MK ULTRA Survivors’ Letter

Wednesday, January 22, 2014
MK ULTRA Survivors’ Letter
via Duncan O’Finioan and Miranda Kelley:

In our line of work, an important distinction needs to be made — between those who seek fame and notoriety … and those who seek justice.

Those who seek fame and notoriety look only to aid themselves. Those who seek justice do so to aid all. – D&M


If justice is what you seek, then please help us. We are re-posting the letter we sent out a few years ago entreating the various governments of the world and other organizations to address the subject of children being used, tortured, and abused in black government projects.

These projects will not stop unless enough voices are raised in protest against them. Demand investigation, demand transparency, demand that these groups acknowledge and cease these projects immediately. Please feel free to contact your senators, congresspeople, newspapers, and whomever else you feel need to know about this.

We are again hoping that this letter gets widely distributed and is seen by many people. When we sent it out to everyone listed below, we got zero response. Not even the usual “Thanks For Your Feedback” auto-generated email.

We can’t do this alone, but don’t do it for us – do it for yourselves, your families, and your own children who are currently living in a world which allows and sits quietly by while children are abused by the same governments you pledge allegiance to.

Please distribute far and wide:

President of the United States Barack Obama
Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon
United States Congress
United States Senate
United States House of Representatives
Respective Governments of Great Britain, Australia, Canada, France, Russian
Federation, Amnesty International
Greetings from the Survivors of Project Talent.

We, the survivors of MK ULTRA and all of its sub-projects — Project Talent being
one of them — are coming to you, the leaders of the free world, for redress. We
request immediate action on this matter, as we have waited long enough for our
respective governments to take notice of the torture that was illegally and secretly forced upon us as children by the same said governments. In addition:

We ask for acknowledgement of all that was done to us, both as children and adults, by the governments who committed these illegal acts against us, as well as recognition of duties that we performed for our respective countries in the name of freedom and national security.
We request our files be shown to us.
We request a transparent, cohesive and public investigation into all of the black projects that fall under the umbrella of MK ULTRA.
We request apologies from same said governments for being used illegally and for the tortures we were forced to endure.
We request face to face meetings with the highest officials of our respective countries in order to discuss this matter on a personal level.
We request Congressional hearings in the United States to address this subject.
And finally, we request that all black projects which use children cease immediately.

We feel this is very little to ask in lieu of what was done to us, and what is still being done to us.

You, the above-mentioned, are the leaders of the free world. Please stand up and
act like it.

The torture of children can in no way ever be condoned by any country for any
reason. It is our highest wish to have a public announcement that these projects
using children will be stopped.

We respectfully await your replies, if any. We and others have contacted various
government leaders separately in the past and have never once received a reply.
Is this the way governments of the free world react to people like us?

Thank you,
Duncan O’Finioan, Miranda Kelley

And the People of Project Talent