Mind Control: by Bryan Tew; For Discovery Channel

Mind Control – for Discovery Channel – written by BRYAN TEW

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Mind Control by Bryan Tew (for Discovery Channel)

This information was provided by Bryan Tew in the attached document and below:

Mind Control technology began in the 1960’s during the Cold War and was used on unwitting
citizens for non­consensual experimentation for the purpose of research and development,
such as the infamous MKUltra programs run by the American CIA. The horror of what was
happening was discovered and the program was allegedly shut down in the 1970’s, which we
now know is a lie.

Neuroscience is essentially the study of the human mind and central nervous system. It has
now been weaponized by the CIA and Department of Defense using Directed Energy
Weapons and nano­scale devices.

The human body is a ‘Vibratory Organism’. It is an ‘Electromagnetic Organism’ and, as such,
each organ of the body ‘VIBRATES’ at a different frequency of electromagnetic energy. By
varying the frequency and intensity of each beam of energy, CIA – NSA operatives can
manipulate each region and organ of the human anatomy.

Everything started in the 1960’s with the Spanish scientist, Dr. Jose Delgado, who conducted
his famous ‘bull experiment’ by implanting an electrode in the brain of one of these animals.
Dr. Delgado agitated the bull until it became angry and began to attack, while at the same
time standing motionless in front of the bull. When the bull would charge at him, Dr. Delgado
had a remote control device in his hand that he would push causing the bull to come to a
complete stop and then spin around in circles.

The CIA later hired Dr. Jose Delgado, and other pioneers in the field, such as the notable
neuroscientist from Norway, Dr. Jacobson.

At that time, non­consensual experimentations on human beings began to occur under the
guise of black ops-covert weapon testing programs, for which there was no accountability,
transparency or oversight, and this continues to our present day in the 21st century.

The CIA-DoD paradigm has perfected the manipulation of the human body’s five senses:
sight, touch, taste, hearing, smell. Now they are attempting to perfect and implement a new
Artificial Intelligence (AI) regime founded not on older methods of mathematical equations
known as ‘If & Then’ algorithms, but on a new AI regime based on a ‘REVERSE
ENGINEERING’ of the Human Mind.

[I am being hit with directed energy right now to disrupt this paper].

One of the products of this new technology is the field of ‘SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY’ invented
and developed by my friend, former CIA and DoD scientist, Dr. Robert Duncan., whose
conscience got the better of him after he realized what they were doing to innocent Americans
with this technology. He walked away from the CIA, blew the whistle on the covert program,
and exposed it to the world.

With this new technology, the CIA & NSA are able to read your thoughts, see through your
eyes, and maintain a direct conversation with your mind.

CIA & NSA operatives can induce directly into your brain, both visual images and auditory
sequences, such as voice-to-skull (V2K).

The British and other European countries are heavily involved in this new weapons program,
developed for the purpose of controlling the masses via ‘Censorship’., ‘Memory Management’
and ‘Direct Behavioral Control,’ all of which is now possible by what is known as

A nanometer is one millionth of a millimeter and these microbic composite materials are so
small they can only be seen with a special microscope. On average, these microbic
composite materials are around 50 nanometers in size. They interact through streams of
photons (directed energy flashing) and can speak to and decode the neurotransmitters in your

As such we are now able to digitally communicate with the human mind via a brain-to-computer interface or an electronic brain-to-brain interface.

With advances in medicine, chemistry, engineering, and other disciplines, Neuroscience now
includes the study of Cellular, Molecular, Structural, Functional and Evolutionary development
of the human mind and central nervous system.

From molecular and cellular studies of individual nerve cells, to sensory imaging and basic
motor tasks of the human brain, Neuroscience is no longer just a field of medicine. It has
crossed the threshold of medical science and is now a chief weapons platform used by many
of the national security agencies of the world.

The ability to decipher the human mind has expanded exponentially in the 21st century
and has now forever altered evolution and society as we know it. They have imposed their
diabolical plans into what is most important in our society: 1) Freedom to Choose and 2) the Human
Will. They can now completely control the mind.

[Now they have switched tactics on me and are hammering me with delta wave to make me
drowsy so I will make mistakes in typing this up].

