“Jade Helm, AI, Targeted Individuals & The Phoenix Program Of The Digital Age;” Dr. Eric Karlstrom On KevBakerShow (2/26/19)

Webmaster’s (ETK) notes for program:

I. Is GISTAPWO-666 part of the real story behind the cover story of the huge Jade Helm 15- UWEX 16 multi-state military drills? I.e., does it also function as a “dissident extraction” exercise that deploys all of the same elements as Jade Helm (AI quantum supercomputers, special operations forces, crisis actors, psychological operations, unconventional warfare, satellite GIG (Geographic Information Grid), metadata, extraction and removal of “targets”, suspension of the US Constitution and due process of law, a Phoenix Program-style social engineering/pacification program…. see below)?

I.e., is Jade Helm 15-UWEX 16 a massive psyop to:

1) intimidate-scare the public with a massive show of force drill, and
2) identify the “dissidents’ (using NSA metadata, DHS, local Neighborhood Watch vigilantes, etc.)- and then deploy Global Gestapo as the way of isolating and removing them?


1) GISTAPWO-666 is short for “Global Intelligence-Syndicate, Secret, Satanic, Space-based, Surveillance, Stalking, Tracking, Targeting, Torture, Terrorism, Termination, Transhumanism And Psycho-Political, Policing-for-Profit, Psychotronic, and Psychological Warfare Operations.”

2) Jade Helm 15 (Jade: JOINT Assistant for Development and Execution AND AI quantum computing software program; Helm: Homeland Eradication of Local Militants) to “Master the Human Domain,” officially conducted July 15 – September 15, 2015),

3) UWEX 16 (JADE 2, Unconventional Warfare Exercise) (“cognitive software program based on a Network Centric Warfare System at the HELM”.) officially conducted March 28, 2016-, and GISTAPWO-666.

4) Elements Shared by JADE, UWEX, and Global Gestapo:

1) All are forms of assymetrical or unconventional warfare which involve all military branches, military special operations forces, DHS, large geographical areas of operation
2) All involve crisis actors (often ex-military in plain clothes), surveillance role players on the ground, etc.
3) All utilize: a) Satellite GIG (Geographic Information Grid)
b) Smart phones, cell phone tower system
c) AI- supercomputers
d) Big data (NSA mass surveillance)- mass surveillance and snitch programs

4) All are covert ops/psyops surrounded by secrecy- some speculate to gather game theory-style data on the target audience, data collection in terms of risk management and game theory for intelligence agencies and front tech companies,
5) All are concerned with I.D. and elimination of “targets”/”threats” or “dissident extraction” (or “rendition of insurgents”, i.e., red-list extraction drill- with “dissidents” as “enemies of the state”, “domestic terrorists,” “enemy combatants”)
6) All put the US public in the role of “the enemy” and involve brutal subjugation of the American people.
7) All, like the CIA’s- Phoenix Program in Vietnam, are deployed to “win over the hearts and minds” of the civilian population (through torture and terror).
8) All involve extraction-up to elimination of civilian “threats” with no due process of law.
9) And Suspension of the Constitution. All are highly unconstitutional.
10) All amount to a stage-managed civil war.
11) All involve an AI cognitive software program based on a Network Centric Warfare System at the HELM.”
12) All are could be preparatory to imposition of martial law.

DJ: “When you invade a country and start murdering citizens you can expect resistance from the domestic population.”

When the government tells you who the enemy is you have WAR.
When the people figure this out on their own, you have revolution.

3) Are TC’s as “beta test” for 5G, which is to be deployed with AI, IoT, Cyber warfare- and controlled from Israel. (5G will not be used in Israel, however.)

By the United States of “Black Bagging”/torture-terror, use of “black sites” (aka rendition centers).

II. Moving Toward Total Technocratic Rule (DJ Welsh Interviews on Jade Helm 15, Jade 2 AI Quantum Computer System, GEOINT (Geospatial Intelligence) Network, and SOCOM ARSOF Vision 2022).

