Jeffrey Madore (TI and Electronics Expert) Explains Organized Gangstalking “Human Research” Torture-Murder Program (2); 2019 Video Transcriptions and Comments

I. The Psychology of My Stalkers (Jan. 25, 2019)

Partial Transcription of The Psychology of My Stalkers

“I’ve been targeted by the DOD for over 30 years. and in the last 5 years, the FBI has gotten involved. I’ve engaged my stalkers considerably. You see, in 2011, they started talking to me through V2K, which is a method of communication where someone with a remote device can put audible information on a person’s central nervous system, they can hear it, and they can extract information. So it really creates a two-way conversation. I have been trying to understand what these people are all about. What are their priorities in life.

I’ve assembled a list of 6 priorities that they have. I am really done engaging them. I don’t want to anyone. I’ve watched the process being used to take FBI personnel and make them stalkers, to give them their priorities, to give them the sadistic needs that I see in my stalkers.

The 6 priorities that they have are:

1) “Hurt him.” Those that stalk me, typically are single and have no family… their highest priority in life is “hurt him.” Their highest satisfaction is gained by hurting me.

They are given an incredible positive reinforcement for hurting me. I’ve heard it said that just remembering hurting me gives them a rush.

2) “Worship him.” The people that stalk will often get together and I’ve heard them talking about me. Kind of building me up as if I’m really special. They want to follow me everywhere. They want to be involved in all aspects of my life. It appears when they are groomed for this… maybe what they used to care about, they don’t care about that any more. They don’t care about family, career, what’s really important is me. They talk like they are really depressed. If I go camping, they follow me, and they sit there in my car to watch me camping. and I hear them say, “I would never do that.” They sound very depressed toward all other areas except me. They remember every single thing about me. When I’m asleep, they are together discussing me. And when they brag to each other, they show each that they followed me longer. It’s hard to believe they are grown men. But they are. They act incredibly jealous. If I notice an attractive woman, they are yelling at me. They are upset with me. It happens consistently.

3) “Sexually assault him.” They have to be involved in perpetual sexual offense. It is part of their violence toward me. While they are being groomed for the position, the men are having sex with each other. It’s motivated by the electronics. It’s not about a relationship with each other, it’s more of an assault. That’s how it sounds. It’s really them assaulting one another and fantasizing about me. Toward that end, with the electronics, they have attack my genitals all day long. So this compromizes my testosterone. And I get osteoporosis. For a while I was breaking ribs and toes.

4) “Hurt one another.” (“Raise hell”) If one of them is upset over something, their workmate would be beaming and happy. These FBI agents are running interference between the DOD people, the NSA people, and law enforcement. (They are keeping law enforcement back). The transducer produces a microwave signal that couples up to the targets central nervous system. I could take the power of that transducer very high. I could drive it so high that anyone else in the vehicle that’s following me get burned. I’ve heard that some people have lost their eyesight because of this.

In 2017, Soundlist, who works for General Dynamics, were supplying people to help out. The FBI is kind of up front. I still believe NSA people are controlling things. And the Soundlist people were in a vehicle with that transducer and they would be following me. the FBI would use subliminals and V2K would talk the Soundlist people in very close behind me where they got burned all over on their bodies. Some lost their eyesight or got extreme eye damage. The FBI love hurting people. The eye damage that comes from microwave exposure, happens slowly over time. The FBI used the opportunity to hurt each other. Meanwhile, I was telling them to back off because they would get hurt. The mind control is very, very strong.

The next day, they’d get 2 new people from Soundlist to follow me. This went on day after day. Finally, I called the President of Soundlist, Andrew Torielle, and I accused them of having people following me and renting houses on my street so the FBI could use them. And immediately they pulled all their people out. But the agents were so excited about hurting people. They needed to hurt people and hurt me. It’s a psychological need that they have. And the more they enforce it the more sadistic they become.

Now, I call this one: “Raise hell.” Anywhere they can cause trouble they do. The result is that they don’t function as a team. It seems they are groomed to be a lone wolf. They get divorced. Following me is all they want to do. They just want to keep attacking me.

5) “Perpetuate this.” There can’t come an end to them stalking me. They can’t allow it. They knew where I was going. I was going home. I was less than 10 minutes from my home. They are set up there. They panicked. They are willing to put their careers, their health, their life on their line to perpetuate this.

6) “Simulate work.” This is really about perpetuation. They have to be looking like they are investigating something. So they have to call it an investigation. They have to make it look like their work. The way that they perpetuate is to continually simulate work.

