“CRIME OF THE CENTURY” TACITLY ACKNOWLEDGED: The Neuroweapons And “Dark Network Supply Chains” Used In “Man-Hunting Business” (aka GANGSTALKING) By Dr. James Canton (Video, Transcription, and My Commentary)

Webmaster Comment: This post includes my transcribed notes of an extremely important and informative presentation by Dr. James Canton, military contractor, and CEO and Founder of Globalinc, which is featured between 35:00 and 1:20:00 in the following video:

Webmaster’s Summary: Presentations at a “Sofwerx” Conference in the first part of the video by Dr. James Canton, Dr. James Giordano and two other experts focus on the neuroweapons and neurotechnologies deployed against American State Department employees at the Cuba and China embassies in the past few years. While these experts describe and assess these weapons, they do not acknowledge that the same weapons are being covertly deployed worldwide against “targeted individuals” in what Canton refers to as the “Man-Hunting Business.” Indeed, research by Cheryl Welsh and others prove that governments have covertly deployed these weapons against innocent, non-consenting civilians since at least 1955!

Talks by Drs. Canton and Giordano and two others at a Sofwerx conference, in my opinion, amount to “limited hangout” “confessions” which feature somewhat disingenuous, almost “tongue-in-cheek” analyses of the recent DEW (directed energy weapons) attacks on American diplomats in Cuba and China. I say “tongue-in-cheek” because these individuals must know what actually occurred and who carried out the attacks.

Again, based on a critical mass of research presented on this website, I surmise that these experts are aware of ongoing, illegal, global, stalking-targeting and neuroweapons testing operations and, indeed, are involved in them. Yet they continue to play a double game; on the one hand admitting what is happening, and on the other hand, denying that governments and their subcontractors have carried out these kinds of global, covert operations for nearly 70 years!

Why? Because these operations comprise “crimes against humanity” that violate innumerable laws and the constitutionally-guaranteed civil rights of innocent civilian “targets”/victims/lab rat-test subjects. If governments were to be held legally and financially liable for the harm they have inflicted on their own citizens, it would bankrupt them, both financially and in terms of their perceived legitimacy. This is the scale and severity of their crimes. For this reason, these experts, who are also probably complicit in these ongoing atrocities, continue to cover up these crimes and protect the guilty parties- the military-intelligence-industrial complex.

As a “targeted individual” myself, and a former university professor who has studied this phenomenon for many years, I believe the exposure of these crimes and FULL financial restitution to victims is pre-requisite to the survival of the American Republic and Western civilization itself.

At the end of this post, I explore the implications of Drs. Canton and Giordano’s presentations to other themes addressed in the above video.

Webmaster’s Summary/Transcriptions of Information Presented by Drs. James Giordano and James Canton at a Brainwave Science conference sponsored by SOFWERX,

1) Dr. James Giordano: Dept. of Neurology and Biochemistry, Georgetown University, Washington, DC., Center for Neurotechnology at Potomac Institute

Title of Presentation: “Embassy Encephalopathy”: Induced Hearing Loss, Cognitive Dysfunction and Neuropathological Changes- Possible Causes, Mechanisms, and Effects”

Dr. James Giordano: “My work is in “neuroweaponology:” Back in 2006 and 2007 we developed a paradigm by which neuroscience could be weaponized and we assessed that on the world stage.

Our work in 2009 and 2010 demonstrated neuroscience was already being weaponized. By 2014, the National Research Council re-convened and announced that neuroscience was weaponized and being used globally.

These are “weapons of mass disruption”….. Disruption can be on level of the individual and wider.

The embassy attacks were probably not an incidental event.”

Here is what Dr. James Giordano, Professor of Neuroscience, Georgetown University, and DARPA/U.S. Army Consultant, stated in a lecture entitled: “Brain Science from Bench to Battlefield: The Realities – and Risks – of Neuroweapons” Aug 29, 2017

“Neuroscience captures $175 billion dollars annual market space…. The brain is the next battlespace….

We are targeting the brain…. We need to recon (the) target area (i.e., the domestic population) in order to: 1) acquire viable targets and 2) avoid collateral damage. Like (in) any race, the morbidity and mortality, going at this speed… is real.

We are tracking neurological or brain signatures of key targeted individuals that are thought to represent whole groups. If I understand how his or her brain works and do this on a broad enough scale, I can develop patterns and I can use this in ways that informs my intelligence; this force multiplies and synergizes my human intelligence (HUMINT), my signals intelligence (SIGINT), and my communications intelligence (COMINT). NEURINT (Neuro intelligence) coupled with assessment and access gives me these capabilities….

