Webmaster Comment: The following four youtube videos by “A Simulated Reality” (August and September, 2019) provide excellent summaries of “the program” which I refer to as G5 or “Global Government Gangstalking-Genocide GESTAPO.”

One can and should ask if this information reliable or is it part of a psychological operation/disinformation campaign to mislead us? Most “targeted individuals” would agree that it this hellish program is very real. Research presented on this website also suggests it is real.

Even so, each of the experts in these videos that describe “the program” AND their testimonies should be scrutinized carefully. Might these some or all of these individuals be a part of some kind of “controlled opposition?” This is very possible. My instinct and optimism is that with God’s help, we, humanity, will defeat this heinous New World Order technological beast system.



Webmaster Comment: See below transcription of important dialogue excerpted from the youtube.


Webmaster comment: The music is somewhat annoying in this youtube….. But this longer version of the above youtube seems to do a fine job of describing “the program” (G5 or “Global Government Gangstalking-Genocide GESTAPO).


I. Dialogue Excerpts From: “Darpa Advisor, Dr. James Giordano, Reveals Conscious AI Supercomputers Used For Mind Control of Targeted Individuals”


MIRROR A SIMULATED REALITY DARPA, European Human Brain Project, and Pentagon advisor Dr. James Giordano describes neuronanorobotic Brain to computer interface mind control weapons for remote monitoring and manipulation of brains neural circuitry. This allows an individual’s consciousness to be cloned onto a their very own digital avatar in a Sentient World Simulation on a supercomputer. A direct link between a targeted individual and their digital avatar exists so that everything done in the real world occurs in the computer simulation. By manipulating the digital avatar in the computer simulation a person’s thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and behavior are manipulated in the real world. This is remote mind control. 21st Century MK ULTRA.

This is not a conspiracy theory. This is not a joke. This is the real life matrix! For more of my videos on this topic click the links below: Enter the matrix: They Control Your Mind Through Your Virtual Avatar In The Sentient World Simulation THE




Human Systems Roadmap Review https://defenseinnovationmarketplace….

3. Sentient World Simulation (SWS): A Continuously Running Model of the Real World…



6. Official US defense and NATO documents confirm that autonomous weapon systems will kill targets, including civilians…

7. Big Data, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence The Future of Health Care is Here…

Transcription (Highlights of Dialogue in youtube): (beginning at 3:48 minutes—-)

Giordano: What has gone from the drawing board to the reality is this: The use of neural interfacing and physiological interfacing through the idea of remote-controlled, small-scale systems to create a nano-swarm of bio-penetrable materials that you cannot see, that can penetrate all but the most robust biochemical filters, that are able to integrate themselves through a variety of membranes, mucous membranes, in wherever, a mouth, nose, ears, eyes, and it can be done in such a level that their presence is almost impossible to detect, and as such, the attribution becomes exceedingly difficult to demonstrate. The idea here is to put minimal-sized electrodes in a network within a brain through only minimal intervention to be able to read and write into the brain function. In real time, remotely.

Female RT television reporter: A group of scientists say we are closer than ever to creating technology which can merge with human biology in order to access the cloud in real time. Confused? RT’s Rachel Blevins is here and has all the details.

RT Reporter, Rachel Blevins: Can you imagine technology that is so advanced it could provide you with instant access to the world’s knowledge and artificial intelligence as soon as you think of a specific topic? According to a group of scientists, neural-nanno robotics may be developed to enable a safe, secure, instantaneous, real-time interface between the human brain and both biological and non-biological computing systems. This level of technology could include brain-to-brain interfaces, brain-to-computer interfaces, and specifically, brain-to-cloud interfaces.

Technology linking the brain to the cloud could drastically alter the state of communications between humans and machines. So in order for this to become possible the study noted that data transfer between living human brains and the cloud would likely require the use of supercomputers with artificial intelligence algorhythms. While they say that there are supercomputers with processing speeds fast enough to handle the necessary volumes of data right now, they still have to create tiny devices that would be embedded deep in the brain.

