Jewish Sayanim and the “Synagogue of Satan”

Compiled by Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom (June, 2015)


When I began writing the many, many articles that are posted on this website, I was a tenured, full professor of geography at a university in California. I was also a student of Tibetan Buddhism at that time, having previously been a Catholic and an agnostic, etc. My research, was, of course, academically-oriented and was directed toward trying to better understand the secular geo-political factors that could explain what happened on September 11th, 2001 and how that event related to the “New World Order.” It was painfully obvious to me and many others that the official 9/11 “conspiracy theory” was a preposterous lie. Hence, like many other concerned citizens, I felt it my duty to step forward and try to set the record straight. After all, the U.S. Constitution guarantees that government is constituted to serve its citizenry, not the other way around. In the process of conducting this challenging and exhaustive research, it became abundantly clear to me that the “power elite” is utilizing “Biblical scripts” in order to force the world to accept their long-sought-after one-world-government/one-world-religion. Our hidden rulers, also known as the “secret government,” it seems, are “using their Bible as a roadmap.” Whether we like it or not, then, we who search for the truth are thrown into the Biblical arena.

To find the “truth of 9/11” and related topics, other researchers and I have had to sift through the myriad heaps of information poisoned with disinformation which the various intelligence agencies have concocted to confuse us. These are the very intelligence agencies, presumably, that carried out, and now cover up, 9/11 and many other related crimes, on behalf of the power elite that they serve. Despite these deliberate obfuscations, however, and through extensive reading, I have discerned that a handful of “New Testament Christian” researchers and writers seem to have the clearest understanding of the geo-politics and spiritual context of 9/11, the New World Order, and our modern world, generally. I now believe that the spiritual and physical preservation of our nation and perhaps our lives requires that truth and reality triumph over lies, fantasy, and delusion in the minds of our citizens. Indeed, it seems the spiritual war in we are currently engaged is the struggle between truth and lies, reality versus strong delusion. This research, then, has also compelled me to recalibrate my spiritual and personal bearings so that now, I consider myself a “New Testament Christian.”

In my reading, I have encountered many wise and courageous souls, some of whom have now passed away and some who may have been “offed” by the Cryptocracy they were exposing. One outstanding researcher with an admirable understanding of the disparate fields of geopolitics, military strategy, and Biblical prophecy is former Air Force officer and Christian author and pastor, Texe Marrs. I find his weekly “Power of Prophecy” programs to be a wealth of information and insight critical to understanding 9/11 and many related topics. His programs are also inspiring testimony to the power, glory, and confidence available to those who faithfully follow the word of God and his son, Jesus Christ. Some of these programs, including “Sayanim Everywhere” are no longer available for purchase. Based on the importance of the insights contained in this program and the fact that it is no longer available to the public, I herein feature highlights of Marrs’ “Power of Prophecy” program entitled “Sayanim Everywhere.” I believe that the insights contained in this program are critical for understanding 9/11 and the much-ballyhooed New World Order. Importantly, using the Bible as his guide, Marrs “names names.” We are, after all, dealing here with a vast criminal conspiracy. The criminals have names. And these conspirators must be brought to justice. Is is also important to note that Marrs’ insights and information are consistent with information presented on this website.

From “Sayanim Everywhere” (Texe Marrs, Power of Prophecy program).

Today I am talking about the “Synagogue of Satan.” In Revelations 2:9 and 3:9, God warns us about a great octopus-like monstrosity, made up of humans agents but also Satanic in dimension, that will encompass the whole world in the last days. God calls this the “synagogue of Satan.” This is our main enemy in the last days.

People sometimes call me “anti-semitic” when I talk about the “Synagogue of Satan.” But I say to that person: Be very, very careful you are not blaspheming the Holy Ghost, and committing the unpardonable sin. Because it is God who identified the “Synagogue of Satan.”

