More On MKULTRA, Past to Present; Global Gestapo #5; Dr. Eric Karlstrom and Ramola D Podcast

Global Gestapo/5: More on MK Ultra, Past to Present

My informal notes for Global Gestapo #5 Interview on Mind Control/MKULTRA, Dr. Eric Karlstrom with Ramola D: September 19, 2018

(Most information and notes below are from my article: Mind Control: History and Applications on this website…

Five hypotheses:

1) CIA’s MKULTRA the KEY (MK is Nazi German – for mind control). (with Bluebird, Artichoke, MKSEARCH, MKDELTA, MKOFTEN,…. CIA-funded MKULTRA mind control programs are the basis for nearly all elements of Global Gestapo (stalking/electronic harassment/mind control)… This includes: Torture (KUBARK Torture Manual), Terrorism, the “Shock Doctrine,” “the Chicago School,” and other “real-world” MKULTRA Applications

Main subject: It all comes from MKULTRA- and MKULTRA comes from the Nazis and Tavistock and eugenics movement in US + Aleister Crowley-type satanic cults. Ultimately, Judeo-Masonic Satanists.

2) As per Marshall Thomas’ “MONARCH: the New Phoenix Program,” the Global GESTAPO is a merger of the CIA’s two main projects since it was formed. 1) Destablization of all societies using “counter insurgency doctrine” (Prouty, 1973). And 2) mind control of individuals and mass populations using MKULTRA-MONARCH- technologies.

3) As per Thomas” MONARCH, the New Phoenix Program, a fundamental goal of Global Gestapo is to turn TIs (dissidents, independent thinkers, adversaries, enemies, targets) into mind controlled slaves/assets.

4) As per Jose Delgado’s book, “Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psycho-Civilized Society,” the goal is to mind control society.

5) The degree of covert, coersive control, including highly invasive trauma-based mind control, over societies- perhaps especially America- exerted by the CIA and military are phenomenal.

A special procedure, designated MKDELTA, was established to govern the use of MKULTRA techniques that would be used for harassment, discrediting or disabling purposes in other countries. Operation OFTEN attempted to harness the power of occultic forces.”

Marshall Thomas’: MONARCH: The New Phoenix Program…. Suggests that Tis are being transformed into robot slaves of the CIA-system.

1) deep complicity of universities and social sciences, especially psychology, in MKULTRA (we can use Ross’ info)- 44 universities used then- probably many hundreds or thousands now- in the Giordano era

2) I think we draw a straight line from MKULTRA and subprojects to the Cia- British intelligence-concocted hippie – drug movement of the 60s (which was my generation- so I know it well)…used to discredit social movements of the time such as civil rights movement, anti-Vietnam War. as per discussion in Dave McGowan’s books like (Weird Scenes from the Canyon)… very interesting story- of rock stars who are really spies.

3) to the KUBARK torture manual- (used in Gitmo and Abu Ghraib… and the serial killings of the 80’s as per McGowan’s programmed to kill)

4) from MKDELTA harassment, discreditation protocols to gang stalking protocols

5) from the MKULTRA subprojects on electrical stimulation of the brain and to what’s happening globally with Tis etc., with V2K, RNM, etc.

6) some of the psychologists involved in government-sponsored contracts

Kay Griggs: (Re: Operation Paperclip and mind control)….

It’s not just German doctors coming over after the war in Operation Paperclip, but there was this huge movement of Jewish doctors before the war…. So that Jewish doctors doing similar experiments as were done in the concentration camps, (except that theywere taken to extremes in the concentration camps), the Jewish doctors were all placed right at the heart of their speciality in either America or England. So the top virologists would suddenly find themselves with all the major things going on in England, and they’d run the departments.

So it’s not just Paperclip. The world war (II) seems to be have been deliberately to get these Jewish doctors working with their counterparts, and with people that could look at all different aspects of the human being and how they tick.


Mind control interviews:

If both the past and the external world exist only in the mind, and if the mind itself is controllable- what then?

Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.

George Orwell, 1984

There will be in the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude and producing dictatorship without tears so to speak. Producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel – by propaganda, or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.

Aldous Huxley, Committee of 300, Tavistock agent, 1961.

In 1953, (CIA Director Allen) Dulles, speaking before a national meeting of Princeton alumni, distinguished two fronts in the then-current “battle for men’s minds”: a “first front” of mass indoctrination through censorship and propaganda, and a “second front” of individual “brainwashing” and “brain changing.” Before an audience of fellow Ivy Leaguers, Dulles skipped the usual pieties about democracy. The same year, Dulles approved the CIA’s notorious MKULTRA project, and exempted it from normal CIA financial controls.

Alex Constantine, Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A. 1995

In Operation Mind Control: The CIA’s Plot Against America (1978), Walter Bowart quotes a 1951 statement by a former naval officer that reveals that the military/intelligence use of narco-hypnosis was widespread at that time. (The Navy had begun their mind control experiments in Operation CHATTER in 1947). The naval officer was L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the cult of Scientology:

“… “a secret” (of certain military and intelligence organizations) called “Pain-Drug-Hypnosis”…. “is a vicious war weapon and may be of considerably more use in conquering a society than the atom bomb. This is no exaggeration. The extensiveness of the use of this form of hypnotism in espionage work is now so widespread that it is long past the time when people should have become alarmed about it….. Pain-Drug-Hypnosis is a wicked extension of narcosynthesis, the drug hypnosis used in America only during and since the last war…”

Bowart notes that in the early 1950’s, the top priority for government researchers testing in mind control (in BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, MKULTRA) was to evaluate the drugs which best helped to induce hypnosis. Bowart (1978):

“The administration and effects of barbiturates, amobarbital, secobarbital, pentothal, and sodium amytal were studied. Nonbarbiturate sedatives and calmatives such as ethchlorvynol, glutethimidide, methyprylon, methylparafynol, captodramin, and oxanamide were also tested. A whole range of amphetamines and their derivatives were discussed as good tools to produce a push- and outpouring of ideas, emotions, memories, and so forth. New drugs such as ritalin, masilid, and mescaline were thought to hold great promise for mind-control applications. Perhaps the most promising of this last group was a “consciousness-expanding” drug called LSD-25.

Scientists who carried out TOP SECRET MKULTRA experiments to determine the military applications of LSD between 1953 and 1955 include Dr. Harold A. Abramson, Dr. Robert Hyde, Dr. Harold Lodge, and Dr. Carl Pfieffer. Abramson worked on the staff of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City where he conducted experiments under MKULTRA Subprojects 7, 27, 33, and 40 (1953-1955). In 1967, he published a book entitled The Use of LSD in Psychotherapy and Alcoholism, which included 36 papers from the Second International Conference on The Use of LSD in Psychotherapy and Alcoholism. Indeed, Abramson was an organizer of six international LSD conferences, the first of which was held in 1956. Abramson was the attending physician for the U.S. government chemist, Dr. Frank Olson, who allegedly died of suicide after having been secretly given LSD by MKULTRA director Dr. Sidney Gottlieb. (In fact, exhumation of Olson’s body years later indicated that he had been bludgeoned with a hammer, Albarelli, 2009.)

One TOP SECRET MKULTRA Subproject 2, conducted at Stanford University by Dr. James Hamilton, was on “Possible synergistic action of drugs which may be appropriate for use in abolishing consciousness.” Subproject 39 was a TOP SECRET project carried out at Ionia State Hospital Psychopathic Clinic in Detroit, Michigan, on “Drug testing on prisoners/sexual psychopaths including interrogation with hypnosis, LSD, and marijuana.””

The principal secret of secret intelligence is how to get someone to do your bidding….. From its beginning in 1947, the CIA… has spent millions of dollars (actually now probably billions – ETK) on a major program of research to find drugs or other esoteric methods to bring ordinary people, willing and unwilling alike, under complete control- to act, to talk, to reveal the most precious secrets, even to forget on command.

John Marks, In Search of the Manchurian Candidate, the CIA and Mind Control (1976)

“Cryptocracy” is a compound of “crypto”, meaning “secret,” and “cracy,” meaning “rule, government, governing body.” The “cryptocracy” then is the secret government whose identity and whereabouts have slowly and reluctantly been hinted at by the Congress through its investigations into Watergate, the CIA, and the rest of the intelligence community…..

The cryptocracy invades the privacy of citizens and corporations. It meddles, often violently, in the internal politics of foreign countries, and has hired, trained, and equipped mind-controlled assassins for the murder of heads of state (including JFK, RFK, MLK Jr. etc.- author’s addition)…. The story within the story, I discovered, is an astonishing one of a psychological war waged by the U.S. cryptocracy against the American people.

Walter Bowart, Operation Mind Control: The CIA’s Plot Against America (1978)

The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.

