Kurdish-Israeli Alliance: Solomon’s Genies, Jewish Mamas & Nephilim Babies (Trunews.com, 10/17/19)


Trunews synopsis:

Kurdish-Israeli Alliance: Solomon’s Genies, Jewish Mamas & Nephilim Babies

Today on TruNews we discuss the secret alliance between Israel and the Kurds, and how that deep seated friendship, including a shared history involving a Talmudic prophecy where King Solomon directed demons to have sex with Jewish women, may be the true reason neocons have now joined a bipartisan push to impeach the President Trump by Christmas. We also speak with geopolitical analyst Maram Susli, aka Syrian Girl, about the the standoff in Syria between NATO-ally Turkey and the warmongering West. Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart, Edward Szall, Maram Susli. Airdate 10/17/19

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart, Edward Szall. Airdate 10/17/19

Highlights transcribed by webmaster:

Rick Wiles: A Kurdish leader in the 1970’s laughed and said, “The Israelis are our cousins.”

According to Talmudic writings, the Kurds’ mamas were Jewish and if you have a Jewish mama you’re Jewish…. And according to this same folklore, their fathers were demons… the Jinn, genies.

Do the Zionist Jews know something about the family tree? In their Kabbalah and Talmudic books, do they understand that a couple thousand years ago what King Solomon allowed to happen produced a race of people produced by Jewish women and demons?

The Bible calls this the Nephilim…. fallen angels had sex with human women. And the offspring are nephilim.

The Turks used the Kurds to kill the 1.5 Christian Armenians in the Armenian genocide. My son went to Turkey to climb Mt. Ararat….. He was told by the Turkish military not to look out the window while driving. He did look outside and saw the bones of 100’s of thousands of human skeletons just lying in the dirt.

During the last couple days, President Trump has referred to the Kurds, saying: “They are no angels.”

I came across a story connecting the plan of the Zionists to conquer the Middle East- with establishing a nation of Kurdistan. And it referred to this fable that they are cousins of the Jews.

And Kurdistan would be Israeli-controlled nation that they would use to control the Middle East (i.e., the projected “Greater Israel”).

The Evangelical Zionists are Freemasons…. They are devils. It’s Solomon’s empire. This goes back to Nimrod, who taught that rebellion from God was necessary. Nimrod, the father of Freemasonry, and Solomon’s Temple….. they are building Lucifer’s kingdom.

They tell us that the Antichrist is going to occupy the Third Temple…. it’s just all Masonic, Kaballah witchcraft.

At the end of the story, it goes back to Babylon and the Freemasons and Nimrod and Kabbalah witchcraft…. the Luciferian kingdom. And Jesus said “Your father is the devil.” The true Christians are going to be faced with a Luciferian government all over the world. One Luciferian grid, a spirit that will capture all nations. They want to bring Lucifer back. I believe freely Lucifer freely roamed this planet before the flood. This why God created the flood. And why he saved Noah and his family.

The Apostle Peter tells us that our Ark today is baptism. You need to baptized into God’s church. God will preserve his people in the ark of baptism. The death angels will not touch you. The wicked will be bundled and burned by the death angels.

The final battle is coming rapidly. Be baptized if you haven’t.