Of course, controlling the human mind becomes more difficult when the Targeted Individual is
aware of their schemes, but there are probably hundreds of thousands of Americans who
have been exposed to this technology that are unable to determine that they are being
controlled in this way.

Again, CIA and Department of Defense are seeking to achieve three things with this technology: 1) ‘Censorship’, 2) ‘Memory Management’ and 30 ‘Direct Behavioral Control’. These three are the holy grail of all mind control technologies.

CNN recently reported that within 5­ TO 10 years we will be able to remotely (Keyword:
‘REMOTELY’) modify our behavior with this technology. Not then, but it is happening right

Again, they are seeking to create a new AI regime based on a reverse engineering of the
human mind. They wish to replicate the human soul, which is essentially three things:

1) Will 2). Intellect and 3) Emotion.

They must perfect the technology behind these three parameters of the human soul in order
to build the first QUANTUM COMPUTER’ which is still in R&D mode right now but which the
Americans and other nations of the world are racing to develop. One day soon, this Quantum
Computer will interface between the Human Mind and Soul by way of a Neurochip which will
connect directly or remotely to a supercomputer.

Mankind is a triune being, meaning he is composed of three things: Body, Soul and Spirit.

This is the weakness of the new AI regime and will be its downfall. They have mastered the
human body (five senses) and will master the Human Soul (Will, Intellect and Emotion), but
they will never be able to replicate the spirit of man. The spirit of man is the ‘Conscience’.
The conscience is the ‘Compass of the Soul’ which helps a man or woman discern right from
wrong, which the new AI regime, no matter how sophisticated, will never be able to replicate,
because it is not physical, but metaphysical. It is God given. It is an innate instrument every
human being is born with and cannot be replicated.

The reason NSA and CIA decided to move away from ‘If and Then’ algorithms to a reverse
engineering of the human mind, is because they realized its ineffectiveness, meaning it
doesn’t matter how many octillion algorithms you create there will still always continually be
those scenarios for which an ‘AI’ regime based on ‘If and Then’ algorithms will not cover and
will subsequently fail and falter because people are so unique and different, socially, culturally
and cognitively. People are too unique in their make up for the math to cover every scenario,
so they abandoned the math and moved to a new AI regime based on a reverse engineering
of the human mind. Essentially, they are seeking an AI regime that functions just like a
human brain, capable of adapting, learning, etc. (i.e.: the Quantum Computer).

This type of technology could have great benefits for society such as the ability to augment
human intelligence by a thousand times, essentially turning the human mind into a
supercomputer. Hence, there are literally thousands of applications that could interface with
this technology.

This technology literally has the ability to alter our entire evolutionary experience in life, both
positively and negatively. For example, you could literally turn the brain into a supercomputer,
or encyclopedia, or a giant search engine, like Google. Unfortunately, instead of using it for
good, the NSA and CIA have chosen to use it for evil.

One method of doing this is to alter our memories by way of ‘Memory Management’.

They can impose false memories by using a ‘fabricated falsified stream’ to inject memories
into your subconscious which you will believe are real but are not. One way this is achieved
is by way of ‘Dream Modulation’. These memories implanted in your mind can be good or
terribly bad and can be so powerful that even though you are told they are not real you will not
believe it. This is a common prerequisite to electromagnetic hypnotism, such as the CIA used
on the Assistant Attorney General of Alabama when they murdered him by forcing him to
commit suicide. No matter what, with repetitive reinforcement you will come to believe the
memories are your own unless you learn how to read active memory.

This is a weapons system and the government who is first in the world to perfect and employ
this new neuro­warfare system will have an incomparable advantage over every other
government on earth. In fact, we know for a fact it can be used in mass attacks against many
people at one time. in Palm Springs, California they are using it right now against between
50­ TO 100 gay men, causing them to hear voices and forcing them to behave in manners which
they do not wish to follow. This is an absolute fact and has been reported on by news
agencies in California. There is no way 50 To ­100 men could all be having the same symptoms,
hearing the same voices etc., if this were not the NSA, CIA, DARPA arm behind this
neuro­attack. It is absolutely happening.