DJ Welsh Interviews:

I. Caravan to Midnight, John B. Wells, DJ Welsh on Jade Helm 15, GEOINT System

DJ Welsh, webmaster of Level9News.com – has systems and engineering background, has examined many official docs including:

Jade Helm 15 documents
Studying Jade 2 A.I. software program
1033 program, Exec. Order 13684 (militarizing police forces)
GEOINT symposium and papers
Neural Net reports
Pentagon document: Human System Roadmap Review: HSCOI: Human System Community of Interest= Jade 2. Version 2.0

Jade II, Jade Helm and GEOINT docs all repeatedly use the phrase “Mastering the Human Domain”

Significant points:

A) America is the battlefield and we, the human population, are the enemy.
Jade 2 used in Jade Helm 15 is an A.I. quantum computing system that can make decisions, set up battle plans, identify, formulate plans and take out targets for “dissident extraction,” etc. and it takes responsibility for doing these things. It is an autonomous warfare system based on AI.
B) “Threats” are actually threats to COG (continuity of government- global government).
C) Intended to obtain dominance in cyberspace. And it uses the adaptive learning function of AI.
D) The goal is total C2 (Command and Control) Technocratic Rule. They are taking decision making and handing over to AI systems.
E) In the Jade Helm 15 military/paramilitary exercise, supposedly 1200 to 1600 Special Operations Forces from all branches of the military cooperate with DHS and interagency partners (police, civilian groups, role players, special ops forces in plain clothes, etc.) in this 2 month-long military drill/exercise covering 8 states and 25% of the coterminous U.S.
F) Jade Helm is a giant psyop! Through its secrecy, it creates anxiety in the populace- a range of emotional responses on the civilian side used to develop a force management response on the military side.
G) They want to be able to determine how well they can socially engineer the public before an event occurs.
H) Jade Helm is a system roll out.
I) Indeed, Jade Helm has already been successfully tested in the past. In Iraq, Afghanistan and during the chaos of the Haiti EQ and Hurricane Katrina. This suggests it is designed to contain and control the public’s response to chaotic situations contrived and executed by the government. These include state-sponsored terrorist disasters (geoengineered hurricanes, EQs, managed financial collapses, and supposedly genuine disasters as well).

J) Jade Helm is just a sublayer or a layer on top of a much larger command and control system already in place- GEOINT (Geospatial Intelligence Network)- that goes beyond military applications. It’s global in scope- and includes everything regarding the internet, social platforms, ….. If something has the word smart in front of it… Smart grid, phone, TV, appliances- all of these are plugged into the GIG.

K) This is system is supported and distributed by multinational intelligence collaboration, domestic interagency collaboration (police) by the proponents of global governance (corporate, political, religious, etc.).

L) GEOINT is a tool for the proponents of global government for them to cast a neural net over humanity. How do you control 7 billion people? You control the environment they live in.

M) Using “big data,” GEOINT maps human dynamics, human terrain, and human geography. Individual humans are nodes on the GEOINT human terrain network are considered “human inventory items.” All data is collected on all nodes.

L) Threat assessment (fusion) centers are global and are an integral part of this program.

M) System can be and will be used to kill people (targets, dissidents, enemies, etc.). System can deliver orders to boots on the ground. People will become human nodes on this geospatial intelligence network. They can unplug you from the network by erasing your data and eliminating your connectivity to the GIG. If you can’t buy, sell, work, obtain life essentials that you need- you will be doomed.

N) Thus, this system is a technical approach to the tactics employed in Nazi and Communist Germany by the Stasi, the Brown Shirts, and the SS- including gang stalking domestic enemies. This is a technological version of those social engineering, “pacification” tactics that they used then. It is also a technical version of the CIA’s Phoenix Program that killed between 25,000 and 40,000+ Vietnamese civilians designated as “threats” to the American takeover of that nation.

1. Jade 2 Computer Software

Jade II computer software is a technology that allows battles to be run by computer not by generals.

What’s in the news re: Jade Helm- is highly sanitized.