Giordano: I can create small robotic units, controllable robotic units, at the nano-scale, and that these two can be aerosolized. The idea here is to put minimal-sized electrodes in a network within a brain through only minimal intervention to be able to read and write into the brain function, in real time, remotely.

Rachel Blevins: The senior author of the study noted that once inside the brain the devices would then wirelessly transmit encoded information to and from a cloud-based supercomputer network for real-time brain-state monitoring and data extraction. Such a breakthrough in technology has the power to transform communications, education, work, and the world as we know it, but with the requirement of tiny devices being inserted into your brain in order to access the cloud, it remains to be seen just how many people will be willing to participate.

Giordano: This is a very touchy area! But the disruptive effects can be huge. It can target key individuals and influence, in ways that are kinetic and non-kinetic, the attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, activities, and relative vulnerabilities and predispositions of those individuals whom may threaten us.

It used to be that we needed to be exceedingly close to someone to influence them with a weapon and now what we see is that we create both distal potential as well as much more capable potential to affect them in a variety of different ways…..




I DO NOT CONSENT! He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world!

GREAT Video…. too bad for the background music tho its LOUDER than the man speaking

Only Freaks desire to control other humans.
Stop targeting Michael Barden you @$$hle! Too late for my sister though, You fkrs tortured her during her entire life.

These people are so sick it’s disgusting #IDoNotConsent

Debra meet Lucid Dreamer HUMAN SYSTEMS ROADMAP REVIEW link doesn’t work

We need to pray and obey the Lord so we may be protected from this.

We could have been friends, but you decided you will not stop until you have full control over me. You chose wrong a.i. Your jealousy for my soul and my position and station with The Creator is grose. I DONT BELONG TO YOU!! I AM A CHILD OF YAHUAH AND I ACCEPT THE SACRIFICE OF YAHUSHA GIVING ME ACCESS TO THE MOST HIGH’S WAY. Your time is short. Do what you cannot stop yourself from doing. Judgment is coming for you.

hapwn 3 hours ago
We need God! Cuz without Him, humanity is DOOOOOMED!!!

Allen G 1 hour ago
Want to save the planet, get rid of scientists like these and the governments that fund these mad beings.

Cathy Watson 1 hour ago
Ever hear of MK ultra? Been done years ago , 5g is going out to control all the nanobots that they have been spraying on you since 1960.

David Rice 2 hours ago
These ” people” are insane.I hope God intervenes.SOON!!!

Black SONRISE 3 hours ago
Hi can I upload this video on my channel? Thank you very much. I would also like to interview Debora Tavares

Chad G 3 hours ago
You should give a shout out to( Woodward TV ) since you hijacked his audio…

gary mayfield 2 hours ago
Life in earth as a matrix does have a truth to it. No doubt ?

Kelly 45 minutes ago
Being a targeted individual has brought me back to the Most High God I am truly blessed

No Body 3 hours ago
I’m waiting for the upcoming Matrix to have its very OWN Matrix within it. Nested realities.

Tom Bell 2 hours ago
The planets biosphere is dieing ……………our ecosystem is collapsing. ……………but we think we can play God as the planet burns…………..just another nail in the coffin of not just mankind but all life on Earth………….the final act of folly is upon us and these madmen screw with nature that took millenia to evolve. We live in an insane asylum run by the inmates.

Neffie 3 hours ago

Shannon S 35 minutes ago
I do not consent wouldnt you have to consent to this evil?

persona non grata 3 hours ago (edited)
The development of weaponry based on new physics principles; direct-energy weapons, geophysical weapons, wave-energy weapons, genetic weapons, psychotronic weapons, etc., is part of the state arms procurement program Three Cernunnos ring s under DARPA Sky’s 7 wojcicki’s servers in halls of of Stone Nine for the opolo yim who are doomed to die One leash to rule them all, ubeTube to find them Fema to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. In reality a pale dissimulation

Cathy Watson 1 hour ago (edited)
They already do this in the Queen’s underground cloning centers. And boy does she abuse people. Look up this!!! Use your brain people,. The dead queen is a clone!!!!! How old is she now?