I can utilize neuro-pharmacologics and various forms of brain stimulation to extract information from key intelligence targets.”

Dr. Giordano has served as Senior Science Advisory Fellow of the Strategic Multilayer Assessment Branch of the Joint Staff of the Pentagon and as an appointed member of the Neuroethics, Legal and Social Issues (NELSI) Advisory Panel of the Defense Advanced Research Projects’ Agency (DARPA)

In the following talk, Dr. James Canton acknowledges that he has worked closely with Dr. Giordano in the Potomac Institute.

2) Dr. James Canton

Presentation Title: “The NeuroFuture: Emerging Technologies, Actors, and Geopolitics”

Dr. James Canton is CEO and Chairman of Globalinc. He runs a think tank, Institute For Global Futures, founded in 1990; he advises Fortune 1000 companies and governments, Advanced S&T Futures, and he formerly worked at Apple.

Our Mission is to Enhance Future Readiness, Involved in Deterrence and Strategic Awareness

In terms of these embassy attacks: What is the upside and for who? Who might be interested and why?

Lack of imagination is the enemy of future readiness and those who are involved in deterrence and strategic awareness know the implications of that. Is it possible that neurotech could contribute to a new threat domain where the only enemy is a lack of imagination? Many of our worldwide clients are in the audience today.

I’ll frame out for you the big picture of what neurotechnology looks like. We’ve been focusing on the incidents in Cuba. But we really want to know where has this technology been and where do we think it’s going? This is a model that came out of some work that was paid for by NSF over the past decade.

Neurotechnology: What are the top, exponential technologies that are game changer technologies for our civilization that affect everything from health care to defense to manufacturing? Our group identified these as: Nano, bio, IT, and neurotechnology, and later I added, quantum as another strategic technology that would yield massive new opportunities….

These game changer technologies that create massive opportunities, each has “dual use” (which here means, they have light and dark sides). We are talking about manipulation of atoms, neurons, that will shape our future.

Manipulation of these emerging technologies will shape likely future decades and centuries of our civilization.

We can use these to enhance human performance.

Neural nets at the core of AI involve over a trillion dollars of financial trading.

NSF (National Science Foundation) has been looking into 5 key technologies; the manipulation of genes, atoms, bits, qubits, neuro, and info…. In order to look at all these together, we have to change the way we look at science.

Neurotech: We’ve been looking at neural nets at the core of AI. How do we think of all these technologies together?

We are all living in “Moore’s Law”- Moore’s hypothesis is that computer technology doubles in power every 18 months. And the cost of that power is also being halved in that amount of time.

Now we all live in Neuro-Moore’s law. We have ever-shrinking, ever-more powerful devices. (Referring to the attacks on American diplomats at the Cuban and Chinese embassies) what are the diagnostics and devices we need to interdict and prevent these kinds of attacks? We need monitoring and sensing devices.

Sensors alert through the icloud…. Then we interdict it. That’s an operational deployment. We are looking at the proliferation of these 5 key technologies; nano, bio, IT, neuro, atomic.

Advanced neuro devices include “soft” and “hard” neuroweapons.

(By the way, Crisper is a technology for doing genetic engineering…. The skill set required is operating a video game.)

(ETK note: Likewise, according whistleblower, Bryan Kofron, the skill set required to track and target civilians (“TIs”) is operating a video game much like “The Sims.”)

We are living in the proliferation of 30 different technologies. These are all accelerated exponential technologies.

There are two parts of Neurotechology: The first is the “soft” or “nonlethal” dimension. This creates dysfunctionality and cognitive impairment, inability to make good decisions, dizziness, health effects. This is a weapons system to create cognitive impairment.

The second is the “hard” dimension refers to killing people.

The issue of non-lethality (as per “nonlethal weapons”) is associated with neurotechnology.

The American officials attacked in the embassies in Cuba and China were attacked to demonstrate a proof of concept, that is, to demonstrate an operational, deployed capability of soft, non-lethal, neuroweapons that could “take them out of the game.”

Soft neurotech (these non-lethal weapons) have many possibilities in “hybrid conflicts”…. And these are now available. This is the new reality. These weapons have been deployed… these attacks were targeted and purposeful.

Now the issues are deterrence, prevention, diagnostics.