People think all of these recent uprisings in the world, from Arab Spring to Venezuela to
Ukraine and many others are just a new wave of cultural and social upheaval. In fact, there is
much to suggest that the CIA may be behind it, but that is another story and not the content
of this interview.

Soon, warfare between Russia and the USA will include Neuro­warfare tactics. It will also
lead to the development of emotional and intellectual perception networks (‘thought police’)
and will be gradually included in our society on the grounds of national security, terrorism, etc.
Soon, the internet will be able to perceive your emotions and, by default, so will the CIA.

They will gradually implement this technology by saying it will only be used to control
terrorists and criminals. They will do this by way of a campaign of disinformation and
misinformation based on lies and half truths. Effectually turning America into one gigantic
Neuro­society that will include a living social conscience that people will be able to engage in
by sharing their thoughts with each other, simultaneously in large groups over vast
geographical regions. A sort of ‘Hive Mind’ will ensue between people who collaborate on the
same or similar issues. Instead of making a telephone call with your phone, you will be able to make one with your mind, hands free of course.

There are many government agencies and private institutions (Harvard, Yale, MIT, etc.) who
are involved in this new Neuro­Revolution and it is employed against Americans domestically
and against civilians from other countries abroad, by way of a covert inter­-governmental agency
(aka “interagency”) operation designed to diffuse responsibility if caught, meaning everything is highly
compartmentalized so even if you knew the source of the technology you would still be
running down the proverbial rabbit hole because the people involved in this paradigm operate
in the dark crevices of government and are firmly entrenched in their positions of power and
cannot be removed. Presidents and Senators are mere puppets to these people. Even high
ranking generals don’t ascend to the corridors of power without their approval. The real
power in America is not with our elected representatives, or even our military leaders.
No, it lies with the upper echelon of the intelligence services, (CIA, NSA, etc). While there
are many, many agencies involved, there are primarily two that are behind it all: CIA & Department
of Defense.

Again the three main purposes of mind control are Censorship, Memory management, and
Direct Behavioral Control. Memory management is achieved by way of an injection of false
memories while simultaneously blocking real memories with a falsified fabricated stream by
using flashes of pulsed electromagnetic energy in sync with photonic implants or remote
nano­-particulates which then match up with the RNM supercomputer and the remote
subconsciousness of a human mind. The RNM supercomputer hooks the Targeted individual
to a mainframe and the person is then monitored to their death which is often brutal for the
purposes of mind control via what they call “rehabilitation by torture.” In other words,
‘behaviorism’ (i.e.: Pavlov’s dogs, etc). This is how thought-triggered attacks occur. This
supercomputer which is capable of hundreds of thousands of calculations per second kicks
into gear as soon as the targeted individual begins thinking about a certain subject, etc., and
the RNM computer injects those subconscious impulse at speed of light. This is why it is
crucial for CIA & NSA operatives to be close by the TI or within range of remote surveillance so
they can watch the targeted individual in real time so as to achieve verification with the RNM

The supercomputer interfaces (integration completion) with the human mind and begins to
inject imagery and other sequences into the human mind that the TI does not recognize,
seeking to establish integration-completion between the RNM system and the human mind.

The human brain has been mapped. The ‘Brain Initiative Project’ announced by Obama
months ago was just a cover for what has already been achieved so as to help facilitate its
implementation into our new neuro­society. Otherwise, there would be too many questions,
such as where did this technology come from, etc. The two main protagonists are CIA and
DoD but the main arm of both in this paradigm is the futuristic strong arm of DARPA. It is
DARPA that is behind it all if you go to its very core. So this BAM project, known as the ‘Brain
Activity Map’ is just a cover by Obama to integrate these new neuro­weapons into our mainstream society as being necessary and a boon to our high tech civilization when in all actuality it will be nothing more than a tool to control us and certain segments of populations
of countries throughout the world. By reverse engineering the human mind they are
developing an AI regime that will be capable of making all the important decisions for humanity
by way of central planning. They will also use this technology to keep those countries that are
enemies of america in internal strife so as to control them as well. They will be able to control
the population of America and the world by reconfiguring the human brain and by default they
will be able to reconfigure societies. This is a tool the world elite has long sought after and
now finally it is within their grasp.

