Manual For Organized Gang Stalking Operations…. FBI’s COINTELPRO, Operation Gladio, NATO Stay Behind Armies, and Ongoing Global U.S. Military “Unconventional”/”Civil-Military”/” Psy-War”/”Information War” Operations

Chapter 18 Overview of Harassment Methods Used By (FBI’s) COINTELPRO, (OPERATION) GLADIO, Covert Community Recruits and Stay Behind (Armies): (OR “Instruction Manual for Community Gang Stalkers”)

From Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen Kilde’s “Bright Light on Black Shadows”

ETK Instruction: I have reproduced Dr. Rauni Kilde’s chapter 18 here because it is an instruction manual for community gang stalkers. These same techniques, and perhaps this same manual, were evidently also used in the FBI’s COINTELPRO (counter-intelligence program) and Operation Gladio/Stay Behind Operations in Europe between about 1950 and 1990. They also accurately describe the U.S. Military-Intelligence’s ongoing, global gang stalking operations as documented in “New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control” by Mark M. Rich (2011). All these top-secret operations went on, officially undetected, for decades; Gladio/Stay Behind functioned secretly and illegally throughout Europe for four decades, when it was exposed in 1990 by Italian Prime Minister Andriotti. Shortly thereafter, the European Parliament made a resolution condemning Gladio (see Appendix 1), but acknowledged that it may still be operational!

Like American author, Gloria Naylor (see her book, “1996”), and countless others, Dr. Rauni Kilde was a “Targeted Individual” (TI) for decades. She was harassed, defamed, tortured,and eventually, on Feb. 9, 2015, murdered in this program.

As neither Dr. Kilde nor her publisher were/are native English speakers, there are minor grammatical errors in the text. To make the text read more smoothly, I occasionally add additional words, which I place in parentheses.

In her book, Dr. Kilde does not specify where she obtained this instruction manual or who authored it. However, as Chief Medical Officer for Northern Finland, she was an “insider” who was invited to many open and secret conferences. Her husband was also a political insider. Thus, she was privy to top-secret documents. Doubtless, she does not divulge the author(s) of this document in order to protect her informant(s). I note that many phrases and spellings are peculiar to the British form of the English language. This could reflect Dr. Kilde’s spelling and usage patterns. OR, it could reflect the fact that the original document was written by British military-intelligence operatives. If so, we may speculate that it was authored by an individual or group associated with the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, which grew out of the Psychological Warfare Division of the British Army at the close of World War I and has, for decades, been the world’s “brainwashing center.”

Regardless of its exact authorship, this is an extremely important document that should be read and understood by all “targets.” Clearly, this is a manual for psychological warfare that presents the methods by which an extremely complex military-secret service hierarchy surveilles, punishes, “neutralizes” and ultimately murders its designated “targets.” There are obvious comparisons to be made with the CIA’s KUBARK torture manual, which has been employed in Vietnam, Latin America, the Middle East, and indeed, in CIA “black sites”/”extraordinary rendition” centers throughout the entire world. The psy-war system described herein bears a remarkable similarity to the operations and procedures of the U.S. military’s “Fourth Generation Warfare”/”Civil-Military Operations”/”Military Operations Other Than War”/”Unconventional Warfare”/”Asymmetrical Warfare”/”Psychological Warfare” and “Information Warfare” operations as detailed in Rich’s “New World War: Revolutionary Methods For Political Control.” (See Appendices 2 and 3 for a comparison of key terms in each program.) Indeed, the systems are identical.

The remarkable revelation provided here is that modern organized gang stalking operations are identical with, or nearly identical with, those used in the FBI’s secret COINTELPRO (counter-intelligence program) of the 1950s-1970s, the top-secret “Gladio” and other “Stay Behind Army” operations of Europe between 1950 and 1990, and the destabilization and citizen-elimination operations now being carried out in the name of “counter-terrorism” by the U.S. military in approximately 140 of the world’s 195 nations (see The World is the Battlefield, US SOCOM Involved in 134 “Counter-Terrorism” Wars).

Thus, we can properly understand the global organized gang stalking operations (which I refer to as GOG’s NeW GESTAPO for Global Organized Gang Stalking Neuro-Warfare Groups Electronic Slavery, Torture and PsyOp Operations) as a major component of the phony Global War on Terrorism and the “Full Spectrum Dominance” strategy of the Anglo-American-Israeli Empire. Welcome to the New World Order Antichrist-fascist-communist totalitarian police state in which the “battlespace” is the entire world and “you” are the enemy.

Further details regarding the advanced technologies now being used in covert global Organized Stalking/Electronic Harassment operations are provided in Appendix 4 (from Total Individual Control Technology by Ominsense.

Dr. Kilde’s Chapter 18 text is followed by these appendices:

Appendix 1: Key words and phrases, taken directly from this manual.
Appendix 2. Key terms from Rich’s “New World War: Revolutionary Methods For Political Control” (2011). (ETK comment: Note that the terms, definitions, military documents, laws, and patents provided by Rich prove the existence of the operations described in Kilde’s “manual.”
Appendix 3: European Parliament Resolution On Operation Gladio
Appendix 4: From Total Individual Control Technology by Omnisense


Operations in general are of the “active surveillance” type. Passive surveillance is watching a target covertly, to obtain information about the target. Active surveillance can include information gathering, but it (also) includes the agent making the target aware they are under surveillance. Beyond active surveillance, agents perform acts to keep the target uncomfortable, around the clock. Although operations are silently approved of, and covered for by the official justice system, (they are not) seen as criminal in nature by citizens who do not have a strong sense of right and wrong.

Agents must take great care that each and every act of punishment is DENIABLE. This means that should the target complain to police, (or) any other officials, or friends, neighbors, family members, or doctors, the nature of the punishment must be seen as the target’s “overactive imagination” or better yet, an indication the target is mentally ill.

(The system) has worked for years to recruit the medical establishment to help maintain deniability, and today, most targets (are) immediately labeled as mentally ill and often forced onto anti-psychotic medication when they complain. But their agents must still do their part skillfully (to) perform acts of punishment, so (that) almost anyone the target complains to will deny a crime against the target has taken place. As an agent, you will be trained in how to do this.

(The system) has been blessed with advanced technology which enables heavy punishment at times the target is in their home, silently, through walls, and this is very deniable. Agents must pass their initial training and demonstrate a high level of commitment to maintain community safety, and the ability to operate deniably, before they will be considered for advanced electronic punishment training. Electronic punishment training is beyond the scope of this manual.

The organization is very fortunate in that we have been able to recruit top specialists to back up field operations people. Psychologists are the key to find(ing) ways to maximize feelings of stress and hopelessness in the target, and degrading the target’s health, from many individual “minor” invasive punishment acts. Technician’s in all fields- telecommunications, electric power, building electrical and alarm systems, and utility employees in all fields use their positions to inflict many absolutely “normal-looking” problems on targets on an ongoing basis. And of course, the services of many skilled locksmiths are invaluable in this. As a community-based agent (CBA) you will have the privilege of working with a team capable of delivering better “justice” than the official system.


Surveillance is the foundation of all operations. Both community-based agent (CBA) visual surveillance and advanced electronic surveillance are used. This chapter will cover only local agent visual surveillance. Your local lead agent will schedule surveillance watches for each target in that community. Every target will have at least one CBA watching them (at) all times, even while at home and asleep. Each CBA surveillance team will be given a cell phone number for reporting target actions and movement to the local Control Center (CC).

Actions to be reported include, but are not limited to:

Target turns lights on to start the day.
Target uses toilet or shower
Target exits residence
Target drives away
Target arrives at work, or
Target shops or visits any other establishment or location.
Target arrives home
Target eats meal, at home or in restaurant
Target engages in sexual activity
Target turns lights off at the end of the day
Target turns light on in the middle of the night
Target travels out of town

Some of these observations will be performed by the Electronic Corps (EC), but CBA’s should attempt to make and report as many detailed observations of target activity as possible. The reason such detail is necessary is that the punishment phase of active surveillance requires that supervisors customize each punishment action to match the personality of (the) target, and the need to make each punishment action appear to be “life’s normal breaks.”

One important punishment function of surveillance is to sensitize the target. Targets are never told they are under surveillance or being punished. Instead, close, active surveillance and other activities, happening far to frequently to be written off as “life’s normal breaks,” will eventually cause the target to realize they are under surveillance and punishment.

As a community-based agent (CBA), you will be given specific instruction(s) on exactly when, where, and how to carry out punishment actions. As long as you carry out punishment instructions exactly as given, there is no way the target will be believed if they complain, and you will not be exposed to risk of action by law enforcement.

How well the punishment actions work depends on how accurate and complete your reports are in many situations(. The) Control Center (CC) acquires access to properties or apartments immediately next to the target’s homes or apartments. Because EC (Electronic Corps) has through-the-wall surveillance and punishment equipment, they will be reporting target activity along with community-based agents. In a typical setup, CBA’s may be posted in a parked car where the target’s home or apartment can be observed overnight, for example.

In this setup, the CBA in the car may be instructed to call, using walkie-talkie-style cell phones, another CBA (or team) waiting or patrolling by car nearby to follow the target, or, you may be assigned to follow the target yourself. You will receive instructions from your local center as to following the target.

Targets in transit may be either covertly or visibly followed. When in doubt, hang back a bit, and contact the center for instructions, as targets in transit can present many unanticipated situations. The Center will always have the target’s position monitored, so if a target gives the CBA the slip, it will assign other appropriate community based agents to pick up the target at the earliest opportunity. Be sure to notify (the Control Center) immediately if you lose the target.

When applying the visible following of a target, making the target uncomfortable because of your presence, you will be given instructions as to when to break off the following. Another CBA or CBA team may pick up the visible following, but once you have broken away, they advise that you are clear and ready for the next assignment.


Intercepts are where community-based agents (CBA) will appear to “just coincidentally” cross paths, on foot, with the target. Once the target has been sensitized to the point of realizing they are under surveillance and punishment, they will recognize, and be made appropriately uncomfortable by, the simple act of multiple CBA’s “just happening to” cross paths with them.

Your local control center will instruct you as to how you will be cued to perform an intercept. Often you will have an on-site supervisor (OSS) position you, and give you hand signals as to when to start your movement to intercept the target. Because targets moving about aren’t always totally predictable, the success of CBA intercepts depends heavily on the Electronic Corps who have means of monitoring the exact whereabouts of every target, and through computer programs, predict exactly when and where a target will be as they move about the community. Your local OSS has a special means of receiving instant, silent instructions for the Center.