Dr. Jose Delgado in front of Congress, 1974

Over two million Americans have been programmed by trauma-based mind control since 1947, and the CIA admitted its Mind Control publicly in 1970, and yet the existence of the mind-control is still secret to the general public.

Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula Appendix I: The Programmers

I toiled wholeheartedly in the vineyards because it was fun, fun, fun.… Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the all-highest.

Col. George Hunter White, who oversaw CIA’s MKULTRA’s Subprojects 3, 14, 16, and 42, including Operation Midnight Climax, in his final report to Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, head of CIA’s Technical Services Staff (TSS) and Operation MKULTRA.

In 1950, the CIA established PROJECT BLUEBIRDin cooperation with other agencies (including the various military services, FBI, etc.) to create an exploitable alteration of personality in selected individuals.” PROJECT BLUEBIRD was re-named ARTICHOKE in 1951 and became MKULTRA in 1953 under CIA Director Allen Dulles. Nearly every CIA document later released due to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests stressed goals like

“controlling an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against such fundamental laws of nature as self-preservation.”

The 10 boxes (16,000 pages) of highly-censored government documents released to Marks revealed that under MKULTRA, the CIA had funneled funds to 185 non-government researchers and assistants working at 80 U.S. and Canadian institutions, including 44 universities or colleges, 15 research foundations or chemical or pharmaceutical companies, 12 hospitals or clinics, and three prisons. Many thousands of unwitting victims were experimented on without their knowledge or consent.

About 1000 military “volunteers” were given LSD in 1958 alone and suffered hallucinations, memory loss, incoherence, and severe personality changes. In Secret Agenda; The United States Government, Nazi Scientists, and Project Paperclip1945-1990, Hunt (1990) estimates that over 7,000 American soldiers were unwitting victims of these mind control programs between 1947 and 1966. And she also reveals that these experiments were a direct continuation of Nazi experiments by the Nazi scientists themselves!

Although former CIA Director Helms claimed that the CIA had terminated its mind control experiments in 1963, government-contracted mind control research continued under various project names under the CIA’s Office and Research and Development (ORD). In response to additional FOIA requests by Marks in 1977 for more documents relating to the post-MKULTRA behavior control research, the CIA admitted to having “identified 130 boxes (approximately 130 cubic feet) of documents from ORD that are reasonably expected to contain behavioral research documents.” Shortly thereafter, however, the CIA decided that FOIA Requests no longer applied to them. Since then, there has been a nearly total blackout of public access to military/intelligence reports having to do with mind control research and activities.

In 1953, three days before he authorized the MKULTRA project, CIA Director Allen Dulles addressed the Princeton alumni, remarking on:

how sinister the battle for men’s minds had become in Soviet hands. (Soviet) brain perversion techniques were so subtle and abhorrent to our way of life that we have recoiled from facing up to them. The minds of selected individuals who are subjected to such treatment…. are deprived of the ability to state their own thoughts. Parrot-like, the individuals so conditioned can merely report the thoughts which have been implanted in their minds by suggestion from outside. In effect, the brain….. becomes a phonograph playing a disc put on its spindle by an outside genius over which it had no control. (April 10, 1953, from Collins, 1988).

The documentary record reveals that BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, and MKULTRA were essentially a direct continuation of Nazi “research,” and indeed, much of it was initially carried out by the ex-Nazi “doctors” themselves. These and related programs were devised to control human behavior through psychedelic and hallucinogenic drugs (including LSD, mescaline and many others), electroshock, radiation, magnetic fields, sound waves, sleep deprivation, parapsychology, psychological/sociological/anthropological methods, harassment substances, paramilitary devices and materials, and many other methods. A special procedure, designated MKDELTA, was established to govern the use of MKULTRA techniques that would be used for harassment, discrediting or disabling purposes in other countries. Operation OFTEN attempted to harness the power of occultic forces.

Dr. Colin A. Ross, Canadian psychiatrist and past president of the International Society for the Study of Dissociation, stated in his book, “Bluebird, The Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality by Psychiatrists (2000):

The major goal of the Cold War mind control programs was to create dissociative symptoms and disorders, including full multiple personality disorder. The Manchurian Candidate is fact, not fiction, and was created by the CIA in the 1950’s under BLUEBIRD and ARTICHOKE mind controlled programs. Experiments with LSD, sensory deprivation, electro-convulsive treatment, brain electrode implants and hypnosis were designed to create amnesia, de-personalization, changes in identify and altered states of consciousness… Experiments to create Manchurian Candidate “super spies” must be understood in their social and historical context, which is one of pervasive, systematic mind control experimentation, not by a few isolated renegade doctors, but by the leaders of the psychiatry and the major medical schools….

“According to my definition, the Manchurian Candidate is an experimentally-created dissociative identity disorder that meets the following four criteria:

1) Created deliberately
2) A new identity is implanted
3) Amnesia barriers are created
4) Used in simulated or actual operations

The mind control experiments were interwoven with radiation experiments, and research on chemical and biological weapons. The mind control work was funded by the CIA, Army, Navy, and Air Force, and concurrently by other agencies including the Public Health Service and the Scottish Rite Foundation…. Mind control contractors with TOP SECRET clearance included the American Psychological Association and the Society for Biological Psychiatry, and psychiatrists who have received awards from the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association…. Clinical responsibility for the mind control experiments lies with the doctors, who should have been constrained by the Hippocratic Oath…..

Subjects did not give meaningful informed consent. As was true of mind control and biological weapons research, radiation experiments were conducted on children and unwitting civilians… The work was conducted in the absence of any public discussion and without guidelines or monitoring from professional associations. Informed consent was not obtained, funding sources were not revealed, and subjects were given disinformation about the intent of the experiments by doctors…

The experiments began during World War II and at least some elements of the programs, such as non-lethal weapons, have continued up to the present. Paranormal experiments under STARGATE continued until 1984, and Army doctors were actively involved in LSD testing at least until the late 1970’s. Subjects of LSD experiments included children as young as five years old, and brain electrodes were implanted in children as young as eleven years of age. Four of the CIA’s (150) MKULTRA Subprojects were on children….

All psychiatrists and medical schools are implicated because the network is so extensive. Responsibility for the unethical experiments lies first with the individual doctors, but also collectively with the medical profession as a whole, and with academia as a whole.

As noted, MKULTRA ran between 1953 and 1976 and involved human experimentation, using drugs (including LSD), brainwashing, sensory deprivation, hypnosis, and psychological means to control human behavior for counter-intelligence and covert operations. In some of these experiments, termed “terminal experiments,” subjects, often referred to as HP or “human products” were killed. MKULTRA documents frankly discuss “disposal of subjects.” Morse Allen, head of PROJECT ARTICHOKE in 1951, justified killing innocent people because only the testing of subjects “for whom much is at stake (perhaps life and death)” would produce meaningful results. These “terminal experiments” were generally conducted on unwitting victims, that is, people who had no idea they were part of an experiment. This, of course, was a violation of the Nuremburg Code, which is still official US policy and which has been consistently violated from the very beginning of these programs. However, unbeknownst to most Americans, the U.S. government has a long and sordid history of experimenting on its own citizens Appendix 2: America’s Long History of Human Experimentation).

This de-classified CIA document from 1951 sets the tenor of some of the “research”:

On 2 July 1951 approximately 1:00 pm, the instruction began with (deleted) relating to the student some of his sexual experiences. (Deleted) stated that he had constantly used hypnotism as a means of inducing young girls to engage in sexual intercourse with him. (Deleted) a performer in (deleted) orchestra was forced to engage in sexual intercourse with (deleted) while under the influence of hypnotism. (Deleted) further stated that many times while going home on (deleted), he would use hypnotic suggestion to have a girl turn around and talk to him and suggest sexual intercourse to him, and that as a result of these suggestions induced by him he spent approximately five nights a week away from home engaging in sexual intercourse.

Other recovered documents indicate that other “researchers” also genuinely loved their work. In a letter to Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, head of MKULTRA, George White stated:

I toiled wholeheartedly in the vineyards because it was fun, fun, fun.… Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the all-highest

George White had come to the CIA from the OSS, America’s wartime intelligence agency. For years, White was in charge of MKULTRA’s Operation Midnight Climax, a project set up to study the effects of LSD on sex. CIA-run brothels were maintained in San Francisco, New York and Marin County. The CIA paid drug-addicted prostitutes $100 a night to bring their “johns” to these “safehouses,” where, unbeknownst to them, their drinks were spiked with LSD. CIA personnel watched the action from behind one-way mirrors. The “johns,” or subjects, were never told they had been unwitting subjects in drug studies. White received CIA funding for MKULTRA Subprojects 3, 14, 16, and 42 (Ross, 2000).