Today, this “Synagogue of Satan” has spread around the world, and especially in America, and has wrapped its tentacles around us and is squeezing the life out of us. One of the ways this is done is through a group of people called the “sayanim.” “Sayanim” is the plural for “sayan,” a Hebrew word meaning “undercover agent.” Sayanim, then, are secret spies working together, collaboratively, for a single purpose. They are of “one mind.” The Bible talks about the Mystery Babylon the Great, the Whore of Babylon, and the world empire that is set up under this Mystery Babylon. And it talks about how the world rulers will all work in unison together because they are of one mind, “for they shall give all of their power and strength unto the Beast” (Revelation 17:13). They work together, they think alike, their hearts are alike. How can this be done? One way is by deviltry. The Church of Satan is united in their allegiance and worship to the infernal deity, the false deity, Satan. And when Satan comes in men’s hearts he puts the same germs, the same disease, feelings, thinkings, motivations in those hearts and they deign to do evil. Whatever their occupation, race, or socio-economic level, those of the Satanic Church work together to destroy the pure things, the good things, the righteous things of God.

Likewise, the sayanim are Jews of the Synagogue of Satan, and they may have never even heard of that phrase, but they think alike, they work alike. Satan is their choir director, their pastor, their youth director, and their superintendent. It’s more than just the Synagogue of the Jews, it’s the Synagogue of Satan.

Friends, let me advise you something. There are two great churches on this planet. One is of God and one is of Satan. And both churches have denominations. At the very top of Satan’s pyramid, leading all the different sects, is the Synagogue of Satan. It is the premier group. They work together, in concert, determined to obey their God. And they may not even know they are operating on behalf of Satan.
After all, Jesus said: “They will kill you and think they do God’s service.” They will kill gentiles and say, “Oh Lord, I am doing this for your great kingdom and for the Synagogue. Thank God I was born a Jew, one of the “chosen people,” who are chosen to reign and rule on this earth….” Not even realizing that their God is Satan.

Most Christian pastors believe that Jews believe in the God of the Old Testament. Nothing could be further from the truth. They follow the Babylonian Talmud and the Kabbalah, not the Old Testament. The Talmud says that “all gentiles should be killed” put to death by beheading. When the “Kingdom of the Jews” is established, this is what they will want to do to gentiles.

The sayanim can be any profession. You might think they are good, upstanding Americans. Let me correct you. According to the Talmud there is no such thing as Jewish Americans, or Jewish Russians, or Jewish British. All Jews are deemed citizens of Israel. There is no such thing, then as a Jewish American. They are all Israeli citizens living here in America, born here in America. But given the opportunity, almost every single one of them will betray America. President Harry Truman understood this very well, once stating: “When a Jew, speaking to another Jew, speaks of “our government,” he means the government of Israel.”

The Jews financially, rank at the very top in per capita income in America. They are the billionaires and millionaires. They are Wall Street and they own the press. Yet even though they are richly rewarded in America and favored among all the races, they still have the audacity to say that Israel is their country. Israel is always first for them. I have heard many Jewish politicians say, “When I make decisions, I always rule by asking myself “What is best for Israel?” Meanwhile, rather than actually move to the desert-country of Israel, they continue to live in their mansions and condos in New York City, London, Paris, etc. because they have such a good life in these other countries.

Remember, a sayanim is an undercover agent. The nation of Israel only has about 7.5 million people. And their intelligence service, Mossad, probably has no more than 10,000 agents worldwide. How do they magnify, multiply their operation? The multiplier effect comes when they recruit private citizens in various countries; bankers, teachers, lawyers, surgeons, corporation owners, professors, politicians. They recruit these individuals as spies for Israel in order to subvert America. Just like in the days of communism. We know that Senator Joseph McCarthy was right when he talked about so many communist spies working in America. The greatest threat to America today is the country of Israel. Because Jews regard Israel as their country, not America, they will do whatever it takes, including betraying America, to help advance the interests of Israel.