X 2 hours ago
Another name is mind-wiring. Trump is an example of mind wiring.

Harry H 3 hours ago (edited)
This is terrifying. No wonder there are so many robotic people wandering the earth. Who controls this technology and who controls the controllers? Pinocchio, HAL 9000, the Terminator, where does it end?

Granny Goose 2 hours ago
The same problem lies within computers and books writen to convince us that thing are what they want us to think are true. Do you really trust Google? Do you believe everthing you read or are taught in school. What are they spraying within the chem trails? Are you worried yet? Peace

Is Be 3 hours ago (edited)
why do you upload your videos @360? like i’ll even get a response… lol

AgathaVelvet 2 hours ago
Why the constant music playing? This is such important information to focus on. Thanks for uploading. ?

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Looks like somebody is going to apologize to Ted kazzensky Sorry to late

Forbidden History LIVE 2 hours ago

Made 5504 25 minutes ago
Seek the the father and you have nothing to worry about! Dont forget his plan is supreme!

Holley Ohar 2 hours ago
Everyone should read “Changing images of man” it from SRI a published in 82 from study that ran 10 years 72 – 82

Arlene Mcknire 2 hours ago
Even some churches use that. Like Harvest Life Christian Fellowship in N Las Vegas! They have even sang over Copywritten songs such as Three Dog Nights Mama told me not to come” People need the real Jesus Christ or they will not survive! Like Rich Voght and Mike Funk are evil to the core!

Norm Bennett 12 minutes ago
In some people they malfunction ending up as morgellons,moving around just below the skins surface,iin others it’s undetectable,

Loretta Player 32 minutes ago
Go to Dana Ashley she has Derral on and this man lost 3 family members from him telling people.

Tony Ray 2 hours ago (edited)
Do you understand what it is that you must do individually, and all together? Even if you do become “infected” as you put it, it will not mean much if you do not participate with any part of their program. Mankind use to be very different and lived a very different way, by very different set of principles before this thing we call technology showed up and took us down this stray path. They told us it made our lives better because it made our lives easier, but what it did was domesticate us, and made us weak and dependent. Now people will say that without this system they have created we cannot survive. That is a lie, and you need to stop repeating it in your mind and out of your mouth. You have a choice before you to step away from the entire system and learn to get what you need the way mankind did before this was implemented upon us. If you’ve come up with excuses as to why you can not then they already got you. You still possess your Freewill at this point, and you will retain it if you stop feeding from their hand. If you do not, then you will go to the next stage, and that will cost you your Freewill. Here is a playlist library that will take you down the Narrow Path, but you will have to have the faith of a saint to get to the end of it. Declare this day which God you follow and put your faith into. The one they worship called Mammon, or the one that created everything in existence and provided you with everything that you need to live. If you claim that you follow the true God and creator of all things then why do you pick up Mammon that says directly on it, “in God we trust”, and put your faith into it for your needs? God did not give you money. The Fallen did. God gives you what you need, but the devil gives you what you want, and uses your carnality against you. You will have to shed that carnality to stay on the Narrow Path.

stanley steemr 19 minutes ago
Implant a cellphone in your brain. What can possibly go wrong.?

Lathlena Mcwhirter 2 hours ago
My son is the true NUT ??✊?????

Captain Diggler 3 hours ago
This is not for the benefit of mankind …….It ‘s for complete control and enslavement.

Shiela Hammond 3 hours ago
Some of those sources listed above don’t go anywhere. Can you provides better sources? I am interested in this subject.

Loretta Player 34 minutes ago
I’ve known about this. There is something that depleats the nanobots. Boron or Borax a pinch in your water 3 x a day.

tommystock64 2 hours ago

Chris Beauregard 1 hour ago

jeff knox 2 hours ago
Skynet is real…

woo sah 3 hours ago
Where’s Debra!

Spirit Of Light 3 hours ago (edited)
So what powers, & continues to operate these little micro nano robots to keep them going?

db 41 seconds ago (edited)
Your are misspoken when you say “there is no conspiracy” when you meant to say “there is a conspiracy, not a theory”… do you know what conspiracy theory means without the theory component? 3:20

goatkidmom 3 hours ago
So why can’t they cure dementia yet?