So neuro is likely a game changer, and it has much larger impact domains when it’s in the wild.

(ETK (Webmaster) Comment: Certainly, this is true for “targeted individuals”. Let’s bring on the detection, deterrence and prevention technologies!)

The implications of neurotech for our “Neurofutures” include: These can be used to create enhanced humans, enhanced minds (neuro-enhancements), avatars, and advances in medicine, education, quantum, defense, AI, Bio, smart networks, entertainment, media, virtual minds.

It is a much larger phenomenon in terms of impact domains when it is in the wild.

We model neuronal interactions. There are tremendous opportunities.

There are a hundred companies working to defeat aging. These especially have to do with cognitive dysfunctionality and decline.

We’re in an era where cognitive fitness is a capability that we will all need. So neurotech can be a deliverable…. So we can enhance longevity and health, and these technologies can the other side is it can also be weaponized (the dark side), bio-nano-memetics…. parallel phenomenon, by modeling robotics on nature.

Neuronal self-assembly and nano-technology…. one of the factors of neuro-science – We helped create the revolution of nano-technology. The dark side is the weaponization of these technologies.

I was the first private sector advisor to the interagency working group on nano-technology, With NSF we helped create the world of nano-tech under President Clinton and then under President Bush. We funded the formation of an entirely new domain. This creates a new market place and the dark side, the weaponization of neuroscience.

Neuro-reprogramming is the likely driver for defeating age-related diseases; to revitalize and rejuvenate even your brain.

Neurotechnology will drive the next “hybrid war,” which has already started:

Hybrid Warfare: Includes use of regular military forces, Special Forces, Irregular Forces (i.e., civilians), Information warfare and propaganda, diplomacy, cyber attacks, economic warfare, and, of course, neurowarfare.

Neurotech can make leaders lose track of time…. I want leaders to lose track of time. Is this possible? Yes.

(Webmaster comment: Here again, Canton appears to be pursuing a “limited hangout” strategy. Under Project MKULTRA, CIA “spychiatrists” had developed the technologies of RHIC (Radio-hypnotic Intra-cerebral Control) and EDOM (Electronic Dissolution of Memory) and they were operational in the early 1960s, if not earlier!)

Our greatest problem is lack of imagination. Most of our major threats are lack of imagination about what could happen. We need to think about what’s possible. Lack of imagination could be our biggest problem. There is an accelerated velocity of innovation. We are going to brief the Joint Chiefs of Staff command on this or that.

We are creating an entire new market… the dark side has to do with weaponization. Neuro-reprogramming will help defeat age-related diseases…. We have the ability to rejuvenate even your brain.

A Botnet- is like a virus propagating in real time…. It’s an activated silicon programmable neuronal agent….. It’s like ebola for networks.

Every technology has a dual side- with a dark and light sides…. We need to be forecasting and imagining these kinds of possibilities because someone has now already shot across our bow…. This is a clinical trial in the wild. We’ve now got two incidences, Cuba and China….

We don’t know of any other instances of this…. It’s a purposeful attack. OK, we got the message.

(ETK: Again, this is an incredible lie!!!!!!….. Governments, principally the US and the Soviet Union, have been systematically testing and developing these weapons by targeting civilians for nearly 70 years! Researcher and lawyer, Cheryl Welsh, traces the first “targeted individual” back to 1955, the same year that Dr. Norbert Wiener invented the “autocorrelator”…. Clearly, Canton is both lying and acting!!!! I guess that’s what he’s paid for.)

Fantastic futures include artificial immune system, synthetic tissue, cellular systems, living cells as bio-foundries, proteomic targeting for cancer cells and other diseases, low cost designer drugs,

The “Dark side” includes Trojan Horse bioweapons, hyper-virulent proto-viruses, genetically selective pathogens.

Also, you can apply the above to neuro!

What is apparently legal?

(This slide is 10 years old)

In terms of conflicts, the following are apparently legal: basically relating to psychological warfare, dysfunctionality stuff, rendering lack of capacity, acoustic weaponry, etc.

1) Microwave RF Anti-Functional and Anti-Personnel Weaponry
2) Chemical Anti-Functional Weaponry
3) Chemical Psychological Effects Via Sensory Organs Weaponry (i.e., smell)
4) Chemical Personnel Incapacitation Weaponry (Non-warfare, hostage/terrorism only)
6) Acoustic Weaponry
7) Mechanical Micro Dust

These devices are being carried around from various sources…. This is Moore’s Law operationalized. These devices are also used for crowd control and there are targeted uses.