Jade 2 system is capable- uses vast sums of information collected on individuals, groups, countries—dumps this information into a HTA (Human Terrain Assessment)-

Human Terrain Assessment (HTA): Once HTA determines norms for behavior and – this is the “Human Domain.” This information can be stored in prodigy module (battle planning module)- this is a military-civilian application. It can create holographic battlefield simulations on the fly.

Case-based reasoning module- adapts its plans to the changing human terrain. Human activities = it can read and measure human emotions.

It can change its own COA (Course of Action) on the fly.

Where’s the central point for data? The GIG (Geographic Information Grid). These data dump centers- Bluffdale, UT-

Force Management Model (developed by MITRE Corps.) Government now perceives American people as its greatest threat. Patriots will be classified as terrorists, and the terrorist government will be deemed patriots. PARKA- can handle complex queiries against large data dumps.

Machine interpretation of commanders’ intent.

One of these papers states: “The system sits on a global information grid, which is a flexible, scalable, and a dynamic architecture in order to support multilateral civilian and military operations.”

Subheading: “The process of sense making in complex human endeavors:”

“This approach uses a set of cognitive constructs that translates tacit knowledge to the focal knowing of the objective world.”

Mind Mapping:

How are they accomplishing this? They are mapping your mind. They are creating these maps with all of the information that’s being collected on everyone regarding every aspect of their lives.

The macro-cognition component of the system is the process of dissecting human domain.

“Cognitive and adaptive learning capabilities” enables it (the machine) to predict intent of “targets” (either the enemy or civilian). And it can predict a range of potential behaviors of the targets. And it does this instantaneously. The system is making the decisions for them.

“For a joint commander to define an instruction set to a civilian or military joint force mission to transform a failing state to an agreed upon non-failing end state is a problem.”

“Rapidly changing dynamics presents a cognitively difficult task for commanders and practitioners”- so the system does that too.

Jade Helm is just a sub-layer or a layer on top of a much larger system that is already in place. (GEOINT – Geospatial Intelligence System).

Jade II AI computer software- it’s all network topography to optimize communication and data transfers. Everything, communications, everything, is tied in to the GIG.

The software is being used now. Another command and control problem is this system is designed to handle is:

“The enemy has always been able to adapt to a rapidly changing environment to hide itself from exposure. In order to adapt itself to combat this problem the kill chain had to be compressed from hours to seconds. The system removes the administrative delay in the kill chain. It has no moral compass, no empathy, or regrets.” (It’s a computer program.)

“The system is designed to achieve dominance in cyberspace, cyber-power, and cyber-strategy. This capability will continue to evolve even though key technical, social, and information trends begin to stabilize. It will capitalize on social engineering for offensive military and civilian operations.”

In other words, this is a technical approach to the (gang stalking) tactics employed in Nazi Germany by the Stasi, the Brown Shirts, and the SS. This is just a technological version of those social engineering tactics they used then.

Jade 2 Crowd Control and Pre-Crime:

Jade 2 has a sophisticated decision-support system for crowd control- to control civil unrest. Jade II’s deployment on the civilian population.

It develops models, predicts future crimes, and formulates courses of action. (I.e., this is Minority Report-type pre-crime technology).

“It’s a self-organizing, vision-capable, expectation-capable, recognition-capable, situationally-aware, emotionally-intelligent, goal-oriented system. The system thinks, plans, and executes.”

The hardware that the system runs on isn’t run of the mill supercomputer. It will run thousands of processors on a single chip.


I read the SOCOM ARSOF pdf which is all over the internet.

I think the secrecy and the creation of fear, anxiety in the public is intentional…. All the public response data is being harvested.

The SOCOM spokesmen say: The area of the exercise/drill encompasses about 25% of the landmass of America, and they will be using 1200 to 1600 special forces troops.

Actually, Jade Helm was used in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2012 and 2013. It was considered a huge success. So this became doctrine, strategy. So the story line that this is a drill is bogus.

Rather, it’s a giant psyop! It could still go live. It creates through secrecy and anxiety- a range of emotional responses on the civilian side and a force management response on the military side. It’s a system roll out. It has been tested in limited in the past. It was tested in Haiti during the EQ. Also used during Hurricane Katrina. So it’s a system rollout.

