to Electronic/optical “shielding” (MW protection)
p. 80: Potential “Workarounds” for Beam Weapon Effects on Missile Sensors/Comms: a) off board sensors (networked, everywhere, on everthing), b) optical comms, c) optical/fluidic computing, d) optical GPS
p. 81: Example “Then Year” Direct CONUS (Continental United States) Attack Capabilities: a) inexpensive transoceanic UUV’s/UAV’s/Cruise, b) inexpensive blast wave accelerators, c) inexpensive info/net/psywar, d) inexpensive inshore AIP SS (mines/torps/SLCM), e) inexpensive binary bioweapon into food supply, f) inexpensive semi-submerged missile “eggs”, g) inexpensive “Trojan Horse” “civilian” systems (= organized stalking/electronic harassment/COPS (community oriented policing) system (???) or mass illegal immigration?)
p. 86: Future Warfare “On The Cheap”: Info/Net Warfare, Binary bio (anti-functional/fauna), Non-lethal weapons, Miniature brilliant sensor-mines, Micro/Nano Sats, LO/Long Leg/precision/UUVs/UAVs/Cruise missile, Inexp./ Superb/survivability ISR/Comms, Blast Wave Accelerator
p. 87: “Then Year” Peer Competitors: The Drastically reduced entry investment enabled by “Warfare on the Cheap” ensures almost any nation or sizable organization can be a very worrisome Military “peer.”
p. 88: Interesting Possibilities: Surreptitious nano “tagging” (aka “The Sensor Web”
with MW interrogation) of “everything/everyone” (imprinted during manufacture/maintenance, etc.)
p. 93: Exploit “CNN Syndrome”: Capture/torture Americans in living color on prime time, “Terror attacks within CONUS (binary, bio, critical infrastructure, “takedown,” IO/IW, EMP, RF against brain, etc., Serious “Psywar” (collateral damage exploitation, etc.)
p. 94: Key Technologies: a) Free form/”point of use” fabrication, beyond silicon computng (quantum, optical, bio, nano, mel.), Optical comms/nav, Nano sensors/tags/materials/bots/GNC, anti-personnel/material (Binary) Bio, MW, robotics/machine intelligence, miniaturized/brilliant/lightweight/low-power/inexpensive swarms of everything (SATS, weapons, robots, sensors, mines, etc.)
p. 100: From US Commission on National Security/21st Century: It will soon be possible to connect human brain cells to silicon chips. (Webmaster comment: I.e., Brain-Computer Interface)
p. 101: “Circa 2025”: US Army to look/act like SOCOM (Special Operations Command)
p. 103: “Non-Explosive Warfare” (psywar, biowar, IT/net war, anti-operability war,” Beam weaponry including RF, Spoofing/Cammo (Webmaster comment: This = TI program?)
p. 104: Future “Power Projection”? Sanitization via IW/Psywar, non-explosive warfare
p. 105: Future(s) of SOF (Special Operations Forces): Becomes the only survivable HUMAN strike force (Army/Marines forced to become “SOF-Like”), Increasingly the “Overseas FBI” to counter the increasingly capable (IO/BIO WMD) and horrific destructive power of INDIVIDUALS and Groups
p. 106: Future “Warfare:” Suggested National Defense Approaches: SOCOM for detection/interdiction/deflection of the “pre-delivery” phases (causes of war, motivational and decision processes, design and construction, test), Work and ADVERTISE a “REALLY EFFECTIVE RETRIBUTION to deter delivery (ala MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction)
p. 107: Changing nature of Warfare in IT/BIO/Nano Era (IT- 1950-2020; BIO/BOTS- 2020-); goal is social disruption, uses everyone, dominant weapons are IT/BIO/BOTs
p. 112: Approaches to Countering Group/Individual Deployment of IO/Bio WMD: Prevention- Universal inexpensive Web based education; Discovery- All source Intel/Fusion/AI Analysis, Preemption/Retribution – SOF (Foreign)