However, there are methods one can employ to fight back against this new technology:

1. Multi­-Tasking

Learn how to multi-­task as multi-tasking causes you to think in multiple threads.

When you are constantly thinking in multiple threads (multiple tasks or thoughts) then there is
no coherent pattern for the perps to establish and integrate into RNM data. In other words,
‘integration completion’ between the RNM system and your brain is hindered and without your
response to that specific ‘impulse injection’, the RNM verification process breaks apart.

The CIA & NSA perps are using a ‘fabricated or falsified stream’ to interfere with your memory
and thought processes. Once you become dependent (ie. you believe their impulse injections
are your own) on the system’s output (or they believe your responses to it are consistent) they
will begin to fabricate ‘subconscious responses’ which they will pretend are indicators of
honesty/dishonesty, positive recognition, anxiety, etc, and they will use these ‘impulse
injections’ to convince you that the fabricated responses are your own.

If you are unaware of this constant mental manipulation the system will begin to shape your
thoughts and behavior. They will use this to [attempt to] restrict your thoughts and behavior by
blocking [interfering with] your memory and thought processes. While these suggestions (injected
impulses) are being provided ­the interference is triggered and can be activated at will by the

Again: you can defeat the RNM attacks by constantly multi-tasking (thinking about multiple
things at once) and by ignoring random encounters with strangers you don’t know as such
encounters are engineered by the perps in order to solicit an emotional response from you
which their RNM system can remotely measure. Then you can not only see through the
system’s attempts to manipulate you but also manage their ability to evaluate your responses
by controlling the ‘verification process’ ­by working through the remote neural ‘memory
blocks’ ­and counter the system’s ability to influence your choices. It will begin to feel as
though you are thinking in two ‘threads’.

Just learn how to multi-­task.

2. Spontaneity

Never follow a set pattern of conduct. Always change your behavior every day at a moments
notice. Do this when you’re quickly (not slowly) on the move as it is more difficult for their
remote neural system to monitor your thoughts while you’re in rapid motion.

If you decide to go to the grocery store go to the convenience store instead. Change it up
everyday but don’t do the same things over and over as that establishes a set pattern of

Remember they are trying to alter your daily motives and emotional perceptions.

The remote neural monitoring system is designed to provoke you emotionally so they can
generate response statistics which the system will use to determine how to interpret and link
descriptions with data captured about your memory references. That is why they are
constantly trying to keep you talking, or constantly stopping you and asking for directions, etc.

So always ignore prolonged random encounters with people you don’t know. You’re not being
rude. Just refusing to allow them to manipulate you.

Once they have consistent statistics, the system will use previous ‘choice references’ and
inject them into your subconscious thought during normal activity which is also referred to as
‘impulse injections’ to convince you that the response was your own and influence you to
complete or describe the reference by making the appropriate verbalizing or performing a
related action, which is known as ‘Verification’. You can fight and/or control this if you learn to
defeat these memory attacks by learning to read active memory.

Once they see what you respond to emotionally or intellectually, they will fabricate
‘conversational’ or ‘situational’ scenarios (Street Theater) based on events or topics they know
will capture your attention.

For example, if you are a football fan they will talk about your favorite team or will wear a
T-shirt or hat with your favorite football team’s emblem. They do this with me a lot as they
know I am a University of Georgia fan.

So they constantly wear UGA T-­shirts, hats, etc., pretending to be a Georgia fan or be from
Georgia in order to try and stimulate me towards talking with them & to keep me talking to

This is why the perps try to keep you talking for so long. Not just to aggravate you but to
provoke you into an ’emotional response’ so they can map your thought process in order to subsequently inject impulses etc., and control your mind. This is why the feds try to get people close to you (eg. by approaching you and/or befriending with a hot girl or handsome guy) with
so­-called ‘Honey Traps’.

Here is how you stop that from happening: ignore all prolonged random encounters with
strangers you don’t know and be spontaneous.

This same remote neural attack can be used to disrupt your speech if the attackers decide to
prevent you from discussing a specific topic or repeating a given word. The system can be
configured to disrupt your recollection when formulating a related statement or inject gibberish
[triggered substitution] while you are attempting to speak.