MKULTRA and related projects funded a broad range of exploratory research into mind control-related techniques (Ross, 2000). The two main subheadings of MKULTRA research were: a) chemical and biological methods, and b) electronic or psychotronic methods of mind control. MKULTRA contractors and funding connections are shown in the following diagram (from Ross, 2000):

The remaining quarter of the MKULTRA Subprojects were miscellaneous in nature…. (But included) the funding of the construction of the Gorman Annex at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C. ($375,000 which was matched by federal funds.) The money was funneled through Geschickter Foundation. Dr. Charles Geschickter, head of the Geschickter Foundation, conducted research on amnesia-producing drugs at Georgetown University Hospital under MKSEARCH through July, 1967. The total budget for the Annex of $1.25 million was to provide a hospital safe house for mind control research. Some subjects were terminal cancer patients. One sixth of the space was set aside for the CIA, which placed three biochemists there under cover.

In his testimony in’ Human Drug Testing by the CIA,’ 1977, Dr. Geschickter states that over thirteen years his foundation funded $1,030,000.00 of research at Georgetown and $2,088,600.00 at other universities. CIA money included the $375,000 for MKULTRA Subproject 35 and $535,000 for MKULTRA Subproject 45, meaning that most of the money awarded for research at Georgetown, if not all, was CIA money. Dr. Geschicter’s testimony to the Senate Committee is a study in evasiveness, forgetfulness, doublespeak, and implausible denial. He claimed not to remember many details he obviously would not have forgotten.

Recall that we are summarizing the contents here only of the 10 boxes of MKULTRA documents that escaped the shredder. On reviewing the 149 MKULTRA and MKSEARCH Subprojects listed in Ross (2000), I note four studies related to hypnosis, several related to radiation experiments, some related to ESP (extra-sensory perception), and one (Subproject 58) that funded an expedition to Mexico to identify and collect hallucinogenic mushrooms. Six subprojects related to electrical stimulation of the brain (ESB) had titles such as; “Techniques of activation of the human organism by remote electronic means,” “bioelectric response patterns,” “electronic stimulation of the brain in cold blooded animals,” “remote control of animal behavior,” “stimulation of monkey’s brains by radio frequencies.”

Marks (1979) identifies the following institutions as participants in MKULTRA programs:

University of California at Berkeley;
Sandoz, Swiss pharmaceutical firm (source for CIA LSD and for Prozac);
City College of New York;
Boston Psychopathic Hospital (Dr. Robert Hyde);
Mt. Sinai Hospital NY (Dr. Harold Abramson);
Columbia University NY;
University of Illinois Medical School (Dr. Carl Pfeiffer);
NIMH-sponsored Addiction Research Center, Lexington KY;
University of Rochester NY (Dr. Harold Hodge);
University of Oklahoma (Dr. Louis Jolyon West);
Josia Macy, Jr. Foundation;
Geschickter Fund for Medical Research, Washington D.C.;
Missouri Institute of Psychiatry;
Harvard University (Dr. Henry Beecher);
Massachusetts General Hospital;
University of Maryland Medical School;
Baylor University (Dr. Neil Burch);
New York State Psychiatric Institute (Drs. Paul Hoch and James Cattell);
University of Washington (Dr. James Dille);
University of Wisconsin (Frank Olson);
University of Delaware;
Veterans Administration Hospital, Palo Alto CA;
Rockefeller Foundation;
Allan Memorial Institute – McGill University, Montreal (Dr. Ewen Cameron);
National Institutes of Health, Washington D.C.;
Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology;
University of Nijmegen, Netherlands;
Ionia State Hospital MI;
University of London;
University of Minnesota (Dr. Alden Sears);
University of Houston TX;
California [Prison] Medical Facility, Vacaville;
Emory University;
Bordentown NJ Reformatory and
Lincoln Technical Institute, East Windsor CT;
Holmesburg Prison, Holmesburg, PA.

In order to keep MKULTRA from being easily detected, the CIA segmented its subprojects into specialized fields of research and development at universities, prisons, private laboratories and hospitals. Of course, they were rewarded generously with government grants and miscellaneous funding. The names and locations of some of the major institutions involved in MONARCH programming experimentation were/are: Cornell, Duke, Princeton, UCLA, University of Rochester, MIT, Georgetown University Hospital, Maimonides Medical Center, St Elizabeth’s Hospital (Washington, D.C.), Bell Laboratories, Stanford Research Institute, Westinghouse Friendship Laboratories, General Electric, ARCO and Manking Research Unlimited.

The “final product” was/is usually created on military installations and bases, where maximum security is required. Referred to as (re) programming centers or near-death trauma centers, the most heavily identified are: China Lake Naval Weapons Center, The Presidio, Ft. Dietrick, Ft. Campbell, Ft. Lewis, Ft. Hood, Redstone Arsenal, Offutt AFB, Patrick AFB, McClellan AFB, MacGill AFB, Kirkland AFB, Nellis AFB, Homestead AFB, Grissom AFB, Maxwell AFB and Tinker AFB. Other places recognized as major programming sites are Langley Research Center, Los Alamos National Laboratories, Tavistock Institute and areas in or by Mt. Shasta, CA, Lampe, MO and Las Vegas, NV.

Ross: The medical profession and the leading academic institutions where mind control research was done have not yet provided a meaningful public accounting, financial or ethical, of this experimentation. This is one of the reasons that the entire medical profession is implicated in the story.

According to Ross (2000) and others (Lawrence, 1967; Bowart, 1978), the government did create real life “Manchurian Candidates.” These include Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby, Sirhan Sirhan, Mark David Chapman, Patty Hearst, and Candy Jones. The implications are obvious: The assassinations of JFK, RFK, MLK, and the attempted assassination of President Reagan, amongst others, were stage managed by our own intelligence services using mind-controlled technologies developed in this country with tax-payer money. This conclusion is reinforced by Marks’ (1979) comment that New York psychologist, CIA subcontractor and “hypnosis expert, Dr. Milton Kline, says he could create a patsy in three months; an assassin would take him six.”

Carol Rutz: A Nation Betrayed: Josef Mengele attended Frankfurt Institute for Racial Hygiene doing his doctoral research on cleft palate. (He received his Ph.D. in anthropology). In 1937 he was appointed a research assistant at the Third Reich Institute for Heredity, Biology, and Racial Purity at the University of Frankfurt where he worked with Professor Otmar Freiherr von Vershuer and learned genetic manipulation. Mengele provided “experimental materials” to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology, from Twins including eyes, blood , and other body parts from Auschwitz. One of the victims of Mengele’s experiments was quoted as saying, “It is imperative that the Kaiser-Wilhelm Institute be implicated as the initiator and recipient of the research data; it should not be able to get away from the ultimate responsibility of these horrors.”

Ruiz’s reconstruction of Mengele’s whereabouts between the time he left Germany and his supposed death is quite revealing. Based on the above “sightings,” Mengele appeared in at least 15 different locations in America and Canada between 1952 and 1968. These locations include American military bases, American underground government facilities, the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., and numerous American cities and states. Numerous mind-control survivors identify him as being one of their principle mind control programmers at these locales. Additionally, Mengele appeared three times a year, for two weeks at a time, during four consecutive years (1959-62) at a Catholic orphanage in Canada. Obviously, a Catholic orphanage could have provided Mengele with child subjects for mind-control programming/”experimentation.” Mengele also appeared on a ship near Vietnam/Laos in 1961 and 1962 during a time when the CIA was actively involved in that country. John McDermott, Former Associate Editor of Viet-Report, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, notes that:

from June, 1954 to June, 1963… the CIA was absolutely and exclusively dominant in creating and carrying out the policies which led eventually to the Vietnam War.

During World War II, then, mind-control research was carried out simultaneously in the principle warring nations. Swiss chemist, Dr. Albert Hoffman, discovered LSD in 1943 as S.S. and Gestapo doctors in Nazi Germany were testing mescaline (a drug which has many of the mind-changing qualities of LSD) on prisoners at the Dachau concentration camp. According to research team member Walter Neff, the goal of the Dachau experiments was “to eliminate the will of the person examined…” The Nazi “scientists” at the concentration camps also experimented with hypnosis in combination with mescaline.

“In the 1977 Senate hearings, former CIA director Admiral Stansfield Turner stated that…. “MKULTRA Subproject 119 was the foundation of all non-lethal weapons programs currently active and included a summary of five areas, one of which is entitled “Techniques of activation of the human organism by remote electronic means.” This memo was dated August 17, 1960 and when viewed with other evidence that was not destroyed, shows significant interest in radio frequency (RF) weapons and direct control of human behavior at a distance. By 1960 the CIA dropped emphasis on the use of LSD in favor of electronic influence. This aspect of the research is where the greatest emphasis has been, rather than chemical or biological agents, both of which violate existing treaties and leave physical traces.”