Sayanim (including Jews, crypto-Jews, Christian Zionists and others) include:

1) Lloyd Blankfein, Jewish CEO of Goldman Sachs Bank, the wealthiest and most crooked bank in America, stated “I work for God” (Marrs: Who is his God? Satan. How do I know? The Bible says theirs is the Synagogue of Satan.)
2) Jewish Senator of New York, Charles Schumer (one utube shows him stating at a Synagogue: “As you know I am one of the guardians of Israel. I always do what is best for Israel”)
3) Jewish Congressman, Eric Cantor, second ranking in the House of Representatives behind the House Speaker.
4) Sayanim spy and Jewish millionaire businessman, Abraham Feinberg, who according Marrs’ book, “The Conspiracy of the Six-Pointed Star,” is “the Jew who bribed President Harry Truman,” by paying him $2 million to establish the nation of Israel in 1948. Marrs: “I have it on tape! Abraham Feinberg has admitted that not only did he give cash to Harry Truman, but he arranged that each time Truman stopped into a town where he was giving a campaign speech, a delegation of Jews would visit Truman secretly and give him more cash! They have so much audacity that they now admit that for all these years they have been bribing our politicians! FBI archives also prove that Feinberg (and 100’s of other sayanim, including Jewish spies Rosenberg and Oppenheim) was involved in providing American nuclear secrets and materials for nuclear bombs to Israel! We know from FBI files that have now been released that Abraham Feinberg had 70 other sayanim working for him. And each of them had 70 more under them. This is how they work, on the principle of 70’s.

(Historical context: The Jews ran the Soviet Union throughout its entire 70-year history. Soviet dictator, Stalin, went along with the dictates of his Jewish advisors. But to get Israel established as an official nation, Jews needed the support of both America as well as the Soviet Union. What is clear is that Abraham Feinberg, who owned a corporation in New York City, was a sayan for the government of the Jews even before Israel was created a nation in 1948. Jews had long had a secret international government. The World Zionist Congress met in 1898 to advance its goal of founding of the nation of Israel. This was fifty years before there was a nation of Israel! Do you understand what I’m telling you? Jews have worked behind the scenes against the countries in which they lived all the way back to the days of the Roman Empire. The Romans destroyed Jerusalem and banished them from Israel. But wherever they went, they began to work together, like the mafia, working silently, covertly to destroy their host countries, whether it be Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, Canada, or America. For millennia they have worked together, covertly, for the kingdom of Israel, a dictatorship of the proletariat, headed by an Israeli king to come, a Messiah who will rule the world for the great serpent of the Jewish Kabbalah.

Read my book, Conspiracy of the Six-Pointed Star, you will see that their true god is the serpent god, Satan himself. And the leading Jewish Rabbis know who they worship. The average Jew doesn’t. They think they worship some nebulous God, Jehovah, but they don’t know much about him because they don’t read the Old Testament anymore. Even the Rabbis don’t read the Old Testament. You can go to a Jewish seminary, a Yeshiva, and spend five years and not read one sentence out of the Old Testament. I used to work with Rabbis when I was a chaplain in the Air Force. I asked an Orthodox Jewish rabbi; “Do you study the Old Testament?” He answered: “No, I don’t study it at all. That’s just a book of myths. I study the Talmud. All the leading rabbis study the Talmud. It is our daily guide for living. The Talmud is life.”

Friends, the Talmud is death. And it will be the death of America if we allow the sayanim, the agents of the Israeli Mossad spy agency, to continue operating in America. Some of the sayanim don’t even know they are working for Mossad. You see, each has a boss over him, who has a boss over him, who has a boss over him, etc. They work together hand in glove for the glory of the coming Messiah, who is not Jesus, but who in fact, is the antichrist, 666.