1. Intercepting CBAs may be asked to perform one of the following forms of intercept:

2. Simple path crossing, requiring the target to take evasive action to avoid collision, multiple CBAs sometimes perform this several times during a single outing by a target.

On foot, walking for an extended period on the opposite side of the street from walking target.

3. Arriving at a place known to be a favorite of the target, and simply occupying that place just as the target is about to arrive (restaurants, parks, public facility seating, even bus seats are examples); sometimes just “hanging out” in such a location at times and places where people don’t ordinarily do that.

4. Smoking, coin-jingling, whistling, or toe-tapping near the target at a location where the target is known to need to stand, as to wait for the bus, or standing right behind a target at a water fountain.

5. A group, as many as a dozen CBAs, may be assigned to arrive at a store just ahead of a target, and form a queue ahead of the target, spending time buying lottery tickets, to delay the target. (The target) is very tired and eager to get home after work, for example, or in a hurry.

6. Community-based agents may be assigned to leave a next door home or apartment exactly the same time as the target, repeatedly. Alternatively, a CBA may intercept the target a short way before home and arrive at exactly the same time as the target.

While these may seem like trivial acts, keep in mind that the target will have these “trivial” things happen every single day, and repeated intercepts like these will force the target to always watch for such acts, essentially ensuring the target never “has a nice day.” This is the goal, to ensure the target’s punishment. Similar intercept operations are performed with vehicles. The Center can schedule these every day the target commutes, and both to and from work. Vehicle intercepts are particularly effective when the target sees the same vehicle in an intercept convoy both in the morning and in the evening commute. (Because vehicle intercepts can be dangerous, CBA assigned to vehicle intercept duty must successfully complete a special training course prior to actual assignment.) Here are some examples of vehicle intercepts a community-based agent (CBA) can expect to be assigned.

-Parking so as to prevent a target’s leaving a parking area, and then disappearing.

-Parking commercial vehicles often, near target’s home with something unusual about these vehicles, such as there is no need for that trade, or just unmarked white vans to make the target think the van is there to conduct surveillance.

-Simple following, or leading, a short distance, but every day. Doing this, both during target commutes and then other times makes the target very uncomfortable.

-Passing as side street stop sign, then stopping an uncomfortable distance into oncoming traffic just as target is about to arrive at the side street, causing the target to have to slam on the brakes (this requires Control Center assistance and prompting by walkie-talkie style cell phone.

-For a CBA vehicle convoy, boxing in the target during a commute, forcing the target to travel at a lower speed than the target wants to travel. In some locations, the Center will supply special license plates to CBA vehicles with short words which have special meaning to the target.

-For a CBA convoy, and where the target is at a location (and time) where traffic is normally very sparse, cause heavy traffic, forcing the target to notice.

The ultimate vehicle intercept is the staged accident. This can be dangerous and is only assigned to very senior agents. However, it is possible to stage an accident so only the target knows it was staged. This is an excellent means of punishment where a target has committed a serious offense specifically against secret services by revealing their criminality to the public. Generally, staged accidents are done in jurisdictions where police strongly support the operations, so that the CBA driver is protected.


Physical sabotage is an especially effective form of punishment when it is carefully limited to low value items, below the value where police will take the report seriously. For example, burning a target’s house down, or even stealing an expensive appliance, would bring official investigators into the picture, so that is not done.

Sabotage producing extreme safety hazards is generally not suitable for operations, because of the potential for bringing official investigators to an accident scene. So while damaging the brake system of a target’s vehicle is not allowed for community-based agents (CBAs), draining some of the oil, transmission fluid or radiator antifreeze is allowed, but not all of it. The goal is to make it looks as if the target is negligent in maintaining fluid levels, and generally not causing a catastrophic failure that non-targets might see as sabotage.

It is very important to apply punishment by way of a large number of small value sabotage acts, because that makes it look like the target is forgetful, exaggerating, or in some cases even delusional, if they complain about many cases of small value damage. The target’s associates will simply refuse to believe that anyone but the target is responsible.

Sabotage is very important in that it lets the target know they are totally helpless to stop it, and can’t even complain about it effectively without appearing mentally ill. (The) organization (is) very fortunate in that some people, hearing about sabotage from a target did the sabotage themselves, “to get attention.”

Sabotage is applied at the target’s home, workplace, and on their vehicle. This requires the assistance of locksmiths and alarm technicians. Your local Control Center will supply this help, and will bring specialists in from a distance in the case of rural areas.

Here are some examples of sabotage a community-based agent (CBA) may be assigned to carry out:

-Entering a vehicle, or home, and changing control and radio settings.
-Replacing window washer fluid with water, possibly destroying the system in winter.
-Scratching the paint on the target’s vehicle, scratching furniture and valuables.
-Tire sabotage, from removing some air right up to slashing a sidewall if authorized by the Center.
-Simulating a break in electric window heater strips.
-Cutting off the 4-way flasher button.
-Removing substantial amounts of oil, transmission fluid or antifreeze but not enough to cause catastrophic failure.
-Moving things around inside the vehicle to show the target someone got in.
-Unlocking the vehicle and leaving it unlocked, possibly even with door open.
-Small cuts to car’s upholstery.
-Unlocking the target’s front or back door and leaving it ajar while the target is away, even at midnight at New Year for Y2 hour.
-Moving furniture or carpets around fairly frequently to show the target someone was there.
-Stealing low-value items, especially items like scissors which can be easily misplaced, keeping them until the target replaces the item, then return the missing item, often in a place the target checked.
-Stealing important papers, especially those which will cost money to replace.
-Stealing irreplaceable photographs.
-While target is at work, remove mail from their box and toss it around. Repeatedly making wall pictures crooked.
-Setting clocks to the wrong time.
-Repeatedly dumping consumable supplies (e.g. coffee) to make the target think they are no longer capable of managing their supplies well.
-Starting small rips in new clothing, which are widened on repeated visits.
-Ripping crotches out of the target’s underwear, or stealing finest underwear, swim suits, etc.
-Replacing clothing with similar items which are too small for the target, like for children what target does not have.
-Ironing inside button flags over, making buttoning the shirt or top difficult.
-Carefully working the tip of a knife through seams in any air mattress or cushion the target may own, including replacements, on a daily basis.
-Breaking zippers in clothes and bags, perhaps by pulling out a tooth or two.
-Shoving a knife through the soles of waterproof boots.
-At work, removing screws from the target’s office chair, or at home dinner table leaving only one screw of four, left to tilt the table with china.
-At work, damaging or destroying (if not extremely obvious) a target’s work from a previous day, (for example), the computer is broken again possibly worse.
-At work, replacing current copies of computer files with an older copy- particularly serious if target is a computer programmer.
-At work, where some employees are or can be recruited to be community-based agents, set up “mistaken deliveries” of heavy goods which block the target’s office.
-At work, if the target is responsible for parts of the operation which can be sabotaged, do so repeatedly just as the target starts eating lunch, or is about to leave for home.
-At work where the target is responsible for materials (that) can’t be locked up, sabotage or with special permission from the Control Center steal the material.

Thefts have to be carefully considered and authorized by your local Center, unless you have authorization, do not steal. One particularly effective type of theft is to remove small value, but often used items from the target’s premises. Once the target has been observed purchasing a replacement, the item is returned. This not only causes the target to spend money uselessly, (it also) imposes a feeing of total helplessness on the target.


Sabotaging the target’s reputation- and all that goes with it, such as ability to earn a living, business and personal relationships- is a very special operations category. Newer community-based agents will not be assigned to “engineer” the method, but will assist in passing “rumours,” which are the main means of destroying a target’s public image.

“Rumours” consist mainly of lies. However, in order to secure cooperation of specific members of the community to participate in the punishment phase, additional information keyed to appeal to the patriotic or community service sense of such community members may be used as well. As mentioned earlier, the organization has many top psychologists and psychiatrists on permanent staff at headquarters, and some in larger population centers. It is their responsibility to design the campaign to destroy the target’s reputation.

These people listed below can be approached and given information which will cause them to make the target’s association with them uncomfortable, or break off all contact with the target.

-Business contacts.
-Casual social contacts, such as clubs a target may be a member of, or a group that frequents a bar where the target is a patron.
-Local fraternal organizations- they are motivated by the public service, and are an excellent source of assistance in keeping the target under surveillance, and participating in the punishment phase as well.
-Store staffs at places the target shops.
-Target’s landlord.
-Target’s neighbors.
-Tradesmen who are likely to service the target’s home, car, or business.
-Bus drivers on the target’s route.
-Local children.
-City employees, including emergency medical technicians, ambulances.
-Homeless shelter staff and residents where applicable.
-Family members (surprisingly, many are ready to believe negative information.)
-Especially, personnel at places the target applies for work.

How intensely (these sabotage operations are carried out) is governed mainly by the need to prevent the target from (learning) that the negative rumors are being spread. The goal is to keep negative information covertly flowing into the community, in such a way that those receiving the information aren’t likely to tell the target. One might think that friends and family members would instantly notify the target and side with the target. Fortunately, experience shows that co-opting friends and family is surprisingly easy, once they are informed about the target’s criminal record. The Headquarters staff have developed techniques which by and large prevent that, but those techniques are beyond the scope of this manual. Suffice it to say that it is possible to apply “incentives” which cause even people closest to the target to cooperate. These incentives are applied by specialists from our organization at higher than the local level. For the community-level CBA, the work of sabotaging the reputation of the target takes the form of simply carrying out instructions from your Control Center as to what you say to whom, how, and when.


While the powerful silent support of operations by the justice and psychiatric systems has been sufficient to prevent the target from informing the public, the area of discrediting targets is an ongoing activity. Like sabotaging the target’s reputation, discrediting their public statements, web sites, media appearances, letters to the editor and the like are done under the supervision of psychologists and psychiatrists on their staff. If a community-based agent (CBA) has a good track record of intelligently carrying out assignments, and has access to a computer, the CBA may apply to the local Control Center for assignment to discredit work. Excellent communications skills are required. Some of the activities CBAs carry out under supervision are:

-Monitoring message boards, Wogs, and open media like Indy media for target posts.

This is normally done in special shifts and under scheduling and control at a higher level than your local CC. This monitoring is assisted by blog scanning software which will detect and instantly flag posts relating to activities. The CBA doing this work will immediately reply with comments like “Someone isn’t taking their medication” or “target name” has provided absolutely no evidence.” The CBA will then report the post to higher level supervisors for possibly more detailed responses.