This has all been planned.

3. GEOINT (Geospatial Intelligence System):

Jade 2 is part of much larger command and control system that goes beyond military applications. It’s called GEOINT; The Geospatial Intelligence Network. It’s everything in Jade 2 and more…. It’s global in scope- and everything regarding the internet, social platforms. ….. If something has the word smart in front of it, for example, smart grid, smart cities, smartphone, smartTV, smartappliances- all of these are plugged into the GIG.

GEOINT is a tool for the proponents of global government in order for them to cast a neural net over humanity. How do you control 7 billion people? If you control the environment they live in, you can control them. GEOINT is a complete, all-encompassing Command and Control system. This program/technology is the end run around humanity’s reluctance to taking RFID microchips. RFID (transmitter-receiver) chips can be removed and disabled. This geospatial intelligence technology surpasses RFID. When people are used as physical geo-located nodes on a network on a human terrain system. How do you remove that? Individuals can be removed as nodes. Just disconnect them. Erase their data and eliminate their connectivity to the GIG. Remove their relationships, communications, and earnings capability.

Moderator (John B. Wells): This is like Stalin on steroids. They’d go into the home and take everything- and effectively erase them from existence.

DJ: The plan is that people will be reduced to the sum total of the data that has been collected on them. How do you remove who you are? What is who you are? It’s everything about your activity. It’s the people you know, your relationships, your hobbies, your activities, etc. They’ve been constructed by this neural net for many years.

This is system is supported and distributed by multinational intelligence collaboration, domestic interagency collaboration (police) by the proponents of global governance.

GEOINT network- Mastering the Human Domain- this phrase appears hundreds of times in this, and in Jade Helm II and in Jade Helm 15.

Human dynamics, human terrain, and human geography. Domestic threat centers. Threat assessment centers are global and an integral part of this program.

ABI (Activity Based Intelligence) gathered from open source data (facebook, linkedin, internet, cloud computing, cloud storage)- activities, transactions (physical and virtual), vulnerabilities and capabilities of individuals and groups across all domains of the operational environment. All collected data- is geo-located to a specific spot on the earth- and tied to you, the node.

The geo-referencing of all data involves concepts of:

Concepts of “data neutrality” and “sequence neutrality”.

The system is able to answer questions that never existed in the first place.

ABI, the driving force behind AI, breaks human domain into 4 kinds of data about the individual: (human network node)

1) biographical data
2) individual activity data
3) relational data
4) contextual data- environment, social interactions, tribal connections,

Obama phone scandal- was means to put required technology into hands of people who couldn’t afford it so that they too could be tracked on the global network. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg- are distributing these phones in sub-Saharan Africa. The plan is to data collect and track every person on the planet- or as many as they can.

GEOINT symposium- “If you’re not collecting all the data, you are not going to get a good human terrain.”

No aspect of privacy in this system.

Jade Helm docs
SOCOM docs- RSoft
GEOINT symposium and papers
Neural Net reports

All these military reports repeatedly use the words “actor.” (Used in psychological operations).

Control the environment….

The system can and will be used to kill people. One symposium speaker said: “That’s the price you pay for the advancement of this technology, and we are willing to pay the price.”

NSA spying is being taken over by GEOINT network and everything plugged into it. GEOINT’s main objective is to achieve centralized command and control over humanity. Every human will become a node and a sensor on the GIG and from a material or physical standpoint, they’ll become a human inventory item.“

The system also collects biometric data- each person has their own (BAPI) biological application program interface- this allows them to circumvent the RFID system. It will develop and execute its own directives based on its interpretation of political will….. (?)

They are not talking about political will of nation states, there won’t be any. They’re talking about the political will of one global centralized government.

Predictive software or AI is at the core of this GEOINT system just like it in charge of Jade 2 software system. Same technology, bigger scope. The change can change natural outcomes of human activity by predicting human behavior and reacting to it before it occurs.

Two technologies can do this: “Edge” and “Elicit” are key components for prediction and reaction. They are referenced in Jade II final report and in 1033 program and in executive order 13684- 21st century policing of America and intelligent led policing II.

