Israel’s Top Secret Operation Talpiot Seeks to Globally Dominate AI and IoT (Internet of Things) (, 1/30/2019)

Rough transcription of highlights of this Trunews podcast:

“Operation Talpiot is a top-secret Israeli project to enable Israel to dominate Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. From Miami, Florida’s Internet of Things Expo: (We examine) the technological revolution underway now to connect billions of microchips to the internet and each other and eventually to a global brain that will be ruled by artificial intelligence.

In this segment, we will discuss Israel’s advancement to dominate artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), and the surveillance of people like you and me.

We have video of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu boasting to the world that Israel is in the very top echelon of world leaders in these technologies. We need to start putting these four things together….. artificial intelligence, the internet of things, 5G telecommunications, and cyber surveillance (cyber-warfare). It is bone-chilling. It is a technology monopoly.

Netanyahu’s speech on Jan. 29, 2019, was delivered at a two day technology conference in Tel Aviv.

Dan Coats, America’s Director of National Intelligence, talked about the threats that face America during the next year. And at the top of the list of threats are advances in new technology, including artificial intelligence, communication technologies, biotechnology, and material sciences.

Alex Younger, MI6 spy chief, gave a speech at St. Andrews University, in which he talks about the “fourth industrial revolution” that will further blur the lines between the physical, digital, and biological realms. This calls for a “fourth generation of espionage” and surveillance technologies and skills.

Rick Wiles: The CIA came into existence after World War II. The post-WWII era ushered in the age of spy agencies. Then we saw for-profit corporations and think tanks and research centers that were staffed by former executives from the spy agencies, and you saw this “revolving door” of people going from spy agencies into private enterprise and then into universities. RAND corporation is a good example. It’s had a profound effect on American society.

Lately, we are seeing more and more stories of Israeli intelligence chiefs going into private enterprise, starting technology companies. One company that has been in the news in the past year is Black Cube, which has worked both for Donald Trump and Harvey Weinstein. With Weinstein, Blackcube was accused of doing espionage (actually gang stalking!) against the women who accused Weinstein of sexually molesting them.

Black Cube, founded in 2010 by a former Mossad intelligence officer, is headquartered in London, Paris, and Tel Aviv. Many of the 100+ employees are ex-Mossad and ex-Shin Bet. The international advisory board is a who’s who in Israeli intelligence/espionage, military, corporate and academic institutions. It includes several former heads of Mossad and Brigadier Generals.

A contractor affiliated with Black Cube was caught….

Israeli surveillance software, Pegasus, is secretly installed in people’s cell phones to track their whereabouts, NSO groups. Jamal Kashoggi was tracked this way….

And there is the potential of Jared Kushner’s cell phone app being used to relay “targeting information” to the Saudi government- to kill Kashoggi… the “targeting information” would have included where he was located, how to do it, etc.

Senate Bill 1 would punish Americans who criticize Israel…. This will be a criminal offense. Ron De Santos, Governor of Florida, is basically a lobbyist for Israel.

So you, a person, or a company will get on a blacklist if you criticize Israel. Zionism is becoming militant and it is using technology to harass, surveille, and destroy anyone who criticizes Israel. They will send Israeli spies to our countries to entrap us.

NSO (Pegasus spy software used to track opponents of Israel) in Israel… is a company valued at $1 billion. They develop and sell cyber attack tools. In 2007, a top Israeli spy stated that the IDS technological revolution has turned soldiers into bionic machines.

AI and Cyber warfare are the new revolution in Israeli warfare.

In last 10 years the world has shifted- 10 years ago, the top 10 corporations were energy companies. Now 7 out of 10 top companies are information companies. Data is the new oil. Israel is becoming the center for global information technology (IT). And this is by design.

This is how Israel intends to be a superpower- to control the internet. Today, they are second only to the US in cyber technology.

From Netanyahu’s speech (1/29/19): “Big data, connectivity, artificial intelligence”…. Israel cyber industry… by 2017, Israel has 20% of global market share. This allows small countries to be big countries.

Israel, has only 1 tenth of 1 percent of world population (0.1%). Israel and Zionism will dominate the world through technology. They will be the guardian of world wide web. Israel and the Unexpected New World Order.

So the NWO will = “the technocracy”- controlled by Russia, China, India, and Israel. This could include a new global currency. Israel will guard the invisible global currency. An AI-powered global brain run by Israel will be able to control global wealth.

In his speech, Netanyahu claimed Israel is part of the “5 eyes” that spy on the world…. (The Five Eyes are US Canada, Great Britain, Australia, NZ)… and now Israel. “Israel is the second eye,” he noted. Israel’s NSA is called Unit 8200….. So Israel participates in sharing intelligence with all the Five Eyes nations. They have “cyber warriors.” Israel will have an information file on everyone. And through control of these technologies, they will be able to “erase” anyone who criticizes Israel. (ETK comment: Just like TIs are being erased.)

Operation Talpiot: Created in 1979 by two Jewish professors. Talpiot is an elite training system- a hybrid of a corporation and an elite military unit- that has the dark budget of CIA…. = Israel’s DARPA with a military arm. Talpiot derives its name from Chap. 4, verse 4 of the Song of Solomon. Rabbis say Talpiot refers to “the Temple.”

Zionism is going global. The Zionist occupation is going global. Israel used the Palestinians (ETK: and “Targeted Individuals”?) to help refine these technologies. There has been an extremely militant advance of Zionism in recent months.

Technology allows Israel to rapidly expand around the world. They can create bots to control the world.

Operation Talpiot was modeled on the Palo Alto Research Center. They are the top edge of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). This system produced the “iron dome” defense system that Israel uses. The system relies on a deep recruiting pool. American-Israeli dual citizens serve in Talpiot; They call themselves a think tank, but they are really a spy agency. There is tremendous infiltration of all parts of America by the Israelis.

Israeli-Americans with dual citizenship are very common, which produces a “revolving door” from country to country. Stanley Fischer went from the Governor of the Bank of Israel to Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Where is the loyalty of these dual citizens? They are embedded in top corporations and in government offices across America.