-Monitoring newspapers in your area for letters to the editor regarding activities. Most editors and many reporters have been recruited and are willing to assist in keeping the important work of monitoring and neutralizing quiet, but once in a while, a letter to the editor will slip through. In this case, comments like “Someone isn’t taking their medication” are not an appropriate response. Transcribe and forward such a letter to the editor to the supervisor, along with your proposed response. The supervisor may edit your response, and will assist in ensuring your response is printed.

-Your supervisor will have staff monitoring upcoming talk show appearances by targets. While most talk show hosts, even those somewhat sympathetic to targets, have received discrediting information and often will not host targets, some targets do manage to get on the air. In this case, your supervisor will assign you to call in to the show, and instruct you as to appropriate things to say, such as rebutting the target’s claims, pretending to be a target calling and making “wacko” statements such as “UFOs are harassing me,” or pulling the discussion away from real activities and to something like “media mind control.”

-Agents who have excellent persuasive communication skills can be assigned, with careful coaching and preparation from supervisors, to pretend to be a target and get on talk shows known to air targets as the guest. These opportunities are great ways to discredit targets by talking about UFOs, things like black helicopters following you, foil beanies, satellites “parked” just above your home, and perhaps events normally considered “paranormal” like seeing (things that) appear and disappear. These discrediting topics must be a total surprise to the host, only mentioned after the show is in progress.

-CBA can “casually” describe the “odd behavior” exhibited by the target as a result of around the clock activities to the target’s neighbors. The idea is to focus the neighbors’ attention to the target’s behavior, hinting that maybe the target is mentally ill. This is easy once the target has developed suspicion that “everyone is out to get” him or her.

It is a special “honor” for CBAs to be chosen for target discreditation work.


This section will give some examples of ways community-based agents (CBAs) with specific trades or situations in the community can apply deniable punishment to targets.

-Underground utility crews, where the management has been recruited, schedule messy, noisy maintenance at the target’s home (or business if the target runs a business). This can include having the street torn up for extended periods, or repeatedly. Fundng for unneeded work is available from headquarters. Taxi drivers can delay arriving when called by the target, especially when going to the airport.

-Bus drivers have leeway, in nasty weather for example, to stop one stop away from awaiting target and wait there for perhaps 5 minutes, ostensibly to “get back on schedule.” This can also cause a target to miss connections with the next bus or train. This is especially effective when the target, exposed to bad weather, can see the bus waiting up the street for no apparent reason, or not stopping at all at your bus stop.

-Repair trades people can keep “getting it wrong” necessitating many recalls, be late, be messy, over-bill the target, and even damage things which were OK. This is especially effective in the automobile repair trade.

-Medical lab technicians can substitute blood samples, or otherwise falsify results making the target appear to have absolutely no reason for their complaints.

-Police can frequently pull the target over for frivolous reasons.

-Telephone and cable TV technicians can re-route legitimate calls to the target’s number in large numbers, and this will cause the target to get very angry with these totally innocent callers.

-Store staff where the target shops frequently can be instructed to remove items the target is known to need when a target is known to be coming. Store management can stop ordering a target’s favorite items.

-Restaurants and food delivery services can tell the target they are out of an item known to be a favorite of a target.

The key to successful punishment by trades people is that while the target is very likely to know they are being punished, these punishment acts must appear to the general public as “life’s normal breaks.”


Punishing the target at the target’s (home) is essential for effectiveness of secret service operations. If the target were punished in the community but was allowed sanctuary in their home, the creation of a “prison without walls” would not be complete. One of the very first things the Control Center (CC) will arrange is for homes or apartments adjacent to the target’s home to be occupied by both community-based agents (CBAs) and members in the Electronic Operations manual. Because operations are carried out 24/7 in shifts, homes and apartments which are leased or owned by staff are not used as dwellings. The lease or deed will bear either an entirely false name, or the name of a senior staff member whose actual home will be at a different location.

Some adjacent homes or apartments are occupied by neighbors of the target who have offered to cooperate in punishment of the target. The initial contact of neighbors to determine their willingness to cooperate is done by senior staff, and incentives to cooperate are often tendered. Here are some commonly used punishment activities which are carried out both by CBAs and cooperating neighbors of the target. Activities are rotated among the choices, but at least one of them is applied daily:

-Noise. Noise must be of a type which the general public deems “normal.” Remember that the goal is to have the target aware they are being punished, but not be able to convince anyone else that that is the case. Observe local noise curfews, but plenty of punishment can occur outside noise curfew times. The target must not have easy cause to involve law enforcement. Examples:

-Start leaf blower, times precisely when the target attempts to enjoy their yard, or when EC operators cue the CBA that the target is trying to nap.

-Loud music from neighboring home. This is an excellent action, as it is common. Time it so every time the target opens a window the music starts. The timing makes the point it is intentional punishment. EC operator can apply music in adjacent apartments with exceptionally powerful bass, directed at the target’s unit.

-Frequent squealing of tires near target’s home.

-In apartments, frequent drilling into a scrap of wood or masonry held against the target’s wall, floors or ceiling as if “working.” Alternatively, hammering. Especially effective when cued by EC operators that the target is attempting to nap.

-Tossing golf or tennis balls against the target’s home when the target is known to be trying to fall asleep. Ideal for cooperating neighbor children.

-Frequent use of sirens near the target’s home. Many emergency services employees have a strong sense of community service and willingness to cooperate in this, or by people posing as Jehovah’s Witnesses.

-Knocking on the door for frivolous/nonsensical/wrong address reasons. Especially effective when the target is in bed or having a meal.

-Trash. Leave trash in the target’s yard. Frequently, but CC staff will assist in scheduling this so that the target can’t quite have a case on which law enforcement will act.

-Terrifying the target’s pet. This requires entry while the target is away from home for an extended period and must be scheduled by CC. Electronic Corps (EC) operators can render a dog or cat passive for safe entry of the community-based agents, by electromagnetic beam.

-Wounding or killing the target’s pet. Rarely used, scheduled when the target has acted in a way so as to deserve special punishment, like divulging the name of a criminally acting secret agent.

-Killing domestic animals or wildlife and leaving them on the target’s doorstep. Scheduled when the target has acted in a way so as to deserve special punishment.

-Where the target owns substantial land, noxious activities can be arranged and built for next to the property. In one case, a dump, an auto race track, and a prison were built adjacent to a target who owned a large farm in an area of natural beauty. While this is rare, it does illustrate commitment to delivering punishment to those “deserving” of it.

-Cooperating police departments can visibly watch the target’s home. Possibly being parked in front of the home when the target returns, repeatedly.

Police officers who refuse to take complaint of harassment and sabotage of the target, who they label “disturbed” – really are NOT allowed to make diagnoses, as only medical doctors can do, but may get a raise- price- for their unlawfulness afterward. Police follow orders by e.g. Stay Behind, Secret Military-led organization, created by the CIA after WWII in NATO countries. They give orders in secrecy to police, media, legal system, and judges, etc. Thus, being above parliaments and governments as demonstrated, for example, in Norway when in 1957 the Chief of “Stay Behind” Sven Ollestad gave the security code of Norway to MI6 (British Intelligence) in the UK acting on his own! “We have to trust our allies,” he had said. Today, the security code of Norway is kept in Wales. Originally, Stay Behind was created with good intentions to fight communism. Today it is out of control, and a new, much bigger Stay Behind 2 is active in Norway. The Stay Behind logo resembles the NATO logo.

In Italy, Stay Behind was called Gladio 2 and dealt with terrorism secretly in Western Europe. It was responsible, for example, for the kidnapping and killing of Prime Minister Aldo Moro in 1978, while the blame was pinned on the Red Brigade. Today, enemies are communists and NATO (is the) opposition.

On November 22, 1990, the European Union forbade Operation Gladio, but although Norway follows most EU decisions, this one is omitted. Italy and Belgium had terror actions by Stay Behind, and when the organizations (ceased to exist, the terror operations also ceased to exist). In Norway, Stay Behind is called E14. What was its role in Norway’s terror actions, if any? Some have tried to get control of Norwegian Stay Behind (armies) already years ago. Who are the back men giving orders to those “officially” in charge?

The late Chief Medical Officer of northern Finland, and Targeted Individual, Dr. Rauni-Leena Lukanen Kilde

Appendix 1. Key Words and Phrases From the Organized Gang Stalking Manual Above

Key words to chapter 18.

Major operational components of organization:

-Community-based agent (CBA)
-Electronic Corps (EC)
-Electronic Operations Manual
-electromagnetic beam
-Control Center (CC)
-On-Site-Supervisor (OSS)
Field Operations People
-Advanced computer communications systems and computer programs

Elements of (secret service) gang stalking operations:

-Surveillance is foundation of all operations
-Operations are “active surveillance type”
-Passive surveillance, watching the target covertly, to obtain information
-Community-Based Agents- CBA
-Every act of punishment is DENIABLE
-Advanced technology enables heavy punishment (when) the target is in their home, silently through walls.
-Electronic Corps (EC) members get specialized Electronic punishment training
-Advanced electronic surveillance
-This manual
-Field operations people
-Psychologists are the key to find ways to maximize feelings of stress and hopelessness in target, and degrading target’s health.
-CBA’s are given cell phone number for reporting target actions and movement to local Control Center (CC)
-The Center (CC) always has target’s position monitored.
-Electronic Corps (EC) has through-the-wall surveillance and punishment equipment
-On-site-supervisor (OSS) will give hand signals
-Computer programs predict exactly when and where a target will be as they move through the community.
-OSS has special means of receiving instant, silent instructions for the Center.
-Intercepts are where CBAs appear to “just coincidentally” cross paths, on foot or by vehicle with the target.
-The ultimate vehicle intercept is the staged accident… excellent means of punishment where target has committed serious offense specifically against secret services by revealing their criminality to the public.
-Sabotage lets the target know they are totally helpless to stop harassment
-Thefts must be authorized by local Control Center
-Sabotage of target’s reputation- is special operations category- done by spreading rumors, consisting mainly of lies. The goal is to keep negative information about the target flowing through the community.
-The organization has many top psychologists and psychiatrists on permanent staff at headquarters. Their job is to design campaign to destroy target’s reputation.
-“Incentives” are offered to get neighbors, friends, community members to cooperate
-The “Organization has powerful silent support of operations by the justice and psychiatric systems
-Monitoring newspapers for letters to the editor regarding these activities.
-Monitoring talk radio show appearances by targets.
-Repair trades people can damage items (cars, travel trailers, etc.) of targets and/or overbill targets
-Police can frequently pull the target over for frivolous reasons
-Punishing the target at the target’s home is essential for effective secret service operations to create a “prison without walls.”
Operations are carried out 24/7 in shifts
-Control Center (CC) will arrange for homes or apartments adjacent to the target’s home to be occupied by both community-based agents (CBA) and members in the Electrical Operations manual.
-Electronic Corp (EC) operators can render a dog or cat passive for safe entry of the community-based agents, by electromagnetic beam.