The first four are more unique to DOD following me. Maybe the last two are more applicable to FBI. They seem to be driven by intense fear. Re: #1, they are scared that I’m having fun. If I just think, that I feel better or happier today (because they send constant emotional pain), they react by turning up the pain. They are scared of my pleasure.

If I do anything to relieve my pain, that scares them. They have to respond by giving me more. This is a powerful fear in them.

Priority 2, they will put themselves at considerable risk to prevent losing me. They are afraid that if I lose the influence of that signal that I’ll feel better.

Priority 3, they fear my sexual pleasure. Even glancing at an attractive woman upsets them. Their jealousy is the fear of losing the beloved.

And right down the line. These men have six priorities. They seem to enjoy it.

The process that I’ve seen them put through… some are family men. If I’m reading the scriptures, some might know the scriptures, but that’s in the past. Everything is a black hole for them. The only bright spot for them is to hurt me, worship me, raise hell, this all helps them become lone wolf. They are groomed like a suicide gunman.

I tend to think that the DOD does not want these people unwinding. Because what has been done to them is pretty extreme and I believe it’s permanent. And when they hurt me, they are rewarded for it.

This equipment can cause incredible pain and it can cause incredible rewards, often sexual climaxes and all-over really good feeling. They will often, sometimes more than once a day, attack my colon, and I have to run to the bathroom. They all want to be part of that. They are sitting at a monitor at their display and attacking my colon, focusing on my rectum, and they are given sexual climaxes while they are doing it. I’ve listened to the whole thing. And they want to do it every day. This is the grooming process. So they are given a lot of positive reinforcement when they are hurting me. The things that we enjoy we want to do again. Very much like a sex offender. We label them predators. The men that do this have gotten an awful lot of positive reinforcement for hurting me. They are like a gang of bullies. They can’t get enough. it’s truly an addiction to violence, a sex addiction. Like any addiction, enough is never enough.

These men are groomed, mind controlled, and I believe it’s permanent. These are dangerous men to anyone. I would advocate for locking these people up and maybe studying them to determine what has happened to them.

I took in another targeted individual in my home for awhile. They groomed her to attempt my murder. We need to study this and try understand what was done there. A lot of violent crime is being driven by this technology by the Dept. of Defense. Why are they manufacturing dangerous humans and why are they attacking us? There seem to be an awful lot of targeted people out there.

In recent weeks, I was staying with a friend who was targeted in East Hartford. And the FBI was following me and they said I went outside with a directional antenna and my transceiver tuned into 157.740 MHz and I picked up a digital packet signal coming from their equipment. And the signal was coming from all directions. And this is the Dept. of Defense. Why are they attacking us from within? And with the FBI up front doing the work, making these people dangerous and sending them out into society. They are taught that hurting people will make them feel good. I’ve listened to them do this to a lot of people. I think this is a public mental health emergency. Because these people are not just mentally ill, they are violently mentally ill. And they have been driven to this by electronics.”

II. Murder in the Hospital Feb 1, 2019

In this video I discuss murder and attempted murder of targeted people, by sadistic agents of the FBI. In doing so, I’m attempting to prevent another tragedy.


3 years ago
Jeffrey so glad to hear from you! I wondered where you were, I enjoy your videos, and this was a good one! I wanted to ask you if you mind if I share my gofundme link on your channel, I am a TI who’s health they have destroyed, blacklisted, and just about homeless, thank you for your consideration!

III. NSA – Anything But Security (April 12, 2019)

Partial Transcription of NSA – Anything But Security

“I’m trying to understand myself about what is being done to people and why it is being done. I have theory that I think is supported to a reasonable degree…

I’ve been followed for over 30 years by General Dynamics herein southeastern Connecticut. They do this for NSA and Dept. of Defense and they use subcontractors to get it accomplished. And this is done all across the nation. I have talked to so many different targeted people that experience just what I do. So it’s done out of Defense Department-contracted facilities. Over at General Dynamics, they had an establishment on Bridge Street and Braughton, and it was called “The Planning Department.” And that’s where my records were. From what I understand the FBI took them out of this facility and are holding them.

It has been difficult and painful to say the least. I was thrilled when the FBI got involved in 2014. But I was wrong to be thrilled. The whole thing just got stepped up. In fact, they were brought in to run interference between the law enforcement and the defense contractor. So the defense contractor was kind of able to go wild while the FBI was out in front, taking the blame. I was hoping that authorities would bring this out in the open and that it would stop soon.