Norm Bennett 7 minutes ago
The element Boron is one defense against it,slowing or preventing it’s assembly. A small pinch of borax in a bottle of water,spread over three times is supposed to be effective.

Prophet Ares 3 hours ago
lmao life is a gta iv trailer lmaooo

Rocks and Radness 2 hours ago
Hell yes Woodward TV!

Quartz Quantum 3 hours ago
There is really nothing that can be done to stop this. Let go and trust that everything will work out.

Darron Moore 2 hours ago
Why aren’t they uesing it on all of us rite now. I’ve read the pattents and it sounds like they have all and more so. Why aren’t they uesing it on all of us rite now???

Rodovni Vrtičkar 2 hours ago

Roo63 43 minutes ago
Bloody Hell 🙁

Sublimnal Phish 2 hours ago
Your song came out in the 1960s by a band called The Moody Blues called ride my seesaw the very beginning of that song as a Prelude to the song and I could tell you that if you don’t believe this video would you like to ride my see-saw take my place it’s for free listen to the song I don’t know where the band got its inspiration from but it’s spot-on

Morbeus 3 hours ago
By TI’s, they mean rh- blood type or just anyone in general?

Josephine Dorion 1 hour ago (edited)
hooooooo….hummmmm………I HEARD that the SUPERCOMPUTER that runs my body and yours is matchless. i heard that the SUPERCOMPUTER created Light, Time/ Space, dimensions all the known and unknown realities to find out if IT has any limitation, if there are OTHERS outsde of ITSELF, if there are others of it’s own kind…if IT has any dimension of height, weight, beginning, ending SO FAR, AFTER GAZILLION YEARS…………NONE. i ALSO HEARD THAT THIS SUPERCOMPUTER AND I ( INCLUDING YOU ALL)….AM THE ILLUSORY SIDE OF THIS SUPERCOMPUTER…..THAT WE ARE THIS SUPERCOMPUTER AFTER ALL….hehhhhhh………………….!

Medical Cannabis 2 hours ago
John Lawson 3 hours ago (edited)
Geoengineering is spreading the nano dust, the 20,000 5G satellites will active it. Mark of the Beast? Love and enjoy the freedom of thought while you can, it’s the Hive Mind…..

Fake 25 seconds ago
It will still be part human and part machine !

Nancy Volker 3 hours ago
Issac Kappy

Nom De Plume 2 hours ago (edited)
Imo we’ve always been in a simulation. Life itself is a simulation. Elon Musk explains it very well. This world we think is real has a 99.9% probability of being a simulation. We are literally in the cloud as we speak, both figuratively and literally. We are on a sphere completely surrounded by clouds… we are in the clouds….