H. A “Victims’ View” of Dr. Mengele and MKULTRA/MONARCH Mind Control

Numerous books and websites purport to identify the often highly visible victims of the MKULTRA/MONARCH programming. In this regard, Springmeier’s books and various websites, including , make for very interesting reading. Among the very public figures purported to be victims of Monarch programming are President Barack Obama, (“Barack Obama, 3rd Generation Nazi MK ULTRA Puppet Care of East-West Institute,”, Sarah Palin (Anatomy of Sarah L. Palin: Mind Kontrolled BETA Programmed Sex Kitten, and many celebrities such as Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, etc. etc.

Ruiz (2001) provides numerous survivors’ accounts of their personal encounters with Mengele and other mind control programmers:

Victim 1, a female survivor, reports being programmed by Mengele in Florida in 1954, several times in Tennessee in 1955, and another several times in Tennessee between April and September, 1956 (from Ruiz, 2001):

“As he got older and turned gray he (Mengele) called himself “Grandfather.” He used the movie Heidi with me, and became the “grandfather.” I think the insidious part of his work with me was the love thing. He would love me and torture me. Whatever he did had that element. He must have trained my father as well, because that is what my dad was told to do as well. One of Mengele’s favorite phrases was “Pain is pleasure, and pleasure is pain, my dear. I am here to make you very happy? You will love me forever!”

Earlier he had black hair (sort of FBI cut-longish on top and short on the sides), walked around in black boots and carried a riding crop that was really a cattle prod. He played the piano, violin, and liked Wagner and music of that sort. He used Handel’s Messiah on me often. I remember being on the floor with him playing piano in nothing but his boots and a tuxedo coat with tails, as he ordered the men working with him to shock me with cattle prods while he played. It was sort of like musical chairs- when he stopped playing, they stopped shocking; or when he played, they stopped, according to which rules he used that week! He liked the latter better because he wanted me to listen to him play and love it! He also did this playing his violin.

Mengele was part of an experiment on young men. They seemed to be training a set of men such that they would do anything they were told. I was the surprise element that they weren’t expecting. It was spring of 1955. He was the man with the clipboard in this experiment. There was also a colonel named Sandy, a red-haired square-jawed man, who was the local in charge. They were using military facilities for these experiments, and the men were brought from Ft. Campbell in Clarksville, Tennessee. They seemed to be some sort of Special Forces dudes who were being trained. This actually went on from the summer before 1954 until spring just before I was six in 1955.”
Victim 2 is Carol Ruiz herself (Ruiz, 2001):

“…. I too was privy to Mengele’s torture in 1956 when I was almost nine years old….. (I) was taken by my Dad to a rural looking place with a winding road that led up to an airplane hanger…. Inside suspended from the rafters in the ceiling (operated by pulleys) were cages with naked kids in them… It seemed that most were younger than I. I was placed in one of these cages, and like the others deprived of food and water. I become very cold and continually hunched over to hide my nakedness. Every time I tried to sleep, someone with a cattle prod reached through the bars and poked me. He had very long nails and seemed to enjoy this torture. He was able to stand next to any cage by using something like the cages that we were in to reach us. When he wasn’t torturing one of us kids, he stood on the ground with Dr. Black (Mengele). They both smiled with evil grins, and our tears had absolutely no impact on them.

The purpose of all this torture was to prepare us for programming. There was a hospital where each of us was taken after the torture made us compliant. The training I had involved easels and blackboards. This was where I was taught about the meridians of the body, and shown how to run energy up and down these meridians. It was preparation for later experiments in which would use my mind to attempt to psychically kill. In another experiment an alter was created and made to memorize binary code. If this Robert alter did not completely and accurately repeat back what it had been taught, I was returned to the cage.
Trauma based programming was theoretically the reason for some of the torturous things perpetrated on survivors. It was the cruelest form of mental brainwashing, and left the child completely disassociated and open to programming. Josef Mengele was a master at this.
After an abortion was performed on me in Montreal, Canada, when I was twelve, Dr. Black (Mengele) harvested my eggs. I can only assume from what he showed me a years later, that he was playing God and tampering with genes to create a “Super Race.” He undoubtedly was doing test-tube fertilization with these eggs. Unfortunately, his early experiments produced children with grossly enlarged heads. He showed me two of these poor children when I was 16 years old and told me they were mine.”
Victim 3 is a survivor of (Monarch) foundational programming with Mengele in Kansas City in 1960 (from Ruiz, 2001).

“By foundational programming I mean abuse to create many traumatized alters to use in programming more specific functions later on and in creating internal structure. There is a memory of him creating specific trauma bonding. He split the alters so that one would remember him being very loving, but it included a lot of sexual abuse and other parts would experience terror at his cruelty. With the first one, he somehow created the experience that he was inside our mind being very nurturing and teaching her that she will always want only him. Then later he abandoned her abruptly, and made her feel worthless and cast-off. With another alter he was mean, creating a rape alter by killing a little boy she had felt bonded with as her little protector. In a different memory some alters call “the white room,” he did electroshock with drugging and some kind of rotating equipment to create even more helpless feelings and confusion. It was blinding white light that was overwhelming, whether or not our eyes were open or closed. This abuse resulted in three “adult” alters that reinforced internal loyalty programming. If they tried to stray from it, they always started to experience intense pain from the first part of the white room abuse, so they always baked off and got back in place. He also did some internal structure and programming on a Kabala theme, locking different alters and alter pairs into various parts of the structure by separate abuse incidents.”
Victim 4 (from Ruiz, 2001):

“Dr. Black talked about how Hitler had not died but had ascended to a god-state. He didn’t seem to worship Hitler, but seemed to honor the perfect idea of the man. None of them worshipped him that I could tell, because they were too absorbed with the idea of also becoming gods. Gods don’t worship gods. They talked about getting rid of the “impurities” that had been gotten through intermarriage with mongrels, etc. Mengele said that they needed to “remember who we are.””
Victim 5 is Claudia Mullen, a client of Dr. Valerie Wolf. Mullins stated in a report to the Presidential Commission (from The CIA, Mind Control & Children: A Talk by John Rappoport):

“Between the years of 1957 and 1984 I became a pawn in a government scheme whose ultimate goal was mind control and to create the perfect spy. All through the use of chemicals, radiation, electroshock, hypnosis, drugs, isolation in tubs of water, sleep deprivation, brainwashing, and verbal, physical, emotional and sexual abuse. I was exploited unwittingly for nearly three decades of my life, and the only explanation given to me was that ‘the end justifies the means’ and I was serving my country in their bold effort to fight communism. I can only summarize my circumstances by saying they took an already abused 7 year-old child and compounded my suffering beyond belief. In 1958 I was to be tested, they told me, by some important doctors coming from a place called The Society [… that’s the Human Ecology Society, a known CIA front]. I was told to cooperate, answer any of their questions, then since the tests might hurt, I would be given shots, x-rays, and jolts of electricity. I was also instructed not to look in anyone’s face too hard and to ignore names, as this was a very secret project … but to be brave and all those things would help me forget. Naturally as most children do, I did the opposite, and remembered as much as I could. A Dr. John Gittinger [Rapaport: these people in the testimony named names, they did not screw around …] tested me and Dr. Cameron gave me the shocks, and Dr. Green (Mengele), the x-rays. Then I was told by Sid Gottlieb I was right for the Big A … meaning Artichoke.”

Dr. Ewen Cameron

Ross: Medical experimentation by the Department of Psychiatry at McGill resulted in death, psychosis, vegetable states, organic brain damage, and permanent loss of memory among other damages. It resulted in the creation of amnesia, identity disturbance and depersonalization among other dissociative symptoms. Dr. Ewen Cameron was the main figure in these activities….

Throughout the twentieth century, academic psychiatry provided no public commentary, ethical guidance, peer review, or moral oversight of any kind concerning mind control experimentation, despite the fact that the leading psychiatrists and medical schools were well funded by the CIA and military for mind control research. Mental patients, cancer patients, prisoners and unwitting citizens were experimented on by mind-control doctors at Yale, Harvard, McGill, Stanford, UCLA, and the other major universities.

These human guinea pigs were never told that they were subjects in military and CIA mind control experiments, and they never gave informed consent. They received no systematical follow-up to document the harm done to them. The welfare of “human subjects” was not a relevant variable in the academic equation. What counted for psychiatrists, I think was money, power, perks, academic advancement, and the thrill of being a spy doctor….
The fact that Dr. Cameron’s unethical, inhumane, and grossly damaging experiments were published in the psychiatric literature is a condemnation of the editorial standards of the journals….”

Dr. Cameron’s “Nazi connections”

In 1945, Dr. Ewen Cameron was part of the American psychiatric team that assessed and tried Nazi War criminals at the Nuremburg Tribunal. Thus, Cameron was certainly well aware that the Nuremburg Code which sprang from the Nuremburg trials states that it is unlawful to perform medical experiments on unwitting patients. Cameron’s experiments certainly violated the informed consent provisions of this Nuremburg Code. Ross (2000) deduces that Cameron must have had a security clearance with the U.S. government and must have also been privy to the Nazi research on mescaline at their death camps. For indeed, he himself instituted similar work at McGill when he experimented with LSD. Ross concludes that Cameron is also “a leading candidate for involvement in the recruitment and placement of PAPERCLIP (German) psychiatrists.”

