Jewish Organized Stalking: Israeli Gov’t Official Calls for ‘Civil Elimination’ of Civilian “Targets”

ETK Introduction:

In this story, Israeli Cabinet Minister, Israel Katz, calls for state-sponsored smearing, Organized Stalking, and targeted assassinations (GISTAPO-666) of political “targets”/critics of Israel.

Epigraph Quote:

We, the Jewish people, control America and the Americans know it. Arial Sharon, Prime Minister of Israel, October, 2001

Jews are behind the whole (organized stalking) thing. TI (Targeted Individual) of Jewish parentage to webmaster

They are all cowards and bullies. Kay Griggs, former wife of USMC government-assassin-supersoldier, Col. George Griggs

I. Rick Wiles Commentary “Are Anti-BDS Laws Un-American?” (November, 21, 2018)

Are Anti-BDS Laws Un-American? (Trunews TV, 11/21/18)

“If you want to know how serious the Israelis are about dealing with people who support the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) boycott, all you need to know is what a high-ranking Israeli official proposed in March, 2016. Israel Katz is the Cabinet Minister for Israeli Intelligence and the Atomic Energy Minister. And how would Mr. Katz deal with people who support the BDS movement in support of the Palestinian people under Israeli military occupation? He proposed “targeted civil eliminations.” In other words, Mr. Katz proposed “targeted assassinations” of leaders of the BDS movement. He also established a “dirty tricks” operation inside Israeli intelligence agencies to spread negative information about BDS supporters.

The BDS movement. These are not terrorists. They are not seeking the destruction of the Israeli people. They just want the Israelis to tear down that horrible wall that they put right through the middle of Palestinian homes and they want the Israeli government to give the Palestinians the same rights as Jews. And they want the Palestinian refugees to have the right to come back to Israel. (The right of return). That makes them enemies of the state of Israel.

… And now the Israeli lobby, which is so powerful in America, has persuaded half of the states of America to either pass laws or get the governors to sign executive orders that punishes American citizens for expressing their support for the Palestinian people.

By doing this, they are legislating a political opinion upon the people of the United States. That’s unAmerican.

These laws leave the wording vague.. but the result is that if you are in any of these movements you are automatically engaged in anti-semitic behavior and you are akin to challenging the people of the Israeli state.

So Israeli people smear people, they call them bigots, anti-semitic, racist whatever…. But the Palestinian people are semitic people! It’s so bizarre, they’re calling the Palestininian people anti-semitic and yet they are semitic people.

This is about human rights and human dignity.

What most people don’t see is how the Israelis have mobilized the Christian zionists in America to get laws passed in half of the states, or executive orders… And this is all being led by John Hagee’s Christians United For Israel and the other Israeli pressure groups in America.

So they are setting the precedent now, to outlaw freedom of thought, freedom of speech.

You should be shocked at what we are telling you is being done today against the people who are criticizing Israel. (ETK comment: Organized stalking- GISTAPO-666). Because it’s unAmerican. and we are allowing Israelis to come into our country and change our laws, our government, the way we do things.

Here’s an example: Governor-elect, Ron DeSantis, of Florida, made a statement today, he sat down with a Hebrew group, he made a pledge to strengthen Forida’s Anti-BDS law…. It was his first act as governor. He stated:

“As governor, I’m in charge the Anti-BDS List, so when there are boycotts of Israel, I can unilaterally put these companies on Florida’s List so that they can’t do business with the State of Florida. And I’ll be very aggressive in doing that, and I think that will help combat BDS….My first foreign trip as governor is to Israel. I want to obviously develop additional economic relationaships, want to make sure we continue to have direct flights from South Florida to Ben-Gurion (International) Airport. I want to make sure when we’re doing trading with Israel.

I don’t draw any distinctions, like the State Department would, between an Israeli Jewish community in Tel Aviv or Jewish communities in the Golan Heights or Judea and Samaria, and I view it all as basically the same.”

So we’ve noticed in the past year, the zionists have changed the language. It’s no longer West Bank and Gaza. Now they give them Bible names, Judea and Samaria, so now the West Bank and Gaza are called Judea and Samaria… So they get the Christian zionists on board and all excited…

But Gov.-elect deSantis said: “I’m in charge of the List.” The list of what?

The previous governor put in a law and started building a list of companies that were associated with BDS movement… So contracts of the state of Florida were no longer to be given to people on this list..

So if you are on the record in favor of the Palestinian people, you get on this List, and the governor has the list. And he’s going to aggressively enforce the law against the people on the list. What does this sound like? This sounds like Nazi Germany. They’re putting people on a list based on their thoughts.

The government could now go after someone who literally only donated $10 to BDS.

When are they going to seize assets or freeze them out so they can’t move the assets?

I think that’s the next step.

We should be able to spend our money where we please. For the government to enter into that arena…

II. Israeli Gov’t Calls for ‘Civil Elimination’ of Left-Wing Activists and Roseanne Barr Goes on a Rampage

Grayzone Project

An anti-BDS conference starring Roseanne and Israeli ministers was a symphony of extremist incitement.

By Max Blumenthal, Alexandra Rosenmann / AlterNet

A symphony of extremist incitement and deranged tirades blared out at a conference hosted in Jerusalem on March 28 by the Israeli tabloid newspaper Yediot Ahronoth. Dedicated to attacking the BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) movement, the Stop BDS conference featured appearances by Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, several ministers in the right-wing governing coalition and the American comedian Roseanne Barr.

One of the top government figures who appeared at the conference, Interior Minister Aryeh Deri, called for stripping Omar Barghouti, a BDS movement leader and Palestinian resident of Israel, of his permanent residency rights. Deri said he was “inclined to accept” the recommendation against Barghouti, insisting that “you cannot turn the other cheek to those who beat them.”

Next, Israeli Minister of Transportation Israel Katz called for the “focused civilian elimination of the leadership of BDS.” Insisting that he was not calling for military-style assassinations of BDS leaders, Katz explained, “Civilian [elimination] is to expose the actors, the people, the system, the mechanisms and their connections to the organizations already crossed the threshold of military and terrorist activity. And definitely, through this exposure, to know how to act against them, how to isolate them, also to transfer information to intelligence agents around the world, and other agents. We have to understand that there is a battle here. It is wrapped in many covers.”

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