The goals of these attacks appear to be threefold: Censorship, Memory Management and
Direct Behavior Control.

These people are not concerned with legal constraints or any particularly acceptable way of
life. They simply use anything you enjoy, hate or appreciate to abuse you regardless of your
behavior so if they give you a compliment, realize that they are only doing it to see how you
will respond when they turn around to negate it and torture you nightly.

If you keep a constant handle on your ‘state of activity’ as well as your situational perception
you will recognize conflicting impulses and although it is possible for the system to overpower
your impulses, if you understand the attacks you will be able to recognize the physical
changes resulting from these powerful impulses and this should prompt you to re­evaluate
your current state.

Unless you have been tortured to near ­incoherency, you should be able to fight the system’s

These remote neural attacks are most effective when you are stepping through sequenced
tasks so try to avoid ‘zoning’ on your activities. How? By changing your actions and activities
randomly and constantly at the speed of thought. Don’t always plan out or think out your daily
itinerary, if you don’t have to. ‘Just do it’ !

Remote Neural Manipulation is accomplished via their system’s ability to interpret your
thoughts and is wholly dependent on its ability to predict and influence your ‘reference
choices’ or ‘impulse sequencing’ during thought composition. The system maps patterns with
impulses and identifiers (evoked potentials) and uses statistical data about your ‘composition
habits’ to predict how you will think or act as you begin to formulate thoughts or prepare to
act. The system’s ability to define and map these references intelligibly depends on your
cooperation [or ignorance] and the attackers’ ability to make sense of what they see visually
or what they can guess based on your past activity.

3. Quenching

They will constantly run you through a ‘verification’ routine where the system probes you for a
particular set of responses repeatedly in order to establish a pattern. If you are interacting and
countering these probes the operator will vary the routine in an attempt to ‘verify’ via different

Once the system ‘verifies’ the selected responses, they will be used in the next wave of
harassment routines . The process is endless and you will see the effects clearly if you are
consistently defeating the system. If you are not defeating the remote neural system then you
will not see or notice the effects. The way to defeat their remote neural monitoring system is
by ‘quenching’.

You ‘quench’ remote neural monitoring by interacting with and countering their tactics.

None of what these people are collecting could ever be used in a case against you.

Every piece of information collected by their system can be considered falsified and/or
fabricated because the system is designed to continuously provide ‘suggestions’ according to
data which has been previously collected about your current activity and the accuracy of the
reference descriptions [definitions] is extremely low since the attackers don’t really care about
truth and the system will fabricate statements and/or imagery while they are abusing you. The
fabrications are generally the result of misinterpretation of references and emotional indicators
as well as distortion of ‘injection feedback’ in addition to false entries added manually by the
attackers as a result of their inability to understand what they are viewing or their malintent.

There is no reliable way for the attackers to determine what is true even if they try to apply
their observations to the aforementioned indicators. An attempt to prove guilt with their system
would be the equivalent to a cop dropping a gun at a crime scene and claiming it belonged
some individual who happened to be passing by: ­ RANDOM and FALSIFIED.

There is no legal application for this system or anything generated by it. They will only capture
what they want to abuse you with and when they decide to ‘censor’ your thoughts they will
force you into an abusive or incoherent thought pattern using the injection and blocking
methods mentioned above.

For example when you experience ‘sudden severe aggression and agitation’ it’s the perps, not
you and is part and parcel of ‘Mind Control’. They injected those impulses. Remember, they want
to keep you constantly thinking about them.

You can limit and counter this effect by learning to read memory while blocking their system.
However, it takes quite a bit of skill and self-­awareness. This is known as ‘Redirection’.

4. Redirection

‘Redirection’ is simple. When the remote neural attack happens and impulses and thoughts
are introduced into your mind (by strong urge [high frequency attack] or slight motivation [low
frequency attack]) just change your thread of thought. This hinders ‘integration completion’
between your brain and the RNM system. You do this by establishing what is known as a
‘Working Reference’.

The Bible says “…whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure,
whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable. ­­If anything is excellent or praiseworthy­­, think about
such things”. (Phillipians 4:8).

