Jewish “global lies” are collapsing (National Journal, 2011)

The global lies are starting to collapse around World-Jewry. All world lies are based on this master plan.

The enemies of humanity triumph by Lies and die with the Truth.

The below article is from National Journal (7/27/2011:

All the global lies of the Israel Lobby are founded on the one goal of completely exploiting and robbing the rest of humanity. In addition to devastating wars fought to realize this ambitious plan, diabolical lies are invented to distort the beliefs of mankind.

Climate-change lie

The ultimate great global lie, the climate change lie, is aimed at enslaving humanity so they even have to pay them to breathe air. The renowned and prize-winning British scientific journalist Nigel Calder confirms this: “All parties of industrialized nations, whether right or left, are adopting the theory of the Carbon-induced global warming. It is the unique opportunity to tax the very air we breathe, as politicians are even being applauded for supposedly preventing the world from suffocating from excess heat. No party can possibly resist this temptation.” (Welt, 05.07.2011, p. 2)

This total enslavement to propaganda has now come to fruition, even though all independent scientists attest that the percentage of contribution of dangerous toxins by humans on planet Earth is as little as 0,0037 percent of the entire Carbon content in the atmosphere. However, because the billions in dues which have to be paid to the Banksters for the fictitious Banks- and Euro bail-outs, the BDR government has decided, in effect as a Solo Enterprise “at any cost”, to force the Germans to pay a tax for the air they breathe.

“All other [nations] have long abandoned the fandango of lies, after China stood up to them at Copenhagen. Meanwhile Chancellor Merkel’s advisers at the Potsdam Institute are constructing scenarios as to how in the future the CO2 / accrued carbon credits can be fairly distributed by a global authority, which, of course, will have an impact on the competitive abilities of countries. Nevertheless, the rest of the world seems to have withdrawn from this new Tower of Babylon, which would have marginalised Russia. In the USA the CO2/Carbon bourse crashed, in Asia it was never introduced, Australian governments even toppled over this issue. Only in Europe, under German leadership, is CO2/Carbon meant to have a price. It is like building castles in the air. The tragedy is that: ‘Even if nobody else takes the bait, German parties are determined to go ahead with taxing the air’.” (Welt, 05.07.2011, p. 2)

Every well-founded scientific protest against the climate lie is crushed with the standard mantra of “denier”, which we hear from the BRD Lobby ad nauseam in connection with the Holocaust lie: “The Green Party, which incorporated the presumption of man-made Climate change in to their party program, was outraged, when at a BRD parliament enquiry, the question was raised as to whether they were aware that even Climate Deniers are permitted to speak in Parliament.” (Welt, 05.07.2011, p. 2)

The 9/11 lie

The same, of course, is the case with the 9/11 lie, which entitled USrael to wage a world-wide war of submission on unruly countries, in order to push through the reign of the Dollar Empire. They used, in particular, the lie of threats to human rights as the main issue to justify these wars, when, in reality, the natural resources of countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan – and now Libya – are the target.

The Jewish columnist, Raphael Gross, was recently extremely upset at a Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung column. He criticised Germany’s “failing monitoring authorities” which had been set-up to perpetuate these world lies. Perhaps it is true that those in charge of radio stations and newspapers are, bearing in mind the demise of the enemy of mankind, gradually want to break free from these crimes. Who knows? In any case, German TV (ARD on 10th July 2011) aired a review of the book “The collapse of the house of lies.” The authors Matthias Bröckers and Christian Walther prove accurately, as many other scientists do too, that the official version of the 9/11 story is nothing but a monstrous fabrication.

For this reason Raphael Gross raged, that the lie-control-mechanism had failed because ARD even lauded the report of the two revisionists: “For this reason it is worth noting that ARD last Saturday lavished praise on the book by the two conspiracy theorists. It is very worrying, that every monitoring mechanism at the ARD failed scandalously in a news station that for years has diligently dedicated itself to present enlightened historical and political reports.” (FAZ, 15.07.2011, p. 34)

The method and detail use to promote the 9/11 lie is not new: they have successfully been applied to the Holocaust lies. The only people that present the true facts are the persecuted revisionists, who are often mercilessly incarcerated. The system of lies on the other hand produces empty phrases and nothing but crazy and boring lies, that contradict the laws of nature.