“Edge” formulates the final line- the boundaries of the nodes (people) that connect them to other nodes.

“Elicit” is a think tank collaboration for information sharing and trust between law enforcement, community organizers, emergency responders, domestic peacekeeping tools, etc. Elicit platform is the main theme in 1033 program and in Obama’s EO 13684, 21st century policing of America and Intelligent-Led Policing II. This think tank-based initiative is a paramount to the Stasi in Germany with an added dose of network centric technology and military grade equipment being thrown into the mix just for fun. They are referenced in those orders and those policing programs.

4. Solutions/Our response: To Jade Helm: Don’t respond. System responses are triggered by negative emotions. Don’t be afraid, or angry, the system is predicated on the fact that when you are angry or afraid you don’t make good decisions.

GEOINT- you have to get off the technology grid to the best of your abilities. They’ve turned these technologies against us.

To stop this:

We need to unplug the data storage facilities. Bluffdale, Utah and the Fusion Centers.
We need to erase the data.
Data sweepers like GWEN towers need to be disabled, jammed.
We need to starve the system of data.
Drones are connected to Jade Helm II- take their orders from there.

Jade Helm has been running for quite some time.

1033 program,
21st century policing, Exec. Order, 13684

Advice: Smile, be kind, stay calm, generate good, positive emotions, find spiritual center.

II. Explosive Findings About the Purpose and Scope of Jade Helm 15 (June 25, 2015), Hagmann Report

Interview with DJ (Welsh):

I. Jade Helm 15 is military-paramilitary exercise. DJ’s research is unparalleled; she has read many relevant military docs and papers.

DJ Welsh: Jade 2 system (in Jade Helm 15) is an AI quantum computing system that can identify or eliminate targets, insurgents, rebels in a netric-centric warfare environment. It will not be battles directed by generals- Jade II is a network centric software system at the helm.

This total Command & Control system has multiple purposes. Information has been highly sanitized.

Jade 2 system can use vast amounts of data collected on individuals. It dumps the information into a module; the Human Terrain System (HTS). This determines behavioral parameters/norms and the establishment of these parameters is the “human domain.” Once it establishes that, it can identify and eliminate threats based on deviations from the norms.

It uses thousands of remote sensors to change or re-write it’s own program parameters. It stores these in the Prodigy module which can be retrieved at any time for any purpose.

It is a “human inventory system.” It is a knowledge data-driven based AI driven- civil-military system. The AI can develop complex battle plans in seconds. Deployment planning starts with receipt of a mission statement. This is run through a Case-Based Reasoning Module (CBR) which is adaptive to the human domain, based on changes in human activity; so-called (HBA) Human-based Activity.

The system can identify human emotions. The netflix series “Revolution” gets pretty close to what’s going on.

The MITRE Corps, in McLean, VA, is an NGO (non-governmental organization) connected to the Jason Group. It is a front for government research,

PARKA- Another module of Jade Helm, handles complex queiries on the NSA data dumps. The NSA is collecting everything. But Metatags only have value if they are indexed to larger information sources. Deception through misdirection.

Jade 2 predicts conflicts and pre-empts them. It can be applied to pre-eminent cases of social unrest. It makes decisions re: casualties and targets in relation to mission objectives. And JADE 2 takes responsibility for its actions.

JADE HELM sits on the GIG (global information grid), which is flexible and scalable, to support multi-lateral military operations.

They are mapping your mind. Macro-cognition- it can predict intent in adversary or target- and formulate a preemptive response.

It can disrupt communications, and reduce, or choke-off, band widths of devices.

To counter to adaptations of “the enemy,” the kill chain has to be compressed from hours to seconds. The system has no moral compass, empathy, or regrets.

Intended to obtain dominance in cyberspace. And it uses the adaptive learning function of AI.

The hardware system of Jade 2 runs on thousands of processors on a single chip.

Minority Report’s pre-crime technology.

Jade Helm uses NATO’s “Human View” Products.

Jade 2- AI-self-organizing, vision-capable, recognition-capable, goal-oriented system.

