One Reply to “Mind Control Patents and Diagrams”

  1. Dr. Karlstrom,

    I have, for about 3 years now, been what’s most commonly referred to as a Targeted Individual. I’ve experienced and am still experiencing symptoms associated with directed energy weapons, V2K, and something that makes my whole body vibrate but without any heat. But as disturbing and frustrating as all of that is the most recent (3months) development is the most intrusive. They appear to be reading my mind. They react to what I think. I don’t say anything anymore but they still react to what I’m thinking. And before you jump to the crazy conclusion I’m 50 years old and prior to 3 years ago have never had hallucinations of any kind and two psychiatrists verified that I’m not now . So how do I stop at the very least the mind reading stuff. How do I break away from the mind control, reading, and voices because it feels like it’s all connected?

    Thank you,

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