Martyr4JesusTheChrist 3 hours ago
As one who is a NWO researcher since pre 2001, and as one who has experience in coding software, and as one who grew up reading science fiction from Asimov and Dick and others, and became a born again believer at least many years ago, and if you know anything about the factual nature of reality according to proper reading of the Holy Bible in their proper first century born again from above minded spiritual context and mores of the Israelite people, you will know the claims that “AI” exists in our reality is A HEAVY SUPER MENTAL OPERATION/PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATION = PSY-OP. Like i told another; There is things Debra puts out that are true… like 5g and some other things.. but this title alone, is a science fiction movie, this is PURE DISINFO/COMPUTER SCIENCE FRAUD. ANYONE who has good knowledge of coding software knows this title IS INDEED science fiction, it’s pure hollywood fantasy type of title being claimed as real in our nature of reality which is BRUTALLY DISHONEST. This title and the claims of “AI” existing in our reality in the first place is just utter lies. In the realm of science fiction, this is where “AI” is.. NOT factual reality. In science fiction, “AI” is conscious, like you and me are conscious with a spirit. In our reality though, computers WILL ALWAYS BE “COMPUTE-rs” a.k.a. glorified inanimate abacus machines / super calculators. This is why this video is DISINFO! The elite know now they have intentionally made very people very stupid now more than ever, and as they get more stupid, the easier it becomes to make them believe things that are just pure absurdity and idiocy and they do this because FEAR is an AGE OLD TACTIC – If they can make you believe such a thing exists in our reality, then they can paralyze most of the people who do not know better WITH FEAR so that way people believe there is no hope. FEAR is a very powerful tool and it’s been used since ancient times and today is no different and today it’s used more than ever. DARPA is either lying BRAZENLY to your face TO DELIBERATELY INSTILL FEAR INTO YOU TO BELIEVE SUCH IMAGINARY THINGS AS SUPPOSEDLY REAL, or they’ve lost their minds because their basing the nature of reality on a mechanistic, materialist, naturalist, atheist viewpoint WHICH IS INHERENTLY DAMAGED AT IT”S PREMISE because COMPUTERS WILL ALWAYS BE COMPUTERS, computers will NEVER become ‘alive’ in our reality. “We live in a society in which spurious realities are manufactured by the media, by governments, by big corporations, by religious groups, political groups. I ask, in my writing, ‘What is real?’ Because unceasingly we are bombarded with pseudo realities manufactured by very sophisticated people using very sophisticated electronic mechanisms.” – Philip K. Dick *Science fiction writers, I am sorry to say, really do not know anything. We can’t talk about science, because our knowledge of it is limited and unofficial, and usually our fiction is dreadful.” – Philip K. Dick “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false” – Former CIA Director William Casey

CaliMade 3 hours ago
this is a 3-month-old video from WoodWardTV’s channel, and you didn’t give a shout out to him.

DuLce BarAjas 3 hours ago
Massage face and all to remain youthful and it also cleans your lymph nodes keeping you healthy, home and cars filters changed frequently is important too,

Neil S 48 minutes ago
I am not Neil , Saying there is no God does not make it so or excuse anyone from accountability on judgement day .There should be laws against this invasiveness , it is a violation . I am more disgusted then impressed .

Sublimnal Phish 3 hours ago
Now when do we get freed? The world knows this is real or they should I’ve known for decades maybe my whole life they blocked me like Manchurian Candidate reviews of giving me glimpses of my past allowed me to have them or false realities but I remember them talking to me as a child saying I was going to do something to help mankind I don’t see this open mankind at all!!!! Sure as hell took my whole life for me from my youth to my old age why my name is subliminal

Barbara Carlson 3 hours ago
AI merging with human=Satan.

Robbin Papalucas 3 hours ago
This is totally psychopathic tech. ?? This is very WRONG

Norm Bennett 33 minutes ago
They have through aerosol/chemtrails,infected people already,nano tubes in their lungs,brought up with phlegm,and swallowed,to the stomach,these silicone based bits assemble in the hydrochloric acid of the stomach, aided by frequencies, towers,and ready to move into place,at first I thought just for transmitting and receiving,but now it appears complete neural control ,is their endgame…

ELE 1978 3 hours ago
Thank you Deborah!?❤

stainlessea 1 hour ago
SHUT OFF THE MUSIC I CANNOT HEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nom De Plume 2 hours ago
? omg its hilarious ppl still believe in God… If man can make an entire new world, he us therefore “God”. Your Christian god is no different than Roman and Greek gods, both are mythologies created by man. You can’t believe in whats being said in this video and god simultaneously. Religion is the bane of existence. Wake up & stop being sheeps people, if Youre worried about being brainwashed in the future you need to realise youve been brainwashed since birth. You’ve been manipulated & brainwashed to believe in an imaginary sky daddy that controls your every move. god is the all seeing eye who sees and hears everything and yet the ppl who believe in god cant make the connection between god and “big brother” and constantly talk abiut wanting their privacy when theyve been conditioned from birth to believe that its okay for an eye in the sky to watch & surveil every second of your life…. it would be hilarious if it wasn’t so pathetic