These are examples of real-time deployment.

So it’s not as if this has not been “fielded” as well.

Neuro-hacking includes the ability to create thoughts and blend it with AI. These devices that we think were used externally or possibly internally (in the embassy attacks). Or they are are tied to other sensors, or flyables, drones.

(ETK Comment: Here, Canton is referring to Remote Neural Monitoring/Manipulation, microwave hearing, etc., technologies which are well known to targeted individuals all over the world and which have been illegally deployed on innocent civilians since the middle 1950s!)

In an era when everything is hackable- health devices, routers, (and the mind) are all hackable.

Most devices that are networkable are hackable…. Neuro-hacking allows us to adjust memories at the nano-scale. Everything that can be made can be hacked.

Weaponized neuro-agents, in the era of nano-neuro-biology.

We’ve now had two events of use of neuro-toxins (he is referring here to the attacks on American personnel at the Cuba and China embassies).…. They are clearly weapons….

This is the neuro-weapon supply chain:

Slide: NeuroWars: Near future to 25 years:

Progression: GPS Mining Predictive Analytics, Facial NeuroTech Genomic Targeting, Alert Avatars, Smart Swarms, RoboNets, Human Synthoids,

I came up with the concept of “Dark Networks” when I was advising SOCOM (Special Operations Command) on this concept of “Bad Guy Hunting-Targeting”…..

(Note to reader: Please examine that statement carefully as Canton here acknowledges that he advised the Special Operations Command (U.S. Army’s SOCOM) on the concept of “Bad-Guy Hunting-Targeting.” This means Canton has advised the US Army on ganstalking operations! Here, he is admitting that he is an extremely high-level perpetrator!)

Slide: Global Dark Networks; Self-Organizing Systems

These include: Terrorists, Criminals, Predictive, Mobile, Human Trafficking, Cyber Crime, Arms, MNCs, Money Laundering, Distributive, Rogue States, Radicals, Drugs, Fraud…

In global Dark Networks, which have evolved, you’ve got mixtures of terrorists and sovereigns, a variety of actors, rogue states, radicals, non-states, criminals. You’ve got to have banking, logistics, you need to have things to trade that are not monetary, you need to have crypto-currencies, the ability to have monetary forms to support your operation that are not transferable or discoverable; you need to have a complete supply chain. Just like Wal-Mart has a supply chain, Dark Networks have supply chains. Their goal is to produce disruption and conflict. So if you are in the Bad-Guy Hunting Business, you’ve got to have a supply chain.

(ETK: Here, he is apparently describing the system that carries out global gangstalking operations. He is also describing the activities of the CIA for the past 70+ years!!!!! Indeed, that’s what they do and have done since they were formed in 1947.)

So these Dark Networks work together in a supply chain to plan, implement, and deliver.

To learn their identity, follow the money, follow the logistics, follow the customers, follow the producers….

Slide: There is no longer any distinction between what is and is not a battlefield.

Who are the potential bad actors that would do this? The Russian view of modern warfare is based on the worldview that the major battlespace is the mind, according to the National Defense Academy of Latvia Policy Paper. Subtler tools are information warfare, penetration of elections, fake news, fake elections, non-attributable phenomenon, such as these attacks in Cuba and China, they are part of the same thing.

(ETK Comment: Part of the same thing? Then it is all run by intelligence agencies and their cut-outs.)

These are supply chains and eco-systems of involvement..

Neuro-hacking- we don’t yet have people thinking about this but that’s where we are going

(ETK: Again, this man is lying spectacularly. Neuro-hacking has been going on since the 1940s and 1050s at least! Dr. Robert Duncan’s book “Project Soul Catcher” refers to “neurohacking.” And the “Dark Networks” and supply chains have also been operational since about that time. )

Slide: Bad Guy Hunting Business-Threat Analysis:

Here we are trying to address: Who, what, where, when, why?

1. Identity Analysis, agent, device, etc.
2. Benefits Matrix- Winners/Losers
3. Actor Capabilities
4. Vendor and Supply Chain Map
5. Ideologic, For Profit, Research- likely all of them, least is ideologic, probably. Ecosystems of interacting and related folks.
6. Geopolitical signaling/payback- what’s the short list of trade sanctions that have been imposed, against who? Four major countries.
7. Rogue, sovereign, dark network- maybe all of it. Maybe a carve out that doesn’t know. It’s likely a contractor looking for business and wants to prove up a capability.
8. After Action Media/Data
9. History of Comparable Events
10. Terrorist Product Line Extension

80% of the “bad guys” are doing it for some kind of profit. Isis is a commercial enterprise. It’s interested in the oil.

