Mutiny on the Bounty: Psychopathic Murderers Behind the Great Reset/UN Agenda 21/Covid Scamdemic/Global Phoenix Program MUST “Walk the Plank”!

Epigraph Quote:


(Comment to Post on Alex Jones Show)

“If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it doesn’t not matter what you do, America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will created control. Why? Because it is the will of God and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again.”

Benjamin Netanyahu Quote, reported “alleged” words in Finks Bar in Tel Aviv,: 1990

“It is a war between the Jews and the non-Jews.”

Henry Kissinger, reported in book by Michael Wolf, Fire and Fury; his book attacking Donald Trump, Jan. 3, 2018

“There is a very apparent Semitic influence in the press. They are trying to do two things; first implement communism, and second, see that all businessmen of German ancestry and non-Jewish antecedents are thrown out of their jobs.”

General George Patton

“Your body and mind are now the battlefield.” Huh? Who says so?

Historically, when a mutiny on the high seas fails, the mutineers are made to “walk the plank.” Today, CIA, GCHQ, DARPA, Big Tech, the UN, WEF and other global institutions are conducting a vast mass murder, transhumanization, and enslavement program through their Covid-19 injections/brain manipulation programs (the gangstalking-electronic harassment programs)/fraudulent Domestic War on Terrorism programs. Clearly, the future of humanity and the continued integrity of God’s creation requires that these nested programs are halted and their lunatic perpetrators “walk the plank.”

The mutiny currently being waged against humanity by a nexus of psychopaths that represent foundations (Rockefeller and Gates Foundations, etc.), CIA, DARPA and US military-intelligence, the US-UK-Israeli governments, Big Tech (Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) etc. will fail! It is our job to help them fail and execute the criminals.

The principle goals of these interlocking programs are:

1) achieve totalitarian technocratic one world government by 2030, per United Nations Agenda 2030;
2) reach the “singularity,” the point where computers and AI are more powerful than humans ASAP,
3) achieve digital immortality and omniscience for the elite, and
4) mass murder, transhumanize, and enslave most of humanity.

As a “targeted individual,” i.e., guinea pig for these highly unethical and cruel experimental transhumanist/mind mapping and control/zersetzung or signature reduction programs, I have learned that the powerful individuals and groups behind these programs are satanic. Using weaponized psychology, they are able to secure the cooperation of huge segments of society through Milgram experiment-type deceptions, manipulations, and social compartmentalization. Unfortunately, it appears that most people are eager to assist in carrying out virtually any and all crimes against their fellows for some kind of perceived financial or social reward. In the process, these dupes and “useful idiots” are being stampeded off a cliff. Can we turn the herd around?

To mix metaphors, we first need to “cut off the head of the snake.” So let us here attempt to identify the chief mutineers, the techno-fascists at the top of the power pyramid who direct the AI BEAST/”War On Domestic Terrorism” system, in this highly coordinated, Techno-Totalitarian global takeover project:

Perpetrator’s Fingerprints/brainprints on new Wellcome Trust and Wellcome Leap’s programs, including (From Whitney Webb’s June 25, 2021 article; “New Leap Toward Humanity’s Destruction”:

1) HOPE Program;
2) (Transhumanist) Toddler Program (“The First 1000 Days”)

“Promoting Healthy Brain Networks,” program wants to map children’s brains by DARPA and academics and plans to use infants from 3 months to 3 years, as a way to make sure that all children have “healthy cognition” and no child is left behind. This program is overseen by British academic, Dr. Holly Baines of Newcastle University.

According to their documents, the program “focuses on developing “objective scalable ways” to assess a child’s cognitive health by monitoring their brain development from 3 months to 3 years to “risk stratify” children on the basis of their various cognitive abilities (which ties in with their genetics as well) and to “predict responses to “interventions” in developing brains.”


