Karen Green TI Statement (March 8, 2020)

Organized crimes, police corruption, contracted harassment/ assaults domestic terrorism.. criminal network

Here’s a list of the people, city/ government agencies, contractors, companies, responsible for these crimes in Cambria Heights Queens, NY ,Abuse of power, misconduct, non consensual human experimentation, Domestic terrorism ,human trafficking ,contract stalking, property extortion, property damage, financial sabotage, financial monitoring, mortgage servicing fraud, false information reporting to credit bureaus, mail theft, identity theft, The NYDepartment of Motor vehicles for creating licenses for identity theft & fraud crimes, cyberstalking/ cybercrime,downloading malware onto my devices, Lockheed Martin dropping poisons onto my roof all day, everyday, drones, and satellites directed at my house, treason, bank fraud, community mobbing, racketeering, wiretapping, cyberstalking, electronic harassment, illegally accessing my computer network and devices, using TLC vehicles, Ubers, city , service vehicles, government vehicles & their fleet tracking systems to illegally track my vehicles and aid other criminals involved in these crimes of contracted stalking and harassment, fake investigations, recruiting other participants, and other Organized crimes and their criminal networks of businesses and affiliates

NYPD, #105 th& 113th precinct & Nassau County Police
Emery Perry Private Investigator 114-69 227street organizers/ recruiters

Krista & Phil Nut Howard 114-104 227street Organizers / recruiters

Morris , Linda, Tahara, Tonya Johnson CO @Rikers 114-99 227street recruiters

Micheal & Eudina (city employee) Boodie social worker child services 114-108 227street recruiters

Nathohya & Jeliose Boodie 114-108 227street

Josaine & Elsie czayowsky 114-107 227street recruiters
Eatmans 114- 100 227street
Cutlers 114-95 227street recruiters

Hazel & Compton Williams 114-96 227street
114-94 227street
114-98 227street

Tiffany Clark Taxi Limousine Commission

Lockheed Martin video of dropping posions onto my roof https://youtu.be/nv6GYj9cGDo

Fed Ex
General Motors
Verizon fleet tracking
MCU credit union elmont branch,
Loan care mortgage LLC,New Residential Mortagage LLC, New Rez Loan LLC
Capital one Bank Queens villiage by 105 th precinct

There’s also a couple of attached houses on 114 & 228th the exact addressI believe is 114-16 228th st Cambria Heights ny 11411

that’s also being used for terrorism Phil Howard , Johnson, and other recruits are sent there to electronically harass me ..shoot directed energy weapons; microwave weapons, frequencies lasers, from the ajar windows and to store weapons and ammo.
Please note that these criminals are also changing my emails, texts, and social media messages ,
Sent TWH on 1/25/2020 @139am
Sent TWH on 3/8/2020 @720pm

The Petition to Demand DOJ investigate their employees & contractors crimes of misconduct, abuse of power ,domestic terrorism , Hate, extortion, harassment, electronic harassment, etc

Created Feb 20, 2020 And intercepted by Phillip & Krista Howard, Morris Johnson,

I’m a Law abiding citizen, never been into trouble with the law. However, it’s now going on three years now ..I started reaching out to the DOJ.. to stop what I now know is contracted harassment, stalking, community oriented policing aka domestic terrorism and electronic harassment with the main perps being NYPD Nassau county , high ranking officials, DOJ employees, and contractors. Here’s the revised complaint down below that I sent at least 3 times .I’m not sure that it wasn’t intercepted because I didn’t receive an instant e- mail confirmation..and the response back was one saying that the complaint wasn’t about DOJ employees and or contractors or crimes that they investigate..when in Every one of my complaints I included that FBI agents,DOJ officials and Lockheed Martin (a contractor of DOJ )were involved ..

The response every time was that my complaint wasn’t something that they would be able to investigate …Even though I have proof that DOJ and it’s contractors are involved.the address of one of the organizers I deleted.
Feb 19, 2020

This is to inform you that the my first complaints did in fact include a complaint about Dept. of Justice employees and Contractors and high ranking officials maybe not all by name … However… but how could the NYPD be involved in crimes of this magnitude without the knowledge of their commander? I have pictures of being stalked with The stalkers driving cars with the Department of Justice license plates, I have pictures of Fbi officials with license plates displaying fbi on them…How can any dept. that is supposed to be about protecting its American citizens …but are involved in crime and acts of harassment, 24/7 surveillance, extortion, terrorism, recruiting other C.O.P.S. Community oriented policing and others to also participate in these crimes of hate and terrorism NOT affect proper functioning of programs etc? Lockheed Martin, And Fed Ex which are contracted by the DOJ was listed in my prior complaints but maybe they were over looked by the other names… So I will leave those names out … And focus mainly on
Lockheed Martin’s all day and night flying low over my home dropping poisons / toxins onto my roof , spy drones and other unmanned vehicles like satellites are being used to spy and invade my privacy and cause harm… while the FBI has a long list of wanted criminals and REAL terrorists that they are NOT or simply can not focus on locating them .simply because they are too busy engaging in terrorism and other crimes that I’ve already mentioned. Fed Ex has also been engaging in criminal behavior…using their trucks to illegally track my personal vehicles ( with their fleet tracking systems) for the sole purpose to harass and to assist others that are involved .I have tons of video and pictures of them committing these acts as well. In my other complaints ,a link of a video of Lockheed Martin’s crimes of domestic terrorism was included…I will add it again.

As I am typing this ..I can hear the white van that is ALWAYS parked near my house give a signal with his horn …which also brings me to the fact that my personal , & financial information is also illegally spied on by not only these agents but also by my neighbors who are also involved in community mobbing,racketeering,identity fraud, mail fraud, domestic terrorism crimes and more. One in particular neighbor is said to be related to a Nassau county high ranking police/government official.

His name is Phillip Howard of ———————-Cambria Heights NY..he has been continuously involved in these crimes against me. I also believe that Emery Perry a Private Investigator May be a sub contractor and He as well is also heavily involved. Here’s the link of Lockheed Martin video that I filmed of Lockheed committing treason, domestic terrorism against myself a law abiding American citizen.

Please consider not just the Contractors of DOJ..Lockheed Martin And Fed Ex for these crimes , abuses of power, waste etc…but also the other information given here.
Thank you