Mike Murphy Statements

1) 3/31/2018 email message to webmaster


When I was in touch with former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson from 2007 to 2011, I didn’t ask him who exactly was behind hitting us both with microwave & low frequency waves and Ted didn’t say specifically which agencies. Could have been the rogue elements within the agencies or Black-Ops., etc.

My stalking began in the early 1990s. I (worked at Sante Fe railroad) and fought them over safety issues and wrote up RR officials to the FRA and they hated me for this and made my life miserable. They even put out death threats about me behind my back to other employees, never to my face.

The railroad put out this BS and ever since then I’ve been tailed and had trackers on my cars. The cops always know where I’m at. When the Santa Fe railroad accused me of sabotage and being in cahoots with the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) (after) which the Santa Fe received a large fine.

I was at the 100th anniversary of the ARU (Eugene Debs) at Indiana Univ. in Terra Haute, IN when the incident happened.

Whenever there is a false flag (“terrorist attack”) (anywhere in the world ) DHS puts out alarms that I might attack. Even my Alt. Med. doctor here was called when the so called Muslim attacks occurred in England 2017. I think it was on a bridge in London.

I had an appointment about that time and he had locked me out. It took several days to get this straightened out and I gave him a few files to look at to explain
the situation.

I could walk into any store in the country and there would be a phone call and the clerical workers, cashiers, etc. would act as if I would be shop-lifting something or possibly attack the employees.

You can notice the difference of behavior after the call comes in. And some of the employees would grab for knives or box cutters or mace and make sure I saw them with it in their possession.

This has been going on since about 1993. The RR managers say that I might try to blow up the rail system and spread other lies about me. Even after all the years of being on RR disability from 2002.

But I did not notice any type of electronics being used until 2009. The electronic attacks on me occurred from 2009 to 2016. The microwave blast was intended to give me a heart condition and cancer. I’ve been fighting the symptoms with herbal medicines & essential oils. Gunderson also used some of my herbal meds and essential oils. Ted died of cancer in 2011, possibly from this type of electronic weaponry and accumulated poisoning from arsenic. He complained of arsenic dust planted in his home and his car. He also mentioned the symptoms of being hit with with low energy microwaves and L.F. radio waves.

Helicopters are equipped with some type of weapon that can knock you right out of bed and against the wall. It happened to me in Port Angeles, WA. Complements of the Navy that has been experimenting on the population who reside in the western peninsula and surrounding areas. I’m sure they have many other electronic prototypes to toy with and see how it affects the people targeted. All of the medical records for those victimized are available to the military. The shenanigans of the Navy experiments were reported in the local papers. A source from the military there (who I can’t reveal) verified my situation.

The low frequency waves will take a person out of reality and cause them to do crazy things and even lose short and/or long term memory (sometimes with total black-outs). I have experienced this. You can be accurately pin-pointed from over half a mile away, and with certain types of E.M.F. weapons, several miles. Military satellites are equipped with electronic weaponry that can be used for micro targeting. Portable radiation devices (from law enforcement) is another problem. These devices can allow them to see into your houses and you are getting blasted with a high dose of “Flash Gordon” style radio waves that will change your DNA.

There are cases pending over the miss-use of this technology.

I’ve had problems for the last 20 years with break-ins and vandalism (cars and homes). Some have been committed by law enforcement. They track in, take things, break things, move stuff around and make copies of what they think is politically incorrect on your home copy machine or computer printer.

I’m now ordering spy-cams.

Still being dogged by private investigators, police, special operatives (one who works for AZ Senator John McCain) and my apartment has been bugged along with private information that was stolen from the home files. I’ve sent documents to certain watchdog groups, lawyers, P.I. firms and former CIA & FBI agents who are very familiar with electronic warfare. One firm had turned up over 200 people with similar names that I could be confused with, some using my exact full name as an alias.

Can’t figure out what I’ve done to deserve this kind of treatment. I’m not anti-government or a tax protestor. Never molested, groped, raped or killed anyone. I have posted articles and flyers on the hypocrisy of the drug war on U campus coffee shop bulletin boards. I was once warned about my postings by a CIA rep on a university campus, but it didn’t stop me. That could part of the reason I’m being targeted. Some of my rants may well have ended up in the wrong hands. And since I only have a 40 word vocabulary (half of those are swear words) they’ve probably added me to the list of white supremacists, KKK and home grown terrorists. I’m not fond of communism either, which has bought me a few enemies over the years. In addition, I do not make threats and don’t advise others to do so. However, someone has accused me of making threats of violence and other things that are not true (like saying I’ve killed people, or I’m gay, or a trans-whatever, which is all B.S.).

Caught flack over raising hell concerning the (ATG) American Technologies Group con-game to de-nuke nuclear waste of which I thought I was investing in a legitimate & laudable environment saving cause since the former NSA General Bill Odom and other big names were supposedly at the helm. It had turned out to be a “Pump & Dump” stock market scam. I had lost most of my savings due to believing in these (highly honorable) individuals. Needless to say I was very pissed off. But I was told it would be better to shut up and not rock the boat. And if I didn’t keep quiet, I might just expect to see a couple of “Big men with no necks wearing black suits and carrying guitar cases” showing up on my door step. I continued to raise hell and lost even more assets trying to fight and expose this phony crap game.