The FBI has described to me that there is always a way to buy your way out of trouble. I think the people at General Dynamics have a lot of money, so I will have to be very patient.

Here’s my theory concerning the NSA and the Planning Department at General Dynamics. When the FBI became involved in my case in 2014, the Bridge Street facility of General Dynamics, which is the Planning Department, was a thriving operation. It was full of people, offices, security guards. It’s my understanding that the FBI went in and took my records out. And over that summer that place cleared right out. That was in 2014. It’s been vacant ever since. As I look at that, I say, everyone cut and run. What were they doing there? Are they doing the same at other defense contractors?

I know the equipment that follows me produces a digital packet radio signal on 157.740 MHz. If I go up to East Hartford, where my targeted friend Mary lives, that frequency is being emitted from a number of homes near hers. When I go up to Massachussetts where my friend Kate lives, that same packet radio signal. And earlier this year in January, I went to Canada for seven weeks. I was followed, stalked, and attacked in a very painful and difficult way. What was there the whole time was that digital packet radio signal on 157.740 MHz.

Now as the FBI has followed me. They’ve said to me through their surveillance equipment in V2K (Voice to Skull), a recognized mode where microwave signal can be heard directly by a person’s hearing mechanism, it goes right to the brain, it impinges on the nerves, produces voltages, and you hear it. So the FBI speaking in V2K told me, “Jeff, everyone’s using the same equipment.” Well, that makes because every Targeted Person I visit, the same frequency of signal is being produced.

I talk to targeted people around the nation, I hear a lot of the same stories. Emergency psychiatric commitals, chronic health problems, local police involvement, etc. Just people having their lives torn down in many different ways and given lots of different symptoms like anxiety, depression, pain, attacks to the heart, attacks to the genitals, attacks to the teeth, all kinds of attacks that I’ve experienced and experience regularly. So I feel like it’s safe to say that what I’m experiencing here other targeted people are experiencing where they are. And it’s the same government agencies, the Department of Defense, specifically the NSA, that is doing this, and defense contractors carry it out for them.

So as I try to understand what’s happening to me. The FBI have not been friendly toward me at all. It appears to me, more than anything, they’ve just joined the defense contractor to help them carry this out. Their position has been to run interference between the defense contractor and the other authorities. And toward that end, they have involved themselves with the town of Groton management, the town of Groton police, the City of Groton police, the East Lyme Police, the Waterford Police, the State Police, the State Police at the Troop level, and the Connecticut State Police at the command staff level, or the top of the organization. And what they’ve done in various places is to try to cause trouble such that people will have to stand down. People will want to stand down. They go places and they cause sex parties, they produce, through mind control from outside, and cause people to engage in sexual activity; men with men, women with women. I don’t want to get into specifics right now, but some really horrible things have happened.

And as I watch what has been done, it looks like what the FBI have been trying to do is take local and state police, and put them in a position where they will not want to get involved in this. And that allows the defense contractor to do what they want to do. I call it treason. When you come in and you overthrow law enforcement, then where is the law? The law is now what the FBI decide to do. Kind of like martial law.

And beyond locally, it is my understanding that this equipment was brought to Washington in the fall of 2015. This allowed people down there to be entertained by my life (through the technology) and what was going on up here and while the FBI is creating trouble and drama, other people down there were being entertained by my life and what is going on up here. And while people were being entertained by that people from outside were surveilling them to get dirt on them to black mail them. Locally, I’ve seen what has been done with police and others.

During that time, I called Washington Department of Justice several times, and I could see in the fall of 2015, they started acting very different, like they expected my phone call. I tend to believe that the FBI and the defense contractor did was come together and try to shut down law enforcement all around so they could do what they want. And they did it by trying to blackmail people. I see that as treasonous. Who caused this treasonous behavior?

It appears that the defense contractor, General Dynamics, is targeting the FBI, using them, abusing them, and ultimately trying to put them in a position where they can’t do anything about this… While they are doing that they are working on all the other law enforcement agencies so they can do what they want. I look at this and it looks like treason to me. It seems to me that General Dynamics and the NSA are the ones who want law enforcement shut down.

Through mind control they are able to create all kinds of strange activities, sex parties, etc. It looks like what the FBI are trying to do is put police in a position where they will not want to be involved in this. It seems to me that General Dynamics and the NSA are the ones that want law enforcement shut down so they can do what they want. That sounds treasonous to me. When you come in and you overthrow law enforcement… then where is the law in this? It is now what the FBI decide to do… kind of like martial law.