Lee and Shlain summarize this era of criminal conduct by “experts” as follows in Acid Dreams: The Complete Social History of LSD: The CIA, the Sixties, and Beyond [1994):

“The CIA violated the Nuremberg Code for medical ethics by sponsoring experiments on unwitting subjects. Ironically, Dr. Cameron was a member of the Nuremberg tribunal that heard the case against Nazi war criminals who committed atrocities during World War II. Like the Nazi doctors at Dachau, the CIA victimized certain groups of people who were unable to resist: prisoners, mental patients, foreigners, the terminally ill, sexual deviants, ethnic minorities.”

As noted, some 1600 German mind control doctors were covertly smuggled into North America via the CIA’s Operation PAPERCLIP (Hunt, 1990). These German doctors, including Dr. Josef Mengele (above), then continued their mind control experiments at some of the most reputable institutions in North America. Ross (2000) notes that another German psychiatrist, Dr. Werner Kohlmeyer, was recruited to the Allen Memorial Institute at McGill University, where he did post-graduate training between 1951 and 1954. Dr. Kohlmeyer then became a Psychiatry professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in 1958.
What is “the Canadian contribution” to mind control? Dr. Cameron succeeded in “erasing” some of his patients’ minds, at least partially. In a lecture to the Ninth Annual Western Clinical Conference on Trauma and Dissociation (1996), Dr. Colin A. Ross gave a clinical example of Cameron’s success in this regard:

“(Linda MacDonald) was 25-years old when she went to McGill (University) to be treated for relatively mild post-partem depression. She turned 26 during her hospitalization from March to early September, 1963. During the course of her hospitalization, she received 102 ECT (electro-convulsive therapy) treatments, using the Paige-Russelll technique, in which the button is pushed six times per treatment instead of one time. She also received about 80 days of barbiturate and neuroleptic-induced sleep. During the course of her hospitalization- now, I have not only her own testimony, I also have the actual medical record, with all of the nursing notes documenting this and Ewen Cameron’s signature in the chart- so this is not rumor or patient distortion, this is the actual record. And this is work that has been settled out of court by the CIA. She comes in a normal, depressed person…. She gets regressed back to incontinent of urine, incontinent of feces, totally disoriented, unable to state her own name, year, where she is, recognize her children, recognize her husband. She gradually comes out of this. At the time of the discharge she is sent home to live with her husband and children, resume normal sexual relations with her husband- she doesn’t know how to drive a car, read, cook, use a toilet. Not only does she not know exactly what sex is all about, and she’s not exactly sure who her husband is, she doesn’t know what the concept of a husband is.”

Ross (2000) continues the story:

“Linda MacDonald has had complete amnesia for her life before age twenty-six ever since she was de-patterned by MKULTRA contractor, Dr. Ewen Cameron…. Linda MacDonald’s “treatment” at the Allen Memorial Institute involved intensive application of three of these brainwashing techniques; drug disinhibition, prolonged sleep treatment, and prolonged psychological isolation. These were combined with the electrical equivalent of 612 conventional ECT treatments. The amount of electricity introduced into Linda MacDonald’s brain exceed by 76.5 times the maximum amount recommended in the ECT Guidelines of the American Psychiatric Association. … Dr. Cameron’s de-patterning technique resulted in permanent and complete amnesia.

To this day, Linda MacDonald is unable to remember anything from her birth to the time she entered the Allan Memorial Institute in 1963. Dr. Cameron created a type of dissociative disorder in Linda MacDonald. He demonstrated what was considered to be in doubt in the BLUEBIRD and ARTICHOKE documents; he proved that doctors skilled in the right procedures can erase a subject’s memory….

As recorded by the nurses in her chart, Linda was reduced to a vegetable state by de-patterning…. After destroying Linda MacDonald’s identity and memory, Dr. Cameron allowed a new identity to evolve spontaneously, outside the walls of his institution.”

How were subjects chosen for these kinds of experiments? Ross (2000) speculates that Linda may have been chosen for Cameron’s experiments, in part, due the fact that she had a dissociative disorder prior to her treatment with him.

Phau continues:

In his article, “Satanism, Rock Music and MK Ultra Mind Control” (2009) (, Donald Phau offers these additional insights to the 60’s rock story. Perhaps the goal of the infiltration and mind control of American youth culture during the 1960’s had goals even far-reaching than simply the destruction of a nation…..

Modern electronic-rock music, inaugurated in the early 1960’s is, and always has been, a joint enterprise of British military intelligence and Satanic cults. On the one side, the Satanists control the major rock groups through drugs, sex, threats of violence, and even murder. On the other side, publicity, tours, and recordings are financed by record companies connected with British military circles. Both sides are intimately entwined with the biggest business in the world, the international drug trade.
The so-called “rock stars” are pathetic puppets caught in a much larger scheme. From the moment they receive their first recording royalties, the groups are heavily immersed in drugs….. The “rock stars” are also totally artificial media creations. Their public image, as well as their music, is fabricated from behind the scenes by controllers. The money of the 1960’s rock groups, which in some cases mounted to hundreds of millions of dollars, was also totally under the control of mob-connected promoters. From 1963 to 1970, the Rolling Stones made over $200 million, yet the group’s members were all nearly bankrupt. None of them had any idea of where their money went.

–Between 1963 and 1964 the Beatles and the Rolling Stones laid siege to Western European and American culture. (Shades of the Frankfurt School!). This two-pronged invasion from England was well-planned and well-timed. America had just suffered the shock of the assassination of President John Kennedy, while in the streets the mass-based civil rights movement had just held a Washington, D.C. rally, led by Martin Luther King, of 500,000 people. The rock counterculture would be used as a weapon to destroy such political movements.

Later in 1968 and 1969, years which saw a mass strike of students and workers in the United States and Europe, huge, open-air rock concerts were used to head off the growing discontent of the population. The rock concerts were devised as a means for mass recruitment to the drug-saturated, free-sex counterculture (remember Tavistock’s consistent emphasis on use of drugs?). For the millions who came to these concerts, thousands of tablets of the hallucinogenic drug, LSD, were made freely available. These drugs were secretly placed in drinks such as Coca-Cola, turning thousands of unsuspecting victims into raving psychotics. Many committed suicide.

Phau then describes the deliberate creation of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and covert creation of the huge rock concerts, etc. By 1966 and 1967, the Beatles and Rolling Stones had been recruited by the Process Church, a Satanic Cult involved in the Manson murders…. in Laurel Canyon! Meanwhile, Britain’s largest producer of military electronics in the mid-1960’s was EMI (Electrical and Mechanical Instruments). EMI’s music division, by the mid-60’s, had 74,321 employees and annual sales of $3.2 billion!

Phau continues:

The plan was now to use both the Beatles and the Rolling Stones as the means to transform an entire generation into heathen followers of the New Age, followers which could mold into the future cadre of a Satanic movement and then deploy into our schools, law enforcement agencies and political leadership.

“The year 1967 marked a significant escalation in open cultural warfare against the youth of the United States. The year saw the beginning of mass, open-air rock concerts. In the two years that followed, over 4 million young people attended a series of nearly a dozen of these “festivals,” becoming victims of planned, wide-scale drug experimentation. Mind destroying hallucinogenic drugs such as PCP, STP, and the Beatles-promoted LSD, were freely distributed at these concerts. These millions of attendees would afterward return to their homes to become the messengers and promoters of the new drug culture, or what came to be called the “New Age.””

Now, finally, we understand what really happened in the 1960’s in the United States of America! The vision was formulated by intellectuals within the German (Jewish) Frankfurt School and the British Tavistock Institute to destroy America from within and has been covertly implemented by British Intelligence, the CIA, and various satanic cults. Now we see that the assassinations of Kennedy, Kennedy, and King, the creation of the 60’s counterculture, and the execution of nearly countless contrived, trauma-producing events (that continue today) have all been to create “social environmental turbulence” designed to traumatize the public mind and destroy this country. The Frankfurt/Tavistock intelligencia also realized that the demise of America would require that it first be destroyed spiritually. The targeting of my generation, then, was meant to be the prelude to the complete transformation of America from a free society comprised of a well-educated and responsible citizenry into a New Age, satanic, feudal, slave state comprised of compliant zombies.

