High Treason By America’s Military and Intelligence Agencies (NO SURPRISE TO “TIs”)

Webmaster Comment: The fourth video below (IV) has enormous relevance to understanding the global stalking operations. This ex-special forces (Green Beret) was targeted and approached by FBI agents who tried to recruit him to infiltrate and betray patriotic Americans. He understands the nature of the unconventional warfare being waged by 5th column groups against the United States of America.

I. BOMBSHELL: General Milley Personally Responsible For BLM Riots (June 25, 2021)


II. Does This Video Show Undercover Special Ops Breaking Windows On January 6th?


III. FBI Has Moved Into Ruthless New Phase Of Political Persecution


IV. BREAKING: FBI Attempts To Recruit Former Green Beret to Infiltrate Oath Keepers, Proudboys, PRE 1/6!


V. Pelosi and High Ranking General Exposed In January 6th Set Up