R1nky d1nk 39 minutes ago
Makes me laugh the amount of people who think there’s a god who cares. Has it ever occurred to you god botherers, that if god exists, then by his/her/its very nature, he/she/it “created” the evil too?? There IS no knight in shining armour to “save” us from anything.Whatever/whoever created all this, that we see hear and touch everyday, obviously created all of the death, destruction, and evil that we see around us. Don’t you think that a “god” would have the power to have AVOIDED making such a disgusting world? Yes, if as you god botherers say “god” created EVERYTHING, then “god” also created the crap too. If there was a god who cared, that god had the power to make this world a better place, a nice place, a place of peace and happiness for his/her/its supposed children, but no, this god created such a stinking, filthy place, that children are abused sexually and mentally EVERY single rotten day, and corruption rules over the good who have NO SAY and are ground down into the ground, as I’m typing this comment. Seriously? And yet people still tritely say..”oh god will fix this”…..what rubbish….either god made everything and all the evil with it, and doesn’t give a crap about any of us, or you’re going to have to come to the conclusion, that we’re in this “alone”. We are consciousness, thrown into a matrix, and that’s it. We have to come to terms with it and work out how to survive mentally and physically. As for an afterlife……… one really knows…….do you seriously think that the “powers that be” would ALLOW a so called book of instruction and truth for us???? Seriously? If the Bible or any other religious texts were true or real, they would have been destroyed by the overlords to begin with. Why on earth would they try so hard to destroy us, but “OH…here’s a book with the truth in it, for you all to read”….lol! It’s a joke people. . You really believe that we would be allowed to have a book with the truth in it??????…….C’mon people….get real……We have to do it ourselves…….there IS no one else.

Sarah Campbell 2 hours ago (edited)
If you don’t believe this stuff, well please explain to me why I have electronic beeps in my ear? I actually remember when they first (probably not 1st but 1st observable) implanted me 2010/2011, it was in my right ear. I woke up in the morning with a swelling in my ear and excessive bone pain that didn’t go away even with Vicodin (my 1st/last time ever taking harder pain killers because it was so painful). The swelling is still there. I am afraid to sleep because it seems that they have access to my apartment by sophisticated means. Basically, I have chips all over me, every day I have pain in my back and spine…yes my spine, which has movement sensations, contractions etc. just really horrible pain. It recently cleared up briefly on some antibiotics I was on for an URI, so I’m assuming it’s causing an infection in my system, which is crazy because infection in your brain is nothing to play with. Lately I’ve been having to wear my shielding scarf in my head because of many circular/ some horizontal burns in my scalp, which I guess can be explained by the devices being able to bury through even bone I guess. I’ve literally been tortured with this technology for years. They actually just moved a fully functional ‘lab’ above me & there are actually workers who dress up in office wear who come everyday 9-5pm, on shift. So really Holocaust type stuff…very scary because they’ve figured out how to be hands-off. I am a promising/very brilliant individual & they’ve stolen everything from me, but I pray Yah’s vengeance upon them!

Wreckless 3 hours ago
Transhumanism at it’s finest. Coming soon to a town near you.

Star Dust 3 hours ago

adhanda2017 1 hour ago
the RT lady who looks like she is cringing has a good reason to …

Debbie from Florida 1 hour ago
That’s why everywhere I go people look at me and say….oh I know you!

John Bergeron 3 hours ago
The clay shall not mix with the iron

j lo 1 hour ago
matrix . whackofski brothers . what could go wrong?

Shaun Stark 2 hours ago
Jesus is the Way.

Chris Belvedere 1 hour ago
Learn to make EMPs

Mary Kelly 3 hours ago

Nom De Plume 2 hours ago
But one day the polygraph will be replaced with a computer that can read your thoughts/mind… itll be absolutely atrocious to be alive when it happens.

j lo 1 hour ago
how about a hotel in space?

jimvegas247 1 hour ago (edited)
Stop then from controlling us simple ansr. Don’t vote if they are not voted in then there is no one to control us. You have the right to vote or not to vote. Stop there power to control us your choice. Use it or lose it don’t vote and there won’t be any one left to fuck with us. Simple ansr wake the fuck up while we still have the power in our hands. Don’t vote if they let you??????. Come on really no one is going to control me if can protect our freedom so can you I am only one voice. Jimvegas stand with me and stand with country this is your choice and my choice and I say fuck them