You can thwart their RNM attack by establishing a ‘working reference’ each time they attempt
to inject impulses and thoughts to your brain. This is done by recognizing something in life
that makes you very happy and then re focusing or ‘redirecting’ back to that happy experience
in life each time you are attacked through RNM.

If you can do this each day, their attacks will simply be an annoyance to you as you can work
around it, but it will still hinder performance tremendously as you will be forced to test and
validate memory constantly and the physical sensations of the system radiating your brain will
be both irritating and distracting.

Note that these attacks can be performed successfully at lower intensities and you may
initially only notice them if you are frequently being tested at higher intensities: Torture!

Understanding the memory attacks (blocking your real memories and injecting false memories
and impulses) are key because if you do not recognize modification of your ‘active memory’
the system will cause you to briefly lose time perception which may be enough procedural
[functional] disorientation to influence you to respond to an injected impulse. Forced speech,
for example.

It is possible for the system to influence you to speak unwillingly or, at the very worst, without
you knowing it. For example, if you are susceptible to the systems influences’ you may not
realize that it is frequently or constantly influencing you to make minor choices. These
motivational impulses can also be used to influence you in a manner that will give you the
desire to speak, and I emphasize desire because you need to understand that these impulses
will only make you feel the urge [at higher levels set by the attackers] or basic motivation [at
baseline levels] to perform the tasks it is influencing you to do.

Now in combination with this motivation to speak the system uses past references to direct
you. ­ For example, your personal memory of turning to speak to your wife and the associated
impulse. ­ And when you react to this influence, the system will block your working memory
while streaming the desired output which will result in you making one or more statements under the system’s control.

They will test this on you frequently with ‘word substitution’ and if you can learn to control this
in thought then you can control it while speaking but you must learn to multitask constantly
and to read memory!

If you do not have a ‘working reference’ to return to after the forced speech attack, it is
possible that you will have no recollection of making the statement.

If you have a hard time understanding how remote neural monitoring (RNM) works, just think
of how a lie detector works. In theory RNM functions in similar manner to a lie detector: by
measuring physiological responses emitted by the body. In RNM, it is those physiological
responses emitted via electromagnetic impulses by the brain.

As you learn to defeat the predictive capabilities of the system (quenching, redirection,
multi­tasking and spontaneity) their attempts to restrict your ‘reference choices’ will become
increasingly evident and you will begin to perceive what I will describe as ‘functional duality’ [it
might also be described as focal duality] within your working memory. The perps system’s
prediction error rate will dramatically increase and its attempts to predict your thoughts or
intentions will become humorous if not simply annoying.

Thought Triggered Attacks:

Seeing the relationship between your memory references and the systems output [which can
be a specific directed energy attack, an audible forced speech sequence, etc., is critical to
understanding how to control and ultimately defeat ‘thought­-triggered’ attacks, in addition to
preventing the attackers from deceiving you with their cognitive magic tricks.

You should be able to redirect the system during ‘formulation’ (collecting data by reading your
mind) or prevent ‘predictive integration’ (interpretation of data from injected thoughts and
impulses) altogether, but when you learn to stop integration, realize that the system will be
waiting for completion and will ‘probe’ you for a response. It will begin to ‘inject’ again if you
attempt to ignore it, so unless you have extremely high memory skill and have learned the
‘quenching’ technique, redirection may be the easiest option.

They will also abuse you in every way possible to convince you that they’re in control when
you will be able to see clearly that they are nothing more than idiots who need to spend more
time studying the systems they are abusing people with.

If the system’s suggestions are not acceptable to you [and they won’t be if you’re consistently
blocking and/or redirecting it] then this will result in you making a continuous effort to counter
the imposition of thoughts and impulses while contrasting your ‘working state’ to maintain
active focus.

Although by cooperating and allowing the system to interpret and define your daily activity you
may find that the suggestions become more tolerable as the system is designed to mimic your
normal cognitive behavior, I would recommend not allowing this as you will tend to more
readily accept the system’s influence, and the purpose of the system influencing you in this
manner is to give the attackers the ability to restrict you at will and to allow them to deceive or
manipulate you subconsciously.

