Julian Assange: Targeted & Tortured For Truth-Telling By Four Nations (US, UK, Sweden, & Ecuador): Review of New Book By Nils Melzer, UN Rapporteur on Torture

Webmaster Comment: UN Torture expert, Nils Melzer’s new book, “The Case of Julian Assange” documents the state-sponsored torture and targeting of Wikileaks publisher and truth-teller, Julian Assange. Melzer’s book is reviewed below in “Worse Than the Dreyfuss Affair: the Persecution of Julian Assange” by Alfred De Zayas. This book and the related article could possibly comprise small but important steps toward exposing and defeating the international spy-war-police killing machine now targeting and torturing millions of innocent civilians around the world in what also amounts to the worldwide state-sponsored torture, terrorization, and targeting of innocent civilians.

However, note that Melzer’s or De Zayas’ rather innocuous titles do not indicate that these authors understand or are ready to acknowledge that the state-sponsored targeting and torture of Julian Assange could be related to the wholesale state-sponsored targeting and torturing of millions of innocent civilians around the world which is proceeding today. Indeed, the focus is entirely on Assange’s plight. Thus, this book and article could function as a typical CIA-style “limited hangout,” kind of like an ideological vaccine inoculation. In that case, those who are targeted and tortured by the International Stasi State (NSA Global Spy Network aka National Security Racketeering Network) such as myself have the responsibility to draw these larger connections.

Speaking very optimistically, when and if Assange is freed from his electronic-psychological-and physical prison confines, he could be our (Targeted Individuals’) ambassador and witness to the world. Also, optimistically speaking, it is conceivable that Professor Nils Melzer could leverage his position and influence in the United Nations to foster a series of new international Nuremberg Trials dedicated to exposing and punishing those responsible for these heinous and despicable crimes against humanity.

In this highly optimistic scenario, Nuremberg 2.0-A legal proceedings should probably BEGIN where the first Nuremberg Trials ended, that is, with investigation and punishment of those engaged in post Nuremberg 1.0 (1946) state-sponsored torturing, killing, and non-consensual medical experimentation on human test subjects. This would certainly include investigation of the activities surrounding the US-UK Macy-Ratio Conferences and the US military and CIA’s MKULTRA-medical-engineering-mind and behavioral control programs and operations.

Nuremberg 2.0-B proceedings should concern itself with prosecuting the architects and implementors of the ongoing international civilian targeting and torture system often referred to as “ganstalking-electronic torture-nonconsensual human experimentation. These are operations are here dubbd 5G, for Global Government Gangstalking-Genocide GESTAPO. All levels of this criminal international civilian targeting system are now more or less understood and exposed on this and other websites!

Nurmeberg 2.0-C proceedings should focus on prosecuting the known perpetrators of:

1) the JFK assassination (there may be a few still alive),
2) 9/11 (Bush II, Cheney, neo-cons, Israeli perps, etc.),
3) the phony War on Terror and related and embedded gangstalking-targeting programs to neutralize “dissenters” (ditto above with top NSA, CIA, military and Congressional partners of the National Security Racketeering Network aka NSA Global Spy Network), and
4) the ongoing Covid Bio-terrorism-Nazi frankenshot-passport depopulation-transhumanism-mass enslavement program (Federal Reserve governors, Stanley Fischer, Larry Fink, Cheney, Gates, Fauci, Soros, Trump, Biden, corporate-Big Pharma-medical establishment, etc.)

Many knowledgeable sources now conclude that all of these coups-crimes against humanity are elements of the same plan to overthrow all democratic nations and establish an Antichrist post-human-fascist/communist dictatorship. It will be important to establish this larger context for these increasingly monumental war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Worse Than the Dreyfuss Affair: the Persecution of Julian Assange

by Alfred de Zayas

The Persecution (And Torture) of Julian Assange, Truth Teller and Freedom Fighter

It may appear unnecessary to repeat the truism that democracy depends on transparency and accountability, and yet, how often has the democratic order been betrayed by our leaders in the recent past? How often have the media abandoned their watchdog function, how often have they simply accepted the role of an echo-chamber for the powerful, whether government or transnational corporations?

Among the many scandals and betrayals of democracy and the rule of law we recognize the persecution of inconvenient journalists by governments and their helpers in the media. Perhaps the most scandalous and immoral example of the multinational corruption of the rule of law is the “lawfare” conducted against Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, who in the year 2010 uncovered war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the United States and its NATO allies in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In a world where the rule of law matters, these war crimes would have been promptly investigated, indictments would have been issued in the countries concerned. But no, the ire of the governments and the media focused instead on the journalist who had dared to uncover these crimes. The persecution of this journalist was a coordinated assault on the rule of law by the United States, United Kingdom and Sweden, later joined by Ecuador. The instrumentalization of the administration of justice – not for purposes of doing justice, but to destroy a human being pulled more and more people into a joint-criminal conspiracy of defamation, trumped-up charges, investigations without indictment, deliberate delays and covers-up.

In April 2021 my colleague, Professor Nils Melzer, the UN Rapporteur on torture, published a meticulously researched and methodically unassailable documentation of this almost incredible saga. His book, The Case of Julian Assange (Piper Verlag, München 2021), can well be called the “J’accuse” of our time, reminding us how our authorities have betrayed us, how four governments colluded in the corruption of the rule of law. Like Emile Zola, who in 1898 exposed the web of lies surrounding the scandalous judicial framing of the French Colonel Alfred Dreyfuss in France, Nils Melzer shocks us 122 years later with proof of how countries that are ostensibly committed to the rule of law and human rights can betray the democratic ethos with the complicity of the mainstream media. Melzer writes about “concrete evidence of political persecution, gross arbitrariness on the part of the administration of justice and deliberate torture and abuse.”

This is an enormously important book because it requires us to abandon our “comfort zone” and demand transparency and accountability from our governments. Indeed, it is scandalous that none of the four governments involved in the frame-up cooperated with Professor Melzer and only answered with “political platitudes.” Me too, I experienced the same lack of cooperation from powerful countries to whom I addressed notes verbales concerning violations of human rights – none of them responded satisfactorily.

Melzer reminds us of Hans-Christian Andersen’s fable “The Emperor’s new clothes”. Indeed, everyone involved in the Assange frame-up consistently maintains the illusion of legality and repeats the same untruths, until an observer says – but the emperor has no clothes! That is the point. Our administration of justice has no clothes and instead of advancing justice, it colludes in the persecution of a journalist, with all the implications that this behaviour has for the survival of the democratic order.

Melzer convinces us with facts that we are living in a time of “post-truth”, and that it is our responsibility to correct this situation now, lest we wake up in a tyranny.

Alfred de Zayas is a professor at the Geneva School of Diplomacy and served as a UN Independent Expert on the Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order 2012-18.