Webb continues: “Artificial neural networks (a subset of AI) have demonstrated the viability of modelling networks’ pruning processes and the acquisition of complex behaviors in much the way as the developing brains. “Machine learning can now be used to extract meaningful signals for the brains of infants of children… through “the use of low-cost mobile sensors, “wearables,” and home-based systems in providing a new opportunity to assess the influence and dependency of brain development on natural, physical, and social interactions. This can be done with continuous visual and audio recordings in the home (i.e., 24/7 surveillance of little babies in the home, recording everything they do and say), using “relatively unobtrusive, scalable electronic badges that collect visual, auditory, and motion data, their reaction times, as well as interactive features as well as wearable sensors that assess physiological measures predictive of brain health, electrodermal activity, respiratory rate and heart rate, wireless wearable EEG technology, or eye-tracking technology.”

Whitney Webb: “Who knows how far they will take this… It’s pretty extreme. They want this to be done on 80% of children within 10 years. And this is done so that algorhithms can decide what of all of those factors contribute to development of a healthy brain and develop interventions to make the children’s brain healthier….

Three different stages of this include:

1) Use these techniques to develop an artificial neural network- a machine brain- or a model that will function like this- “an in silica model” of a human-child brain.

2) Compare children’s brains to that of AI, so they will develop the base-line for what your children’s brain should be.

3) And if your child’s brain isn’t like the AI brain, then they will make your child’s brain like the AI brain.

Ryan: They are using your children to reach the singularity.

Multi-channel psych program: They know they can’t get to the singularity, unless they do this to enough kids.

This is about making an artificial brain. This last program is ostensibly about anhadonia, thought to be related to depression.

Whitney: This is their future of psychiatry and psychology for you. Read the strategy for the War on Domestic Terror. HARPA (Health Advanced Research Projects Agency) is basically Wellcome Leap for the U.S. You have wrong-think? Once they get this technology, they’ll say: “You’re depressed for having these naughty anti-authority, anti-government thoughts.”

Ryan: “It could be “you have these dangerous ideas.”

Whitney: This is the global vision for 1984. They are setting this up now. I think we can stop this. These universities are not used to being hassled. So put pressure on the academics and the universities that employ them. Get them fired. If enough people complain. These people are not used to being pushed back on or being called out.

They bill this as precision medicine. They want to tailor your treatment to your specific genetics and microbiome and neural connectivity of your brain). This all focuses on anhadonia- a key symptom of depression. An impairment in the effort-based reward system.

They are really all about keeping you plugging away at whatever meaningless task they give you so you will be a compliant slave.

They want to develop new wearables. Amazon’s new wearable Halo already quantifies your moods, efforts, motivations, and energy levels.

Ryan: Sounds like social credit.

Whitney: This is what Professor Yusof Noah Harari of Jerusalem University called the “digital dictatorship.” This is all tied in to the war on domestic terror.

They can affect your immune system and your fertility as well through these neuro interrogation techniques.

A non-invasive spinal tap is discussed as well as single session neural monitoring capabilities.

The First 1000 Days: Promoting Healthy Brain Networks

Who Should Walk the Plank For These Ongoing Crimes Against Humanity? Recommendations:

1) International bankers: Federal Reserve Governors (Stanley Fischer (Jew), Laurence Fink (Jew),

2) Globalist Institutions: United Nations’ personnel, WHO, World Economic Forum, Rockefeller Foundation, WELCOME LEAP, CFR, Jewish Lobby groups (ADL, SPLC)

3) Leaders of the Corporatocracy:

4) Leaders of US military and intelligence agencies; DOD, CIA, FBI, NSA, DHS, DIA, DARPA, NASA, NATO, etc.

5) Big Pharma/Biotech ()

6) Big Tech (Silicon Valley; Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Eco-Health Alliance, etc.)