This technology, the equipment they are using on me, is manufactured by a company called Tetra Systems. You point it at a person, it receives their brainwaves and it converts those into the visual and audible information, speech, etc. subconscious thought process. It’s just very invasive. And it can also be used to put subliminal suggestions on a person’s mind. It can alter mood, and all kinds of things. So someone who is very talented with this equipment can query another person with it, and that person won’t know they are being queried. And they’ll start thinking through whatever topic they were directed into thinking about and information can be gathered very quickly. It’s not like just a bug, where you listen to people talk and you are hoping they might get onto a specific subject. With this equipment, you can direct them to talk about any subject and they won’t know they are being directed. They’ll talk about it, they’ll think about it. And so very quickly a lot of information can be gathered for the purpose of blackmail and beyond.

So this equipment, I am suspecting, is being used for espionage. That’s my theory.

Why do they have equipment that is so powerful? I’m going down the highway and I heard they start losing me at 1.25 miles out. That’s a long ways. What is the NSA up to? Are they compromising defense contractors. I bounced this idea off the FBI through V2K. I said what if the NSA are inside these contractor facilities and they aren’t here to make us secure? What if they are inside these corporations and harvesting technical information, design specs, etc. concerning defense technologies? Wouldn’t that be awfully valuable overseas? It could be.

Now, think about it from the perspective of the defense contractor. How would they feel if that were going on? I’ll bet they’d be happy about it. Think about it. Defense contractor developing weapons systems, what have you. Ultimately, a finished product is sold to the Department of Defense and the design specs, etc., are confidential. Well, what happens if that gets lost to an enemy? Is that defense contractor going to have to then come up with something better? And then modify existing equipment; submarines, planes, tanks, whatever it might be, with the newer revision? It would fuel defense spending. And defense contractors would certainly appreciate that.

So… are there people within these defense contractors’ facilities with this surveillance equipment stealing technology, selling it for money? That getting found out through espionage elsewhere, comes back. And now the defense contractor has to come back with something new and improved and that costs money.

I bounced this idea with the FBI, again through V2K. Their comments were always: “Jeff, I don’t know why they wouldn’t do that”. Because it would be profitable. The FBI understands the schemes that men play. Sometimes they enforce the law, sometimes they get paid not to. I look at people at the local hospital and there are DOD people in the hospital. My Mom was sick in the hospital and it was clear that the DOD targeting her that made her sick.

It’s clear that this equipment is in the hospital. It’s very clear. What’s it doing there? It’s people being made sick, and then driven into the hospital, kept sick, and their symptoms modified, and then out the door they go. I’ve seen enough of that. What are they up to there?

When I have been in the hospital, one time in 2011, I saw 8×10 glossy pictures of me inside my house. The response, however, to me though was to immediately give me a diagnosis of paranoid delusional schizophrenia. I’ve had plenty of testing since, and I do not fit into that diagnosis at all. But these DOD people run the hospital, they make the rules. They are welcome there. They must bring in a lot of money.

Are the DOD people not also welcome at the defense contractor’s facilities? … And if so, is because they bring in the money? Maybe they are stealing technology, maybe they are selling it overseas. The result is it really increases the revenue. Their product will always be in need. Their designs, modifications, upgrades, etc.

One other thing, when I got out of the hospital in 2011, I went to the front window of my home and saw how the screen was cut where someone had broken in, and I had noted the perspective of where those photos had been taken from in my room. And I found where cameras had been mounted and hidden in my room. And someone later apparently broke in again to get them out. I was staying with Mom for a few days, and when I came back that screen had been moved to the upstairs window. And I did not move it.

So… what the NSA and DOD are doing to us is they are violating us in our homes. They are taking people and forcing them onto disability by making them disabled. They are discrediting them, through in-patient stays, police issues, false arrests, psychiatric diagnoses. All that they do has got to be very, very costly. So when I suspect that they are hurting us in other ways…. such as what they might be doing with defense technologies. I have to look at what they are doing elsewhere.

And none of it seems to benefit we the people. I wanted to get my ideas out. I wasn’t going to make this video today. But they abused and tortured me so badly today, right here, that I went ahead and did it. So I want to make sure that the people doing this here today get credit for it. So if their masters are not happy with them, meaning Jeffrey S. Geiger, the President of Electric Boat Corporation, C.V. Navakovich the CEO of General Dynamics Electric Boat, and others, the NSA.”

III. FBI Drug Dealers Assault Canadian & US Customs