You can only counter these restrictions if you are able to contrast the system’s influence from
your own willful activity. Everyone who is hearing “V2K” is being monitored in this manner and
being influenced in this way as well. The phrases you are hearing should be related to
information captured during the ‘silent monitoring period’ and will eventually be used as the
foundation for your endless verbal harassment.

What they do is a game of deception and manipulation, nothing more. Do not accept anything
they say as truth and do not acknowledge anything the system interrogates you about as
truth. The system will take random bits of anything it captures through your senses and
fabricate stories which they will use to harass and interrogate you with no intention other than
to distract and torture you into submission [to the system’s influence].

If you learn to defeat the remote neural memory and thought process attacks then you can
render remote neural monitoring useless or manipulate it to your advantage.

Your advantage would be to be able to document and verify it is happening in a court of law.

People who take a stand and try to oppose this evil are labeled by our government as
dissidents and are punished or summarily killed. Many are victimized by the government by
being forcibly and falsely misdiagnosed with a mental illness so that they are not taken
seriously, pushed to the margins of society or altogether removed from society, with their
credibility destroyed so no one will believe them. That is why the torture is designed to be so
brutal, precisely so that no one will believe it is happening. Their whole lives are completely
destroyed because they somehow became a threat to our Orwellian society.

As bad as it is, it will only get worse. Mind control will soon permeate every facet of our
society. They achieve this by decoding electromagnetic emissions of the brain into actual
thought patterns. Once those patterns are identified they are used and varied in the repeated
harassment and torture of the targeted individual. The mental images of the brain can
actually be seen and through this window into the soul, images, sounds and other sequences
(aromas) can be encoded into the human brain. They do this with me a lot engaging in
situational and conversational scenarios designed to capture the attention of the targeted
individual seeking verification like yesterday afternoon and last night.

These electromagnetic impulses are sent into the brain via impulse injections, to trigger evoked potentials,
for the purposes of verification. This generates sounds, images, aromas,
etc., via the neuronal circuits. Essentially, they have turned the brain into a visual, verbal and
auditive communications system.

For example, ‘Synthetic Telepathy’ is a denomination of DARPA that uses an electronic brain-
to-brain interface or brain-to-computer interface. Just by touching the arm of another person
or shaking their hand a CIA operative can communicate via synthetic telepathy to another
operative without ever saying a word as those neural circuits in the hand or arm travel the
same pathways to the brain. This takes special software and usually involves direct or remote
contact with the human anatomy. It is very similar to cell phone technology and basically
amounts to receiving a cell phone call in your head. A computer multiplexer routes the signal
through microwave towers then on to a receiver. The receiver is located with pinpoint accuracy
and tracked to within a few feet of its actual location. However, the receiver is not a cell phone, it is a
human mind.

Right now they are able to clone the human mind by downloading one’s entire persona and
psyche into a computer database. This technology is also being used by British Intelligence
agencies and is known inside MI6 circles as “Project Soulcatcher.” This is achieved through
transcranial stimulation via directed energy weapon radiation and bioelectric R & D.

Basically the NSA maps your brain and then ties you to a supercomputer which downloads
your information back into a database and monitors all electromagnetic activity of your brain
24/7 for life until the day of your death. This Transcranial Brain Stimulation is also used by
the military with brain-to-computer interfaces such as those used by pilots with the new F­35
stealth aircraft.

NSA agents use this technology to covertly debilitate people using directed energy weapons
such as microwaves to slowly degrade their minds or other internal organs until they die or
become incapacitated. They have done this with me continually for years. The NSA – CIA
paradigm against me had me forcibly and falsely misdiagnosed with a mental illness which
the doctors changed quickly to Delusional Disorder. Since then they have targeted my brain
(as well as other internal organs) with electromagnetic low frequency waves so that my brain
slowly deteriorates and I develop dementia or some other neurological disease. Then they
will say I was mentally ill. But there is a big difference between mental illness and mental
injury. They have no fear of God and no fear of Man. The law means nothing to them and
it has no meaning for those they slowly torture and kill because the law will not help those
people. The law only works where it can be applied.

Plato once said, ‘All laws are meaningless, because good people will always keep them and
evil people will always find away around them’.

“The truth is stranger than fiction”.