Jew Harvey Weinstein and Jew-Controlled U.S. Government Have Same M.O.: Hire “Army of Spies” to Silence Accusers

ETK Introduction: After watching several youtubes about Jewish movie mogul, Harvey Weinstein’s, multi-decadal serial abuse of women and his subsequent hiring of an “Army of Spies” to silence his accusers, it occurred to me that the US government uses the same m.o. (modus operandi). As controlled by the “International Zionist Crime Syndicate,” the US Government has also functioned as a predatory criminal syndicate for many decades. Weinstein’s “Army of Spies” and the “gang stalking”/Global Gestapo/FBI-DHS Fusion Center-Neighborhood Death Squad apparatus serve the same function: to silence-destroy citizens who are the victims and/or critics of the power structure. Our criminal controllers have developed the means to conceal, protect, and perpetuate their blatant and extraordinary abuses of power.

Late Grand Chess Master, Bobby Fischer, himself of Jewish parentage, explained the underlying dynamic:

“My basic thesis is that the Jews are a criminal people. Jews completely control the United States. And the Jews are using the United States to conquer the world for them.”

The predatory gang stalking-Global Gestapo system today is many orders of magnitude greater than Weinstein’s operation. Indeed, it constitutes massive war crimes, “crimes against humanity,” and genocide. It must be exposed and defeated. Unless justice is served in this regard, the United States of America, or rather the “Junited States of Israel,” is not worth defending.

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