America is the battlefield and we are the enemy.

The Jade Helm exercise probably actually involves the harvesting of data re: people’s concerns about the exercise.

Jade Helm was used in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2012 and 2013. It was touted as a huge success. When military successfully performs an operation it becomes a warfare doctrine or strategy.

Why is Jade Helm being conducted? It is a giant psyop. It could still go live. Perhaps a major goal was to create a range of emotional responses on the civilian side. They want to be able to determine how well they can socially engineer the public before an event occurs.

This system was also tested in Haiti during the EQ and during Hurricane Katrina (proving these events were geoengineered!!!!).

It is a system rollout- to see how well it performs over a large geographic area.

9/11, London 7/7 bombing, were all drills that went live.

Backbone of Jade Helm 15 is Jade 2- an AI quantum programming network system.

This is part of a bigger system that goes beyond military applications. It is global in scope- it is network centered. It is GEOINT- Geospatial Intelligence Network.

There is no one command and control for this global network any more- it is a tool for the proponents of global governance to cast a neural net over humanity.

It is a complete all encompassing C2 system. This is the way around humanity’s resistance to RFID is overcome. RFID is transmitter and receiver.

When people are used as physical nodes on a human terrain system, how do you remove that?

People will be reduced to the sum total of the data that has been collected on them. How do you remove the person you are? Your travel, transportation habits, etc. This system is being supported and distributed by a domestic interagency collaboration.

2. GEOINT symposium 2010- GEOINT intends to master the human domain. Domestic threat (fusion) centers are global and they are an integral part of this program. They will be exploring the dynamics.

To do this, they will use ABI (Activity Based Intelligence) gathered from open source data, including facebook, linkedin, cell phones, etc.

All data is located to specific spot on the earth (geo-referencing).

Data neutrality- all data is equally viable in analytic process of ABI.

When OBAMA handed out free phones- he was giving these poor people the technology so they could be tracked. Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are likewise giving away these technologies in 3rd world countries in Africa… The goal is track everyone. Bill Gates has been giving computers to Indians on reservations.

System can be and will be used to kill people. System can deliver orders to boots on the ground. People will become human nodes on this geospatial intelligence network. If you can’t buy, sell, work, obtain life essentials that you need- you will be doomed.

How do you control 7 billion people? Through complete command and control of the environment they exist in?

They can unplug you from the network. NSA data collection is being taken over behind the scenes by GEOINT- to achieve centralized control over humanity.

People become “human inventory item.” The system has been collecting biometric data on everyone. So that everyone will have their unique fingerprint- based on biometric data.

Measures political will of one global centralized government.

The system can change outcomes of behavior by predicting outcomes and reacting to it before they occur.

“Edge”- is a system-network node…. Edge uses the concept of a perimeter around each node on the network. I.e., your node has data perimeter where it touches on other nodes.

“Elicit”- system pertains to gaining the “hearts and minds” of the people. (Much like Phoenix program).

The GEOINT system changes the emphasis from nations to individuals. The lines between government and military have been removed.

3) US SOCOM ARSOF (2012) Command And Control of the Human Domain- document-

Why all this effort?

1) They are losing their grip.
2) People are awakening at an accelerated pace.
3) Propaganda machines are breaking down.

4) Who’s Behind This?

Who is on the board? At the helm of all this….. costs trillions of dollars.

Eric Schmidt- Exec. Chairman Google
Peter Thiel- CEO of Paypal
Them Jacobs- CEO of Lazard

Rationing to max profits of companies. Need to collect all commercial data on the planet.

Jade Helm is a system rollout. They want to put the AI at the Helm and see how it reacts. It will monitor the civilian as well as the military aspects of this.

They’re mapping our minds, emotional and behavioral patterns.

CERN will be fired up during the exercise. Quantum computing works on the realm of physics that we know little about- and that is what CERN is experimenting with.

CERN is looking for how to map or model consciousness. What is it? How does it operate? What is the soul? How do we master the answer to these questions?