Appendix 2. Key Terms from Rich (2011) and Equivalencies with Terms Presented in Kilde’s “Manual For Gang Stalkiers”

Terrorism- The US and its allies will terrorize the civilian population to achieve political objectives. The DOD stated: “Some IW activities, such as terrorism and transnational crime, violate international law. US law and national policy prohibit US military forces or other government agencies (OGAs) from engaging in or supporting such activities. However, since our adversaries employ terrorism and transnational criminal activities against the interests of the United States and its partners, these activities are included… as examples of the range of operations and activities that can be conducted as part of IW (Information Warfare).”

4GW – Fourth Generation Warfare- is a form of political/information warfare waged against civilians by a state or other entity. It utilizes civilians and the military, indeed all of society, to target civilian adversaries (aka “domestic state enemies,” “insurgents,” extremists, non-state actors, “cells of fanatics,” citizen “terrorists”) who value national sovereignty and/or pose some perceived threat to the state’s interests. Anyone disseminating information contrary to the state’s (“national security”) interests may become an enemy. The goal of the New War is the psychological collapse of the new enemies using a combination of tactics. Defeating the new enemies involves the synchronized use of non-lethal directed energy weapons, isolation, deprivation, and PsyOps against individuals and groups (aka TA, target audience and TI, targeted individuals). 4GW is more or less synonymous with unconventional warfare (UW), irregular warfare (IR), asymmetric warfare (AW), low-intensity conflict (LIC), military operations other than war (MOOTW), and network-centric warfare (NCW). This new war involves international, interagency cooperation between the military, federal and local law enforcement, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), intergovernmental organizations (IGOs), the civilian population/private voluntary organizations (PVOs), and private government contractors. This multinational force (MNF), involving NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and the UN, is termed civilian-military operations (CMO). TI – targeted individual (insurgents, non-state actors (NSAs), dissidents, terrorists, asymmetrical threats, irregular threats, potential enemies, etc.)

Insurgents – those who try to persuade the populace to accept political change. The enemy does not necessarily use violence to promote social change. Their methods may be nonviolent. These are groups of individuals not under government control, against the established leadership, who will be targeted because of an action they might take in the future. These may include nonviolent protesters who are labeled as terrorists. They may ‘wrap themselves in nationalism.’CMO – Civilian-Military Operations- combines military, federal agencies, NGOs, civilian organizations and authorities, and the civilian population. CMO is used in friendly, neutral, or hostile operational areas, including populated civilian areas in which no other military activity is conducted. It is used to deal with domestic threats in the New War. The controlling faction of these PsyOp/CMO activities includes the military, federal agencies, NGOs, regional organizations, and international organizations that work with civil authorities. (In the US, this means the controlling faction is FEMA, DOJ, CIA, and other federal agencies (FBI, DHS, etc.). Civilians are used as irregular forces. CMO are interagency and global in nature. In the US, they are used as part of Homeland Security.

CMOC – Civilian-Military Operations Centers- is established in the civilian sector for exchanging ideas. It may be a physical meeting place or a virtual one through online networks. Daily meetings are attended by representatives of the military, NGOs, the private sector, and local officials. Discussions at these meetings may include any ongoing campaigns against domestic threats in the area of operation.C4ISR- Command, Control, Communications, Computer Center that utilizes Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance. Multiple interacting components of C4ISRs include battlespace monitoring, awareness, understanding, sense making, command intent, battlespace management, synchronization, and information systems. C4ISR centers can be mobile or stationary, or virtual, or strictly computer-based. Each military service has its own tactical mobile C4ISR system; The Navy and Marines use ForceNet, the Air Force uses Command Control Constellation (C2 Constellation), the Army uses LandWarNet and WIN-T. Each type of C4ISR system is connected to GIG (global information grid).

CR – Cognitive Radio- (a kind of JTRS, or Joint Tactical Radio System) that consists of a computer which has AI (artificial intelligence). CR is an intelligent device that is aware of itself, the needs of the user, and the environment. It can understand and learn. DARPA helped create CRs through programs like the Adaptive Cognition-Enhanced Radio Teams (ACERT), and Situation Aware Protocols in Edge Network Technologies (SAPIENT).

GIG – Global Information Grid- developed partially by the MITRE Corporation, has been called DOD’s global C4ISR unit for netwar. It can quickly track down an adversary (target) anywhere on earth and attack them via DEW (directed energy weapons) and other forms of electronic warfare (EW). GIG uses existing commercial satellite and ground-based systems as well as GIG nodes such as aircraft, vehicles, and ships equipped with DR (JTRS). GIG is connected to all communications systems used by coalition and allied forces.

GWOT – Global War on Terror- use of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation warfare to achieve political/military objectives of the American Empire and New World Order.

IO – Information Operation- aka “cyber war,” information warfare,” network centric warfare (netwar, NCW) and command and control warfare (C2W).

In terms of activities of the internal enemy,” official sources suggest the act of simpoly conveying information alone can be described as IO. In this case, it is usually waged by people within oppressed populations.

In terms of government/military use of IO, DOD defines IO as: “The integrated employment of the core capabilities of electronic warfare, computer network operations, psychological operations, military deception, and operations security, in concert with specific supporting and related capabilities, in influence, disrupt, corrupt or usurp adversarial human and automated decision making while protecting our own.”

The 1999 “Air and Space Power Journal,” in an article called “What is Information Warfare?” states: Information Wafare is any action to deny, exploit, corrupt or destroy the enemy’s information and its functions; protecting ourselves against those actions and exploiting our own military information functions.”

This new war is fought for political purposes and revolves around the issue of gaining the support and influence of the population.
IW- Information Warfare- According to US Military and Defense Contractors, the “new enemy” use computers, the internet, fax machines, cell phones and public media to advance their objectives. They use “information operations” to influence state forces with the population. Various publications term the act of transmitting information “netwar,” “information operations,” “information warfare,” “information attacks,” etc.

Professor George J. Stein in “Information Warfare,” which appeared in Airpower Journal, stated: The target of information warfare, then, is the human mind…. The battle remains, the battle for the mind.”

What all this means is that the New War is an information war.

IO – Information Warfare-

Infrasonic and ultrasonic weapons- Infrasonic and ultrasonic generators, also called emitters and VLF modulators, are weaponized devices consisting of a directional antennae dish which can send acoustic pulses to a general or specific area. In 1972 France was using infrasonic generators which operated at 7 Hz on its civilian population. By 1973, the British was using the Squawk Box in Northern Ireland. This directional weapon could target specific individuals by producing an audible sound at about 16Hz which turned into infrasound at 2Hz when it coupled with the ears.

In early 1990s, Russia developed a 10 Hz VLF modulator adjustable up to lethal levels, capable of targeting individuals over hundreds of meters, causing pain, nausea, and vomiting.

As far back as 1997, the US DOD has been creating generators in the infrasound and ultrasound ranges (7 Hz and 20-35 Hz, respectively) which can cause these same effects.

These weapons can target the brain, causing changes in brain chemistry which influence thoughts and emotions. Particular frequencies and modulations will trigger precise chemical reactions in the brain, which produce specific emotions in the targeted individual.

Infrasound- Occurs within ELF range from a few hertz up to about 20Hz, which is the lowest limit of human hearing. From 1 to 250 Hz the pain/damage threshold seems to increase with frequency as well as power. Frequency determines what kind of damage occurs whereas power determines how much damage occurs.

Infrasound easily passes through buildings and travels great distances. Natural examples include avalanches, earthquakes, volcanoes, and waterfalls. Whales, elephants, hippopotamuses, and rhinoceros use infrasound to communicate over great distances…. For whales, hundreds of miles. An electronic example would be a large subwoofer. Infrasound is thought to be superior to ultrasound because it retains its frequency when it hits the body.

From about 100 to 140 decibels infrasound causes a variety of biological symptoms. Effects include fatigue, pressure in the ears, visual blurring, drowsiness, imbalance, disorientation, vibration of internal organs, severe intestinal pain, nausea, and vomiting. Higher power levels can liquefy bowels, and resonate internal organs to death. It can also cause feelings of pressure in the chest, choking, irregular breathing patterns and respiratory incapacitation.

High powered, low frequency sound from about 30 Hz to about 100 Hz (just beyond infrasound) causes fatigue, blurred vision, bowel spasms, pain or damage to internal organs, feelings of fullness in the chest cavity, chest wall vibration, difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, choking and respiratory impairment. Psychological effects include loss of concentration, disgust, apathy, sadness, depression, fear, anxiety, and panic attacks.

Micro-wave hearing- aka “synthetic telepathy,” “Voice of God,” and V2K, Existing radar units can be modified to transmit a beam of pulsed microwave energy into a person’s skull which causes sounds like ticks, buzzes, hisses, knocks, chirps, and words. The sounds originate from within, above, or behind the head and are transmitted to the inner ear via bone conduction (thermal expansion). (Bone conduction is another pathway for sound transmission in humans and other mammals). There is no external noise. It can be applied from hundreds of meters away from a target using man-portable transmitters.

Dr. Allen Frey invented the technology in 1958. The transmitters use pulse-modulated waves at extremely low average power levels. In 1975, Dr. Joseph Sharp proved that correct modulation of microwave energy can result in wireless and receiverless transmission of audible speech.

NLW- Non-Lethal Weapons- have also been called non-injurious, disabling measures, immobilizers, strategic immobilizers, discriminate force, less-than lethal, pre-lethal, mission kill, new age weapons, soft kill weapons, slow kill weapons, silent kill weapons, limited-effects technology, neutralizing technology, reduced lethality weapons, low-collateral damage weaponry, etc.

DOD defines them as: “weapons that are explicitly designed and primarily employed so as to incapacitates personnel or material, while minimizing fatalities, permanent injury to personnel and undesired damage to property and the environment…. Non-lethal weapons employ means other than gross physical destruction to prevent the target from functioning.”