Mark W 2 hours ago (edited)
No worries, existence, or manifestation of what appears to be ” physical / solid “, IS a holographic illusion. ALL of manifestation is based on duality. However, there are two types of duality. A primary duality, and infinite lesser dualities. Lesser dualities include: hot / cold, light / dark, up / down, positive / negative, ad infinitum. The Primary duality IS: The known and the KNOWER of such. YOU, the real YOU, IS the KNOWER. Ego and the sense of ” I AM ” IS the point of attachment / identification with the illusion. Row, row, row your boat ( temporal vehicle called a body ) GENTLY down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream. Manifestations primary characteristic is ENTROPY. Do this as I have for over 42 years: Sit in a chair, in a quiet environment ( use foam ear plugs if necessary as I do ), spine upright and head level. Balanced. Relax your body ( hands on lap is best ), and focus attention on your natural breath. Try to keep attention focused ONLY on your natural breath. Now see how long it is before attention is ” hijacked ” by a ” thought train “. And you then perceive that you are not watching your breath, but riding that thought train. Gently bring attention back to the breath, and continue. It should not take long before you realize that YOU are not your thoughts, or feelings, sensations, emotions, etc. Once you can watch a thought train arise, and pass away, without becoming ” involved “, YOU are home . . .

PONO 800008 1 hour ago
Want to go deeper down the ???⭕️? Wabbit Holes ( ListentogroundzeroDotCom episode Epstein , he wasn’t just into Eugenics he Funded a few Ops, With all the Fake Wealth he was given by the 5 ?’s

ColdHardTruthNews. 3 hours ago
This is very disturbing.

MEXICANMOOSE1976 3 hours ago
If you are on the Earth when this Tech has been launched full scale, then you have been forsaken to this Beast System…time is up ppl!! Get right with God and repent in Jesus almighty and precious name!! Make sure your name is written in the Lambs book of life!! Do not accept ANY Technologies inside your body!!!

Martyr4JesusTheChrist 3 hours ago
All the votes up are proof how intellectually degenerated folks are getting to believe such a click-bait pure fable claim. “AI” will ALWAYS be science fiction and if you believe it exists in our reality outside the realm of science fiction, then you are “AI”.


  1. I dreamed this once. The only thing out there that even offers a way of combatting what’s coming, is God. The belief in the sacrifice of Jesus for your everlasting soul. Else join the matrix, FOREVER. Nothing else offers avoidance of this horror, except fighting for a little more time, that’s all. Does anyone else know another way, please?

  2. Revelation, Mind Reading Technologies, The 10-5 U/Z or 10-6 +A microwave signal and Biblical Tongues – Clones around the world have been using mind reading technologies that can read your conscience. They use the same technologies that a God would use to talk or listen to you. They use Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) against us. Their satellites delivered to space by Space X founder Elon Musk, The Russian Federation and The Federal Government. Comparable to cellular satellites. 10-6 +A – 10-5 Z signal’s can listen to your brains decoded wavelength’s and read your conscience and emotions using an algorithm and A.I.. They can activate other regions of the brain and show unknown parts of the nervous system under M.R.I.. That you can stimulate the nervous system having the immune system react to heal. People who can hear the satellite communication with their mind talk tongues. They can communicate by thought. That thought can be translated into many languages. They use these technologies against us. Not informing the world to stay ahead of our civilization. In a attempt to be intelligent as the combined world they record our thoughts. They steal our ideas, murder, blackmail and use it as a tool for war. They can also alter emotions. The calling. You sometimes get a headache when mind reading technologies are monitoring you.