Gross and his consorts no doubt have become aware of the present danger of scientific disclosure, to which Gross somewhat fearfully alluded by saying: “The problem is not that the conspiracy theorists do not research sufficiently – no, quite the contrary. And it is not the case that they do not apply logic to their various conclusions – they often reveal a rather sharp intellect. This clearly links them to racial theorists, racial anthropologists and even those who hold eugenic views etc. Their madness does not lie in the fact that they do not think logically, or apply empirical research. What they lack completely is sound judgment.” (FAZ, 15.07.2011, p. 34)

This is a perfect example of Jewish chutzpah. Scientists have to continue to lie to comply with the Lobby System and its agenda in spite of the existence of empirically researched findings complying with the laws of nature, i.e., with irrefutable forensic evidence. Gross wants scientists with sufficient powers of fakery employed to remove the accumulated mountain of evidence to defeat those ‘in the know’ and to force acceptance of the official lies. He audaciously calls the refusal to lie a “lack of judgment”. The whining of Raphael Gross in the FAZ shows clearly that within the Jewish lobby is becoming noticeably fearful, that their web of global lies could soon burst.

Gross wrote: “For if – as highlighted in the contributed TV documentary – it were supposedly not proven that it was Al Qaida who was behind the 11th of September attack, if George Bush did know of it beforehand, then we have to ask the obvious question, which should never be discussed in this manner: Who orchestrated it all? In whose interest was it, who benefited from it? When questions like these are being asked, then the next question is, are we dealing with covertly and openly subsidized anti-Semitism or anti-Americanism?” (FAZ,15.07.2011, p. 34)

If the shoe fits wear it, Mr. Gross, because the ARD report never mentioned even with one syllable that the 9/11 attack was orchestrated by the Israeli Power-clique in the White House.

The Holocaust lies

All this reminds us strongly of the construction of Holocaust lies. There was no evidence to support this complex series of lies other than warped tales. The “greatest genocide in all of the history of mankind” was not established by diligent research, but rather forced into the history books by the penal codes of submissive states. While these lies are protected by law, at the same time the truth is judicially prohibited. Even the judges at the main trials are meant to prove the Holocaust lies for all eternity, the “Great Auschwitz Trial” before the Frankfurt district court had to state in the verdict, that evidence for Auschwitz gassings were missing. The corpses and most of all the murder weapon – the Gas Chamber (the smoking gun), was absent. All there was to prove the so-called holocaust were numerous unreliable witnesses: “The court faced further difficulties because the witnesses could hardly make any precise statements about places and times of crimes. … The court lacked almost all means of obtaining a real picture of what really happened at the time of murder. We had no corpses of the victims, no forensic reports about the cause of death and the time of death. The court lacked all traces of the offenders and the murder weapons. It was rarely possible to verify the witness accounts.” (Auschwitz-Verdict 50/Ks 2/63, page 109)

The Holocaust lies granted the Jewish lobby immunity from criminal prosecution in almost any aspect of life. The power Jews became virtually unassailable, they are since regarded as gods. They could commit every crime with impunity without being taken to task or even less, to be locked up.

Behind the holocaust lies are concealed the most ambitious goals in the history of mankind. A small group wishes to secure for themselves global power by means of extracting unbelievable sums of endless tribute payments, known as reparations. This is made possible by perpetual injections of propaganda to forcefully extract payment by guilt trip. “I am not exaggerating. Jewish life consists of two elements: Extracting money and protesting.” This is what Nahum Goldmann, Ex-President of the World Jewish Congress wrote in his book “The Jewish Paradox”, athenäum, Frankfurt 1988, p. 77.

It must be added that the web of global lies are not only kept alive by means of the despicable politics of persecution and disregard for human dignity. The Lobby also devised a devious system, by which they implant lies into the brain by social pressure. As soon as there is social pressure applied to the media, schools, economy etc. most people will accept downright lies as truth. The Israeli team of researchers, centered around professor Yadin Dundai and Micah Edelson at the Weizmann-Institute in Rehovot, confirms this – most likely with a sideward wink at the implementation of holo-lies. Micah Edelson declares: “We differentiate between two kinds of adaptation. The first one is a public adaptation, such as, when people modify their opinions so as not to be regarded as outsiders. They accept information from others, but only in a shallow way. Their own information still remains filed away in their memory. The other adaptation is the personal one: Here social pressure is actually changing individual memory.” (Welt, 04.07.2011, p. 22)

The so-called global financial meltdown

Let us not forget the World wide robbery instituted in the so-called financial crisis. This is especially with regard to the supposed saving of the Euro, all of which is based on lies and could never have happened without the original lie which the enemies of mankind utilised to gain their all-embracing immunity from harm. We have to focus on these facts: The enemies of humanity triumph by Lies and die with the Truth.