(ETK comment: Here, Canton “forgets” that ISIS is the creation of the US and Israeli governments, militaries, and intelligence services.)

Canton: I’m also working with other aspects of this Bad-Guy Hunting thing, one is sensing.

These embassy attacks are directed, purposeful, and targeted at a particular population that is targeted and chosen…

So we ask: Who benefits?….

1) the perpetrators are demonstrating a capability set…. Who benefits from that? It’s useful to be able to determine what the impact is. And was the impact what was intended? Again, this was a clinical trial in the wild on humans….

2) The bad actors that targeted Americans…. maybe they are basically advertising.

What’s the short list of countries that have had trade sanctions placed on them? Four major countries. Might this be related to a political payback? Are these rogue, sovereign, or dark networks? maybe it’s all of them. Maybe it’s a “carve out” and they don’t know. Who would benefit from China being embarrassed? (ETK:
America!!!!) That’s a shorter list.

Or it could get more complicated if you have what I call a “fractured sovereign scenario.”

Think of the analogous deployments from “cyber.”

Could “neuro” end up looking like “cyber”? Yes, “cyber” is a proven model. In fact, a product-line extension from “cyber” would be “neuro.”

(So the logic is:) “Hey, we’ve done great with cyber in terms of our profit center… AND we’ve got a new capability…. Who wants to sign up to prove up the capability?”

The commercialization of weaponized technology is a key driver… more so than ideologic.

Possible Scenarios (Possible Perps):

1) Fragmented Sovereign
2) Terrorist Clinical Trial
3) Rogue Actor Practice- I’d bet on this…. This is a messy clinical trial… because Americans will do the research for them for free… and publish it.
4) Asset For Hire/Adversary
5) Dark Network Show of Force- criminal/terrorist organization

This is a private sector bad actor who understands social media. Who is attacking a select group of state department officials… That’s a short list…. Do the math on that.

“Fragmented sovereign”… .most countries have competing factions, forces, in them. The fragmented sovereign scenario says: your bad guys implemented this because they are trying to accomplish something else.

Likely, this event was done by a contractor looking for business.

I guess this is a rogue network.

You have to assume we are at the beginning of neurotech being incorporated into the hybrid (warfare)… This is has been very effective. We are getting more data. What’s the next target? It’s not going away. It’s been an effective trial. This is not like super-sophisticated technology.

1) The Soft part- yields cognitive dysfunction to impact decision- making operations, communications, negotiations. The goal is to take parties out. It’s low-term impact.

2) Hard part (direct killing)- I’m less interested in that.

Could super drones deliver this? Yes.


1) NeuroTech is here to stay and will shape future competitive advantage of nations, organizations and individuals, for good bad and ugly.

2) The attacks on American personnel at China/Cuba embassy’s appear purposeful and directed.

3) The target, US officials at the two embassies, is revealing. There are no other instances similar to this anywhere else. So some bad actor is sending a geopolitical message.

(ETK comment: Here again, Canton is lying. Indeed, the Soviet Union used microwave weapons to attack American personnel in the Moscow embassy from about 1955 to 1989…. The Soviet ‘Woodpecker Signal” was directed against Americans in America from the 1960s onward. And both governments and other governments have used these invisible weapons against their own citizens in the gangstalking/targeted individual phenomena since the middle 1950s. So basically, Canton is continuing the cover-up of these enormous government crimes.)

A new neuro-kinetic weapon would be disruptive in an era of hybrid conflict. We have to assume we are in that new era.

So in that new era, we have to have a way to deter, prevent and detect.

(ETK: So it appears this whole presentation was a sales pitch for his company to get MORE Pentagon contracts to devise ways to deter, prevent and detect the attack weapons they have been instrumental in deploying?! This is the logic of the Cold War writ large. Think tanks and corporations garner huge defense contracts to beef up military capabilities by over-exaggerating the capabilities of potential competitors.

I’ve never seen or heard such a blatant example of how the system works. That said, I agree to the extent that we (TIs) “have to have a way to deter, prevent and detect” these invisible directed energy and neuroweapons.)