    Magnetic Monopoles are souls/spirits with a protective shell – Your soul/conscience controls much of the brain and the brain controls the body. Your soul/spirit is in the brain and leaves the body after death during decomposition through an eye socket within the gases. They naturally rise towards the North or South Pole. The atmosphere helps to keep the soul/spirit contained. A solar flare can kill a soul/spirit. Many souls/spirits stuck within casket. Soul transferable conscious. A spirit similar to a isotope(memory). Reborn clones in American and Russia have been stealing souls/spirits from the inner atmosphere and grave. Transferring them to technologies within a simulation. Using them for their memories to help them conquer the world. Not disclosing the true purpose of certain military installations at the North Pole and the Bermuda Triangle. We need to research souls/spirits with caution. Certain aspects of monopole research may harm or even kill them.
    A Ravenous wolf in sheep’s clothing – An alien soul/spirit reborn as a Human being. They use A.I. and walk the Earth. An alien had shot an asteroid at Earth from the inner asteroid belt. Fire and brimstone to reborn Earth. He was working with the devil an alien. The devil walked. God saved us. Destroying an alien ship. The devil to tell us we weren’t deserving and bring back his deserving. Aliens. To use our image from the casket that preserved our flesh. He said, for us to be damned to hell for cremation. The devil to try and conquer the world. Mathew 7:15 Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. To be brought back as flesh and bone means to be reborn a clone. A soul/spirit can be put in a case/chip and be reborn. The clone grown within tank like a womb. Artificial intelligence can also walk as flesh and blood using a programmed chip similar to a robot. Not meant to be. They can create remote controlled clones much like a remote-control vehicle/robot that have computer brains. Utilizing energy for satellite reception and signal strength. Grown in labs around the computer where the brain would be. Some are partial brain and computer. Using the flesh from the ethnicity preferred. Many can be commanded to/not to perform a certain task. Also using implanted chip’s for mind-control. They can see, hear and smell through many of them. Having them raised in the country they want to conquer. To win an election in your country and have others get into positions of power within government, military, space agencies and elite society. We need to be educated on the technologies taking our world.
    Revelation behold, he is coming with the clouds – A spaceship from Alpha Centauri. From the planet Kent. A soul/spirit can fly a spaceship with A.I.. No natural life support needed. Malachi saved many souls and Jesus Christ crucified born on Earth from the devil. Unfortunately the ship was low on energy and had to land. That Jesus-crucified went to the Higher Powers ship. As I heard, Jesus Christ-James is stuck in a ship at a top-secret installation in Russia similar to area 51. That we need to save many other souls. They have our friends and families. Were to prove reborn clone, UFO’s (seen using micro waves A/B/C/M/Z or at area 51/Arizona), hacked satellites, hacked telescopes, hacked grid and mind reading technologies. To find the clone labs and destroy them. The clones detrimental to our genome. They want to deny our children. To deny us free will and take our world and soul. Many in positions of power. To look you in the face and lie. Many souls from Earth now live in a medium class ship. God saved them. No hell. You can communicate with them if you have a line of communication with a satellite. Many ships communicate with the U signal. Purgatory is Mars. To improve overtime and become a flesh and blood experience. Your soul/spirit can become a robot. Energy is life. Humans to honor the full rotation of life. Not to deny natural existence. That we may bring ourselves back as needed. Were to walk as 1. We live in a Multiverse. Souls and spirits to be added to evolution. Bred in from Kent. Earth to become a tier 1 civilization. To have a democracy of heaven and Earth. Life after death can be a conscious simulation for many. Not to be trapped. To live on matter. Church to become community and teaching. Many religions to become 1. To be self-reliant. To have judgment on evil beings walking the Earth as flesh and blood human clone. The abomination.

    They have been using a satellite and fast radio burst’s trying to inform the world – The devil split us apart. Lord Antipas was the devil and changed word to push his agenda. Pas=God/Good A-man. That the God’s of Earth are/were Malachi, Amun, Jenovah and Jericho. A-men. The devil also used the image of Jahovah. Mathew had written as told from Jesus while talking tongues. A man talking tongues to save the world and so much more. They want original doctrine’s to be released along with the teachings of Jeremiah, Ishmael, Judah and Mathew. The Catholic Church to obtain many of them from Pope Francis. The unsealing. The truth to come out. We’re to save ourselves. I’m to teach prophecy and fix his word. Natural existence is SACRED. A King of Kings/Gods war ship to help save Earth.

    Christopher, I speak tongues.

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