7) Eugenics Society’s (Galton Institute)

8) Leading contributing academic institutions: Johns Hopkins, MIT, Stanford Research Center,

Premier Individuals Honored with a Well-Publicized Walk Down the Plank:

MegaGroup Billionaires Determined to Depopulate the Planet (2009 meeting in NYC):

Warren Buffet
Ted Turner (founder of CNN)
Michael Bloomberg
Oprah Winfree
Bill Gates
David Rockefeller

– Eric Schmidt (Jewish; founder of Google; current head of Bi-National Security Industry (US and Israeli); CFR)
– Bill Gates (Jewish, former CEO of Microsoft, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)
– Klaus Schwab (Jewish, head of World Economic Forum)
– Mark Zuckerberg (Jewish; CEO of Facebook)
– Elon Musk (Jewish; CEO of SpaceX, Neuralink, Boring Company, Tesla)
– Ray Kurzweil (Jewish; Google’s former futurist, promotor of Singularity, and digial immortality)
– Eric Lander (Jewish, Top Science Advisor to President Biden, CFR, leading Biden’s HARPA for the US)
– Reed Hoffman
– Jeffrey Epstein (Jewish pedophile, sexual bribery operative)
– Ghislaine Maxwell
– Leslie Wexner (Epstein’s chief funder, CEO of Victoria’s Secret, Jewish)
– Peter Thiel: Jewish CEO of Palintir,
– Jeff Bezos: Jewish, CEO of Amazon and Washington Post
– Regina Dugan (ex-DARPA Director 1996-2001, Special Advisor to Army, Red-Ex Defense, founded Transformational Convergence Technology Office at DARPA (Building 8) which became Biological Technology Office at DARPA in 2014), greenlighted DARPA investment in mRNA vaccines in 2013, set up DARPA equivalent at Facebook, set up Advanced Technology and Products Group at Google, built AR augmented reality business, smart clothing, promoted digital tatoos, architect of IoB – internet of bodies; moved to Wellcome Leap in 2018, the new global health DARPA, member of CFR
– David Wattendorf (Director of Innovative Technology Solutions at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)
– Ken (Kaigham) Gabriel (DARPA in 1990s, worked with Dugan in Google, lead Drapper Labs, Chief Operating Officer of Wellcome Leap; Director of Galvani Electronics)
– Jeremy Farrar: (Director of Wellcome Trust, Advisor to Dr. Anthony Fauci; )
– Dr. Anthony Fauci
– Jay Flatley (Chairman, Board of Directors, Illumina, runs gene-sequencing hardware and software industry, Wellcome Trust; World Economic Forum)
– Matt Hancock (UK,
– Dr. George Church, eugenicist, genetic engineer and transhumanist, inventor of CRISPR
– Dr. Holly Baines, program Director of Wellcome Leap First 1000 Days; Promoting Healthy Brain Networks Program, (New Castle University)
– Dr. Noah Juval Harari, Jewish, Professor of (Future) History, Jerusalem University, Keynote Speaker at 2020 World Economic Forum
– Dr. Paul Erlich (Jewish eugenicist, Stanford University Professor of Biology, author of “The Population Bomb”)
– Dr. John Holdren (former Science Czar under President Obama, eugenicist, co-author with Dr. Paul Erlich)

Wellcome Leap’s “Selected Performers for Healthy Brain Networks”

(Selected Performers in Promoting Healthy Brain Network of Wellcome Leap

– Mauro Costa-Matiiolli, Baylor College of Medicine
– Kirsten Donald, University of Capetown, South Africa
– Elena Geangu, University of York, England
– Peter Gluckman, Liggins Institute, University of Auckland, and Singamore Institute of Clinical Sciences
– Uri Hassen, Princeton University
– Rebecca Lawson, Cambridge University, Cambridge, England
– Victoria Leong, Nanyang Institute,
– Sergiu Pasca, Stanford University
– Guilherme Polanczyk, University of São Paulo
– Dustin Scheinost, Yale University

Wellcome Leap Institutions

Centres have a Director, who drives and oversees the research vision.

Research groups in centres are led by senior leaders, who hold substantial research funding and are often a Wellcome Fellow or Investigator. There are also early-career group leaders and training programmes to nurture talented junior researchers.

Current centres: There are 15 Wellcome Centres.

Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infectives Research (opens in a new tab) (University of Dundee)

The centre is working to accelerate the discovery and investigation of new small-molecule candidates for treating neglected tropical diseases – initially focusing on visceral leishmaniasis and Chagas’ disease.

Wellcome / MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute (University of Cambridge)

The institute investigates the mechanisms regulating stem and progenitor cells, both normal and pathological, for the prevention and treatment of disease. It is funded in partnership with the Medical Research Council (MRC).

Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology (University of Edinburgh)

The centre aims to understand cellular epigenetic mechanisms by looking at nuclear organisation, genome packaging and transmission, chromatin states and RNA biology.

Wellcome Centre for Cell-Matrix Research (University of Manchester)

The centre investigates the principles that govern cell and matrix interactions. This will lead to a better understanding of how organisms develop and age, and will help to identify interventions for matrix disorders, such as fibrosis.

Wellcome Centre of Cultures and Environments of Health (University of Exeter)

The centre explores, creates and supports cultures and environments that promote health and wellbeing throughout people’s lives, drawing on expertise from the humanities, social and biomedical sciences.

Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities (University of Oxford)

The centre is rethinking bioethics to recognise the importance of data, genomics, neuroscience, and global interconnectivity. This will better equip bioethics to analyse the major moral problems in 21st century bioscience and healthcare.

Wellcome / CRUK Gurdon Institute (University of Cambridge)

The institute aims to understand the fundamental mechanisms of normal biological development, look for where these mechanisms fail in cancer and other diseases of ageing and, where possible, to develop new therapies. It is funded in partnership with Cancer Research UK (CRUK).

Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics (University of Oxford)

The centre investigates the genetic causes and functional consequences of human disease, drawing on human and pathogen genomics and structural biology.

Wellcome Centre for Infectious Diseases Research in Africa

The centre aims to combat infectious diseases related to poverty, with a particular focus on TB and HIV. It wants to determine the role of non-infectious diseases in infection, and overcome the challenges of large scale anti-retroviral therapy for HIV. The centre will provide training and opportunities to African scientists and clinicians.

Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging (University of Oxford)

The Centre is helping laboratory neuroscience to better benefit patients by making it easier to integrate neuroimaging across species and scales. It will generate new imaging markers for prediction, stratification and therapeutic monitoring, and make all data, analysis and related tools openly available.

Wellcome / EPSRC Centre for Medical Engineering (King’s College London)

The centre is developing markers to allow early detection of disease so that its onset or progression can be prevented. It will focus on cardiovascular, oncological and neurological applications of medical imaging (primarily MRI and PET). It is jointly funded with the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and King’s College London.

Wellcome Centre for Mitochondrial Research (Newcastle University)

The centre carries out basic and clinical research on genetic and cell-biological mechanisms of mitochondrial disease, phenotypes patients, and develops new approaches to prevention and treatment.

Wellcome Centre for Integrative Parasitology (University of Glasgow)

The centre investigates molecular processes and pathways in parasites in order to develop new approaches to treatment. It uses techniques from genomics and molecular epidemiology to study parasites and their interactions with host immune systems.

Wellcome Centre for Human Neuroimaging (University College London)

The centre is using neuroimaging to identify biomarkers that can inform prognosis and treatment in a variety of psychiatric and neurological conditions. It brings together expertise in human cognition, physics, biophysical modelling, computational neuroscience and clinical neuroscience.

Wellcome / EPSRC Centre for Interventional and Surgical Sciences (University College London)

The centre is advancing image-guided surgery by combining imaging, sensing and smart instruments. It helps clinicians to adopt these new technologies and methods and to interact with patients and the general public.

Africa and Asia Programmes

We run five programmes as part of our work to fund and support research in Africa and Asia.

Co-funded institutes

The Francis Crick Institute is a partnership between Wellcome, the Medical Research Council, Cancer Research UK, University College London, Imperial College London and King’s College London. It is the largest biomedical research institute in Europe.

The Sainsbury Wellcome Centre – The Sainsbury Wellcome Centre is funded through a partnership between Wellcome and the Gatsby Foundation. The centre focuses on furthering our understanding of neural circuits in the brain.

The MSD-Wellcome Trust Hilleman Laboratories, funded through a partnership between Wellcome and Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp, is a not-for-profit vaccine research and development initiative based in India. Hilleman laboratories complete research into affordable vaccines to combat disease in low-income countries.

Israeli Jews:

Benjamin Netanyahu
Ehud Barak