Webmaster’s Conclusions:

Apparently, the attacks on American diplomats at the Cuba and Chinese embassies were carried out to focus national and international attention on the phenomenon of directed energy and neuroweapons attacks in a way that could be “managed” by the very governmental entities that have produced, tested, and deployed these very weapons for generations.

As per other major false-flag attacks against civilians, such as 9/11, we may posit that the most logical candidates for the government’s and governmental agencies that executed these attacks are the USA/CIA, Israel/Mossad, and Britain/MI6.

Based on Dr. Canton’s talk, we may further conclude that neuroweapons such as were deployed in these embassy attacks are an important ingredient of modern “hybrid” warfare that also includes deployment of regular military forces, irregular (civilian) forces, information warfare, cyber warfare, unconventional warfare, and a host of other Fourth Generation Warfare strategies.

Clearly, Dr. Canton and other war profiteers-military consultants stand to make a lot of money in the future through their analysis and testing of these kinds of “dual use” technologies.

The “limited hangout” aspect of these presentations is that they protect the US and cooperating governments from being liable for using unwitting civilians in illegal, unconstitutional nonconsensual testing of secret weapons. The US government should be forced to pay reparations to the (probably) millions of civilians it has tortured and killed over the past 70 years in nonconsensual human experimentation.

The Latter Two-Thirds of the Video: Connecting More Dots:

In its middle portion, the video shows clips of current operating examples of totalitarian surveillance (“uberveillance”) of civilians and entire cities. This kind of total 24/7 surveillance is also used to track non-consenting “targeted individuals,” such as myself.

The final part of the video shows clips of the Jewish Chabad Lubavitch and Masonic satanic “death cults,” highlighting their long-term goal to conquer the world and enslave and/or genocide non-Jews everywhere. The filmmaker implies but does not specifically state that these various programs are interconnected.

My impression is that while the film maker’s choice of video clips is excellent, he does not do a good job of connecting these all-important dots. Thus, we must question whether the film itself, much like the lectures of the neuroscientists and their corporate partners in the first part of the video, might be a “limited hangout.” Regardless, I believe that the topics presented here ARE highly related and the film is worth watching. I connect the dots here.

The powerful “fifth column” (hidden enemy) groups identified in the last third of the film are, in my opinion, primarily responsible for advancing the programs and technologies of enslavement described and shown in the first two thirds of the film. I posit that each of the neuro-scientist experts who spoke at the Sofwerx conference are jews or Masons. As such, their first goal and responsibility is to advance the interests of Israel and Judaism. There are innumerable examples in their own presentations of “Talmudic” thinking.

Jews themselves admit, even insist upon, their long-standing aspiration for world conquest, enslavement and/or murder of all non-Jews, and establishment of a Jewish utopia (the Anti-Christ kingdom on earth). Thus, the high-tech, global imposition of mind control and AR (artificial reality) sometimes described as a “neural net,” used in combination with AI, 5G, IoT, etc. seems designed to fulfill their doctrine of “Tikkun Olam” (Hebrew for “reinventing the world.”). The Book of Revelation names this end-times BEAST system as the “Synagogue of Satan.” In my opinion, the first third of the video reveals the neuroweapons and high technologies and some of the pre-eminent scholars behind this BEAST system.

The last part of the film also highlights jews’ radical racial superiority doctrine. Talmudic rabbis claim they are an entirely different species. I have come believe that this is true. Perhaps the best way to understand them and their destructive collective mission is to recognize they are both “Satan’s kids” AND predatory psychopaths. The two categories are not mutually exclusive. Jesus Christ referred to the jewish leaders of his day as a “generation of vipers” (or ‘race of serpents’; Matthew 12:34) and he stated that:

“Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it” (John 844).

In a 1976 interview, Jewish Senate aide, Harold Rosenthal, explained:

Most Jews don’t like to admit it, but the god we worship is Lucifer. He is very much alive and we are his chosen people.”

Because this video identifies so many aspects of this end-times BEAST system definitively, it should be viewed and re-viewed by all Targeted Individuals and others until they fully understand it.

Herein, I would like to put forward the HYPOTHESIS that Jews, Masons, and other satanists are the “Master Cult” and the key architects and practitioners of gangstalking and directed energy torture assaults on innocent civilians and that their principle motive is to develop silent, covert weapons to ensure that they are able to remove anyone that could block implementation of their satanic New World Order/UN Agenda 2030/Antichrist kingdom/Jewish Universal Empire.

The presentation by Dr. James Canton provides insight into the interplay between numerous aspects of the war-profiteering system.