Dave McGowan

According to McGowan, Laurel Canyon, a small, picturesque suburb of Los Angeles, California, was the birthplace of the hippie movement. It was home to a surprising number of famous rock bands in the middle 1960’s through the 1970’s. These included the Byrds, the Beach Boys, the Doors, Buffalo Springfield, the Monkees, Mamas and the Papas, Love, The Mothers of Invention, The Eagles, Crosby, Stills and Nash, The Turtles, and many others. Of course, it was also home to the new rock superstars who comprised those bands. McGowan documents that nearly all these musicians were/are sons and daughters of career military-intelligence officers. And a very large percentage of these superstars were from the Washington, D.C. area.

Here are some interesting connections: The father of Jim Morrison (lead singer of The Doors), for example, was U.S. Navy Admiral George Stephen Morrison, head of the Pacific Fleet during the Gulf of Tonkin incident. This non-incident never actually occurred, but nonetheless was used to justify America’s full-scale war on Vietnam). Frank Zappa (The Mothers of Invention) was son of a military career chemist who worked at the top secret Edgewood Arsenal chemical warfare laboratory. Frank grew up on the Edgewood Arsenal Military base. Zappa’s manager, Herb Cohen, was a former U.S. Marine who was in the Congo when the CIA tortured and killed Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba. John Phillips’ (Mamas and the Papas) entire family was military. John was educated on military bases and at military academies and just happened to be in Cuba during the Cuban Revolution. Steven Stills told many stories of having served in Vietnam in the early 60’s. McGowan speculates he must have been in CIA/Special Forces. David Crosby’s (the Byrds, Crosby, Stills and Nash) father served in military intelligence during WW II and his family tree includes many US Senators, Supreme Court justices, high-ranking Masons, and even two founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay. Jackson Browne’s father served in the OSS (precursor to the CIA) during WWII, etc. and Jackson grew up on a military base in Heidelberg, Germany. Jimi Hendrix himself served in an elite 101st Airborne Army Battalion. This is a very small sampling of the familial connections that McGowan makes.

Curiously, some of the musicians, such as Jim Morrison, had no musical experience whatsoever before they were catapulted onto the national stage.

Another mainstay in the LC scene at that time was a group of actors, known as the “Young Turks.” Again, most of these screen stars also had fathers who worked in military/intelligence. McGowan summarizes:

“…. The nucleus of the 1960’s clique known as the Young Turks (and Turkettes) was composed of the following individuals; the son of a Bonesman; the son of an OSS officer; the son of a Naval intelligence officer; the daughter of that same Naval intelligence officer; the daughter of an Army intelligence officer; the daughter of a guy who openly associated with prominent gangsters throughout his life; the son of a probable spychologist; and a guy whose early years are so shrouded in mystery that he may or may not exist.”

It gets darker: An inordinately high number of these famous musicians and actors died at very young ages; Jim Morrison at 27, Mama Cass Elliot at 32, Jimi Hendrix at 27, Graham Parsons at 26, Janis Joplin at 27, Phil Ochs at 35; Tim Buckley at 28, James Dean at 24, Nick Adams at 36, Natalie Wood at 43, and Sal Mineo at 37, etc., etc. etc. There are many more examples. Most of these premature deaths were under suspicious circumstances; many were ruled suicides or drug overdoses. For the much more complete and much longer “Laurel Canyon Death List,” see

It seems many of these individuals were born between 1942 and 1951, and hence would have been children between the ages of 0 and 6 during the early mind control programs BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, MKULTRA, etc. immediately following WWII……
The case of Phil Ochs seems especially revealing. According to McGowan:

“Phil Ochs, folk singer/songwriter and political activist, was found hanged in his sister’s house in Far Rockaway, New York on April 9, 1976. Throughout his life, Ochs was one of the most overtly political of the 1960’s rock and folk music stars. A regular attendee at anti-war, civil rights, and labor rallies, Ochs appeared to be, at all times, an unwavering political leftist. In early 1975, Phil Ochs’ public persona abruptly changed. Using the name John Butler Train, Ochs proclaimed himself a CIA operative and presented himself as a belligerent, right-wing thug… Also, in those final months of his life, Ochs began compiling curious lists, with entries that clearly were references to US biological warfare research: “shellfish toxin, Fort Dietrich, cobra venom, Chantilly Race Track, hollow silver dollars, New York Cornell Hospital…”

I can think of several possible explanations for the extremely high percentage of youthful deaths amongst these stars. Coincidence is not one of them. McGowan offers this possible explanation:

“Many years before Ochs’ metamorphosis, in an interesting bit of foreshadowing, psychological warfare operative George Estabrooks explained how US intelligence agencies could create the perfect spy:

“We start with an excellent subject…. we need a man or woman who is highly intelligent and physically tough. Then we start to develop a case of multiple personality through hypnotism. In his normal waking state, which we will call Personality A, or PA, this individual will become a rabid communist. He will join the party, follow the party line and make himself as objectionable as possible to the authorities. Note that he will be acting in good faith. Then we develop Personality B, or PB, the secondary personality, the unconscious personality, if you wish. This personality is rabidly American and anti-communist.”

Estabrooks never explained what would happen if the programming were to go haywire and Personality B were to become the conscious personality, but my guess is that such a person would be considered a severe liability and would be treated accordingly. They might even find themselves swinging from the end of a rope. Phil Ochs was 35 at the time of his death.”

So McGowan poses some questions:

“What if the musicians themselves (and various other leaders and founders of the “movement”) were every bit as much a part of the intelligence community as the people who were supposedly harassing them? What if, in other words, the entire youth culture of the 1960’s was created not as a grass-roots challenge to the status quo, but as a cynical exercise in discrediting and marginalizing the budding anti-war movement and creating a fake opposition that could be easily controlled and led astray?

There is considerably more strangeness in LC: In the middle of Laurel Canyon, there was a top-secret, classified, and hidden military facility known as Lookout Mountain Laboratory. This facility was the only complete, self-sufficient film laboratory in the country at that time. It was better equipped than any Hollywood studio and, over its lifetime, produced 19,000 classified motion pictures- more than all the Hollywood studios combined. This facility processed all the films of the atomic tests in Nevada and is also thought to have processed the Apollo Moon landing movies. Some of the biggest Hollywood stars, including John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, Walt Disney, Bing Crosby, John Ford, Marilyn Monroe, and Jimmy Stewart, worked there covertly and never spoke about their work at the clandestine studio. Also working at the facility were some 250 civilian and military personnel, all with top security clearances.”

McGowan observes:

“So what, if anything, have we learned today?…. We have learned that spooks posing as
entertainers have been part of the canyon scene since the earliest days. And we have learned that spooks who didn’t even bother to pose as entertainers were streaming into the canyon to report to work at Lookout Mountain Laboratory for at least twenty years before the first rock star set foot there.”
It gets much weirder and darker yet: Over the years, from its early history in the 20s and 30’s, there were also an inordinate number of famous, horrendous, violent, and sometimes ritualistic murders in Laurel Canyon. At least two cults operating there in the mid-60’s. One was under the leadership of Charles Manson, who was a good friend and fellow musician of the above superstars. The other was led by an enigmatic artist in his fifties named Vito Paulekas. Vito presided over a troupe of a couple dozen nubile young dancers dressed in outrageous costumes and danced, generally stoned, at the concerts of above mentioned groups, with outrageous new kinds of free-form gyrations. In fact, even the musicians later admitted that most of their early audiences came not to hear their music but rather to watch “Vito and the Freaks” perform this new kind of dancing. “Vito and the Freaks” were the “first hippies,” according to McGowan.

McGowan draws these parallels between the Paulekas’ and Manson’s cults. Both Paulekas and Manson: “1) spent a good portion of younger years in prison or reform schools, 2) considered themselves artists and poets, 3) took on the role of “guru” 4) surrounded themselves with a flock of very young (often underage) women), 5) were considerably older than their followers, 6) wore black (satanic) capes on occasion, 7) had insatiable libidos, 8) had their flocks adopt nicknames to aid in the depersonalization process, 9) introduced children to sexuality at a very young age, 10) staged live, ritualistic sex shows for their followers, often involving very young children, and 11) encouraged their followers to drug themselves while they abstained or limited their own intake.”

Might these cult activities also have been related to mind control programs? Recall that in Operation OFTEN, the CIA explored occult aspects of mind control!

McGowan reveals other unexpected aspects of LC: A male prostitution ring operated there whose high-level clients included public figures such as J. Edgar Hoover. Also, the RAND Corporation think tank, a spin-off of the Tavistock Institute, had its origins in Laurel Canyon. Some of RAND’s more famous attendees included Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Zlmay Khaliilzad, and Andrew Marshall (who promoted the high-tech “Revolution in Military Affairs” in Donald Rumsfeld’s Defense Department and was dubbed the Pentagon’s “Yoda”). These are the core of the so-called “neo-conservatives,” a group of Zionist war-mongers who guided the George W. Bush administration and gave us our nation 911 and the wars in Iraq (2003-present) and Afghanistan (2001-present) among other policy intitiatives.

