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In 2008 I took a position with American Tire Distributors INC.(a company acquired by Pepsico). After working there for a couple of years, I started to notice wages missing from my paycheck. My manager was altering the hours that I worked by editing the time clock program. I notified the US Dept. of Labor and investigation ensued. The company was found guilty of tampering with payroll records and received a violation. However, because of loopholes involving the Motor Carrier Act and the minimum wage law, The company did not have to provide financial restitution to me. I resigned and hired an attorney. The attorney research the case and took it. Eventually, though she started to behave confusingly and furtively. After refusing to depose any of the defense she withdrew from the case. Since then we have suffered intense organized stalking. The stalking has followed us from state to state and involves neighbors, co-workers, government workers and at times seems like the whole community. All of the tactics that those familiar with organized stalking are familiar with, have been used against us. We have been followed, bighted, experienced street theater and directional conversation, the triggers and break-ins and more. The stalking has been going on intensively for seven years. Now I am filing for disability because PTSD and acute anxiety brought on by organized stalking. I would appreciate it if everyone who reads this will follow our case and if we suffer an untimely and suspicious demise please make it public.

James Tomko

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  1. im so very sorry sir. I too am under attack. I had to retreat to the rural corn fields of Minnesota fortunately I found an ally at Freedom Ranch in Luverne Mn. but even out in the remote countryside im not free of stalkers. every farmer in the area I pass on the 2 lane county roads have been recruited since my arrival 2 months ago. I was stalked on the 2 mile gravel I was walking on at around midnight 2 Saturdays ago. 5 suvs, trucks and a Cadillac escalade made 3 passes forcing me into the cornfields using duck n cover tactics of cover and concealment.
    they fired appx 13 rounds of what sounded like 45 cal ammo at me. so I returned fire.

    I had my gopro recorder on and recording so I captured the murder attempt in vivid and shocking real time.
    I also have on video 2 attempred vehicular homicide attempts in south Dakota and Minnesota . one while driving a semi to a corn bio deisal plant . the other on my motorcycle coming back from Luverne mn grocery store.
    the Rock county sheriff is an anti gun anti 2nd amendment govt shill and covert perp who has 4 of his deputies recruited to follow me, hit there cherries when they pass me, stage accidents and broken down car theater, as wel as tailing me thru the countryside as they sit and wait for me to travel my usual routes on my motorcycle
    the town of Garetson Sd has launched a slander campaign on the Garretson living facebook page. im accused of being a pedo stalker and other wise terrorist on a motorcycle.
    I confronted a couple women stalkers who were brighting me at 2pm in town while they creeped along at 5 mph . I told them they were breaking the law and would go to prison for 10 years on federal stalking violations. they said they didn’t care and were happy to go to jail for the ’cause”. shortly after, the campaign became the only thing they spoke about . the hive mind handlers who are police and firefighters are feeding the lies and smear.
    the crooked neighboring sheriff came out to my RV after informing my landlord a warrant would be issued if my landlord would not comply to allow the sheriff to come and execute a “wellness safety ” check on me. the wellness check turned out to be an interrogation of my wearabouts the night before as someone in Garrestson sd lied and gave false witness that I was in town and brandished a weapon while watching a highschool foorball practice at 9pm
    none of the above happened. my son gave my alibi and the sherrif left extremely pissed he couldn’t cuff me.
    I expect to be murdered soon so I pray that God grants me dying grace and painless passage to heaven. Satan has control of earth and all humans in power . the tribulation is upon us and hell on earth is about to be unleashed .
    my son was a Marine . Combat scarred. 6th generation military. I was 5th . his great grandfather was a ww2 combat medic. all 3 of us were and are TIs. pap died in 94 from a massive stroke that landed him in a hospice home. before he died in 86′ he told me in secret that he was being followed by many people everywhere he went all over Rochester Minnesota. I thought he was crazy. now…….im the crazy one. my son sees the brighting and custom plates all around him . they went overt on him in the last 3 weeks. he doesn’t care as the Marines made him biter and unable to feel any emotion at all.

    our lives are no longer ours . we are no longer free. everyday I expect to die . I fear for my son as he is outside of Gods grace. im helpless with no where to turn even with video proof
    of conspiracy to commit my murder. how did the world allow this to happen? how did satan gain control? why has God allowed this to continue for millenia?? this life is agony and unsettled stress and misery. man or woman, no human mind can overcome the breaking point. wish they would just kill me and get it over with. I pray to Jesus nightly to take me in my sleep

  2. Todd, there are many people praying for you and other TI’s. May you be bathed in the blood of the lamb. Read your Bible and ask Jesus to ask His father for protection…………Matthew 18:20 New International Version (NIV)
    20 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Ask St. Michael to cover you in his winged cloak. You are not alone, going thru it also. Jesus was a TI too. It’s a heavy cross to bear. Keep your faith strong and I think the attacks will lessen, may Jesus send His Legions of angels to surround you day and night. Just a state away from you it’s going on all over the world.

  3. My name is Mary Tomko and I am the wife of James Tomko who left a statement earlier about our being targeted by organized stalking. The stalking is only getting worse as his court date is getting closer. We live in Pueblo, Colorado and we would appreciate it if someone could tell us if there is a support group for TI’s in the area. My e-mail is: skinwalker2012@hotmail.com and I have a Facebook account. My husbands e-mail has been locked since he made his statement on this site. Remember, if you hear of an early suspicious demise of either myself or my husband or both of us you will no that they erased one of us or both of us. The readers of this should let people know about our situation. Post it, share it and get our story out there.

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