They include biological and chemical warfare, directed-energy weapons, communications warfare, information warfare (IW) and psychological operations (PsyOp). Other types include Computer Attacks and Weather Modification.

NLW are to be used in combination. The CFR states: “These weapons must be deployed coherently in synergistic coordination with information/psychological warfare technologies.” Similarly, NATO, in their 2004 and 2006 reports, “Non-Lethal Weapons and Future Peace Enforcement Operations” and “Human Effets of Non-Lethal Technologies” indicates that NLW should be used in combination to increase their effectiveness. The US Military states that the goal is overwhelm the target by attacking all five senses, plus motor and cognitive functions.

Neuroimaging Devices- Remote Neural Monitoring and Remote Neural Manipulation

NLW- Non-Lethal Weapons- have also been called non-injurious, disabling measures, immobilizers, strategic immobilizers, discriminate force, less-than lethal, pre-lethal, mission kill, new age weapons, soft kill weapons, slow kill weapons, silent kill weapons, limited-effects technology, neutralizing technology, reduced lethality weapons, low-collateral damage weaponry, etc.

DOD defines them as: “weapons that are explicitly designed and primarily employed so as to incapacitates personnel or material, while minimizing fatalities, permanent injury to personnel and undesired damage to property and the environment…. Non-lethal weapons employ means other than gross physical destruction to prevent the target from functioning.”

They include biological and chemical warfare, directed-energy weapons, communications warfare, information warfare (IW) and psychological operations (PsyOp).

PO – Peace Operations- the new war (4GW, IR, UW, etc.)- aka “peacekeeping operations” by the UN, are international, interagency missions to contain conflict, maintain peace, and form a legitimate government. Most are run by DPKO (Department of Peacekeeping Operations) of the UN. The US Army lists them as a type of MOOTW.

PolWar- Political Warfare- a translation of the German term, “weltanschuauugskrieg” (worldview warfare), which means the scientific application of terror and propaganda as a way of securing ideological victory over an enemy.

PsyOp- Psychological Operations, a major part of the New War and a core part of CMO (civilian military operations) that is combined with EW (electronic warfare) and CNO. PO involve syngergistic coordination of PsyOp, MILDEC, OPSEC, and EBO. PsyOp units work with the civilian population as irregular forces to attack target audience (TA) in the area of operation (AO). PsyOp operators profile TAs and TIs and devise themes to attack their TAs (target audience), which include TIs (targeted individuals). Ultimate goal of PsyOp is to modify the behavior of the TA by destroying their will using a relentless attack consisting of painful triggers. A type of audiovisual product known as PsyAct includes agents of action who carry out plays in the presence of the TA. Every single channel of communication the TA uses for information is interfered with.

PsyActs – psychological actions- aka “F2C”- are audiovisual products consisting of “agents of action” who deliver messages to a TA (target audience or individual). Agents of action follow a set of guidelines while “play acting” to deliver the messages. PsyActs usually utilize multiple people to transmit messages. Themes are presented in a performance similar to a play or movie production. (Hence, the term “surveillance role player”). Words like sets, props, performance, theatre, actors, cast, script, audience, etc. are used.

The military sometimes actually employs people from theatre actor guilds and modeling agencies. PsyActs can occur during rallies, rumor campaigns, group meetings, lectures, theatre, plays, speeches, dances, banquets, fiestas, festivals, religious activities, talks with individuals during interviews on talk radio shows, and other social activities. Messages may be subtly transmitted during these events. Agents of action follow general scripts that can be modified as needed. This type of communication includes “key words” or phrases spoken by the actors in the presence of the TA.

PO- PsyOp- Psychological Operations, – US Military states that the ultimate goal of PO is to modify the behavior of the TA (TI) by destroying their will. This is brought about by continually inflicting pain. This is accomplished by a relentless campaign used to demoralize the TI that will create perpetual feelings of intense fear and hopelessness. The DOD describes this as an “attrition-based approach:” “Attrition is the product or gradual erosion of the will. The victim of this psychological attrition gradually becomes convinced that nothing he can do will yield a satisfactory outcome to a situation.”

In PO, themes are used to transmit painful stimuli (also called triggers) through all his/her channels of communication which a TA (TI) has been sensitized to. Triggers/themes are understood at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels of the campaign and they are passed to various commanders of particular AO if the TA moves towards that portion of the battlespace.

The triggers are part of a behavior modification program called NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) which uses anchors and triggers to promote change. An anchor is created when an emotional state is linked to something such as an object, person, sound, smell, place, color, etc. Once the anchor is established, whatever the individual was exposed to during the anchoring process becomes the stimulus (trigger) that will provoke the emotion. So basically, PO is simply a series of “stimulus-response” interactions.

PO= aka or “information operations,” military deception (MILDEC), effects-based operations (EBO), neocortical warfare, political warfare (PolWar), and psychological warfare (PsyWar), aka command and control warfare (C2W), are a major part of the New War and a core part of CMO (civilian-military operations) that is combined with EW (electronic warfare) and CNO.

Po’s are a planned process of conveying messages to a target audience (TA) to promote certain attitudes, emotions, and behavior. These messages are typically conveyed using a line of persuasion known as a theme. TA (target audience) can be a group or an individual.

PO involve syngergistic coordination of PsyOp, MILDEC (military deception), OPSEC (operations security), and EBO (effects-based operations). And they are in MOOTW, CMO, IW, UW, LIC operations such as counterterrorism and peacekeeping.

The DOD and CFR consider PsyOp a NLW to be used on civilians. PsyOp units work with the civilian population as irregular forces to attack target audience (TA) in the area of operation (AO). PsyOp operators profile TAs and TIs and devise themes to attack their TAs (target audience), which include TIs (targeted individuals). Ultimate goal of PsyOp is to modify the behavior of the TA by destroying their will using a relentless attack consisting of painful triggers. A type of audiovisual product known as PsyAct includes agents of action who carry out plays in the presence of the TA. Every single channel of communication the TA uses for information is interfered with.

In “gang stalking/electronic harassment,” PsyOp is synchronized with EW (electronic warfare with directed-energy-weapons), CNO (computer network operations), and all other instruments of national power. The battlespace is your neighborhood and the war is global.

Early PsyOp research was done by a small private network of think tanks, foundations, and academic institutions, which went into partnership with government agencies and kept most of the results of their studies secret. Some of the institutions that conducted these studies were known to be subversive. Thus, much of the modern PsyOp was built by a small group of private interests, using the social sciences to install a global government. Some of these are the exact same groups promoting the use of PsyOp on civilians.

RF – Radio Frequency Weapons

Rumor Campaigns- used by PsyOp units to isolate TIs. Primary elements include the source, the rumor, and the receiver-repeater (R2).

Similarly, the US Marine Corps document, “Multiple-Service Concept for Irregular Warfare” (2006) states: “frightening the population into inactivity is sufficient to (achieve) our goals.”

TPD – Tactical PsyOp Detachment- team of about 13 personnel with a captain and staff sergeant. It is comprised of several TPT (Tactical PsyOp Teams) and provides tactical PsyOp support to brigade and battalion-sized units in support of Special Forces. TPT conducts mission assessment, determines distribution priorities, and tracks the various products that have been distributed throughout the AO. All teams maintain contact with each other. And the TPD is in constant communication with other forces such as the TPDD, POTF, or TPT during the entire operation.

TPT- Tactical PsyOp Team- small group including team leader, his assistant, and a PsyOp specialist.

CNO- Computer Network Operations- aka NW Ops, or network operations/NetOps) are information warfare attacks used to deny, deceive, degrade, and disrupt networks and computers used by the enemy. These are used in conjunction with PO (PsyOps) and EW (electronic warfare). This includes destruction of hardware and software (degrading, attacking) and spoofing (deceiving). The battlespace includes the internet. Internet applications that can convey PsyOp messages include email, websites, and chat rooms. When a TI goes online, they are entering the battlespace.

Web spoofing allows an attacker to create a copy of the worldwide web. The Air Force mentioned that an enemy’s internet could be spoofed to conceal one of its weather attacks: “Spoofing options create virtual weather in the enemy’s sensory and information systems, making it more likely for them to make decisions producing results of our choosing rather than theirs.”

DEW- Directed Energy Weapons- used to damage or destroy people, equipment, and facilities, include microwave, millimeter waves, lasers, bright lights, holographic projections, and acoustic weapons (audible, infrasound, and ultrasound). These weapons are silent and traceless. They cause a variety of effects, including tiredness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, convulsions, epileptic seizures, temporary paralysis, vibration of internal organs, cooking of organs, cataracts, burning sensation on the skin, hyperthermia (heating of body), headaches, loss of short-term memory, interruption of cognitive processes, cardiac arrest, and cancer.

These weapons can easily pass through most unshielded structures.

In their “Electronic Warfare” publication, DOD defines DEW as: “DE (directed energy) is an umbrella term covering technologies that produce a beam of concentrated EM energy or atomic or subatomic particles. A DE weapon is a system using DE primarily as a direct means to damage or destroy adversary equipment, facilities, and personnel. DE warfare is military action involving the use of DE weapons, devices, and countermeasures to either cause direct damage or destruction of adversary equipment, facilities, and personnel, or to determine, exploit, reduce, or prevent hostile use of the EMS through damage, destruction, and disruption.”

DEW include microwaves, lasers, bright lights, holographic projections, and acoustics.
The two basic types of DEWs include microwaves and lasers. (Wavelengths of lasers are about 10,000 times smaller than microwaves). Both are part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The two main types of microwave weapons are millimeter wave devices such as the Active Denial System (ADS) and the electromagnetic bomb (e-bomb, which is the emission of a non-nuclear electromagnetic explosion or pulse).

DEW travel at the speed of light, are surgically accurate, can operate in all weather, are scalable, are silent and invisible (offering plausible deniability), their energy can pass through walls at distances of hundreds of meters to miles, and have long distance projection (tens of miles).

These weapons are mounted on platforms which can be a missile, aircraft, ship, vehicle, suitcase, radio, etc.