McGowan states:

“Now we know that, in addition to hosting both a secret military/intelligence facility and a call boy/kiddy porn operation servicing prominent public figures, Laurel Canyon was also the birthplace and meeting place of what we now know as the “neocon/PNAC crowd, as well as home base of the guiding light of the Rand Corporation.”

Back to LC: McGowan notes it was also home to perhaps the premier acid pusher of the 1960’s; an intelligence officer who went by the name of Owsley. McGowan relates:

“As was the custom with big events in the mid to late-1960s, particularly in the northern California area, Altamont (rock festival) was drenched in acid. And as was also the custom at that time, that acid was provided free-of-charge by Mr. Augustus Owsley Stanley III, also known as The Bear. At the so-called “Human Be-In” staged in January of 1967, for example, Owsley had kindly distributed 10,000 tabs of potent LSD. For the Monterey Pop Festival just five months later, he had cooked up and distributed 14,000 tabs. For Altamont, he did likewise.

No one – not Ken Kesey, not even Timothy Leary – did more to ‘turn on’ the youth of the 1960s than Owsley. Leary and his cohorts may have captured the national media spotlight and created public awareness, but it was Owsley who flooded the streets of San Francisco and elsewhere with consistently high quality, inexpensive, readily available acid. By most accounts, he was never in it for the money and he routinely gave away more of his product than he sold. What then was his motive? According to Martin Lee and Bruce Shlain, writing in Acid Dreams, “Owsley cultivated an image as a wizard-alchemist whose intentions with LSD were priestly and magical.”

The CIA Doctors- Fiends

Scientists who carried out TOP SECRET MKULTRA experiments to determine the military applications of LSD between 1953 and 1955 include Dr. Harold A. Abramson, Dr. Robert Hyde, Dr. Harold Lodge, and Dr. Carl Pfieffer. Abramson worked on the staff of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City where he conducted experiments under MKULTRA Subprojects 7, 27, 33, and 40 (1953-1955). In 1967, he published a book entitled The Use of LSD in Psychotherapy and Alcoholism, which included 36 papers from the Second International Conference on The Use of LSD in Psychotherapy and Alcoholism. Indeed, Abramson was an organizer of six international LSD conferences, the first of which was held in 1956. Abramson was the attending physician for the U.S. government chemist, Dr. Frank Olson, who allegedly died of suicide after having been secretly given LSD by MKULTRA director Dr. Sidney Gottlieb. (In fact, exhumation of Olson’s body years later indicated that he had been bludgeoned with a hammer, Albarelli, 2009.)


Morse Allen, head of PROJECT ARTICHOKE in 1951, justified killing innocent people because only the testing of subjects “for whom much is at stake (perhaps life and death)” would produce meaningful results. These “terminal experiments” were generally conducted on unwitting victims, that is, people who had no idea they were part of an experiment. This, of course, was a violation of the Nuremburg Code, which is still official US policy and which has been consistently violated from the very beginning of these programs.


Cameron’s goals, among others, were to erase the memory of his patients and re-build their minds with new identities and personalities. Cameron referred to his experimental techniques as “de-patterning” and “psychic driving.” For “de-patterning,” Cameron subjected his patients to heavy doses of “behavior influencing” drugs (including LSD, PCP angel dust, thorazine, bubutal, seconal, and amphetamines) combined with unheard of large doses of electric shock treatment, technically known as Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT). However, whereas in standard professional ECT, patients were given a single dose of 110 volts lasting a fraction of a second, Cameron used dosages twenty to forty times more intense, two to three times a day, and with the power turned up to 150V.
Cameron combined the massive electro-shock with drug cocktails and prolonged sensory deprivation in a sealed environment that lasted for up to 65 days. He drugged his patients into a comatose sleep, sometimes for weeks on end, for as long as 90 days. At the end of the “de-patterning” phase, the patient’s mind was intended to be “more or less in a childlike and unconcerned state.” In fact, Dr. Cameron regressed unwitting victims into vegetable status and into zombies.
In the next phase of his therapy, termed “psychic driving,” Cameron attempted to reprogram his victims’ “erased” minds. For the “psychic driving” part of his “treatment,” Cameron relied upon the aid of his assistant, Leonard Rubenstein, an electronics technician, vegetarian, practical joker, and Orthodox Jew with no medical training whatsoever. Rubenstein prepared taped messages that were incessantly repeated thousands of times on tape recorders and in headphones installed in football helmets worn by the patients. Usually ten days of “negative signals,” stressing the patient’s presumed inadequacies, were followed by ten days of “positive” messages, which encouraged the desired, changed behavior. A scholarly article by Cameron indicates that patients would hear the same message in “250,000 to 500,000 repetitions over a period which averages 20 days,” up to 16 hours per day (Cameron et al., 1961).
Typically, Cameron’s test subjects were patients who came to him with fairly minor problems. In violation of the Nuremburg Code, Cameron’s patients were not informed of Cameron’s real intentions.

Cameron, Torture, Terrorism, the “Shock Doctrine,” “the Chicago School,” and other “real-world” MKULTRA Applications

Another aspect of the “Canadian contribution” concerns the torture techniques refined at McGill University in Cameron’s “experiments.” Indeed, some of Cameron’s techniques later showed up in CIA torture manuals and have been used widely in Southeast Asia, Central America, Iraq (Abu Ghraib), Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay, and at secret black torture and detention sites globally. The principle techniques described in the torture manual are sensory deprivation followed by sensory overload.
In The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, fellow Canadian, Klein (2007) further details the importance of Cameron’s experiments:
“In a 1960 paper, Cameron said there are “two major factors” that allow us to “maintain a time and space image’- that allow us, in other words, to know where we are and who we are. Those two forces are “a) our continued sensory input, and b) our memory.” With electroshock, Cameron annihilated memory, and with his isolation boxes, he annihilated sensory input…..


Dr. George H. Estabrooks (Figures 3 and 9). Estabrooks was prominent in the American hypnosis scene from the 1920’s to the 1970’s and was head of Colgate University’s Department of Psychology. Notably, Estabrooks “is the only mind control doctor who has publically acknowledged the building of Manchurian Candidates” (Ross, 2000). Born in Canada, Estabrooks was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford and Exeter from 1921 to 1924, and received his Ph.D. in psychology at Harvard in 1926. He was also a 32nd degree Knight Templar Mason. Estabrooks left behind a voluminous record of his correspondence, research, and professional activities at the Estabrooks Archives at Colgate College in Hamilton, New York. He published over 60 articles and several books on hypnosis, including Man- the Mechanical Misfit (1941), Hypnotism (1943), Spiritism (1947), and The Future of the Human Mind (1961).

In his book, Hypnotism, Estabrooks stated his belief that creation of experimental multiple personality for operational use in “super spies” is ethical because of the demands of war: “War is the end of all law.” In 1954, Estabrooks wrote to the CIA requesting funding so that he could experimentally create “hypnotic messengers” who could be controlled in such a way that they would be made to deliver a message without ever remembering having done so. In a 1971 Science Digest article, Estabrooks claimed he had created hypnotic couriers and counterintelligence agents that were used operationally during World War II. In this article, Estabrooks revealed that by World War II, the technology of clinical creation of multiple personality via hypnosis was already decades old:

“By the 1920’s, they (clinical hypnotists) had learned how to split certain complex individuals into multiple personalities like Jekyll-Hydes.”
According to Ross (2000), Estabrooks was “accepted as a contractor by the War Department on February 20, 1942.” The Estabrooks Archives includes correspondence he exchanged with the Military Intelligence Division, dating back to 1924, with Col. William Donovan, the Coordinator of Information (COI) in 1942, with FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover between 1936 and 1962, and with many, many other governmental departments including the Office of Indian Affairs. Estabrooks also exchanged letters with Winston Churchill and Aldous and Julian Huxley in England. (Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, of course, described a future world in which citizens are controlled by the drug, soma.) On June 8, 1936, Estabrooks wrote to J. Edgar Hoover about the possibility of combining drugs with hypnosis. A couple decades later (1955), TOP SECRET MKULTRA Subproject 39, conducted on Ohio prison inmates, involved experiments combining the use of drugs, interrogation, and hypnosis.

The record shows that Estabrooks conducted experiments on children at the Rome State School (for the mentally retarded, a state-run facility in Rome, New York, as well as St. John’s Orphan Asylum for Boys and the House of the Good Sheperd in Utica, New York. Ross (2000) concludes:

“Given the military intelligence and academic connections of Dr. Estabrooks, and the fact that all his techniques and results were achieved in real-life simulations under BLUEBIRD and ARCHICHOKE, it is probable that his claims to have created and handled Manchurian Candidates during World War II are accurate and factual. His experimentation on children raises the possibility that he or other investigators have attempted to create Manchurian Candidates on children. Such a possibility might seem far-fetched until one considers the LSD, biological, and radiation experiments conducted on children, the effects on children of the Tuskeegee Syphilis Study, the fact that four of the MKULTRA Subprojects were on children, and the fact that hypnotic subjects described in BLUEBIRD and ARTICHOKE documents include girls nineteen years of age.”