Being invited by upper class big shots (I once did some flying for) to a few parties and other events did cause suspicion by those who did not know me. Things were going on at these events that common folks were supposedly not aware of, or at least they thought so. Other pilots verified the same activities and even worse than what I had witnessed. Seeing certain things makes you a potential enemy of the perpetrators, even if they do know you and might also be your friends. Big shots have big connections and can make your life miserable, or make you dead.

Attending seminars by various citizen groups puts you behind the eight-ball with a mark on your back. You can bet the elites have a list of everyone belonging to every organization under the sun and plan to terrorize and/or kill those who don’t conform to the satanic agenda. Don’t sign up for any club (except your own secret local fake name club to support citizen groups) keep a low profile and keep them in the dark not knowing who is and who is not willing to betray, torture & murder your fellow countrymen. Start up a club to collect “cash” to pay for publications and support those in the front lines. Give it a non patriot name so as to not draw attention, such as; “The Big Booby Lovers Club” or “The Antique Car Lovers Club” or “The Divorced and broke Men’s Club” or “Computer Addicts Anonymous Club” or “The Good Looking Arrogant Bastards Club” or best yet, “Men With No Balls or Brains Club” AKA “The Dumb Goyim Club” for examples. Beware and always keep them guessing about who will side with “the evil forces” and who will not.

Hope to gather enough information for a court case, though the aspects are not promising. I’d like to at least get an idea of who is causing these problems so that I will then have “targets” to go after, and I wont be alone in my endeavors to correct the situation.

It’s hard to fight an enemy you can’t see.


PS: Lost about 7 or 8 e-mail addresses since 2001, hijacked by whoever. Couldn’t get much help from Hotmail, Yahoo, Mail.com, Outlook or G-mail. Good chance that those who stole my e-mails might be using them for subversive activities, and this may be another reason they feel the need to stalk me. If morally skewed messages (though I may use a few bad words at times) arrive in your mail box with my name on it, or anything calling for violence, it’s not from me.

2) March 21, 2018 email message:

Subject: Thought Crimes & Political Correctness


To be politically correct and avoid being jailed for thought crimes against the criminal cabal that rules the world, perhaps a question should be asked about the issues listed below for people to make their own determinations.


Federal Reserve, the sports syndicate, Hollywood trash, gambling syndicates, the drug trade ( who ultimately benefits from this ? )
main stream media, GMO foods, porn industry, war porn videos for kids, pharmaceutical industry, booze industry, the
secret societies, the diamond cartel, modeling and other non-trade garbage magazines, prostitution, tobacco products, synthetic cosmetic
manufacturers, petro-chemicals (and even cannibalism is being promoted) etc.

Some day it might be considered a thought crime just to question whether or not the above is harmful or helpful to our civilizations since it
is very profitable for our Illuminati masters. They can’t allow people to think for themselves, that’s way too dangerous. To ask questions is the best way to stimulate the mind and direct or re-direct thinking, it even works on a dumb shanty Irishman like me.


3) A list of incidents (not in chronological order)

Automobiles vandalized: gas peddle cable cut, brakes rigged to fail, tires shot while traveling on
highway, radiator hoses cut, tire lug nuts loosened, tires cut, theft of items
in my vehicles ( though this is common, except it happens way too often )
tracking devices placed on vehicles

Apartments & trailers: decks shot full of holes, homes invaded with files missing, house bugged,
law enforcement & spook invasions – they leave foot prints ( track in dirt )
take things, break things, make copies of you paperwork on your home
copy machine or computer printer and leave lights on that you turned off
before leaving home ( maybe it was deliberate to send me a message )

Death threats: death threats from drug dealers and also railroad officials, run off the road
in Illinois & California

Other issues: many attempted deliveries from UPS, Fed-Ex, etc. (not ordered) E-mails
hacked, U.S. Mail tampered with, cell phone messages deleted or delayed,
computer virus attacks, phone messages in Arabic, phone messages on
drug dealing & gun running, multiple helicopters moving slowly over home
in triangulation (three to pinpoint cell phone location) cars with tracking
antennas on their roofs (multi directional three pronged) that follow me,
people filming & photographing me wherever I’m at in the country, store
employees & cashiers (after a phone call from DHS) acting as if I am
going to rob the store or shoot someone, e-mail addresses hijacked,
accosted by special – operations & military agents

4) Earlier posts:

What does this have to do with gang stalking ? It is a revised version of the flyers I’ve posted in the past which has drawn the attention of the “powers that shouldn’t be”


One of the solutions for the average person (collectively) is to cut back or totally quit buying into the elite’s devices & diversions. You can not depend on our political apparatus alone to straighten things out. We as individuals have to share the responsibilities & burdens along with our representatives.

Sending our politicians to Washington is like throwing them into a lion’s den. They don’t stand a chance.

It is up to us !