Appendix 3. European Parliament Resolution on Operation Gladio, Nov. 22, 1990:

Wikisource on Answers.Com

On November 22, 1990, the European Parliament passed a resolution on Operation Gladio. Joint resolution replacing B3-2021, 2058, 2068, 2087/90

A. having regard to the revelation by several European governments of the existence for 40 years of a clandestine parallel intelligence and armed operations organization in several member states of the community,
B. whereas for over 40 years this organization has escaped all democratic controls and has been run by the secret services of the states concerned in collaboration with NATO,
C. fearing the danger that such clandestine network may have interfered illegally in the internal political affairs of Member States or may still do so,
D. where in certain Member States military secret services (or uncontrolled branches thereof) were involved in serious cases of terrorism and crime as evidenced by various judicial inquiries.
E. whereas these organizations operated and continue to operate completely outside the law since they are not subject to any parliamentary control and frequently those holding the highest government and constitutional posts are kept in the dark as to these matters,
F. whereas the various “Gladio” organizations have at their disposal independent arsenals and military resources which give them an unknown strike potential, thereby jeopardizing the democratic structures of the countries in which they are operating or have been operating,
G. greatly concerned at the existence of decision-making and operational bodies which are not subject to any form of democratic control and are of a completely clandestine nature at a time when greater Community cooperation in the field of security is a constant subject of discussion.

1. Condemns the clandestine creation of manipulative and operational networks and calls for full investigation into the nature, structure, aims and all other aspects of the clandestine organizations or any splinter group, their use of illegal interference in the international political affairs of the countries concerned, the problem of terrorism in Europe and the possible collusion of the secret services of Member States or third countries;
2. Protests vigorously at the assumption by certain US military personnel at SHAPE and in NATO of the right to encourage the establishment in Europe of a clandestine intelligence and operation network;
3. Calls on the governments of the Member States to dismantle all clandestine military and paramilitary networks;
4. Calls on the judiciaries of countries in which the presence of such military organizations has been ascertained to elucidate fully their composition and modus operandi and to clarify any action they may have taken to destabilize the democratic structure of the Member states;
5. Request all the Member States to take the necessary measures, if necessary by establishing parliamentary committee of inquiry, to draw up a complete list of organizations active in this field, and at the same time monitor their links with the respective state intelligence services and their links, if any, with terrorists action groups and/or other illegal practices;
6. Calls on the Council of Ministers to provide full information on the activities of these secret intelligence and operational services;
7. Calls on its competent committee to consider holding a hearing in order to clarify the role and impact of the “Gladio” organization and any similar bodies;
8. Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Commission, the Council, the Secretary-General of NATO, the governments of the Member States and the United States Government.”

9. OTHER TACTICS (Dr. Rauni Kilde)

There are other tactics which are not strictly part of the categories discussed so far:

-IMPORTANT: Community-based agents (CBAs) are strictly forbidden from adding anyone to the list of targets. Target selection is done by senior Control Center (CC) staff or higher levels.
-Punishment of people who side with and help the target. Friends, family members, and citizens who do not place a high value on community sometimes help targets. In these very specific cases, CC-authorized punishment in the form of individual acts against them is appropriate. The system can arrange for these target sympathizers to be found guilty of crimes, or liable for civil actions, for example. This is important for maintenance of the system.

-Target bank accounts can be disrupted in ways which do not give the target cause to involve law enforcement. Examples: target protetion can be changed to “youth account,” or, an overdraft protection feature can be disabled, or simply steal money from the account. It is called action of “international banking ring” and usually at first the sums are around 50 – 100 dollars which are ataken when the target pays small bills.

-Money is never transferred to the journal subscription or membership in a certain club like “opposition to government surveillance.” Money simply “disappears” from the bank with help of cooperating employers. I have experienced the myself several times. Bank accounts are “hacked” for the payment and a new bill arrives for the already paid bill by the target, and the receipt of payment is stolen. There is cooperation with military intelligence, Stay behind, NATO, and foreign intelligence agencies also against their own population. (This is the) so-called secret silent war going on in all secrecy.

Appendix 4: From Total Individual Control Technology by Omnisense

Organized Stalking/Electronic Harassment. The New Hi-Tech Generation of COINTELPRO

In a Nutshell: Government sources are using directed energy weapons and artificial intelligence to terrorize, threaten, intimidate, discredit, silence, torture, and murder dissidents. In addition, security contractors (among others) are being hired as military thugs to gangstalk targets[19].

Zerzetsen: “Inflicting as much pain and suffering as possible without leaving any marks.[20]” Directed energy weapon programs revolutionized this…

Counter-proliferation programs are intended to subvert the potentials of a target while punishing them with psycho-sadist techniques. The perversions of cointelpro are notable. The murderous and sadistic ethos of government counter-proliferation programs echos that of the Nazis and this perpetrator network of war criminals are committing sickening acts upon the global population.

Modern Day COINTELPRO Objectives:

These are counter-proliferation centered programs intended to subvert all progress
To discredit the target / To character assassinate / To slander the target
To taint the target’s image / To misrepresent the target
To suppress the target’s monetary success
To suppress the target’s good character qualities or people’s awareness of positive aspects of the target
To arrange a partner for the target or mind control the partner of the target
To destroy relationships of the target
To co-opt the target’s manifestation
To turn the target into controlled opposition (In terms of beliefs & actions)
To incriminate the target
To round down the target’s output and audience – To marginalize the target
To eliminate connections & networking ability
To suppress the target’s personality
Sanitization of pleasure, emotions, and individuality
To punish the target / To torture the target
To destroy the target’s life
To stop a target from procreating / Ending a target’s bloodline (Eugenics)
To suicide the target / To covertly assassinate the target
To cover up the targeting operation
“If they see too much power and originality coming out of someone, they either use it and siphon it or they undermine it in order to neutralize it.” ~Ahmad Enani (TI)

COINTELPRO 2.0 Methodology:

Covert remote influencing technology suite
COINTELPRO 2.0: Thought surveillance neural AI net for psyche profiling
COINTELPRO 2.0: Directed energy weapon mind control network for counter-proliferation targeting
Ai based retro-causation; Extensive international neural monitoring programs can calculate a target’s potentials before the target is aware of them
Gangstalking / Organized Stalking
Trauma based mind control – No touch torture
Character assassination / Slander via proxies
Technological illusions (PSYOPS) / misdirection
Electromagnetic mind control aimed at discrediting the target
Mind control of people who provide opportunities for the target
Use of family against the target (e.g. Mind control of family)
Use of pharmaceutical drugs against a target
To orchestrate the detaining of the target in a psyche ward
v2k to get a target diagnosed as a “paranoid schizophrenic”
Exaggerated, warped and untrue slander about the target is proliferated
Technology playing devil’s advocate via implanted thoughts to get a target in trouble
Agenda to incriminate the target (Advice for COINTELPRO targets: Stay lawful)
Use of ego against a target
Weaponized mind control against a target
Coercing of a target into appearing overly paranoid (e.g. An objective of stalking)
Specific technological control of a target’s body language or vocal tone (e.g. To generate mistrust)
Total individual control technology is used as a tactic to take away a citizen’s rights through faulty mental illness diagnoses[21]
Outlandish black project technology experiences intended to discredit when spoken
Use of electronic control grid to mind control misfortunes for a target
Synthetic social phobias ~ Synthetic social anxiety (e.g. Public speaker related suppression)
Suppression of whatever platform the target is talented in (e.g. Music production, software design)
To dehumanize a target via electromagnetic neuroscience
Severe targets are sanitized of pleasure, emotions, and personality
Synthetic suicide programming
Technologically enabled serial killers with a taste for revolutionaries & activists

Electronic Targeting Holocaust

“While all these traditional tactics have proven fruitful throughout time without waning effectiveness, the agencies involved in extreme cover-ups prefer another tactic that seems to have withstood the test of time too. That is labeling someone “paranoid schizophrenic” or mentally ill. Once that label has been attached to someone, almost all testimony will be disbelieved. The military has employed this tactic since the 60’s to get rebellious soldiers and others locked up in mental hospitals. But since the weapons testing of neurological disruptor technology has begun on the general population beginning in the early 60’s and then stepped up to full throttle in 1976, the scope of what is considered mentally ill had to be reprogrammed into a broader definition for the general population.” ~Department of Defense Whistleblower: From the Out of Print Book – The Matrix Deciphered

“My name is Dr. John Hall, I’m a medical Doctor from Texas. As a physician, relative to some of what you’re hearing today, in the community we are seeing an alarming rate of complaints of use of electromagnetic weapons, microwave auditory effect, silent sound spectrum, EEG cloning,… Which has taken the lab out of the laboratory and into the home, most of these from the research that we’ve reviewed can be done remotely. It seems to be more weapons research than medical research. I’ve personally corresponded with upwards of 1,500 victims all complaining of identical complaints from every state in the nation. Of being exposed to electromagnetic radiation. Non-ionizing radiation. For the use of cognitive control or behavior control….” ~Anesthesiologist Dr. John Hall Speaking to the Presidential Bioethics Commission

“I am also targeted and this is my story. My name is Sandra Fields. I’m an architect, recipient of Who’s Who of Women in America achievement award and have run a successful business for over 28 years. My life and livelihood have been compromised for the last 11 years by being attacked by electromagnetic radiation torture, and by organized stalking… Thousands of Americans are currently suffering from chemical, electromagnetic, psychological and physical torture with no government relief or laws. Our servicemen, prisoners, and thousands of unknowing innocent civilians are currently being lamed, tormented and tortured as a result of military research, medical research, pharmaceutical research, physiological and psychological studies that have virtually destroyed participants’ sanity, physical well-being, reputation and privacy.” ~Targeted Individual Sandra Fields, Speaking to Obama’s Presidential Bioethics Committee

“What the governments found, was that you could induce by changing the pulse frequency like morse code of the microwaves going into the brain and interfering with the brain, by specializing on the pulse frequency you could induce psychiatric illnesses to the point where a psychiatrist could not tell if it is a genuine psychiatric illness or an induced psychiatric illness. So what you can do theoretically, is you can target an individual’s brain, they may have auditory hallucinations where they hear things, which is actually quite common with microwaves. Or show signs of schizophrenia, for instance 6.6 pulses a second can induce severe sexual aggression in men. … Technically what you could do is have someone committed to a psychiatric hospital or a jail for a crime, just by somebody saying that they had a psychiatric problem where by they didn’t.” ~Ex-British Royal Navy Scientist Dr. Barrie Trower

“They can cause insanity, and it was an experiment. One of the experiments was to take an ordinary sane person, cause insanity, and have a psychiatrist who was unknown to everybody diagnose schizophrenia, or paranoia or a psychiatric illness. That was a successful outcome. And the person would spend the rest of their life in an asylum in misery, but to the government scientists that was a success.” ~Ex-Black Project Scientist Dr. Barrie Trower

“The war against satellite terrorism isn’t just the USA. This is a global issue! I’m in tropical Queensland Australia and get battered daily.” ~Targeted Individual Amanda Emily Reed

MKULTRA Cover Stories

This technology has interacted with quite a large amount of people, however it is almost always misidentified as other sources[8].