III. GEOINT (U.S. Geospatial Intelligence Foundation): Casting a Neural Net on All Humanity (DJ Welsh)

Supported and distributed through multi-national intelligence collaboration, interagency intelligence collaboration by the proponents of global governance.

Some high points of (2010) 2 hr. video symposium GEOINT: “Mastering the Human Domain”

Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) intends to master the human domain through concepts of human terrain, human dynamics and human geography. Threat (fusion) centers are integral parts of the system. Exploiting human geography of a region

Will use social networking platforms, face book, linked in, cell phones, to obtain information on everyone.

Decodes coded information to find the signal in the noise. It tracks all aspects of all nodes on the network (GIG- network centric system). Human geographers work in this.

Who is in charge? The documents state that: Too many people are involved in government and military decision-making. An AI-based network GEOINT system will be put in charge. Putin was the chair of Geospatial intelligence in Russia. Russia will also be using this system as a geopolitical force. GEOINT is now being used to kill people there.

Re: collateral damage: One insider stated: “It is the price you pay for advancement of this technology, and we’re willing to make those sacrifices.”

Douglas Weinstein states there’s a growing need for more data collection to better define the human dimension and sharing and communication. The system is intended to “Centralize Command and Control of Humanity.”

The system depicts crisis and pre-crisis action.

Geospatial intelligence moves the military aspect of Jade Helm 2 to the private and public sectors of global society for the purpose of “mastering the human domain.” Not just from military standpoint but from the network centric or material point of view. Every human becomes a node on network and a “human inventory item.”

System collects biometric data on everyone. Humans will be used as sensors in the network in addition to remote sensing devices. The system has the ability to identify political will- government casting neural net on humanity.

The system harvests all commercial data…. Banking and purchasing practices. This could be an important tool or weapon for TPP.

The Geospatial Intelligence Foundation Group was formed as a non-profit in 2004. YPG- government is beginning to shift how it does business.

90 + companies are involved in developing the technologies to master the human domain. These include:

1) Leidos Corps (data analytics, logrhythmic analytics for dirty data dumps such as NSA data at Bluffdale, Utah). They use dirt boxes to collect cell phone information.

2) IBM- uses Apple technology- for cognitive analytics,

3) ICG- developed LUX, real-time software capable of digesting vast amounts of data and performing analytics on the fly, can change outcomes of naturally occurring events.

4) Digital Reasoning Foundation- they identify relationships (edges) of individuals (nodes) has developed cognitive machine learning technology- it interprets intent.

5) BAE systems. Developing technology to handle huge data dumps. Using ABI (Activity Based Intelligence)- a larger dimension of the human domain… Will collect ABI from use of social media.

6) Cognitio Corp. Makes on the fly analyses of vast sums of data and drives that information to the government. Cognitive software capabilities.

(NSA is being taken over by this computer system- GEOINT)

ABI (Activity Based Intelligence)- used to develop the understanding of the patterns of life; to collect, characterize, and locate activities and transactions, identify individuals conducting activities, develop a pattern of life, threat response, focus on patterns of relationships between nodes (people), these patterns also apply across cyber, social, financial domains.

All collected data is indexed to a spot on the earth (geo-referencing). Data-neutrality- all data sources are equally viable for analytics. Sequence neutrality- data often hold the answer to a question that has not been asked.

Multi-intelligence- changes in warfare, increasing flood of sensors, data growth,

Human Domain Analytics (HDA) –

Predicting Activities Before They Happen.

Intelligent-Led Policing II.

Shift from concentration on nation states to smaller groups, to individuals. (Put the clamp down on people before anything happens).

The “human domain” is very important to ABI. Predictive intelligence-forecasting human activity. 1) biographical information, 2) what you do, 3) relational, who you know, 4) contextual, information about the context in which you the node are found, demographics, political environment, tribal customs, religions.

Collect information on travel, movement of physical assets,

IV. C2M with John B. Wells and DJ Welch of Level 9 News Episode 581- August 4, 2016

Jade Helm is autonomous warfare tech.

Pentagon document released: 53 pages. Human System Roadmap Review: HSCOI: Human System Community of Interest= Jade 2. Version 2.0

In 2015, it was about Martial Law- or more likely a system rollout for an autonomous warfare system based on AI.

