MEGA- American Jewish-Mafia Billionaire Operatives-Spies: “Israeli Espionage in America from Bill Clinton to Donald Trump” ( 10/4/19)

Pertinent discussion between Edward Szall and Whitney Webb, independent journalist, is from 6:25 to 44:40.

Does “MEGA” refer to an Israeli spy planted in the White House? Or rather, does it refer to the “MEGA Group,” a group of powerful Jewish billionaires with direct ties to the “National Organized Crime Syndicate” that has operated in America since the 1920’s?

Prominent candidates for Jewish “MEGA Group” (aka “The Study Group” of billionaire American-Israeli Mossad spies/operatives and front for pro-Israel lobby activities) identified here are:

MEGA Group:

1) Leslie Wexner: interests of co-founder in 1991 of the “MEGA Group” (20 “Jewish Titan’s of Industry” interested in advancing the Israel and World Jewry), Ohio billionaire, CEO of “The Limited,” now “L Brands” and Victoria’s Secret, and mentor and handler of convicted-pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, founded Wexner Foundation in 1985, donated Manhattan mansion to Jeffrey Epstein and his sex-trafficking-blackmail operations, ties to Genovese Crime Family in New York (the other half of the National Crime Syndicate with Meyer Lansky), accused pedophile.

2) Charles Bronfman: 14th wealthiest Canadian,

3) Edgar Bronfman, Sr.: Seagram Chairman (Canada), former President World Jewish Congress, major funder of B’nai B’rith and ADL (Anti-Defamation League)

4) Ronald Lauder: CEO of Estee Lauder Co.; President, World Jewish Congress, helped Jeffrey Epstein obtain his passport to Saudi Arabia, has close relationship with both Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and President Donald Trump, tied to Israeli Likud party, associated with convicted pedophile, child pornographer, and political operative George Nader, helped privatize the World Trade Center so that Larry Silverstein could purchase it just prior to Sept. 11, 2001 “terrorist attacks.”

5) Max Fisher: Founder, Republican Jewish Coalition, advisor to Henry Kissinger on Middle East affairs, member of Detroit “Purple Gang”

6) Steven Spielberg: movie mogul, director, film-maker

7) Lester Crown: Former President, General Dynamics, Inc., a major military-industrial complex contractor for many decades which now advertises for, and hires, “surveillance role players,” and directed energy weapons users.

8) Laurence Tisch: Former owner of CBS News

9) Leonard Abramson: CEO, US Healthcare

10) Michael Steinhardt: Strategic Advisor, Genie Energy, former hedge fund manager, son of Meyer Lansky’s jewel fencer, (Pres. Trump gave Genie Energy exclusive drilling rights in the Golan Heights)

All these Jewish individuals have direct ties to organized crime. Sam Bronfman, father of Charles and Edgar Bronfman had close ties to Meyer Lansky, co-founder of the “National Crime Syndicate” and the leader of the Jewish mafia.

Other affiliated Jewish mafia figures include:

11) Roy Cohn: lawyer for the crime boss of the Genovese Crime family in 1985, President Trump’s mentor, member of B’nai B’rith, father was Albert Cohn, New York State Supreme Court Justice

Republican Jewish Coalition (major backers of Trump), one of most prominent neoconservative groups and Jewish lobby organization was founded by Max Fischer (member of MEGA group), Leslie Wexner’s mentor, and includes:

Bernard Marcus:

Sheldon Adelson: Las Vegas casino billionaire mogul and financial backer of President Donald Trump.

Alan Greenberg: CEO of Bear Stearns Investment Bank, member of B’nai B’rith, hired Jeffrey Epstein,

Jeffrey Epstein: ran international sex-trafficking-blackmail operation for decades, convicted pedophile, in the mid-1980’s he became power of attorney for Leslie Wexner over his affairs and begins handling finances and logistics for Wexner’s “The Limited,” associated with Clinton Whitehouse,

The Connections between CIA and Leslie Wexner:

Beginning in 1984, on behalf of “The Limited,” Les Wexner and Jeffrey Epstein, began negotiations to relocate Southern Air Transport from Florida to Ohio. Southern Air Transport was a front company for the CIA that was used by CIA pilot Barry Seal in the Iran-Contra scandal to run weapons and drugs between Central America and Mena, Arkansas when William Jefferson Clinton was governor. The route that Southern Air Transport ran between Hong Kong and Columbus, Ohio was called “The Meyer Lansky run.”

Before 1948, Lansky, Samuel Bronfman, Herbert Friedman and many other members of the Jewish mafia illegally smuggled weapons to Israeli terrorists (Menachim Begin, Rabin, etc. of the Stern and Irgun gangs) with which they murdered and terrorized Palestinians, thereby stealing the Palestinians’s land for the new state of Israel.

Jewish mafia use a standard suite of tactics, including blackmail of politicians, sex-trafficking.

Gislaine Maxwell: associate and probable handler of Jeffrey Epstein, daughter of Robert Maxwell (media mogul and Israeli Mossad spy)

Robert Maxwell: Israeli Mossad spy, media mogul, partner of Charles Bronfman

Mark Rich: founder of GlenCore (Nathan Rothschild is on the Board of Directors), has ties to MEGA group (specifically, Steinhardt and Bronfman), associate of Mossad who worked all over the world in commodity and oil trading; pardoned by President Bill Clinton before I left office.

“Shadow Economy Syndicate”

Genie Energy, Board includes Jacob Rothschild….