Believe me, these sayanim, these Israelis spies, are not loyal Americans. They are traitors to this country. They have burrowed into all segments of American society and will treacherously betray our great nation, our Constitution, its founders, and our way of life. The shocking thing is that not all of the sayanim who work for Mossad and its side-kick agency, the Shin Bet secret police, are Jews. There are even people who claim they are Christian Zionists.) Here are some famous sayanim:

5) Bill Clinton. A few years ago, Clinton spoke to a group of Rabbis and told them that he put Israel ahead of all other countries and stated: “If Israel ever gets in a war with another nation, I will put on an Israeli uniform and die in a trench for Israel.”
6) Rahm Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff under Obama, now governor of Chicago, is a Jew with dual Israeli-American citizenship. He served as an Israeli intelligence officer for Israel during the Persian Gulf War of 1991. When Emanuel worked as a confidant in the Clinton White House, he oversaw the hiring, placing, and instruction of another sayanim, a young aide named Monica Lewinsky.
7) Arno Froese, the “Christian Zionist” minister of Midnight Call and Friends of Israel Ministry, tried to convince Marrs to join his pro-Zionist/Israel-first ministry. Marrs relates that some years ago, Froese promised Marrs that it would be extremely lucrative for Marrs to back Israel’s cause because many Christian Zionists would generously support his ministry and he would become very rich.
8) Monica Lewinsky, as a young operative, was sent to Israel where she was given special training. Rahm Emanuel, one of the chief confidants in the Clinton White Houser, placed Lewinsky in the White House as an aide with instructions to be especially receptive to Clinton’s sexual advances.
9) Governor Sarah Palin, a Christian Zionist
10) Senator Joseph Lieberman, Jew
11) Senator John McCain, sayanim spy
12) Senator Lindsay Graham

(Sayan are often “recruited” to the “cause” by being bribed by Israeli agents. They have files of “dirty secrets” on influential people which can be used to control these influential people if and when Israel needs their help. Nearly all people of influence, even extending to university professors, are spied upon in this manner and “control files” are developed by which they can be brought into line for Israel’s interests, if needed).

13) Vice President Joseph Biden
14) Oppenheimer, Jew who was in charge of the Manhattan Project.
15) Dr. Henry Kissinger, German Jew
16) Council on Foreign Relations. 75% of its members are Jews; most are part of the sayanim.
17) Newt Gingrich, House Speaker. When he ran for President the Jewish, Las Vegas casino mogul, Sheldon Adelson, gave him millions for his campaign.
18) When Gingrich was House Speaker, Gingrich’s second wife, Marian, was given the job of placing Jewish spies in positions as secretaries, legislative assistants, etc. In this way, Jewish spies were placed in every office of the House of Representatives.
19) Senator Rick Santorum. When Santorum was running for President, it was arranged that he had a Rabbi as his Chief of Staff and office manager.
20) Senator Arlen Spectre, Jewish sayan.
21) Hillary Rodham Clinton, William Clinton’s wife, is Jewish and comes from a Jewish family.
22) Representative Nancy Pelosi (California) married a millionaire Jew.
23) Stalin was a gentile, but he had three straight Jewish wives. All were sayanim who watched over him.
24) Dick Morris, American political author and commentator.
25) Rachel Maddow, television host of CSNBC
26) Jack Ruby (Rubenstein), Texas Jewish mafioso who killed Lee Harvard Oswald
27) Famous members of the Evangelical community, including Paul and Jan Crouch, Jim and Tammy Faye Baker, and Pat Robertson
28) the Knights of Malta
29) Supreme Court Judge, John Roberts
30) Republican Presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, of Bain Capital, Chairman of the Board, Odie Kadish of the Israeli Mossad. Romney worked for the Jews
31) Facebook, Myspace, Google, Microsoft, Dell, Yahoo- are all run by Jews. All of the CEO’s who lead these corporations were helped by powerful Jewish interests. Thus, we are all watched, spied upon, by these sayanim.
32) The Department of Homeland Security, was established by Jew Michael Chertoff.
33) Big Brother and the Police State- the sayanim.

There are hundreds of thousands, maybe over a million, of the Jewish sayanim in America today. Thus, the Synagogue of Satan/Beast/Octopus is ever-watching, ever-growing, destroying America, working for the coming dictatorial antichrist kingdom of Israel.