Directed Energy Weapon Cover Stories:
Mental illness as an electronic harassment cover story
End game technology packaged under persuasive “spiritual warfare” illusions
Directed energy interaction packaged as the supernatural
Government technology under a cosmic being facade
Religious themed illusions / Using religion mythology as a means for cover stories
Extraterrestrial contact as a psychological operation cover story
Ghosts as a cover story – AI orchestrated phantom illusions
End game technology as a sorcery cover story
End game technology as the real source behind effective voodoo
Witchcraft as a directed energy cover story
Black project science under a black magic cover story
Directed energy attacks deceptively packaged as physiological ailments
Synthetic signals in the brain from implants framed as physiological ailments
“Psychic Attack” as a directed energy attack cover story
“Spiritual Attack” as a directed energy attack cover story
New Age cover stories (e.g. Disembodied spirit illusions)
Old age mythological gods used as a cover story
Human based electronic harassment with aliens packaged as the perpetrator
Scientology methods as a cover story for technological remote influence
Exotic neurobody illusions (e.g. Chakra, entity attachments, ethereal implants)
Inter dimensional being interaction as an electronic targeting cover story
Exploitation of illusory explanations to conceal directed energy crimes

“People who have already assimilated the cover stories are often not ready to hear the truth.” ~Omnisense

Beings Impersonated:

Neighbors (Targeted Individual v2k)
Black Ops Agents (Targeted Individual v2k)
Family (Targeted Individual v2k)
Deceased Loved Ones / Deceased Relatives / Deceased Pets (Psy Ops v2k)
Demons (Mind Control Cover Story)
Jinn (Cover Stories)
Archons (Cover Stories)
Inter Dimensional Beings (New Age Psy Ops)
Extraterrestrials (Cosmic Being Impersonation Programs / UFOlogy Bastardization)
Entity Attachments (New Age Psy Ops)
Shadow Beings (e.g. To Cause Fear from an Obscure Source)
Archangels (To Impersonate a Higher Authority)
Lucifer (To Persuade into Evil)
Satan (Satanist v2k)
RA (New Age Psy Ops)
Spirits (Spiritual Warfare Illusions)
Ghosts – Phantoms (Directed Energy Trickery)
Faeries (Rehashed Old Age Cover Stories)
Higher Self (Mind Control Cover Story)
Panpsychism Based Impersonations (e.g. Gaia aka Mother Earth Speaking to People)
Saints & Mother Mary (Religious Impersonations)
Holy Spirit (Psychological Direction Method / Sleeper Assassin Method)
Ascended Masters (Impersonation of a Higher Power)
Jesus (Any Vector of Vulnerability is Exploited)
Person’s of Note (e.g. To get a Target to Murder them, To Psychologically Direct)
Any Mythological God of the Past (These can be pretty cool)
God / Allah / Yahweh / Jehovah (Impersonation of the Highest Power)
Done via Electronic Telepathy Contact (Voice to Skull – v2k)

“Directed energy weapons operate invisibly while the inducible mental limits of directed energy weapons are the limits of consciousness itself, this makes for an incredibly potent environment for illusions of all types.” ~Omnisense

NeuroWeaponry & Artificial Intelligence Quotes

“The point of the program is to have maximum psychological effect and leave the minimal amount of evidence.[22]” ~Anonymous Targeting Program Insider

“In 1985 CNN did a special report on radio frequency weapons. They hired an engineer who built an “RF Mind Interference” machine based on Soviet schematics. The machine successfully transmitted images into a CNN reporter’s mind. The stunned engineer said that, given three weeks time, he could scale up the machine to use on a whole town, causing them to do things against their better judgement, see and hear things that weren’t there, etc. The pentagon said it was too sensitive a subject to comment on. Remember, these effects were achieved by civilians over 30 years ago! One can speculate that they’ve made great advances in the past decades.[8]” ~Targeted Individual Jim Hastings


It is now possible to state, with complete assurance (and also to distribute fliers such as used in the days of the lawless American Wild West:




18 Replies to “Manual For Organized Gang Stalking Operations…. FBI’s COINTELPRO, Operation Gladio, NATO Stay Behind Armies, and Ongoing Global U.S. Military “Unconventional”/”Civil-Military”/” Psy-War”/”Information War” Operations”

  1. Dear Dr. Karlstrom,
    In the first instance, I would like to thankyou for your erudite work on gangstalking and other associated matters. The mere fact that this your impressive website exists, is testimony to your courage, fortitude and honor. Thankyou!
    I have been a target since 1997 and have been at the receiving end of many of the tactics and applications mentioned in this timely-‘Manual for Organised Gang Stalking’. My own appalling experiences of domestic State Terrorism, entitles me to make comment as to whether or not the content of the manual is legitimate. Be absolutely certain as to the veracity of this document, it presents as 100% accurate!
    I catergorise myself as a ‘State Terrorised Targeted Individual’ and NOT a mere TI. The targeting programme by virtue of its very design is mean’t to terrorise. May I suggest that you consider using the STTI description rather than TI?

  2. Dr Karlstrom I heard you on Kev Baker and have been targeted since 2004 .At this time it seems they have concentrated on increasing my chronic pain to almost unbearable levels .The pain that is bothering me the most is severe burning of the back of my thighs and back for hours at a time .I s there anything we can do to stop this pain .I’m willing to try anything just about .if there are any solutions to help in decreasing this please contact me and God bless you .

  3. Thank you for your research, these sick bastards need to be shut down and brought up on charges- then if found guilty,,, exterminated !

  4. Thank You so much Dr. Eric Kalstrom . Your website IS AMAZING. I am a Targeted Individual from Sydney Australia . My Targeting started from the Philippines since 1991 or maybe even earlier than that. Awakened almost 1 year by the end of this month . I am a single mother and I do believe that my daughters (20 & 14 ) are also Targets and MIND CONTROLLED .
    God Bless you so much Dr Eric and Thank You for this website it will help a lot of Ti’s around the World .

  5. I am so glad that I came across this. I’ve been a target since 2004. However, I did not know the term “gang stalking” until 2010. I thought that I was the only person in the world who was being attacked by this cowardly program. I now host a YouTube Channel called – That Gang Stalking Show. And I try to inform targets and the public about this illegal program.

  6. Dear Dr. Karlstrom,
    Thank you for sharing the manual. I have been the subject of intense gangstalking for the last ten yeas but it probably started in the mid 80s as I was “introduced” to members of my own family who eventually led me into increasingly dangerous traps which, in retrospect, I believe were meant to assassinate me. Many members of my family have already been assassinated or neutralized for what the agencies determined was somehow detrimental to the country. They were, quite the contrary, patriots. Look at where we are-with programs like this costing hundreds of millions per Targeted Individual. And to what end? The earth, its plants, animals and waters contaminated and dried up. So that those well-paid agents could move items around in my house or slash my tires to “inflict damage” that is deniable. Would these Agencies get a grip on what they have created–the extinction of the planet through torturing those who would save it.

  7. I have just found your website and it is great,indispensable information- thank you for your work. I also support William’s suggestions to use STTI it explains what we are targeted for and by whom.They killed my two dogs-both defiant fighters as am I,they still trying to kill me.much respect

  8. My gangstalking started in 1987 im now 39 in mobile alabama no matter where i go or what i do they have me its finished my life is over

  9. Eric, I did a search on Google and YouTube “gang stalking manual” and I could not find your site!!!
    Fortunately I had sent an email with the link and found it.
    Sir, please add better search terms so people can find your site!
    (Ha! I just tried Bing, and it came up!)
    NWO Google strikes again.
    But still I encourage you to contact any interviewers on YouTube that have spoken to you about the manual, and ask then to add some search terms.
    Thanks for all your hard work on our behalf.
    a TI

  10. Dr. Karlstrom, I have sought a understanding of the experience that I have been having for an extended period. Thank you so much for that your dilegence has made such available.

  11. “It is very important to apply abuse and torture of innocent victims, by way of a large number of small value sabotage acts, because that makes it look like the target is forgetful, exaggerating, or in some cases even delusional, if they complain about many cases of small value damage. The target’s associates will simply refuse to believe that anyone but the target is responsible.”

    By this method, some $700,000– at least– of my income has been destroyed, although my habits have been very frugal, for most of my adult life.

    Some of the physical torture to which I have been subjected would be considered shocking to the most barbaric regimes and criminals. I wish that I could disclose some of them because they might be of interest to survivors. I never make any assumptions that I will survive for much longer.

    My father and two of my brothers had sudden, highly premature, highly suspicious deaths. However, I believe that if we have been targeted by military forces, it is (possibly) only because my extended family had always planned to plunder and murder us all for profit–and knew how to add us to extermination lists. In fact, my regime saved my life by parachuting me out of Peel, Ontario– where I was being kept in extreme isolation and deprivation– and making it possible for me to attend good schools and universities after age 12. Because of this, my younger brother was able to study aerospace engineering in an elite program, to live and work in Santa Barbara, California, before he was hunted down and murdered.

    My uncle Jules Winemaker was an anesthesiologist, whose medical education was funded by the Canadian military. My extended “family” on both sides may be Nazis. My relatives are the Devor family, the Winemaker family–including the Warner family (name change) and some of the in-laws are the Lewis family, the Lipton family, the Feinstein family, the Cogut family (Salt Spring Island).

    Many very strange horrors have occurred and I wish that I could tell some of it and have the knowledge of it preserved.

    We were indoctrinated from an early age that we should stay away from persons of our ancestry. But, in retrospect, it seems that this was done so that we could be plundered for profit, as goyim. I would not be surprised if the body parts of my close relatives were sold for profit, by my extended “family.” However, it seems that we also have Viking ancestry. Because of this ancestry, some persons accumulate iron in their bodies. This may explain why, when I was being chased through the streets of Toronto, assaulted every five minutes and bled copiously for a period of two weeks at a time, quite literally day and night–I actually felt able to cope with it. By then, I was aware that it would be impossible to report these crimes to any authorities. The bleeding was actually a treatment for hemochromatosis–phlebotomy.

    Elite Satanic families “transgender” their children, apparently in utero. This can be done with the skillful use of hormones, of course. A child conceived as a male can have a female reproductive system and be raised as a girl. However, it is likely that most of the family members are well aware of this deception.