Is it the same people who own & control …

The Federal Reserve
The Sports syndicate
Hollywood trash
Gambling syndicates
The Drug trade
Main stream media garbage
GMO foods
Porn industry
War porn videos for kids
Pharmaceutical industry
Booze industry
Secret societies
The Diamond cartel
Modeling & Prostitution
Tobacco companies
Internet gaming

Cosmetic manufacturers
Petro-Chemicals & synthetics

What more can you think of ?

DRUGS Remember the opium wars with China? The elites have their guns trained on America & Europe, operated by the same old drug smuggling dynasties from a “UTOPIUM” place called “THE CITY”.

The Illuminati is killing us with the very devices that we are supporting with our own time, money & effort, and laughing all the way to the “Bank of England”. They’ve got you hooked!


Are there things on the above list that we can do without or less of ?

It’s up to us! Hit them in the pocket book! Quit feeding the Beast that is destroying our country !

HOLIDAYS also. Cut back on all the spending. Who benefits from our spending? What does a slave nation have to celebrate anyway? This includes cruse ship lines. Who owns them? We can enjoy vacations without spending ourselves into debt, especially unnecessary debt when it comes to things we don’t really need.

5) Earlier Post:


I was warned about posting flyers on campus coffee shop bulletin boards in Southern Illinois U. by a CIA agent who worked for the university. This was also the case at Iowa City, Western IL University, Univ. of Montana, and elsewhere. Truck stops, news stands, and gas stations are also good places to drop off posters with patriotic messages ( tuck them inside the news & magazine racks ).

Flyers exposing CIA – Illuminati drug trafficking, the not so federal “Federal Reserve”, skewed politically correct programs, communist control of the US and even Clay Butler’s “Bubble Gum Classics” and the “Joe Chemo” (anti-smoking) posters and many others. These flyers and are very effective for those who do not have internet. But even students at most universities (who are computer savvy) have access to the college print shops and can make copies to pass around to their fellow students; they love this stuff.

The agent said he trained operatives in the middle east on how to disable and kill people more efficiently by using various electronic devices provided by the CIA. This was a warning shot over the bow. However, I didn’t stop posting and they went through with the threat.

I was hit in the back of the chest on the left side with a burst not strong enough to kill but to possibly give me cancer later on. My left side was swollen and there was (and for a couple of years after) stinging and tingling sensations like when your arm goes to sleep after laying on it and cutting off circulation. This was painful for the first two years and the pain gradually tapered down a bit. I’m still fighting this condition using herbal medicines and essential oils.

They did this to me in 2009 and at the time I had been providing a lot of support to Ted Gunderson who told me he was hit also and described the same symptoms. He had warned me earlier that I was being set up via delivery of many UPS, Fed-Ex packages that I refused to accept since I didn’t order them and and in addition, receiving text & phone messages concerning guns, money and drugs. I’m not, nor was I ever, involved in this garbage.

And beginning in 2003 up until recently I’ve been approached by six special operations men attempting to recruit me into black-ops (I once flew planes & choppers). The latest agent claiming to work for senator John McCain. I’m not going to do their dirty work. Years ago I brought the “Hoxsey” anti-cancer formula up from Mexico, but that was the extent of my “under-the-radar” black operations.

During that time period when I was flying, I was approached by people from various walks of life to fly drugs and even illegals into the country. Turned it all down. I’m not taking the moral high ground here. I’ve been invited to some of the parties and events by the high rollers where most everything was available (drugs,
women, etc.). I’m not into the drugs (they don’t want doped up pilots anyway) but I didn’t turn down the socialites. Nor did law enforcement (who were guarding these events) or the FBI, Spl-Ops, body guards, etc. who were also present since they perform various duties (legal & illegal) for the corporations.

I think the posters were probably a real thorn in their side. Exposing the drug running and even tobacco use. Since schools invest in many of the tobacco related industries (CAFR) they probably don’t like the “Joe Chemo” posters even though they preach against smoking. I guess posting flyers of skewed philosophical ideas and sick liberal communistic machinations is OK, but not issues that matter such as the U.S. Federal Reserve System, 9-11 Truth, unjust wars, CIA drug trafficking etc..

Opium products have never more readily available and cheaper on our campuses here and abroad, esp. in the Western countries. Wouldn’t doubt that the universities invest in this racket also, or get a cut of the profits under the table to keep quiet. There are CIA reps (and Zionist spies) on every campus to make sure that their communist educational programs are being followed and opium products are flowing through the dormitories.

Just visit your “friendly on-campus CIA-rep” boys and girls and get your “K-Mart Blue Light Special” deal of the day on most any drug (and other things like hot women & fancy cars if you are a sports jock).

Damn it man, I went into the wrong business. Should have joined the CIA. Drop a line to one of the good guys in the CIA (Robert David Steele) and ask him if you don’t believe me. I support his efforts and hope he gains some ground. He is going up against ZOG and knows his chances are slim, of which I remind him and others that it is up to the people. I’ve mailed out the flyers on things we can do without or less of that the Zio-bankers own and control; beginning with drugs, secret societies, sports, gambling and over a dozen other issues. Why do we keep feeding the beast that is destroying our people and our nation ?