Hamilton, Dr. James,

One TOP SECRET MKULTRA Subproject 2, conducted at Stanford University by Dr. James Hamilton, was on “Possible synergistic action of drugs which may be appropriate for use in abolishing consciousness.” Subproject 39 was a TOP SECRET project carried out at Ionia State Hospital Psychopathic Clinic in Detroit, Michigan, on “Drug testing on prisoners/sexual psychopaths including interrogation with hypnosis, LSD, and marijuana.””


Isbell, Dr. Harris, at the Addiction Research Center – One CIA document describes experiments conducted by Dr. Harris Isbell at the Addiction Research Center of the U.S. Public Health Service Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky. In this experiment, certain patients, nearly all black inmates, were given “double, triple, quadruple doses” of LSD for seventy-seven consecutive days!”


In A Nation Betrayed: The Chilling True Story of Secret Cold War Experiments Performed on Our Children and Other Innocent People (2001), Carol Ruiz, provides this background on Nazi “doctor,” Dr. Josef Mengele:
“Many survivors have identified Josef Mengele as using the aliases Dr. Green, Dr. Black, Dr. Swartz (black in German), Father Joseph, or Vaterchen (daddy) when he did their programming. The experiments and programming he used on us were of such a heinous nature, that they were not unlike some of those performed at Auschwitz. I have personally spoken and corresponded with many of these child Cold War survivors who have agreed to allow me to recount some of their mind control and brainwashing experiments by the man they believe to be Josef Mengele using one of the above aliases and other CIA or military doctors.
Josef Mengele attended Frankfurt Institute for Racial Hygiene doing his doctoral research on cleft palate. (He received his Ph.D. in anthropology). In 1937 he was appointed a research assistant at the Third Reich Institute for Heredity, Biology, and Racial Purity at the University of Frankfurt where he worked with Professor Otmar Freiherr von Vershuer and learned genetic manipulation. Mengele provided “experimental materials” to the Kaiser –Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology, from Twins including eyes, blood , and other body parts from Auschwitz. One of the victims of Mengele’s experimentswas quoted as saying, “It is imperative that the Kaiser-Wilhelm Institute be implicated as the initiator and recipient of the research data; it should not be able to get away from the ultimate responsibility of these horrors.”
In The Nazi Hunters, authors Ashman and Wagman report that von Verschuer gave Mengele his first assignment within weeks of his arrival at Auschwitz. When Allied doctors reviewed some of the results of his experiments on twins at Kaiser Wilhelm Institute after the war, they found that Mengele’s research was aimed at trying to establish a way of creating twins through genetic engineering….
Mengele fled Auschwitz in January 1945 before the Russians liberated the camp. Author Phillip Aziz says he went to his birthplace in Gunzburg, Bavaria after “a mysterious odyssey with Wilma through flaming Europe.” According to Gerald Posner’s account, Dr. Mengele’s young Jewish mistress Wilma had taken his research notes to Warsaw where he later retrieved them.” I can see where these notes would make him a valuable commodity to the CIA and the Agency….
John Loftus and Mark Aarons report that British records show a man named Mengele was in their custody in 1945 for interrogation concerning chemical weapons. They said there is circumstantial evidence of a deal between Mengele and the British for his nerve gas records….. French Government documents state that the Americans had captured Mengele in late 1946. According to the French, Mengele was known to be the “notorious camp doctor from Auschwitz, and released without explanation by the Americans on November 19, 1946. The French claimed that American authorities confirmed the Mengele arrest and release on Feb. 29, 1947…..”
He remained on the run until he sailed on the North King to Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1949. Mengele proceeded to set up a medical practice in a residential area in Buenos Aires. That same year (1949), Carmel Offie was working in Washington emmigrating former Nazis into the US through the CIA-funded OPC (Office of Policy Coordination) in the State Department.”


Orne, Another leading expert on hypnosis is Dr. Martin Orne. Orne published many papers relating to the creation of amnesia and Manchurian Candidates, including, “Can a hypnotized subject be compelled to carry out otherwise unacceptable behavior?” (1972), “Restricted use of success cues in retrieval during posthypnotic amnesia” (1981), and “Hypnotically-induced hallucinations” (1962). Ross (2000) writes:

Dr. Martin Orne is one of two psychiatrists professionally active into the late 1960’s who is a documented CIA-mind control contractor, along with Dr. Louis Jolyon West. Both men are life-long students of dissociation, amnesia, coercive persuasion, hypnosis and other topics at the core of BLUEBIRD and ARTICHOKE, and both receiving funding from numerous military sources and the CIA. Both men are therefore central to the history of psychiatric participation in mind control.
Orne and his wife, Emily Farrell Carota, are both on the advisory board of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF), a CIA-front that debunks testimony from victims of MKULTRA experiments; experiments that these very psychiatrists conducted! Other MKULTRA contractors on the FMSF Advisory board have included Dr. Jolyon West and Dr. Margaret Singer.


West, Dr. Louis Jolyon “Jolly”: served in the U.S. Army during WWII and received his M.D. from the University of Minnesota in 1948, prior to obtaining MKULTRA contracts to carry out research on LSD. He did his psychiatry residency from 1949 to 1952 at Cornell University, an MKULTRA Institution and the site of the MKULTRA cut-out, The Human Ecology Foundation. West had TOP SECRET clearance from the CIA in order to carry out MKULTRA Subproject 43 (“studies of dissociative states”) at the University of Oklahoma in 1956. In his MKULTRA Subproject 43 proposal, Dr. West described a research plan that involved many mind control techniques used in Communist China and by what he termed “destructive cults.” In part, this proposal reads:
“It is proposed that the experiments begun during 1955-56 involving hypnotizability, suggestibility, and the role of certain drugs in altering these attributes, be continued and extended during 1956-57….. Experiments involving altered personality function as a result of environmental manipulation (chiefly sensory isolation) have yielded promising leads in terms of suggestibility and production of trance-like states. There is reason to believe that environmental manipulations can affect the tendencies for dissociative mental manipulations to occur. Isolation, in particular, can markedly change the individual’s response…. All the above recommended experimental procedures will require special equipment, special methodologies, and special skills… a unique laboratory must be organized and constructed. This laboratory will include a special chamber, in which all psychologically significant aspects of the environment can be controlled. In this setting the various hypnotic, pharmacological, and sensory-environmental variables will be manipulated in a controlled fashion and quantitative recording of the reactions of the experimental subjects will be made (from Ross, 2000).”
The above paragraph makes it clear that “suggestability,” trance-like states” and “altered personality function” are the desired ends. These ends are to be achieved by “environmental manipulations,” “certain drugs,” and “dissociative mental manipulations” in a laboratory with “special chamber” that facilitates control of “hypnotic, pharmacological, and sensory-environment variables.” Some Dr. West’s professional papers include: “Sleep deprivation” (Brauchi and West, 1959), “Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD): It’s effects on the male Asiatic elephant” (West, et al., 1962), “Brainwashing” (West, et al., 1963), “Hypnosis and experimental psychopathology” (Deckert and West, 1963), “Sensory isolation” (1963), “Monkeys and brainwashing” (West, 1964), “Psychiatry, brainwashing, and the American character” (West, 1964), “Dissociative reactions” (West, 1967), “Hallucinogens, flight from violence: Hippies and the green rebellion” (Allen and West, 1968), “Hippie culture” (West and Allen, 1968), “Campus unrest and the counter culture” (West, 1970), “Contemporary cults: Utopian images, internal reality” (1982), “Cults, liberty, and mind control” (1982), and “Persuasive techniques in contemporary cults” (West, 1989).

Ross (2000) concludes:

“Dr. West devoted four decades to study, writing, and experimenting on dissociation, hypnosis, Communist mind control, hallocinogens, sensory deprivation, and methods of social influence; he concluded that the methods used by destructive cults result in the creation of new identities and dissociated states (West and Martin, 1994). The same methods, when applied to experimental subjects under BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE and MKULTRA, also resulted in the creation of amnesia, new identities, and dissociated states. This was the Manchurian Candidate program.”

Let’s see….. West concludes that the “methods used by destructive cults result in the creation of new identities and dissociated states”…. If I recall, this was Cameron’s goal too in his “depatterning” and “psychic driving” “experiments,” wasn’t it?….. First, you erase or “de-pattern” the mind and then you create new identities….. Look Ma, now we’re playing god! Might “the creation of new identities and dissociated states” in “destructive cults” also be among the principle goals of the program’s now being implemented in Crestone/Baca? This will be the subject of the next and final segment of this investigative series.