    I always believed that this transgender subject could be ignored. But, I did know that a first cousin, Aaron Devor–a dean of the university of Victoria had written a textbook about the subject.

    If I send information in to sites, such as this one, I will be swarmed by police cars and especially by Mobile Unit cruisers. When this occurs, because any person can be locked up and subjected to pretty much any treatment, I am compelled to state that my experience is merely “crime fiction.”

    Of course, in principal, events can be described as fiction, until they can be proven to be true.

    I am using a pen name.

  12. Please reply, this is an emergency. I have done nothing wrong, but I am being gang stalked, there is evidence and my baby killed by the same people. There are many witnesses who can verify that I am not making this up. I need an expert to help, either in law or advocacy. I’m from Boston. Since this is a comment form then my email may be published and you can read my document for example at

  13. Honey, I’m so sorry you are learning that you are a victim of organized stalking. I’m from Boston and it’s got a massive organized stalking community. I hope you consider moving. At this point in the “reset” everyone who steps on the sidewalk the wrong way will be on the list. I suggest you live incredibly simple, move, ignore, ignore, ignore. Do not take the vaccines and pray with all your heart and read your Bible. It’s been since 2007 for me. Lost two successful businesses. Multiple homes gone. Husband and pets gone. But I adjusted and still am. I just bought a home in WV in December and already they have been steadily filling it with inflammables, destroyed my appliances, furnace, roof, put holes in my gutter ect. They been here (five of them) 5-7 nights a week, four to eight hours just destroying me. I’m used to it, I have a good insurance policy, I’ve adapted but it really is one shock, after another until you adapt. There’s no help, EVER! Except from each other, we always help each other.

  14. It seems nobody has commented in a bit but I am now learning that all of this weird phenomena and voices constantly surveilling me, belittling me, and gangstalking me is part of me apparently being entered into the targeted individuals database they have. Literally right now they are mocking the fact I am even writing this paragraph. That’s how it is all day everyday and I’m hoping to be able to find anybody who advocates, helps, or is any effective tactics to stop this craziness. They are messing with my dog, and seem to have no limits. I literally have my thoughts told to me as I am thinking them in my head, pictures and images they are burned into my brain that don’t seem to…electronic shocks and weird phenomena happening to my physical body. And I’m sure the worst is yet to come. 🙁

  15. Dear Dr. Karlstrom,
    Thank you for continuing to speak out against these atrocities. I am cutting and pasting some of waht I wrote on my Facebook page “Community Stalking Vandalism Patterns”. My Youtube channel is Alternative Homesteading where I walk around my farm documenting stalking, vandalism, harassment and more.

    My Facebook page was created as a result of being targeted by a group of immature adult bullies whom use their position of authority and, non-profit “charity” status and law degrees to commit crimes documented on the page. Why? To annihilate competition, anyone with a progressive ideology who doesn’t join their own “agenda” is deemed a threat. They pay community organized criminals and private contractors to inflict sadistic acts of cruelty (with local law enforcement and satanic witchcraft support). It is also performed to take the attention away from their own criminal and illegal activities (animal theft, animal and human trafficking, and other illegal activities) projected onto me, for profit. Research suggests that 70-80% of all targeted individuals are females, often living alone. Of that percentage, 30-40% of the perpetrators are FEMALE. The underlying dynamic of females targeted females is deeply disturbing. Psychologically, those mean girl bullies are often Personality Disordered; a pathological, malignant Narcissist or Psychopath who have not conceived children. They feel no maternal instinct, no remorse, a sense of entitlement, display superficial charm, possess misdirected anger, gaslighting their target.

    Included in the “Mobbing” is the “Lying Lawyer” club, those legal bullies with law degrees engaging in conflicts of interest and violate every Code of Ethics, Breach Fiduciary Responsibility and Professional Conduct while covering the illegal activities of the “Feral Cat Cartel”. Then there is local Law Enforcement who are involved in stalking, breaking and entering, harassment, cover-ups, false flags, set-ups, medical fraud, insurance fraud, falsifying incident reports (lying) Color of Law violations and more. They are the “Satanic Bully Badge Abusers” club. They experience pathological envy/ jealousy and a need to control and feel powerful over their victim. They use people for fuel the way an addict uses their drug of choice. They are addicted to chaos and inflicting acts of sadistic cruelty. They are pathological liars engaging in smear campaigns against innocent people they “despise” (envy) to cover their own carefully constructed facade (mask). Similar to many addicts, they need to inflict more and more cruelty to obtain a minimal “high”.

    Photos are shared publicly because, to date, there has been no accurate reporting or investigation of the crimes of (multiple) breaking and entering my home, the illegal search, the mass destruction of personal property, my home, or theft of property provided to the #Manalapan Police Dept.. I incurred more than $300,00 dollars in vandalism damages. $4,000 was stolen by Joe aka Jonathan painter including clothing and hand bags. Nor have any of these crimes been posted in the Manalapan Police Blotter or local Manalapan Patch newspaper. Trees have been killed, poisoned, floors intentionally scratched, etchings in antique furniture and walls, clothing damage, theft, pet harm, food poisoned and more. The falsification and storytelling in police incident reports is defamatory, libelous, slanderous and discrediting (gaslighting) failing to report facts. The primary responsibility of a Police Officer or any law enforcement individual is to protect people and property, without bias, and to state the facts of the crime as reported. They take an oath to respect and uphold the Constitution of the United States under the Color of Law. The local law enforcement agency violates their Professional Code of conduct, (Color of Law) and their responsibility to protect people and property by 1) failing to report the facts as stated and instead falsify incident reports 2) failing to report the numerous home break-ins to the Public in the Manalapan Police blotter, 3) failing to take action (perform an investigation) to prevent vandalism, thefts and break-ins. 4) failed to investigate intentions of suspicious individuals. A testimony of items stolen from residence and car is located in the Notes Section of this page, updated as additional items are discovered missing or stolen. Each vandalized item is listed (many photos in separate Albums, click on more option to see more Albums or Notes).
    I am in the process of creating a website that will display photos, incident reports, FOIA and OPRA requests.
    Every murdered or harmed animal is listed including shocking photos (already posted in a Pet folder under photo Albums). Also see the Facebook page created for our harmed pets called Targeted Pets. Anyone can post a photo and story of their pet.
    I am a regular person, a tax payer, an educated female. I have lived in this house for the past 30 years maintaining it on a regular basis. It was in mint selling condition prior to this vandalism and I am holding #Manalapan Township and #Manalapan Police Department and the State of New Jersey responsible for not protecting it or me and for defamatory, libelous, falsifying police incident reports. Six (6) years of community service was provided to this Township and 16+ years of volunteer service to saving and caring for unwanted animals. As a currently single, spiritual, educated, independent, forward thinking woman, we are automatically targeted as a threat. Any jealous bullies prey on us.

    I finally sold my house at 52 Sutton Drive, Manalapan, NJ after 3 years. I learned my house was blacklisted to not sell. I moved to rural Kentucky. I live on a farm surrounded by nature and trees. Unfortunately, the harassment, slander, break-ins, pet theft and pet murder, covert human experimentation, vandalism and trespassing continue on a regular basis, asset stripping and mobbing is profound. Every building on the property has been vandalized. The driveway asphalt destroyed. Holes burned into new buildings. Postal deliveries intercepted and damaged.
    Research on the topic of targeting and organized stalking confirms the involvement of local Police departments and law officials, aka the perpetrators (perps), in 98% of organized gang stalking cases! False flags are set up to target innocent individuals for profit. A false flag is a fabricated, contrived note on a person’s file. It is an attempt to discredit the individual, aiding and abetting the crimes inflicted upon the individual. Security consultants are hired to talk to neighbors. They wear suits and look “official” They are nothing more than hired hit men and their job is to concoct a slanderous story about you and spread the lies around town. They bribe neighbors with gift cards, new appliances or dinners. They may perform landscaping or other home repairs so long as the neighbor ignores you, honks their horn, speeds by your home and stores direct energy weapons and microwaves in their homes to target you directly. They may also contact your friends and family members or any place you work. Law enforcement are instructed to ignore anyone who files a claim of stalking and label the victim as paranoid, offering no protective support. They will routinely send out official community notifications to Citizen on Patrol groups, First Responders, CERT and other community Sheeple people, to watch the stalked which violates every stalking law. Cops protecting cops or an officer protecting a friend is unethical and violates every standard of professional conduct. It violates the oath taken to protect the United States Constitution. This is a HATE CRIME, , violating Human and Civil Rights.

    According to Wikipedia, the new encyclopedia, A covert operation is a military operation intended to conceal the identity of or allow plausible denial by the sponsor. (a Sponsor is the person who called the “hit” may also be called the technical person or “Money bag”). It is intended to create a political effect which can have implications in the military, intelligence or law enforcement arenas affecting either the internal population of a country or individuals outside it. Covert operations aim to secretly fulfill their mission objectives without anyone knowing who sponsored or carried out the operation. In my case, the perp(s) and individuals who placed me on this list are known. Remember the key words: “Mission” objectives. i.e.: 1st follow /stalk targeted individual (TI) around for 4+ years. Set up conditions and scenarios of vandalism, mini thefts and healthy, young animals suddenly dying from suspicious acts. Engage in street theatre (staged people asking questions, calling your home or engaging in nominal harassment). Arrange for gang stalker team to engage under the guise of a volunteer at the local senior care facility. Murder healthy pets and pose them in unusual locations and postures. Evict individual from Manalapan business location after being at location for 16 years, break into and vandalize my home property where I have resided, paying property taxes, for 29 years. Steal items over months, rearrange items within house placing them in automobile and other unusual places, then stalk and harass TI at home residence in attempt to vacate homeowner so Sponsor and all perps profit, while committing felony crimes, aided and abetted by business, community watch groups and local law enforcement, with obstruction of justice cover-ups. The cover up is to protect their their own illegal activities using, trafficking, animals for profit, abusing public donations, all with your tax dollars.
    I filed two insurance claims with Allstate in Toms River, NJ for vandalized items and theft of property, both claims were denied and then Allstate cancelled the policy. Allstate also refused to address the stolen items exceeding $4,000 and failed to enter it into the claim. Even though I provided before and after photos to the claims examiner he refused to review those photos prior to denying the claim at the front door while exiting my home. Also, the claims examiner just happened to make a visit to the Manalapan Police Department prior to their 2nd visit to my home and was evidently “coached” because his commented to me were scripted.

    There is much more to this story. Testimony has been provided online. Thank you again for this wonderful website and allowing us to also speak out. Lorraine

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