They are now stating this is what they are going to be doing. They will use all forms of communication- especially social media- as targeting telemetry for potential human threats.

Jade 2: “Integrated Simulation for Experimentation and Training On Civilian Populations.”

Activity Based Intelligence (ABI) version 2.0 of battle plan to Master the Human Domain.

Humans won’t be able to react fast enough to counter the AI machine actions. These electronic operations include cyber warfare, the internet of things (IoT), GIG, etc.

Google’s project Loon. Has to do with the transfer of information and energy simultaneously. Everyone will have a digital profile and we’ll all be categorized into desirable and undesirable groups.

One criteria will be “threat level”…. Which in practice refers to threat level to continuity of government (COG)- aka one world government.

Total C2 (Command and Control) Technocratic Rule. They are taking decision making and handing over to AI systems.

Collateral damage cannot be accountable to machines the same way it is to human warfighters and commanders. Damage by machine is not prosecutable.

This is already rolled out. HSCOI (Human System Community of Interest= Jade 2. Version 2.0) is fully funded through 2021 and 2025 and some cases, beyond. Where is all the money going? Here..

Computational models – systems have total situational awareness. Can manufacture mainstream broadcasts on the fly.

Lethal autonomous weapons- can mimic human thought and action-reaction process- and they can predict it.

BMI (Brain-machine-interfaces) with soldiers on the battlefield to make them more like superhuman.

So we will be moving to total C2 Technocratic Rule.

Jade Helm 2 (GIG software) did massive data collection…. This came from every conceivable source. To identify all human “threats.” They found they needed more computing power- Obama put out EOs on high power computing and his brain initiative. To get hardware platforms they needed for this program to run at optimum effectiveness.

Their term: all “Human threats”- the biggest threat to COG is the people themselves.

AI can look at multiple things simultaneously. Machine intelligence works through pattern recognition. Military personnel will be responsible for changing flesh and blood people into “military inventory.”

Military report: “We’re moving from a strategy based to a technology based military force and in this scenario reduced human intervention is classified as a force multiplier.

Lethally autonomous weapons Based intelligence in a Swarm deployment

This can’t end well. Who is enhancing, deploying, DARPA, IARPA, BBN, all the usual players.. with new technologies- always determined to find ways to turn these technologies into a weapon?

This system will target and eliminate threats, including civilians based on tweets, texts, blogs, photos, audio files, video, websites, podcasts, data. Will now use social media analytics to make kill decisions with little to no human interaction.

Swarm-based technology operating on hive mind platforms electronic warfare will be a key focus in this neuro-electronic warfare theater.

So when you have the main brain, or the hive mind, making decisions that then simultaneously go out to air-, land-, sea-based drones.

So if you have a glitch in the hive mind program, this could case major collateral damage. Portions of these programs are already fully funded… the majority will be fully funded and operational within 15 years. I believe that many of phases of HSCOI operations are already operational and they will be fully autonomous within 5 years or less.

These systems will independently determine the acceptable levels of collateral damage.

Based on mission analysis these systems will determine the level of lethal force.

The NSA data collection is all devoted to rolling out the global C2 system which has the objective to master the human domain.

It’s not unstoppable…..

Communication infrastructure can be destroyed, taken out, without affecting the communication’s ability to operate. Decentralized control

These systems talk goal-directed autonomy requires AI to reprogram themselves- including target identification and assessment at will.

V. DJ Welch- on the Coming AI Takeover- the Hagmann Report 4/11/17

“Mark of the Beast” = internet, IoT, GIG, 5G, microchips, creating huge all-encompassing planetary neural network. 5G is expansion of the global grid.

Google project Loon. Bring internet connectivity to 3rd world countries. Microsat- Geospatial engineering… Elon Musk says he is against proliferation of AI, but he has been developing these technologies.(?!)

The goal is to get everyone connected through the internet. We are supposed to be human nodes on a network….. once you have been unplugged- and no longer are a part of it you doesn’t exist anymore.

Is this Fallen Angel technology?